Chapter 1

The Spell

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It was a rainy afternoon in the quiet town of Eventide Hollow and two girls were making their way out of the local school towards the street.

"Come on, Ivy! The sooner we get home, the sooner we will get dry!"

"I'm coming, Ebbie! I just had to free my broom for a minute!"

The first girl sighed as she waited for the other. Her name was Ebony, but she was often called "Ebbie" by her sister and mother. The girl trying to free her broomstick was named Ivory, but her family would call her "Ivy" for short.

The two girls were twin sisters at the age of fifteen. They were identical save for their hair and personalities. The both had medium-long hair with a single lock tide in crossing brown bands over the sides of their faces. Ebony's hair was jet-black and the lock that was tied separate was snow-white. Ivory's hair was opposite in coloring and while Ebony had a blue bead at the end of her lock, she had a pink bead instead on her black lock. They both, however, had red eyes.

Ivory was dressed in a fuchsia cap-sleeved dress that went to her knees and had a brown belt around her waist. She wore white flats and pink diamond studded earrings. White and pink were among Ivory's favorite colors because they were the colors that blended with the white of her hair and her cheerful personality. It took a lot to do anything with her natural black strand of hair, so she left it in the style she shared with her sister.

Ebony was dressed in a black hoodie with a crimson shirt underneath, black jeans, and black boots. It was a day Ebony felt the need to wear black that day. She wasn't Goth or emo, but she liked the styles along with punk and steampunk. Unlike Ivory, who blended with light colors easily, Ebony preferred dark colors.

There was one more attribute the girls possessed: they were witches.

Ebony and Ivory were the daughters of the local witch, Olivine Wolfe. Olivine was a White Witch and was a healer. It took some time before Eventide Hollow became accustomed to having an actual witch in the neighborhood, but it was enough for Wolfe family to travel anywhere on a broom, though there were restrictions when it came to spell casting in public.

Ivory made it out of the building once her broom was free of the door and joined her sister.


Without another word, the twins rode off on their respected broomsticks, flying over the town but keeping themselves from becoming living lightning rods. It took several minutes at a pretty high speed before they reached the outskirts of town and found themselves towards a forest. At the edge of the forest was a small one-story brown house nestled among the trees.

The pair landed in front of the door and dismounted their brooms before entering.

"Mom! We're home!" Ivory called out as the two began to discard their damp outerwear before placing their brooms on the broom rack next to the door.

The inside of their home was a bit larger than it looked on the outside. There was a single room with five doors at the other end. To their left was the kitchen and dining area. The entire room was a tannish-brown color with dark brown boarders running along the bottom as the wooden floor was a lighter shade. The cabinets were brown and a small table seated for three set in front.

The rest of the room was considered the living area. Bookshelves, a sofa, and a small TV made up a good portion of the room with some knick-knacks and paintings here and there. The doors, in clockwise formation, led to the bathroom, their mother's room, their room, and a greenhouse, which was their latest addition.

The door to their mother's room opened and a woman stepped out. She was dressed in a simple dark green dress with a brown belt around her waist. Her brunette hair was cut short and her green eyes glistened with motherly warmth. She made her presence known to the twins.

"Welcome home, girls. Dinner should be ready in an hour. In the meantime, work on your homework."

She then looked to Ebony.

"I've watered your plants, Ebbie, so you don't have to worry about them."

"Thanks, Mom." Ebony replied as she and her sister retreated to their room while Olivine began work on supper.

The twins' room was pale blue with a black bottom boarder and grey carpet below their feet. Ebony's side of the room was at the far end, closest to the windowed wall. Both sisters had twin-sized beds, Ebony's being darker in coloring than Ivory's. Across from their beds were two antique roll-top desks with different material in their various shelving.

The two proceeded to work on their homework when Ivory heard something. Looking to her right, she found the sound being Ebony humming as she began work on the first of her schoolwork. Ivory kept silent as she began on her work. It wasn't the first time she heard her sister hum and she didn't mind so long as she kept quiet. Unlike Ivory, Ebony was modest when it came to things like that. And every time Ebony was interrupted by someone who heard her, she fell silent again. So, Ivory decided to hold all comments until the end.

Ivory was on her second subject when Ebony began adding words.

"Oh, simple spawns of mine. Without you, I would be so lost. You have stuck by my side.~"

She hummed the rest before Ivory could hear anymore. The pale-haired girl was curious as to what her sister was singing about. Upon reaching the third subject, her curiosity couldn't take it anymore.

"Hey, Ebbie?"

The humming ceased as the dark-haired twin looked to her.

"Yes, Ivy?"

Setting her pencil down, Ivory spoke.

"What was that song you were singing? It's pretty, but the lyrics are kinda…odd."

Ebony blinked a couple of times before she decided to indulge her curious sister.

"It's something I've been hearing in my dreams lately. It's pretty, yes, but I don't exactly understand the lyrics myself."

"Can you sing it all?" Ivory asked curiously.

