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Chapter 3: Wallace


With a groan, he had collapsed on the floor, writhing in agony, his arms wrapped around his abdomen. In the midst of his pain, he thought, 'My Arcos da Lapa….."

Palo Alto, 1400hrs

He lay prone for five minutes, wincing as the pain flared up at intervals of 1 minute.

At that moment, his phone rang. His red IPhone 6. He groaned as he fished out his phone from his pocket. Barely glancing at the caller ID, he answered the phone. "Olá?" he groaned.

"Ní hǎo. Brazil, are you all right, aru?"

His eyes widened, "China, hue? Não se preocupe. I am fine, hue." He gritted his teeth and bit his lips to prevent from crying out loud as another wave of pain struck him.

"Really? You don't sound fine, aru." China's voice held a tinge of worry.

"Realmente . Realmente. I-is the meeting over?" He wondered why China was able to call him despite being in the meeting. Surely the meeting has not ended yet?

"Shì de. It ended quicker than it normally did because America got hurt, aru."

He sat up quickly despite the pain, "O Quê ?! America was hurt-hue?!"

"Yup, aru. His bridge was bombed, just as your Arcos da Lapa was. Now, we are following this bunch of teenage superheroes back to this place called the Watchtower, aru. You should come too. They said that they could protect us, aru. Oh! Got to go now, this boy with an 'S' on his black shirt is giving me funny looks, aru. Zài jiàn!"

With that, the dial tone greeted him, but he was too shocked to care. The moment he heard the words 'teenage superheroes' and 'Watchtower', his blood ran cold. He gritted his teeth and made to stand up. He stumbled to the couch and flopped down on it with a sigh. The gears in his head turned as he thought of a plan. If he did not go, his fellow nations will wonder why he did not seek protection like they did, or at least visit Alfred since they were good friends. If he went, he will be recognized by both his team and fellow nations. It will create unnecessary confusion and both of his secrets will be revealed. He could keep one, but then his friends will think that he does not trust them with the other.

He sighed as he rubbed his hands over his face and groaned in frustration. Then a thought struck him, 'If the nations have agreed to be protected by the Justice League, then the justice League will have to fully comprehend just who and what they are protecting in order to not make mistakes and fulfil their duties. The Justice League members already understand the importance of secrets, one more will not hurt. Albeit that this one is bigger than any they had ever known and concerns the fate of the entire world.

He whipped out his red IPhone and sent out a mass text. "E oonsterdan shab ye bav ancrostit yar sufter ti zes jrup puf shupersi. E seenk shab oue xhuld crost zim vit eur zikrut. Zes vai, zey wis ve deddir ebu ti hronik oos. Zesa ithacx wis matt shtap. Ulsi, et esh chim E duld ye zomsing E xhuld bav duld ye o roung chim oyo. E wis miiet ye ell en ze Watchtower. (I understand that you have entrusted your safety to this group of superheroes. I think that we should trust them with our secret. This way, they will be better able to protect us. These attacks will not stop. Also, it is time I told you something I should have told you a long time ago. I will meet you all in the Watchtower.)

With that, he stumbled out of his home in Palo Alto and ran south, towards the country of Brazil. His country. His home.

In an alleyway in London:

There just so happened to be a Zeta Tube in London, so the Team were zetaed –or beamed- up, where they allowed access to the representatives.

"How did I not know that this contraption was here?" Arthur muttered in disbelief, before he stepped through. Some representatives were reluctant to have their molecules scrambled and reassembled, but they stepped through eventually.

The polish representative whined, "Like, I totally, like don't like this. Is this thing, like, even safe? Like-"

Superboy stared. 'How is he a representative?' Suddenly, he heard an accented voice talking on the phone. He turned and found that it belonged to the Chinese representative.

"-are you all right, aru?" Aru? Must be a verbal tic. He shrugged it off.

He could not hear the voice in the phone as it was muffled, but the man continued, "Really? You don't sound fine, aru."

He paused. He spoke something in his native tongue. Was the guy he was talking to from China? "It ended quicker than it normally did because America got hurt, aru."

America? Why would a representative be named after a country? Superboy's head was swimming from what he was hearing. At last, he settled on the explanation that since they were from different countries, the country names were a nickname so the hassle of remembering names would not be a problem. Yes, that must be it.

He stared at the man, who looked too young to be a nation representative.

"Yup, aru. His bridge was bombed, just as your Arcos da Lapa was. Now, we are following this bunch of teenage superheroes back to this place called the Watchtower, aru. You should come too. They said that they could protect us, aru. Oh! Got to go now, this boy with an 'S' on his black shirt is giving me funny looks, aru. Zài jiàn!" With that, the man hung up and Superboy quickly averted his gaze, looking anywhere but the Chinese representative.

Only when all the nations' representatives have entered the Zeta Tube, did he go after them. He was the last to be beamed to the Watchtower.

On the Watchtower:

As soon as he stepped off the platform, he saw that the representatives had all huddled together and were all staring at their phones, while Alfred was being carried by medics to the medical bay. They glanced at each other, before retreating to a corner of the hall in the Watchtower and whispered amongst themselves in that strange unrecognizable language.

At that moment, all the Justice League members who were dispatched to attend to the potential terrorist attacks in the various countries returned to the Watchtower.

