Hey party people! I know, I know it's been a while since I have visited the world of Aeon Flux, but have no fear, "Sprinkles" is here and with more adventures for our favorite spy.

This is an alternate ending for "Like a Pill." For the sake of my five fans, I won't kill Aeon. Not only that but I plan on adding more stories in this section in the future, but relax. The ideas are coming faster then I put them down on paper.

Disclaimer: I don't own Aeon Flux, Trevor Goodchild, or the song "Eventually" by Pink, so chill. All I have to offer you are some old CDs, and some textbooks that I wasn't able to cash in for money. Just like your average college student, I am broke.

Now on with the show!



It was a cold, dismal day in Bregnia. Trevor sat in the couch, located in the corner of his room. Pink's CD was playing in the background. The only light that illuminated the room came from the lightning outside. He rose the file in his hands and read it once more.

Dead. He couldn't believe it. Aeon Flux, his Aeon Flux was dead. Sure, he knew that she would die, but not by suicide. It just didn't seem like her style. And if for a millisecond that she would consider suicide, it would be for some glorious cause, like her country or beliefs, not for love. He didn't think that she had it in her.

I'm an opportunity

And I knock so softly

Sometimes I get loud

When I wish everbody'd just get off me

So many players

You'd think that I was a board games

It's every man for themselves

There are no teammates

Trevor thought that his love was one-sided. He had always thought that Aeon had put up with him for the sex and for kicks. Even he had to admit that there was a kinky little thrill in sleeping with the enemy. But it's all over now.

No more mind games, no more surprise bombings, no more.Aeon.

A sob escaped from the back of Trevor's throat as he let the papers fall through his fingers and onto the floor. He then held his face in his face and slammed back into the chair.

This life gets lonely

"No!" he wailed. "You weren't supposed to leave me Aeon!" he screamed. "You weren't supposed to die!"

"Mr. Goodchild, is everything alright?" asked the guard outside his room.

"Leave me alone!" answered Trevor.

When everybody wants something

They'll smile up in your face

But they'll get theirs eventually

And I hope I'm there

Surrounded by familiar faces with no name

None of them know me

Or want to share my pain

They only wish to bask in my light

Then fade away

To win my love, to them a game

To watch me live my life in vain

When all is done and the glitter fades, fades away

They'll get theirs eventually

And I hope I'm there

"As a matter of fact," Trevor said as he yanked open his bedroom doors, "take the rest of the day off!"

"But sir," protested the guard. "Fine then, you're both fired. Now get the hell away from my door!" he screamed, then slammed the door.

The two guards looked at the doors in confusion then walked off. Trevor paced the room.

Why did she do it? Why? I know why. It was me. he thought.

"Me!" he screamed. Trevor walked over to his desk in defeat.

"Oh, well."

I drank your poison

'Cause you told me it's wine

Shame on you if you fooled me once

Shame on me if you fooled me twice

I didn't know the price

You'll get yours eventually

He sat in his desk and pulled out a picture of Aeon and him in each other's arms and smiling. Trevor chuckled. It was the only picture that Aeon had allowed Trevor to take of her.

"Poor, Aeon, you thought that you'd get rid of me that easily," he laughed.

Trevor pulled the revolver out of the top drawer and cocked it.

"Silly girl, you should know by now that you'll never be able to escape me," he said while bringing the gun to his head.

"You'll never escape me Aeon, you hear me," he shouted to the ceiling. "Wherever you go, I'll follow!"

"Make room for me in hell, Aeon!"

The sound from the gun was muffled by the thunder. The only motion in the room was of a blood-splattered picture, falling to the ground. The only light that illuminated the room came from the lightning outside and the only noise heard, was the music from the stereo.

So what good am I to you

If I can't be broken

You'll get yours, yes

You'll get yours eventually