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Severus, Lina and Gabe met up with the other affected Hogwarts teachers. No one had seen hide nor hair of Argus Filch, so no one knew whether or not he was affected, so they left him a note.

As not all teachers needed new clothes and other items, those being Professor Filtwick, who had always been the same height, Professor Binns, who was a ghost and Hagrid, whose hut was outside the limits of the spell, then stayed to keep order in the school whilst the rest of the teaching staff went to Hogsmeade for supplies.

Professor Minerva Mcgonnagal, once the dignified 50 something leader of Gryfindor house, now resided within a 19 year old body and was currently amusing herself by transfiguring an indefinable object into as many spliced things she could think of. A pincushion with turtle feet, a notebook with wings and hairclip that meowed were amongst the many things the professor could make. Her long brown hair was braided all the way to her waist and she was wearing a purple singlet that was too small and a black skirt that was too big, being held up by a pair of black suspenders, and over the top, a cloak that was too long.

Rolanda Hooch, the gray haired, orange-eyed flying instructor, was now an 18-year-old raven-haired, orange eyed, quiddich enthusiast with an unusual fashion sense. Lina and Minerva picked out her current outfit for her, as they wouldn't let her leave the teachers common room only in a lime green sheet tied up like a toga. They compromised on a white sheet tied like a toga and a pair of jeans. But no matter how hard the other two girls tried, they couldn't get her to part with her dragon skin quidditch boots, so she wore those too.

Poppy Pomfrey was the only one of the girls who most of the students would still be able to recognize, however the now too long sleeves of all her clothes and the hemline that dragged on the ground got in the way of her work so she decided to join her colleagues on their little excursion. She couldn't do much of her work, but at the age of 17 she already had a first aid certificate so she could still help some students. Her frame was much slimmer than previously, but she remained the same height. Although one couldn't tell this from looking at her as she was practically swimming in her robe.

Professor Alexandria Sprout's previously dull red hair now was as bright as any Weasley's and her skin was lighter, but not by much. She also had lost some weight due to her change into a younger lady of 17, but she had gained some height as her shoulders no longer automatically hunched over and her back was no longer sore from years of bending over pots of dirt. She decided to wear her wizarding robes, even though she had to use rope to tie them on.

Last of the teachers leaving on the excursion and certainly not the least of a shock was 16 year old, Sybil Trelawny. Dressed in navy cargo pants, a large white t-shirt and a pair of lace up knee high tan boots, she no longer spoke in her airy voice. She discarded her glasses, commenting loudly to the other teachers that if they ever see her wear those out in public again they were to hex her on the spot. Her brown ponytail was streaked blonde and for once, she wore next to no make-up.

Just as the group began to leave the entrance hall, Gabe called the groups attention.

"Hey, guys, why do we need to go shopping anyway, if we're all wizards and witches, why don't we just magically alter our clothes to fit out new forms?" Everyone stared at him dumbfounded. Minerva chose to answer that question.

"Gabe, do you really want to walk around wearing all those old man clothes you have in your closet?" Gabe said nothing for a moment.

"Right, off to Hogsmeade we go then" he announced to the group.

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