So I had gotten a suggestion from a lovely user to write a story about Dori, Ori, and Nori. These will be various one-shots in the lives of the three brothers. The story centers around their familial relationships with each other, their troubles, and some friendships outside their homes. Updates will probably be every Monday, though may be late since my exams are coming up soon.

Summary: Young Dori grows up alongside his little brother, Nori.

Warnings: some loathing, slurs, and violence. happy ending though.

New Arrivals

Dori waited nervously outside of his mother's bedroom as she went through the labor of her second child. He paced worriedly, his brow furrowed, and he wore a frown far too old for such a young face as his. He had never witnessed a dwarrowdam give birth, never heard one give birth, and it sounded painful. But his mother was strong, he told himself, his beautiful, wonderful mother, Cori. A loud scream shattered the air, his mother's strained voice, and the healer, Oin, told her to push.

Dori tugged at his mithril colored hair frantically, wanting to burst into the bedroom and help his mother, but he had been barred from the room. There was a final shout from his mother and the sound of a babe crying nearly shattered Dori's eardrums. He felt his stomach drop and, scolding or not, rushed to his mother's aid. He heard the nurse next to his mother's bed squawk in indignation and she attempted to grab him. He ducked out of the way, clutching his mother.

He was often told from others that his mother was the most beautiful dwarrowdam in all of the Blue Mountains. She had silver hair, a nice snubbed nose, and plump lips. Her eyes were a rich green, the color of emeralds, and her sideburns were always neaty braided and beaded. Now her hair was strewn and coated in sweat, her porcelain skin flushed. Her eyes fluttered under her lids and she was breathing heavily.

"Amad," cried Dori softly and she smiled tiredly.

"I am fine, my gem," she whispered quietly, her voice hoarse from screaming. "You get to meet your brother, soon, my love. I want to hold him," she said to the nurse.

"A healthy baby boy," said Oin and handed her a lump of blankets.

Dori wrinkled his nose and then his mouth dropped open once he saw the small dwarven babe in the bundle of blankets. There was a light dusting of auburn hair on his small head and he had the same pointed, slightly crooked nose as that- that dwarf. Dori felt contempt fill in his heart at the thought of the crook who had left his mother as soon as he had found out she was pregnant. He almost wanted to look away from his half-brother, the baby in front of him.

Then his mother smiled that warm, gentle smile at him and asked, "Do you want to hold him?"

Dori felt himself nod and took the babe carefully from his mother, sitting down so he wouldn't drop him. The babe instinctively reached out to tug one of Dori's braids, a common thing dwarven babes did among family. The young dwarf's stomach twisted at the baby knowing they were related. He wanted nothing to do with this child. Before, it had just been him and his amad.

Now, this child would just be another burden. Another mouth to feed when things were already tough. His mother had wanted to open up a teashop. They'd never be able to with the baby draining all the funds they had set aside for the shop.

"Nori," said Cori softly and Dori looked up, startled. "I'm going to name him Nori. What do you think of the name?"

"I like it," Dori found himself saying. He handed Nori- the baby, he reminded himself, he would not get attached when most dwarven babies didn't reach two months- back to his mother.

"You should rest, amad," he said to her.

Cori smiled. "How can I when I have the excitement of two little boys? My boys, my boys..." she trailed off and fell asleep with a dreamy smile on her face.

The baby began to cry and Dori felt angry tears heat up in his green eyes.

My boys.


The moments Nori started walking and talking were nightmares for Dori. At first, it had been so easy to simply forget about the existence of his half-brother. He would go to school with the other dwarflings in his Craft, learning weaving and the types of patterns, and would return home. He would occasionally have to change a diaper, soothe some cries, but those were easy tasks.

It became harder to ignore the budding child in front of him. Nori constantly trailed after him, unknowing that his brother hated him. Dori was reminded of the man that left his mother everyday, whenever Nori talked, walked, or even looked at him. He was the spitting image of the traitor, the only difference being the eyes. He had inherited his mother's emerald eyes.

That was another reminder that Dori wouldn't escape one thing: they were related no matter what.

Dori hated it. He hated him. He hated the dwarf who broke his mother's heart. And he hated himself.


Dori felt the boy land another punch on him, his nose splitting from under the boy's fist. He faintly heard Nori screech his name, but the world was spinning and there was a buzzing in his ear. He hadn't meant to snap at the boy, hadn't meant to shove him when he had called his mother a whore. But he did, and he was stronger than he had realized. He had knocked the dwarfling into the wall and he had returned angrier than ever.

Dori, not trained in fighting, hadn't stood a chance. The dwarfling fighting him kicked him in the ribs and Dori yelled, hearing a loud crack. Nori cried harder, struggling against the two lads holding him, but he was too small to help. The dwarfling fighting him started laughing.

"Filth!" he spat, a gob of spit landing on Dori's red coat. "Your whole family is reeking of it! Your mother and that mongrel of a brother! I heard that he was born out of wedlock. That he's a bastard. Wonder if you are too, and your mother just made up your father to cover up!"

Dori felt rage course through his veins like never before. "Don't say that! You're undeserving to even speak of my family, you vermin!"

"Oh, yeah?" cried the dwarf. "Does your brother even know that you hate him? Does he know about his mother?"

Dori yelled in blind anger and lashed out, swiping the dwarf right on his stomach. He landed on top of him, unleashing punches after punches onto his face until he was unrecognizable, covered in blood and with two black eyes. A voice told him to stop, but he couldn't. He kept hitting, and hitting, and hitting. He heard a screaming sound. Maybe it was his own, maybe it was Nori's.

Then more shouting and he looked up to see his mother running towards him.


"Why do you hate me?"

Dori looked up from his bleeding knuckles soaking in the herb filled water. "What?" His mother had left the room for more bandages from the local apothecary, leaving Dori and Nori alone. Nori looked up at his older brother, sniffling dejectedly.

"That boy said you hated me," he replied, voice thick with unshed tears. "Do you?"

"No," Dori said and realized he had meant it. He remembered the blinding rage he had felt when they insulted his mother, insulted Nori. No one deserved to be treated like that and yet he had treated Nori that way. And he was his brother. He shouldn't have. "Nori, when you were born I was angry."


"Because I didn't want another child in this family," said Dori raggedly. "And I ignored you for it. It wasn't even your fault what he did to amad..." He trailed off and took his brother's hand firmly, wincing a bit at his stinging knuckles. "But it's all my fault for being so cruel to you."

His voice broke and soon he realized he was sobbing uncontrollably. All the pent up anxiety and anger from his years of living spilled out as he leaned against Nori, who also started crying and was patting his shoulder soothingly. They cried out their apologies to each other, rubbing their eyes roughly. Then their mother walked in, looking terribly confused.

"Why are you all crying?!" She shouted and they both started to laugh between their sobs.

"Because we love each other!" Nori wailed and Dori started to laugh as their mother pulled them into a huge hug, muttering about strange dwarflings and hormones.