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Chapter One: Confirming

Serverus Snape prided himself on knowing all of his students rather well, even if he did not know them personally. This was the thought that crossed his mind while he sat at his desk, leaned back, as he watched Harry Potter sleeping, his arms folded underneath him.

Snape frowned in concern. Yes, he knew Harry slightly well.well enough to know that it was unusual for the boy to sleep in his class.especially during a surprise exam. Usually, Harry was cowering in fear, like many of the other unprepared Gryffindors, trying to throw the concoction together and hopefully make something useful.

But today had been different. When Snape appeared in the class and told them rather wicked delight that they would have an exam, all of the Gryffindors moaned in protest, as they usually did, except for Hermione, who was prepared.and Harry, who seemed to be staring into space, his expression and his eyes, glazed over and slightly heavily lidded. Then he just suddenly, fell asleep.

Snape had found, that he actually had feelings of kindness.which sickened him to no ends.for the boy. This feeling really unnerved him, so much so, that he asked for the advise of others.

"Serverus, the only reason you are so hard on the boy, honestly, is because you carry a strong likeness for him. Where as, you don't give a damn if the other students succeed, you care enough about Harry to be a lot harder on him, maintaining his thinking stamina and ensure that when he does not fail, that he gave it his best and at times, is as good as you expect him to be. It's because you care, and although giving the boy unworthy detentions and making his class life a living hell is rather drastic and extreme, it is healthy".or at least, that what the therapist said.

"See, you had a break though," Dumbledore had said with a bright smile, after taking his hands into his and patting them gently, McGongall stifling her laughter as they sat beside him, next to the big, fluffy couch.

"Yes," the therapist agreed, nodding slowly with a big, goofy smile on her face of sympathy. "You have had quite the breakthrough."

Snape had given her the extreme evil eye and sneered deeply.

"Yes Serverus," the therapist said in an encouraging voice, raising her hands dramatically. "Let your true emotions show!"

Snape could only look at the wall beside him and wished that he were banging his head into it.

Shivering with eeriness from the rather 'bad' memory, Snape stiffened his expression into his familiar hard frown and walking around the desk, glided to where Harry sat.

Some of the Slytherins started to snicker; knowing Harry was about to get in trouble, whereas some of the Gryffindors stopped in their work to look on in sympathy.and slight fear.

Snape turned to look at Ron Weasley, who seemed to be occupied with studying his sleeping friend, worry easily seen on his face. He only looked up when Snape's shadow seemed to overcast him, but the expression did not fade.

"Professor," he stated in a rather quiet voice. "Harry isn't waking up. I've tried three times, but he doesn't seem to feel it. And he seems to be having a bad dream and-" "That will be enough, Mister Weasley," Snape cut in with his icy voice and turned his black eyes back on the sleeping boy. Then something caught his eye on the boy's arm.

He focused on the boy's forearm, frowning up and narrowing his eyes to see it clearly-and gasped in shock.

Red and bright as day, was the Dark Mark, seemingly embroidered on the boy's skin. Recapturing his composure and not wanting to alarm any of the other students, Snape quickly frowned up again and went to touch the boy lightly on his head.

But as his fingers were no closer then and inch or three apart, Harry let out a blood curling scream of terror and agony that startled Snape so much that he practically jumped back.

He watched as Harry began to shake violently, taking in harsh, deep breaths as if he couldn't get enough oxygen, terror plastered on his face.

Snape looks around him, wondering why no one seems to be alarmed by Harry's actions-then he sees that the entire class seems to be frozen, and that the vision of them is a hazy pale green.frozen in time.

He turns back to Harry quickly in time to see a small cloud of wispy smoke forming above the boy's head, green in color. After only moments, the smoke became thinker and Snape could see scarlet eyes staring back at him, narrowed in hatred. Then the smoke began to take form.nostrils on a porcelain face.a cruel smile on a lipless mouth.livid scarlet eyes, snake like, staring at him still, never blinking, still narrowed.Voldemort.

Snape quickly pulled his wand from his robes and pointed it at the serpent like creature that seemed to smile in amusement by this action. The being then placed a single spidery finger under Harry's chin, then slowly, lifted his face up until they were side by side with each other. Harry seemed to flinch by his touch and cried out in pain once again.

Snape, despite the fear that seemed to rise in his being, cleared his throat and frowned deeply in hatred. "Release the boy now." Voldemort crackled with mirthless laughter.

"Snape, you may try to save the boy all you might, but the truth is you all far too late, for alas."