Ebony was taken aback by Ivory's request. Normally, she'd refuse. But for some reason, she wanted to share the song with her sister. So, Ebony decided to do something out of character for her.

She complied.

"So there you are, our dad. A statue oh so cold, so dead. You tore their world apart. And everypony lost their head. Now we must carry on. Making chaos for you instead. 'Cause you~ are our Daddy _. And we~ are pieces of you~."

Ebony paused for a moment to explain to her sister.

"For some reason, the name is blank in my dreams. But that's the first stanza of the song."

Ivory remained silent as she took it all in. After a while, she spoke.

"You think…do you think you're dreaming of our dad, Ebony?"

Ebony shrugged her shoulders as she returned to her work.

"I'm not sure, Ivory. I do wish Mom would tell us about him."

They both remained silent as they returned to their work.

Among the topics Olivine never spoke with her daughters, it was their father. The only clues the twins were able to come up with were their eyes and mismatched hair. Otherwise, the man was a mystery to the two. Olivine kept the secret locked away and by far, there was no way the two would find out from her.

As they continued their work, Ivory noticed something else from what her sister sang. Looking to Ebony, Ivory voiced her mind once again.

"Ebony. You sang 'everypony' in the song. What exactly does that mean?"

Ebony paused in her studies and looked to Ivory again with realization in her eyes.

"You know…I'm not sure."

The two fell silent, struggling to understand until a knock broke their train of thought.

"Girls? Everything ok?"

Giving knowing looks, Ivory called out while she and Ebony returned to their work.

"Everything's fine, Mom. We'll be done soon."

Outside the room, Olivine spoke, her gaze cast downward.

"Oh. Alright then. Dinner will be ready soon. Then we'll start your potion lessons again."

"Ok, Mom. We'll change before dinner." Ivory called out.

Olivine left it at that and returned to the kitchen area where she added herbs to a chicken before taking a baster and began to cover the chicken with the broth it was in. Once the chicken was in the oven, Olivine looked to her daughters' door as she worked on the potatoes.

She had heard Ebony's song when she was gathering the herbs. It was beautiful, but Olivine knew the real meaning behind the lyrics her daughters were so confused and suspicious about. It was about the one with whom she conceived her two greatest treasures. There wasn't a single day that Olivine hadn't thought of the girls' father. It was cruel fate that forced them to separate before she found out about her pregnancy.

Often, she wondered about what he would think if he ever found out that she had given birth to his twin daughters. Two individuals that shared both her blood and his. The two lives they had created. A feat that no amount of magic in any world could duplicate. How she wished day and night that she could find him and tell him.

Looking out the window, Olivine cast her gaze to the forest. The rain was beginning to halt as she saw evidence of the sky clearing as the sun was getting lower to the earth. She could not help but smile at the clearing sky.

"Full Moon tonight. If all goes well…"

She couldn't find it in herself to speak of the plan she had. For fifteen years, she worked hard and planned carefully. Soon, her latest magnum opus will be complete and no longer will she wait.

She will return to him.

Olivine's thoughts were broken when she heard her daughters' bedroom door open. Turning around, she found her beloved daughters dressed in the black dresses and black flats that most witches wore. Of course, the twins had their own little additions to the black gowns.

Ivory's dress was perfect to the "T" while adding the same brown belt Olivine wore. The buckle, however, was gold with a Rose Quartz in the center and around her neck was a matching gold pendent with the same stone in the center.

Ebony's dress, however, had her own touches. The hems of the bottom of the dress as well as the bell-sleeves were tattered to match her style. Like her mother and sister, Ebony had a long brown belt. Her buckle, however, was made of silver and had a sapphire in the center. She also wore a silver necklace with a sapphire in the center.

Olivine took great pride at how her daughters looked in front of her. Not only were they beautiful, but they looked like real witches as well. With a smile, she motioned the girls to the dinner table.

"Chicken should be done soon. Just let me get changed."

She then proceeded to retreat to her bedroom to change.

The girls didn't have to wait long for their mother to return. Like her children, Olivine was dressed in a black dress, only hers reached the floor while her daughters' reached their ankles. She wore her normal belt and had no pendent around her neck. Her hair, however, was kept back by two small emerald barrettes. She also carried a black cloak and a witch's hat with her before setting them on the couch.

Olivine proceeded to join Ebony and Ivory once the oven timer went off. As dinner was being served, Ivory groaned in impatience.

"Oh! I can't wait to get my hat and cloak!"

Ebony smiled at her sister as she began to grant herself some mashed potatoes and gravy.

"You are not the only one, Ivy. I bet it won't be long before I can get my cloak and hat, too."

Ivory began to pout as she received some chicken from her mother, much to the latter's amusement.

It was a tradition amongst witches to receive their hats and cloaks when they pass a special exam. They were symbols that they were full-fledge witches and no longer apprentices. Both of Olivine's daughters were eager to earn these items and become fully trained witches. They already passed the midway exam and earned their brooms. Now all they need are the hats, cloaks, and maybe a couple of cats.

