Anna was frustrated.

She'd tried to relocate. To get the hell out of Konoha before anymore shit hit the fan. But, for some unexplainable reason, the immigration office was having none of it.

Oh, they'd had their reasons:

The invasion damaged key buildings and it will take time to get things back in order. Another department has your files. Your records were lost in transit.

But her personal favorite...

Who are you again?

There were a slew of other excuses, varying in authenticity, the last of which even bordered on absurd.

"What do you mean, 'a man in a green leotard made off with the filing cabinets'? How did he lift them, let alone take them? Weren't they bolted to the ground?!"

Yes, Anna was a tad bit frustrated.

Not so much because of the odd events that seemed determined to plague her, rather, because she recognized what they were meant to do: stall.

It was the type of ridiculousness that only happens in fiction.

And it had Kakashi's fingerprints all over it.

Oh nothing was obvious, she couldn't prove anything. But how stupid did he think she was? Plenty of other people had just up and left after the invasion, no problem- no questions asked. It was the way of things. Economy crashes, you move on. But no, she couldn't even get an appointment, let alone make it past security at the gates.

Anna clicked her tongue in annoyance, sidestepping a vegetable cart as she made her way through the market towards the hospital.

Today was the dreaded check up, and if he also managed to appear from whatever dark hole he'd been hiding in, it would also double as a paternity test.

She'd left the note informing him of the meeting on his front door three days ago, the paper pinned in place with a rusty kunai she'd found on one her new, exploratory walks around the village.

She hoped he got the message.

But, hot damn, was she burning up. Anna scowled, tugging her frayed jacket open and earning a few odd looks as she did so, which she, in turn, promptly ignored. 'Stupid hot flashes.' She grumped to herself, irate mind itching to get this over with so she could have a nap.

No matter the outcome of this meeting, she was still set on getting the hell out of dodge. Sure, she knew what kind of predicament she was in, but god damnit, bad luck followed the man around like a plague. She knew the shit that was going to go down, and quite frankly, finding a podunk little hamlet to live in on the fringes of known civilization sounded just dandy. No way she wanted to be here to see Konoha's decennial burning.

Anna snorted to herself at the thought, rubbing her belly absentmindedly as she stepped through the threshold of the hospital. She maneuvered her way carefully to the reception desk, struggling to avoid the busy nurses, gossiping- er, discussing, the new policies enacted by the Hokage- and barely teetered passed the harried-looking medic ninjas power walking to their assigned destinations. People sat uncomfortably in the silent waiting area, the obvious civilians whining over their 'wounds' and their less noticeable counter parts throwing desperate, futile glances towards promising exits while their chaperones pinned them to their seats with baleful stares.

For her part, Anna just wished that she could catch her breath enough to speak up to the expectant nurse behind the desk, lifting her low ponytail over a shoulder to cool her burning neck.

Finally swallowing, she spoke out. "I have a prenatal appointment?"

Berating herself silently for her questioning tone, Anna took the necessary paperwork from the nodding woman and silently found an empty, stiff wooden chair to sit on while filling it out. Rising a few minutes later with a groan, her poor aching feet, Anna dropped it off and then settled in to wait.

She didn't know why she was so sensitive and sore everywhere, because she was barely into the second trimester, but it served to make her every action uncomfortable and her temper more irate than was strictly necessary. Perhaps that's why she found everything so unbearably irritating. Bah! Hormones.

Still, Anna preferred this over bouts of nausea. Bleh.

She glanced up, taking in the near empty lobby. When had…? Was it taking longer than normal for them to get to her? She had made an appointment a head of time…

Huffing, she stared down at her entwined hands, the pale limbs resting softly against her slightly protruding abdomen.

This appointment would decide everything, because despite every pessimistic voice in her mind to the contrary, Anna wasn't really sure if she wanted to…get rid of it. A child would be a complication, this child especially, but she couldn't deny the uneasiness she felt at terminating the pregnancy, nor the hurt when he-

The pregnant woman frowned, honey brown eyes darkening.

If she did keep it, what would happen to her? To them? Her feminist pride demanded she be independent, but this was dangerous and-

Anna stilled, smoothing her hands down the bump, features softening.

-and it was hers. She didn't have anything when she'd first come here, and what she did have now was hard earned. She had been hurt before, almost irrevocably, but this was a chance at something new, something wonderful.

Should she give that up, just to be safe?

Anna sighed, crossing her legs beneath her faded skirt. She needed to make the decision, and soon. Time was running out.

"Anna?" A voice called, slipping a bit on the syllables. The dark haired woman looked up, tied back curls shifting, but smoothed down the open lapels of her jacket as she stood and walked towards the beckoning nurse.

"I'll take you to room four. The doctor will be with you in a few minutes."

"Thank you." She murmured soberly in reply, mood soured by her thoughts.

The nurse led her around a corner and past a silent, cream-colored hallway, the bustle of earlier eerily absent. Anna bit her lip as the neared the door to the appointed room, heart pounding. Suddenly, she didn't feel so good.

She swallowed, trying to calm her nerves.

Then she was left in the room, sitting on the crinkly paper bedspread and staring blankly at the counter and its adjoining sink.

She fiddled with the fabric of her red shirt, taking in the diagrams and encouraging posters on the walls without really seeing them. Time passed with each tick of the clock on the wall, and soon, Anna hears voices. They quiet as they near the door, but it is enough to know that at least one of them is angry.

Uneasiness fills her and she takes a deep breath, exhaling just as the door opens to reveal her doctor, followed by a one-eyed, silver-haired man who slinks in and slouches unrepentantly against the far wall.

But Anna pays him no mind, stunned to open-mouthed astonishment. The woman before her stands straight-backed on her heels, blond hair framing her face and stern, piercing eyes looking straight into hers.

It's the Hokage herself.

Anna turns a scathing glare on the source of all her problems, infuriated by his unmistakable audacity.

A little orange book comes out and her glare sharpens.

That little snitch.