Chapter One:

A/N: It has always bothered me that in Hello, Goodbye, they changed the nature of the virus. (they=the writers) A retro-virus targeted specifically to Logan's DNA is a danger to Max because it is specific to his DNA, not because she has anti-bodies to the virus. Joshua's blood should have been basically irrelevant when it came to helping Logan. Either that, or in changing the nature of the virus, he should have developed anti-bodies and been cured. The show wanted him alive, but still unable to touch Max, so neither of these things happened. So this story takes place assuming the virus never changed.

"We don't belong with them, Max. We're a danger to them. When are you finally going to see that?" Alec took a drink as Logan approached.

"Hey, guys, what's going on?" the older man asked.

"Nothing," Max said immediately, blowing off Alec's words.

"Yeah. Right. Nothing." Alec obviously couldn't get away from them fast enough.

"What is it, Max?" Logan asked.

"Nothing, I'm just tired. I've gotta go." Logan grabbed her arm as she tried to slip by. She gasped, sprang back, and they stared at each other as he crumpled to the floor.


Afterwards, Max didn't move, merely watched as Alec rushed over, already on his cell phone calling for an ambulance.

What could she do? Anything? What was going to happen? Looking at him through the window at Harbor Lights Hospital, her eyes blurred. She wanted to go to him, but couldn't -- tell him she loved him. He'd never heard her say the words. She wanted to thank him for making her care about other people and helping her family. But most of all she wanted to say she was sorry she'd killed him.

Someone came up behind her.

"I'm sorry, Max," Alec whispered. His words sent her over the edge. Tears slipped down her cheeks as her body was wracked with sobs.

Alec pulled her into his arms, stroking her back. As the crying subsided, he let her go and looked into her eyes. "You have to be strong for him, Max. He isn't gone yet. We need to think."

He grabbed a tissue and handed it to her. Blowing her nose, she began to feel better. Then the doctor came in and Max stepped away as the woman explained the situation.

"I don't know what we can do. We think this is a mutation of a bio warfare agent. There's no known cure."

Alec frowned. "Transgenics are immune to bio warfare," he said slowly, looking to Max for confirmation. Her eyes widened and or the first time that night she felt hope.

"Could we do some kind of transfusion?" she asked.

The doctor shook her head. "You would only re-infect him."

"I'm not infected." Alec said, rolling up his left sleeve.

"You're a transgenic?" the doctor asked.

"X5, bred and born."

The doctor looked a little flustered, but led him into Logan's room.

"It's worth a try," she said.


Alec took a seat. They pierced his arm and Manticore blood started to flow into Logan. He turned to give Max a reassuring smile through the glass, but she was looking at Logan. He followed her gaze and was surprised to see the man's eyelids flutter slightly.

Logan slowly regained consciousness. "Alec?" he asked thickly.

"Hey," Alec said. "I was worried you wouldn't be joining us. You're going to be fine. More of this good old transgenic blood and we might even get you walking."

Logan rolled his eyes and whispered something.

"What was that?" Alec asked.

"Shut up, Alec." There was a slight smile on Logan's lips.

"Sorry, Logan, talk comes free with the blood, two for one deal. Hey, check out the pretty girl looking at you."

Logan turned his head and his lips formed 'Max.'

"Now, she says she loves you. I don't know about you, but just knowing a girl like that loved ME would get me up and running in seconds."

Logan's hand lashed out and grabbed Alec's with surprising strength, shocking the younger man into silence.

"Take care of her." His grip was lessening but Alec didn't pull it away.

"You can do it yourself," Alec said. "Just relax and get better."

Max came through the door, staring at Logan in question. She stopped just short of touching him and threw Alec an appreciative smile.

Suddenly, the EKG alarm went off.

"NO!" Max shouted. "I LOVE YOU, Logan! Can you hear me?! I'M SORRY!"

Doctors shoved her out of the way in a final attempt to save Logan Cale.

Turning away, Max met Alec's embrace. Together they sat down, rocking back and forth as her grief penetrated his soul. Stroking her hair, he let her cry, knowing he'd trade places with the man on the table if that would make her stop.