He took this pause to slowly lick Harry across his cheek and trailed all the way to his lips, licking them slowly. Harry flinched in pain and moaned slightly as Voldemort administered a soft kiss. Then he looked back up at Snape and smiled evilly.

".The boy is already mine."

"Crucio!" Snape shouted more as a reflex, the red force erupting from his wand. But Voldemort quickly vanished and the power instead, hit the wall just beyond them. Snape breathed slightly heavier, alarm on his face. 'Already his.' The thought troubled him.

'What does he mean, already his?'

Snape snapped out of his thoughts to find that all the of the students in the class room, including a very alarmed Harry Potter, with a despair and fear, were looking at him. He could only stare back at them, unsure whether they had just seen him perform one of the three unforgivable curses.

After a long silence, he cleared his throat, deciding not to ask and nodded at them, taking his place back behind his desk.

Only moments later, the bell sounded and all the students began to gather their things.

"Mr. Potter."

Harry had been speaking with Ron when he heard his name being called. He looked up wearily at the professor. "Yes sir?"

"I want you stay behind. I need to have a word with you."

Harry nodded and watched as all his classmates filed out, Hermione giving him a sympathetic look before exiting, Ron frowning at Snape but throwing a light smile at Harry. By this, Harry felt better about having to stay behind.

After the last student had left the room, Snape got up slowly and shut the door, then leaning on the front of his desk, gestured for Harry to come closer. Cautiously, the sixth year walked over to the professor, be careful not to be to close in case he decided to explode.

"I wish to see your arm Harry."

Harry stared at him in confusion. "My arm sir?"

"Yes, the right one, roll up your sleeves and let me see it," Snape stated firmly, a trying to hold his scowl. Nervously, Harry put down a book he was caring and lifted up the desired sleeve. Snape leaned in to get a better view. No Dark Mark.

Snape frowned. He was sure that was the arm he had seen it on. Finally, nodding he allowed Harry to lower his sleeve.

There was a brief silence as Harry picked up his book. Then Snape cleared his throat loudly and adjusted his collar, then looked up at him with worry.something he wish he could, but did not hide.

"Have you been feeling alright Ha-Potter?"

Harry looked at him almost startled. "Excuse me? I don't think I understand."

"How have you been? How are you feeling?" Snape addressed with a slight tint of annoyance. "Is anything bothering you?"

Harry nervously shook his head. "Um.no." Snape narrowed his eyes and frowned, raising an eyebrow. Harry was a horrible lair.

"Then why, Harry, do you seem to be falling asleep in my class?" Harry seemed to think for a long moment before answering. "My studies," he began. "keep me awake. I had Transfigation homework and I had to stay up all night to finish it. It was a research paper."

Snape nodded his head slowly, a look of curiosity on his face. Still lying.

"Fine then.just don't fall asleep in my class," he said finally, but still eyed Harry cautiously.

Harry nodded slowly, but could not hide the amazement on his face. Snape stared at him smugly. "What?"

"Um.I just didn't think that you would care," Harry replied, redness entering his cheeks. "I personally thought you would have just given me a detention."

Snape stared at the boy for a moment, then, his face softened and he broke into a rare genuine smile. "Well.this old bat can have feelings, can't he?"

Harry nodded, but still looked at him in disbelief.

Inside, Snape was ready to hurl. 'Note to self: Seriously hurt that damned therapist, she'll ruin my good reputation!'

"Anyway Potter," he continued, letting the smile fade quickly into that of a frown. "Are you sure that you are all right?"

"Yes sir," Harry replied nodding. What until he told Ron about Snape actually being nice to him.but then, not getting the detention would be surprising enough for his *best friend.

Snape's face lightened up again into that of concern and he stood up straight. He looked directly into Harry's emerald eyes and said "Harry.if you ever need anyone to talk to.someone that you think will understand something that you may not wish to talk about now.I'm here. I will understand."

Harry looked at him for a moment, his mouth forming a surprised 'o' then nodded rather guiltily. He knew that Snape had figured out he was being lied to.

"I think I'll go to up to my common room," Harry mumbled. ".I've been feeling really tired lately."

"Go then," Snape replied, waving him away and walking around his desk. Harry adjusted the backpack he was carrying, and then started for the exit. Snape watched as he paused for a brief moment, taking in a deep breath and grabbing the wall for support, began to breath hard.

"Are you-"

"I'm fine," Harry replied looking back at him mustering up a weak smile. Then he slowly continued his way out of the room, the door closing behind him slowly.

Snape's frown did not fade. The Dark Mark he may have imagined.but the image of Voldemort he did not. And Harry's behavior was proving so.

"I do believe I shall pay Dumbledore a visit."