The moment the elevator doors slid open for him as he made his way to the ground floor his breath hitched in his throat, and although Naruto didn't believe in love at first sight she might have challenged that belief just a little bit.

Opalescent eyes so light they looked almost pupil-less contrasted sharply against the long, dark lashes framing them and the navy hair spilling down her back in thick waves. It was almost hypnotizing the way they caught the light at certain angles and created patterns of color against their glossy exterior, reminding him of the reflection of the moon in water, or maybe that dragon scale he'd seen on that one cartoon when he was a kid.

The doors were beginning to slide closed again by the time he'd gathered enough sense to step inside, yet she never looked up from the documents she was reading; not even as he stood a more-than-socially-appropriate distance from her inside the elevator (as though his presence might somehow mar her air of sophistication). As he straightened his tie he was suddenly very thankful for the strict dress code his firm required of its employees, otherwise he surely would have felt even more inferior than he already did standing next to her; what with the way she stood so poised in her tan pencil skirt and flowing white blouse.

The next thing he noticed was just how great of a body she had. Not that he was a pervert (he might be a little bit of a pervert), but he was finding it really difficult to understand how someone as small as her could still have legs a mile long. Her heels hung freely from her hand and he glanced down quickly to find her standing barefoot, one foot balanced on the tip of her toes. Her creamy skin disappeared beneath the fabric of her skirt and he blushed, snapping his eyes back forward before they started to wander farther up her body. What was he, he asked himself, some kind of animal?

The soft ring of the elevator signaled their arrival on the ground floor and both stepped forward automatically, slightly bumping into each other. She looked up from her reading in surprise, eyes widening substantially when she caught sight of him as though she'd had no idea there was anyone in the elevator with her to begin with. A light pink dusted her cheeks and he instantly learned that she was incredibly cute when she was flustered. He took a step back and with a smile gestured for her to step out in front of him, and she smiled apologetically in return. Bowing slightly, she hurried out of the elevator and towards the front doors, disappearing into the morning sidewalk commute before he'd even stepped outside. And as he shuffled along to work unconsciously his thoughts drowned in images of creamy skin and pearl eyes, his brain still stupefied by her smile.

The first time he saw her, he fell hopelessly head over heels for her.

"What's up with you?" Sasuke asked with a raised brow as Naruto returned home that evening, slumping onto the couch with a dreamy sigh and a stupid grin on his face.

"I think I'm in love," Naruto replied, his heart still pumping erratically at the thought of her just as it had been since that morning.

His roommate sighed with a roll of his eyes. "This is exactly what I wanted to do tonight; listen to you ramble about your feelings."

Naruto ignored him and went into detail anyway.