Chapter 4: Brazil


Wally's sigh brought their attention back to him. "You guys had better believe them, if you wish to protect the world. I can vouch that they speak the truth, for my hero name is Kid Flash, my false name is Wallace West, my real human name is Davi Silva, and my actual name is Brazil."

Silence reigned for seemingly an infinite amount of time. Then…





The whole room erupted into a cacophony of voices, each one louder than the last, demanding answers.

"What the hell are you talking about, Wally?!" Barry.

"Have you gone crazy, you are telling me you have…what…3 other identities?!" Timothy.

"You were brainwashed by those insane people who claim to be countries, haven't you?!" L'gann.

"Woah, the scarab is coming up with all sorts of images for Davi Silva of Brazil and it dates back all the way to the early 1800s! That's so cool, hermano!" Jaimie.

"How did I miss this?!" M'gann.

"Interesting. When imputing knowledge into me, Cadmus briefly mentioned this. It was but one sentence." Conner.

Wally sighed. "It is true; everyone…The evidence…is in history books with photographs to match."

The superheroes all gasped, while the nations just looked at each other worriedly.

"What did our friendship mean, Walls? Can I even call you that?" Dick.

"You mean…those years that we spent together were a lie?" Artemis.

That was what stung and pulled at his heartstrings the most. Wally…no…Brazil sighed.

"I'm so sorry, Artemis…"

Tears flowed from her grey eyes. "You…you knew…you knew that our relationship wouldn't last because eventually, you have to leave…and led me on! You bastard!"

Brazil cast his eyes downward. Slowly, they were starting to believe him, but with belief, came the notion of betrayal.

"I…I never intended to fall in love, Artemis…" Brazil's voice was barely a whisper. "I joined merely because America asked for my help in keeping watch over the super powered occurrences in the world as well as his heroes…To help you all watch over the world the way only a country can. What better vantage point and a direct source of information, than the Justice League itself?" He sighed before continuing.

"Yes, I knew that we would not last, Artemis. However, I was drawn in by your personality…You may not look like her, but your personality is a lot alike…You remind me of someone…one of my citizens whom helped to shape my country's history and fought in revolutions. Her name…was Anita Garibaldi….and she had a strong sense of justice and independence…like you. I just couldn't help myself, I'm so sorry. I thought…that I could give you a taste of happiness, while I still can."

Artemis sniffled, "You…you…"

Brazil smiled, "Besides, I know that you have started to develop feelings for another, correct? The time you spent with him…the challenges you went through together to get rid of the Light…You were able to understand each other on a whole new level."

Artemis blinked, before her face exploded in red. "S-shut up, Wally!" She hissed.

Brazil laughed heartily, "Please, call me Davi. That is my human name." His green eyes bore into her grey ones. "Am I forgiven?"

She crossed her eyes and grumbled, "You are…I guess…I have learnt not to take things too seriously and look on the bright side of things…You taught me that…but it's over between us." She narrowed her eyes.

Brazil smiled, "Of course…I am just glad that you forgive me. Go, and seek out the one you truly want…"

Artemis blushed, but smiled. "Thank you."

Brazil turned to Nightwing, "Dick…I do not want you to think for one second that our friendship was ever false…It was a true genuine close friendship with a human that I cherished…One of the five that I ever had. I am still the same person…only under a different name."

Dick had calmed down. "Ok…" He smiled, "Good to see you again Wally. Or should I say, Brazil?"

Brazil sighed in relief, "You can call me Davi."

"You have taught me, Davi, that some things are just as they are, and should not be harped upon. I forgive you, Davi."

Brazil nodded, before turning to Barry. "Uncle…No...Barry. I'm sorry, but Wally West never existed. He was never born, and died in the womb. It was a miscarriage. At the time when I had to join the league, I could only do so by association and creating a huge solid alibi for myself, one not even Batman could see through that would not lead back to my secrets. To do that, I needed a whole history, instead of just coming out as a new hero and requesting to join the League; I don't even have any powers. So, I created one. By entering into your wife's side of the family and by association, you. Yes, I used you to enter the League, and for that, I'm sorry. However, you were the uncle I never had, so thank you."

