This is a Young Justice and Hetalia cross-over. Wally is still alive in my fic, but it is after the Reach Invasion of Earth. I may have made up some facts and information. In order for my fic to work out, I have to borrow the name of a fan-made country, although I will not be using the character, I will be using the information and country name, so I apologize in advance.

The Cave, 11:00 am, 5 September 2016

"Team, report to the briefing room." Came Batman's stoic voice.

Artemis sighed before pushing herself from the couch. "Finally!" She exclaimed. "Let's go, Impulse."

"Crash! Meet 'cha there!" With that, he disappeared in a blur. Artemis sighed, "I wish Wally were here, he is so much more mature than his cousin…" She muttered.

Artemis met up with Connor and M'gann (they got back together after the Reach left Earth for good) and together, they made their way to the briefing room.

By the time they got there, the rest of the team was already gathered.

Artemis walked up to stand beside Nightwing.

"Hey, what's up?" Artemis asked nonchalantly.

"We are about to find out." Nightwing shrugged. "It's rare for the League to assign us missions now, so it must be important."

Canary, Red Tornado and Batman stood in front of the monitors.

"Listen up." Batman quickly got down to business. "This is a very important mission that we will assign to you. The Team will be guarding perhaps the most important people in the world."

There were a few gasps. Some pictures appeared on the monitors. There was a picture of a happy-go-lucky looking man, with spectacles and a weird crescent-shaped lock of hair on his blond head. A second picture showed a blond haired man with a perpetual frown on his face and huge bushy eyebrows. A third picture depicted a handsome man with long shoulder-length blond hair and a smirk on his face. A fourth picture showed another man with his blond hair slicked back and a glare on his face. A fifth picture showed an Asian man with his brown hair tied in a pony-tail.

"Wow! Those are some eyebrows!" Beast Boy cried out, pointing to the second picture. A glare from Batman shut him up, however.

"These are the representatives of America, England, France, Germany and China respectively." Batman continued. "Of course, at the world meeting, there will be more representatives of nations and countries. Your job is to protect the representatives of the world's countries at all cost."

"Forgive me for asking this, Batman." Aqualad voiced out. "But are they not a little bit young to be the representatives of the countries and nations of the world? Pardon me, but the American representative looks barely 20!"

"That is not of our concern, Aqualad. Our duty is to protect them. We have received a request from the President of America to do everything in our power to protect these people from harm. A threat has been made against them and we are to ensure that it never comes to fruition. Please note that it is vital that only human-looking members of the team can take up this mission. We do not want to scare the representatives. Aqualad, Nightwing. I leave the rest to you. This includes overcoming the language barrier."

With that, Batman swept out of the room, followed by Black Canary (who gave them a smile and mouthed 'good luck') and Red Tornado (who simply nodded at them).

'Recognized; Batman'

'Recognized; Black Canary'

'Recognized; Red Tornado'

"Neptune's beard!" L'gann cursed. "This means that I can't go?"

"I'm sorry, Lagoon Boy." Aqualad said. L'gann grumbled under his breath.

"But I can go, right? Right?" Beast Boy asked. "I can morph into a fly, or a frog."

"All right," Nightwing nodded.


"We will go as a team, and station ourselves throughout the area. We have to keep our eyes peeled on the representatives, as well as looking out for danger at all times. Mal, Lagoon Boy, you two will stay here to ensure that all communications go smoothly."

There was a chorus of 'roger's and one disappointed sigh.

Artemis stared wistfully on the monitors and sighed. Bart noticed it and asked, concerned, "Something wrong, Artemis?"

"Huh? Oh, no, nothing Impulse. It's just…Wally would love this mission…he's rarely at home nowadays, y'know? He is always somewhere in the world. Even now, he is off in Britain somewhere. He was always so enthusiastic about the various countries of the world, especially Brazil. He would flip if he knew that he actually had a chance to meet the representatives of the countries of the world, but was unable to as he is not on the Team. He would be even more pissed if he knew that he had been in close proximity to a world meeting." She chuckled.

"Um…so you have no idea where he is right now?"

"Somewhere in London, I guess…He said that he wanted to volunteer and help the various countries recover from the damages caused during the Reach Invasion. He has been exceptionally busy after the Reach left Earth. His attention was largely on Brazil in the first two months, before he started branching out to other countries."

"Shouldn't he be focused on America first?"

"I don't know," Artemis shrugged. "He had a strange fixation with Brazil. Have been ever since I knew him. Said that it was where he was born."

"I see…"

"Hey, you two, we are leaving!" Nightwing called.

"Coming, 'Wing!" Artemis called back. She then turned to Impulse. "C'mon, let's get to the ship. On the way to England, I will tell you the stories that Wally has told me of the world's history. He has an interesting way of telling it that makes you think that you were actually there. I hope I am able to emulate him."

"Crash!" Impulse cheered.

It was a tight squeeze on the Bioship, so those who could fly, flew. As a result, they totally missed the awesome story that was unfolding on the Bioship.

"Ok, so, long long ago, there was a great and powerful nation called Rome, who had many colonies and was the world's greatest Superpower."

"Wait, who?" Beast Boy questioned.

By now, Artemis had gained the attention of the members on board. Even M'gann put the bioship on autopilot just to hear about the history of the world.

"Yes, he liked to personify the countries, no idea why, but I found that it was actually easier to understand that way."

"I didn't know Wally was a history buff." Nightwing had a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Trust me, 'Wing. I have a feeling that I don't know everything there is to know about Wally, and I have been with him for 5 years. Anyway, one day, Rome grew too big, too powerful, such that he was not able to cope with the power that he possessed, and he collapsed. Rather, Germania apparently caused Rome to collapse, but despite that, Rome had successors..."

3 hours later

The members on board the ship were so enraptured by Artemis's story telling that they were startled when there was a knock on their Bioship. Wondergirl waved and pointed below.

"England! I have to land!" Miss Martian gasped.

Once they landed, they all filed out of the bioship.

"Wow, that was totally crash, Artemis!" Bart cried enthusiastically.

Artemis shrugged, "I was just saying it the way Wally said it. But Wally can tell it much better than I."

"Really?" Bart's respect for his cousin just grew ten-fold.

"Really." Artemis nodded. "Honestly, Wally is a real mystery now that I think about it. He is so hard to understand. One minute, I thought I got him, and the next, he says something so mature and so wise and profound that he seems like a different person altogether…"

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