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One: Right

She'd done everything right. She'd taken the pill, and the morning after she'd taken another. She'd made sure to bring (and use) protection. She'd even gone to that special class, the one that showed you how to temporarily stop the bleeding.

By all rights, she should have been in the clear. But here Anna was, three months later, standing on the doorstep of a strange apartment, staring listlessly at a burnished number thirty-two.

She sighed, fisting her hands in the pockets of her faded sweater. Autumn had arrived, it's cool weather promising to make this next encounter even more uncomfortable than it ought to be.

The young woman fidgeted in her too-big clothing, hiding the impossible from view. Her worn shoes scraped against the floor of the landing she stood on, listless eyes staring out across the town she tentatively called home. Bright with happy colors and alive with movement and sound, the place really wasn't all that bad. It was a pity the city was fated for misfortune. Had it been any other time, she might have considered settling.

But enough of this; she was stalling.

Anna turned to the door and knocked before she let herself dawdle any further.

It opened promptly, as if the person standing in the doorway had known she was there, had sensed her somehow and had just been... waiting.

The man took a moment to observe her before folding his arms and leaning his lithe form against the jam, turning his blank eyes towards her face.

Anna struggled to do the same, trying to ignore the defined muscles of his torso as they pressed against the fabric of his navy shirt, the way little things were reminding her of that night.

The brush of callused hands. Hot breath. Teeth scrapping against skin. A jolt and then-

She fixed her gaze on the tapering line of his shoulder, mouth opening in pained determination.

Skipping the preamble, the introductions and the small talk, she got straight to the point.

Brown flickered to grey.

"Three months ago we had a one night stand... " She began, grimacing, but pressing on. "...and I'm pregnant because of it."

He didn't move from his place, didn't move to speak. Anna's hands fisted in her pockets once more.

She swallowed, struggling to get it out, to go through with what she promised herself she would. She forced herself to look at him, to see his eyes, never mind that one was covered by a lopsided band of cloth.

"It's your mistake as much as my own." His head tilted just so and she paused, inhaling slowly before releasing the pent air. Deflated, she finished. "I just wanted to know what you want me to do with it."

"Get rid of it."

Anna froze, expression falling before she could hide it. Her mouth felt dry and she didn't bother to move her hair out the way when an errant gust of wind pushed a few brown strands into her face. She felt...

She didn't know how she felt.

She'd known that this would be the most probable outcome when she'd decided to come here, but still...

...he'd said it so quickly.

Anna bit her tongue, forcing the corner of her mouth to lift into a sheepish, if fake, smile.

Then she nodded, suppressing the strange stabs of hurt and disappointment pricking in her chest.

It wouldn't have worked out anyway.

"Alright." She kept smiling, bobbing her head again in a short bow. "Sorry to bother you."

Then she turned away from his masked visage, heading down the stairs with the gate of someone lost in their own mind.

She barely heard the door close over the buzzing in her head, memories of silver glinting in the moonlight like the liquid that glazed her eyes.

Anna had to believe that she'd done the right thing in asking him. He'd needed to know.

She looked up when she reached the street, watching the bustle of morning traffic, listening to the sounds of chatting mothers and playing children. She could smell the ramen shop around the corner and shivered when she felt the cold autumn wind rush by.

Anna rubbed her face dry.

Took a deep, long breath.

And stepped into the street with her head held high.

She'd been right to ask him.

But in the end...

It had always been up to her.

On the other side of the closed door of apartment thirty-two, Hatake Kakashi let his head fall against the wood with a dull thunk.

He took a deep, long breath.

And then he opened the door.

AN: A "What If" story. Kakashi unintentionally starts a family and doesn't die an unattached, lonely bachelor. Because short of an arranged marriage, I just can't see it happening. Enjoy! And review!


4/30/2015 AN: Regarding the Oc's obviously European name: I am aware that it is out of place in a Japanese setting. However, it is not random and was done with purpose. Ta!