Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the end of the road. Enjoy, and I hope you love it.
Began: December 13, 2002

Finished: March 2, 2003
Epilogue: Take a Look at Me Now

"Foolish," he whispered in utter disgust as his eyes stared at the face of the man that bow before him. "Completely foolish. And tell me, what became of Voldemort?"

"He was killed, my lord," Wormtail said nervously. There was a heavy murmur among the crowd until the gentleman held his hand up for silence.

"By whom?"

"I believe, it was the child sir.Harry Potter."

The man glared at him for the moment, then frowned. "I doubt highly that boy could destroy-"

"But it's true my lord!" His servant whined. "He beheaded him, your most highness, and tried return back to Hogwarts, where he will be safe-"

"Not from me," the man replied matter of factly; his cold eyes coming to rest on the man's face. He took the wineglass he was holding and pouring it slowly let the red whine drip onto the man's head. Then he sneered and dropped the glass on his head.

"Now out of my sight!"

Wormtail winced and quickly, turning into a rat, scurried out of sight.

He frowned and stood finally as another of his loyal servants entered the room. He bowed at his master's feet then dropped something that he had been hold in his arms.

He smiled.

"They never suspected it master," he hissed as he removed his hood.

"Excellent, you shall be rewarded."

The man bowed and joined in ranks with the others.

He looked down at his new prize and smiled.

It was a shame Voldemort had been killed-he was his finest servant of all, well, under a hex or two-and had served him for quite some time.

For no one suspected him, no one knew him to be the Dark Lord and yet he had been since he was the age of fourteen. It was in his blood to rule, for he bowed to no one. But they had stolen his heir, his only son. But alas, he would not worry, for he would easily get a new one.yes.he would find it in this boy that now lay at his feet, unconscious.

He smiled down at him in wonderment.in lust. Such a pretty innocent thing he was.Yes.

He would find his heir in Harry Potter.and he.was Lucius Malfoy.

Ron woke up.looking dazed and confused.rubbing the bump on his head lightly. He was still in the room Draco Malfoy had knocked him out in. How long had he been laying here? Where was that slicked hair git? Moreover, where.was Harry?

"W-wha happened here?"



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