"Hey, Impulse!" Cried Flash, the fastest man alive and one of the founding members of the Justice League. "Flash!" Bart's face lit up at the sight of his grandfather. The representatives of the world broke apart from their mini discussion just as batman strode forth and greeted them.

An Italian man with a weird hair curl to his left side, and with auburn hair and closed eyes –seriously, how does he see?- cried out, "Ve! Luddy! He's scary!"

He hid behind a blond, blue eyed German whose hair was slicked back, and he had a serious countenance.

"Feliciano!" The man cried out, exasperated as the timid man clutched and clung on to him.

"I apologize for mein friend's outburst, Batman."

Batman simply nodded, before he strode to the computer and pulled up a careen, which showed the news. Immediately, a hush fell upon the previously chattering representatives.

This is Cat Grant reporting live from Ottawa, Canada, where a bomb has just been diffused in the National Gallery of Canada. Elsewhere in the world, the Justice League have succeeded in locating and preventing potential terrorist attacks from coming to fruition.

Simultaneously, all the representatives heaved a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, we have reason to believe that the attacks do not end here. The terrorists have already succeeded in attacking the countries of America and Brazil. Who's to say that they will stop there? The leaders of the world are remaining vigilant and alert. According to them, the nations of the world will not rest until this threat has been completely neutralized. This is Cat Grant, reporting live.

The news cut to commercial. The representatives now all wore a look of unease and worry, whispering among themselves.

Finally, the German representative stepped forth.

"Ve have decided to trust you, und give you information about us. However, before ve begin, ve need you to swear upon your life to never reveal vhatever you are about to hear to anyvone. Not a single vord shall leave zhis room. Can I have your vord?"

Every single Team and Justice League member present glanced at each other, before nodding, giving their consent.

"Spill," Batman ordered, but the German was not intimidated -impressive-.

He simply nodded, and spoke once more. "Vhat ve are about to tell you is a matter of great importance und is a secret of national, international, und vorldly levels. Every single vord is true."

He took a deep breath. "Ve are not just representatives of our countries. We are actually anthropomorphic personifications of zhe countries themselves. I am Germany. Mein name is Germany. Zhe one beside me is North Italy. Vhatever country ve represent, those are our actual names. Our body is literally the country und vice versa."

By the time he had closed his mouth, every single hero's jaw had dropped to the ground in shock.

Yes, even Batman, but his was a more subtle widening of the eyes.

"This…this cannot be real…" Captain Marvel muttered.

Wonder woman shook her head, "I believe them." She whispered, but it was loud enough to be heard in a room that was filled with a deafening silence.

All the heroes stared at her. "Are you crazy, Diana?" Green Lantern Guy Gardner questioned.

Wonder Woman gave him an irritated glance and scowled. "Just so you know, Guy, for the longest time, my people have had legends of there being powerful immortal beings who have walked the Earth since the first countries came to be. It is said that they watch over the people from the land in which they were given life. They protected the people and are responsible for making the various countries what they are today. They are highly revered, even by the gods. I do believe that these very beings from the legends are standing right before our very eyes." Wonder Woman bowed her head.

"B-but…Those are just legends, aren't they?!" sputtered Beast Boy.

"Why do you think Alfred was in pain despite there not being a wound there?" Arthur voiced out. "Whatever happens to our countries affects us, and affects our bodies. Whatever happens to our bodies, affects our countries. Alfred is America, which is why he was in pain, because his country was attacked, and he experienced that as a wound and pain upon his body. We assure you that this is no trick."

"This is crazy! Pure utter nonsense!" Artemis exclaimed. Red Arrow nodded in agreement.

"It is not, Artemis Crock." The Vietnamese representative spoke up.

Artemis' eyes widened, "H-how do you know my name?"

The Vietnamese woman smirked, "You are half-Vietnamese, aren't you? You are one of my people, of course I know who you are."

Artemis took a step back, shock evident on her face.

"I do not believe they are lying." Came Aqualad's stoic voice. "You too, Aqualad?!" Lagoon Boy asked.

"Clearly, you have much to learn, L'gann." Aqualad said, casting him an annoyed look. "Surely you have heard of the Atlantic legends?"


"We have legends similar to that of Wonder Woman's. In our legends, there were powerful beings who presided over the safety of the Earth and the people living in this world. Their actions, both good and bad, shaped the world and the earth that we live in. The thing was that they represented the people in a way which allowed them to be the voice of the people. They only came to be, however, when the people believed in them."

"Wow, zat is quite accurate, mon ami." Francis Bonnefoy, the French representative –no, France- said.

"Berieve what you want, we are terring the truth." Came the monotonous voice from Kiku Honda, now known as Japan.

Flash laughed nervously, "T-this can't be real!"

"Oh, it is real all right-hue. You had better believe it, Barry."

Almost everyone jumped at the new voice. They turned to the source.

"Wally?!" chorused the surprised voices of Artemis, Roy, Richard, Barry, and basically every person who knew him.

He was dressed in his Kid Flash uniform, one which he did not wear for five years, and donned only temporarily whilst defeating the Reach. However, he had his cowl down, exposing his face.


Every hero –except Wally- looked towards the self-proclaimed Nations.

Wally's sigh brought their attention back to him. "You guys had better believe them, if you wish to protect the world. I can vouch that they speak the truth, for my hero name is Kid Flash, my false name is Wallace West, my real human name is Davi Silva, and my actual name is Brazil."

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