Bulma was rummaging through her drawers.

She wasn't sure what she was looking for, in particular. It started when she wanted to find something to take with her when they went to Namek.


Bulma sighed.

When she was younger, she had always looked up to the stars. They had seemed so far away, back then. Like any child, she had wanted to grasp them. Except for her, it also held her scientific curiosity – her desire to know what lied beyond the reaches of their planet. And now, she was fulfilling her life's dreams. She was going to space! So why was she so…depressed?

Deep down, she knew the answer. It was the reason why she was going to space in the first place. She wasn't exploring vast, uncharted territory in the name of science. She wasn't uncovering the mysteries of the universe. She was going to space to find the Dragon Balls and wish Yamcha back.


Thinking about him still sent mixed feelings down her spine. On the one hand, she cared about him. And now he was dead. That day, in the rays of the setting sun, they had arrived at the scene of the battle between their friends and the evil aliens. Saiyans, they were called. The cat had said there were 4 people left alive. That in itself was an ominous message. And when they finally caught up to them, Bulma found out that Yamcha was among the casualties. No…amongst the fatalities. And, even if they had broken up years ago, it would take a heartless monster to not feel grief at his passing.

But, on the other hand…it felt so stupid! Yamcha should have never gone to that battle in the first place! It wasn't his fight, really. Goku had always been stronger than him. Why would he risk his life when Goku would probably be the only person who mattered in the end?

When she had told him this, he had gotten angry.

"So what?" he had snapped at her. "Goku may be stronger than me. Krillin, and Tenshinhan, too. But that doesn't mean I'm going to give up on this fight! If the Saiyans win, the whole planet could be destroyed, Bulma. During the Red Ribbon Army, and King Piccolo…I was too late to do anything useful. This time, I'm going to help protect…our planet. I swear it!"

If only he could have listened to her. Maybe he would have survived.

And with Piccolo dead, the Dragon Balls on Earth were gone. They couldn't bring him back to life. Him, and Tenshinhan, and Chiaotzu, and Piccolo. That feeling of finality – the fact that no one was going to have a second chance…it threatened to overwhelm her. Even once her tears had faded, and the initial grief had gone, she knew it would take one step to send her over the edge again.

Then they had found out about Namek. And, after a few mishaps later, they had a working spaceship and a crew, ready to go out to space.

She was going, of course. Even if she didn't want to, there was no one else who could fly the ship. But she wanted to. Despite the circumstances, nothing would stop her from seeing another planet. She couldn't completely erase her child-like sense of wonder at departing the Earth for unknown waters.

But this time, her crew was rather unusual. Since this was a relatively low-key affair, the only people coming with her were Krillin and Gohan.

Krillin…Bulma didn't know him terribly well. They had seen each other occasionally, but Bulma never thought too much about him. For her, Krillin used to be "Goku's little sidekick" – a term that became even more endearing as Goku's height shot up far ahead of him. But he was apparently a strong fighter, and he seemed like a nice guy. Definitely not her type, but at least he wasn't a jerk. And he didn't try to look up her skirt anymore.

And Gohan…

Bulma knew even less about him. He was Goku's son. His son! She still had trouble processing that. Goku with a kid was one of those things that just didn't seem to fit together. In Bulma's mind, Goku was still that little boy she met in the middle of the wilderness. Even if he was grown up now, and even taller than her…she still couldn't imagine him as an adult, let alone with a child.

But apparently, it was real. Goku had a child: a child who was now 5 years old.

She didn't know much about him. He seemed very sweet, even after the events of the battle with the Saiyans. That in itself was strange. He had been kidnapped by Piccolo last year! Oolong had been convinced that, even if Gohan did survive whatever fiendish plans the demon had in store for him, he'd probably turn out rotten to the core. But, from what everyone could tell, aside from a surprise outburst at his mother, he acted perfectly normal. There didn't seem to be any malice in him.

And there was another thing strange about Gohan's apparent meekness. Krillin had told her about it, a few days ago.

"Gohan may be small," he had said. "But his power is incredible. During that battle…he managed to get some good hits on Nappa, and even fought on par with Vegeta for a while!"

All Bulma knew about Vegeta was that even Goku couldn't overpower him completely.

"But…he's only 5!" she had exclaimed in disbelief. "How could a 5 year old be able to fight aliens even Goku had trouble with?"

Krillin had mused at this for a while, before finally answering, "Well, he's not entirely human, is he?"

That was the other shock that she still was trying to process. Goku was an alien. A Saiyan, to be precise. And those aliens that had threatened Earth were part of his species.

Goku was an alien.

Bulma would be lying if she said the idea had never crossed her mind at any point. She had considered it. Goku himself was always…different. She used to chalk it up to his wilderness lifestyle, but as he got older, and stronger, everyone started to wonder if he wasn't even human to begin with.

The problem had always been confirming it. Even back when Goku still had his tail, there was no way to prove that he wasn't human. Weirder creatures existed in the world than a boy with a monkey tail. You couldn't just label him 'alien'. Not without a form of proof.

Of course, that proof had to arrive last year. An alien. Goku's brother, apparently. It turns out Goku was a Saiyan. And the Saiyans were a race of complete jerks!

Bulma did feel a little vulnerable, leaving to space without Goku. But he was still confined in hospital after the grievous injuries the battle with the Saiyans had inflicted upon him.

And, besides, she didn't need him, did she? According to Kaio, the Namekians were a peaceful race, and there were only about a hundred of them left. If all went to plan, everything would work out fine. There'd be no trouble. They'd go to Namek, explain to the Namekians, "Hey, we really need your Dragon Balls. We just need one wish, and we'll never bother you again", gather the Dragon Balls, and wish back Piccolo.

Bulma still couldn't believe that they were using their wish to bring back the devil. But it was also bringing back God, so…

Sometimes, Bulma could barely believe the situations she had gotten herself into.

But, in the end, that was how the situation stood. She was going to space, to gather the Dragon Balls, wish back their God, and thus get back their Dragon Balls. And then they could go home and never have to worry about that planet again.

In the end, it just came down to gathering up the Dragon Balls again. And she had helped do that 3 times now. She was a relative expert.

There! Bulma had finally found what she was looking for – a set of DVD's to watch on the trip to Namek – it was going to take a month, after all. If she didn't have something to entertain herself, she'd probably die of boredom.

But, as she was pulling it out, a small book also fell on the floor. Curious, Bulma looked at it…and then she recognised it.

It was her old diary. She had originally started writing it on the very first quest for the Dragon Balls – when she met Goku for the first time.

After saving the world, though…writing a diary seemed childish by comparison. So she had left it alone, and it stayed there for months.

Then, when the 21st Budokai had started, Bulma had decided she wanted to record the outcomes of the matches for Yamcha. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, she had brought the diary along to write the commentary on the matches in. And things had spiralled from there.

Flicking through the pages now, Bulma realised she had recorded almost every meeting she had with Goku inside. All the tournaments, some stuff with the Red Ribbon Army…even the short-lived tyranny of King Piccolo had been recounted.

After Goku had defeated Piccolo Jr., she had stopped. It felt appropriate. She had only really whipped it out for tournaments, or if they were searching for the Dragon Balls. It seemed like neither of those things were going to happen again. Piccolo Jr. had destroyed the arena, and the Dragon Balls…nothing bad was going to happen. They didn't need them anymore.

But now…

We don't have any more tournaments, she thought. But we're definitely still looking for Dragon Balls.

Smiling slightly, a strange desire took hold of her. She grabbed the diary and threw it along with everything else.

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