Beast Boy asked, "Uh…how did you get superspeed then?"

Brazil sighed, "It was all an elaborate scheme involving magic. An illusion was created to set up the laboratory scene where I 'got' my powers, and I drank a potion that gave me superspeed."

"Why do you go through all that trouble just to enter the League?" Supergirl asked.

"If you must know, it is not to spy on you. It is to lighten your burden. Did you guys really think that a group, super-powered it may be, can really protect the world? Hundreds of crime cases are being committed every hour in all parts of the world. You may be superheroes, but you cannot be in two places at once. Some of you can, but the others cannot. Why do you think most of the crimes you deal with are centred in America? The ones that are occurring elsewhere in the World are being dealt with by the countries themselves."

"You are the Justice League of America. Of course you seek to help other countries, but some countries do not appreciate your help, and as such, do the saving themselves, especially when they are directly threatened. How do you think the world can survive with you all being based in America? The world has survived without Superheroes for millions of years, and it is not going to stop now. I am not discrediting Superheroes, but simply saying that we can take care of ourselves, but to do that, we need to know where the problems are, especially now that super powered villains are coming into existence. If you superheroes cannot be there in time, we need to deal with the problem ourselves; for it is our country and our responsibility. How do you think we do that?"

Several Leaguers eyes widened, as they realised what he meant.

Brazil sighed, "Yes, that is where I come in. I take information of the goings on around the world that can pose as a potential threat to the well-being of the nation and inform said nations about it."

"Woah…"Bart sighed. "That is so crash! No wonder you weren't there in my future, because you are immortal and couldn't stay in the family! The records said that you died…"

Brazil's eyes dulled and he sighed, "I may have been dead…If the future is as you say, Bart, then countries would no longer exist then…We are the nations ourselves…If our country dies…we die…"

"Not if you are awesome like me, Brazil! Kesesesese!" An albino called out from the group of countries.

"Bruder!" Came Germany's exasperated voice.

Brazil laughed, "Of course, Prussia…"

"Didn't Prussia cease being a country like, a long time ago?" Barbara whispered to Timothy. He shrugged.

"So, Brazil…" A huge man with a scarf walked up to him. This was Russia. "You were the insider providing us with the information all these years, da?"

Brazil nodded, his green eyes twinkling with something akin to nervousness and fear.

Russia's purple eyes brightened and he chuckled at him. "Thank you, Brazil, da."

The other countries all chorused thank you in their native languages, some more reluctant than others.

"Ahem." Came a gruff, baritone voice. Brazil turned to face him. "Yes, Batman?"

In the background, Guy Gardner and L'gann could be heard trying to convince everyone that it was all a fake and he was actually a spy for the Light and the Reach. Brazil gave a mental eye roll at their stupidity.

"I have searched the web and some pictures of Davi da Silva of Brazil date back as old as the 1800s, but you do not look anything alike."

"Oh, that! It is an illusion." He said simply.

Nodding to England, who swished his star-tipped wand, Davi stood still as light and smoke surrounded him.

When the smoke cleared, it revealed a man with dark tanned skin, a lean physique, bright sea-green eyes and black hair. He was about 179 cm tall and sported a hooded sleeveless jacket vest over a white tee-shirt. He wore blue skinny jeans and sneakers. He was a dashingly handsome young man who looked like a stereotypical Brazilian. In fact, all the countries personifications were all incredibly hot young men, and beautiful young women.

All the girls and some boys and men stared at Wally, no, Brazil, and who he had become.

"Here I am, hue!" He spoke with a verbal tic and a Brazilian accent which sounded extremely hot and sexy to the ears, like Spanish and Italian.

Then he promptly collapsed on the ground.


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