Olivine proceeded to smile as her daughters conversed between bites.

Typical teenagers.

It was 10 o'clock by the time Olivine and the twins went to bed. However, only one of them was asleep. Neither twin could sleep that night. Both of them were still up and dressed in black. They were going over their latest lesson notes when Ivory spoke up.

"So when making the Tea of Tranquility, what is the prime ingredient again?"

Ebony sighed as she answered her sister like she had been asked a kindergarten question.

"It's chamomile. I can't believe you can't remember it. You're the 'Flower and Tea Child,' Ivory!"

Ivory folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at her sister.

"Ebony! You know I hate that name! Just as much as you hate to be called the 'Ghost of the Library.'"

Ebony narrowed her eyes at her sister.

"There's nothing wrong with hanging out in a library!"

Ivory was about to retort before she stopped herself.

"You know what? That tea we were talking about? Sounds really good right now."

It was then Ebony's turn to fold her arms.

"And where are you going to get chamomile? I don't have any and there's no chamomile tea in the kitchen."

It was then a mischievous smirk came to Ivory's face.

"True. But perhaps Mom has some to spare."

Ebony's eyes widened as she realized what her sister had meant.

"Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no! We are NOT going there! You know well we aren't allowed in Mom's study!"

Ivory gave a grin as she countered her sister's argument.

"She said we weren't allowed to practice magic in there. Nothing about borrowing a pinch of chamomile." "And what makes you so sure she has chamomile?"

Ebony protested.

"Don't know. But it won't hurt to find out."

With that, Ivory hopped off of her bed, grabbed her wand, and walked out the door. Sighing, Ebony grabbed her own wand and followed her sister, praying that their mother would not wake.

Upon exiting their room, Ebony opened the door that led to the basement. The only reason why their mother didn't lock the basement door entirely was because the washing machine and dryer were down there. In front of said washer and dryer would be the door that led to their mother's private study.

At the bottom of the steps, Ebony caught sight of Ivory picking the lock to the one room in the house they were restricted to. However, lockpicking could only get them so far. As Ivory worked on the lock, she whispered to her older twin.

"While I take care of the lock, can you take care of the wards?"

Ebony sighed, knowing her sister would persist in this venture, waved her wand in a spiral way while quietly invoking a spell.

The sound of the door unlocking brought the sisters to attention. Ivory grinned while Ebony continued to frown.


With that, Ivory proceeded through the door while Ebony followed, closing the door behind them. Upon turning on a light, the twins saw the inside of the mystery room for the first time.

The study practically took the title of "private dungeon" with the dark room being made of stone. With a wave of her wand, Ebony lit every candle to provide some light other than the moonlight that came from a circular sunroof at the end of the chamber. There was an alchemist's station, several shelves that held insects or dried plants, bookshelves, and even a podium that overlooked the magic circle in the center of the room.

Ebony made her way to the cabinets while Ivory began to explore the room in awe. Using her wand, the elder twin searched through the plants until she found plants that looked like tiny daisies tied in a bundle.

"Here it is."

However, just as she was about to take some, the sound of Ivory's voice stopped her.

"Ebony! Take a look at this!"

Annoyed, Ebony turned to her sister and immediately understood why Ivory called her.

Within the cone of moonlight was a potted plant neither sister were familiar with. It looked like a lily plant, but the flowers looked like they were made of silver and starlight. They were amazed at the sight.

"It's beautiful." Ivory whispered as she stared in awe at the flower. "Wish one of us knew what this is."

Her own curiosity peaked, Ebony looked around until she spotted an open book. Upon further inspection, she saw it was in their mother's handwriting. Curious, she read its contents.

"It's almost time. In a week, the first flower of the Star Lily will bloom. After fifteen years, I will return to him. But this time, I will bring our daughters with me. Even now, I have yet to tell them that their father is from another world or who he was in general.

"When the lily blooms, I will sit Ebony and Ivory down and tell them. Then, we shall move to Equestria. I don't know if their father is free yet, but perhaps I could convince the princess to pardon him. I would have to work hard in persuading her.

"If all goes as planned, not only will I be with my beloved again, but the girls will finally have their father."

Ebony's eyes widened in this. Their father? The lily was going to be used to reunite their mother with their father? And their mother planned on having them all move to this "Equestria" where he was? Upon looking at the date, Ebony discovered that the entry was written a week prior. Noticing her sister's shocked looked, Ivory took a look at the journal herself. After she finished reading it, she was in equal shock.

"Our…father? The lily…is to bring us to our father?"

Ebony remained silent.

Without any answer, Ivory flipped through the journal until she found what she was looking for.

"Here it is!"

Snapping out of her stupor, Ebony looked down and found that her sister had found the traveling spell that required the Star Lily. As Ivory began to gather the ingredients, Ebony realized what her sister was doing.

"Oh no, Ivory! This is Mom's work. Just leave it alone and let it go."

Ivory gave her sister and intense look.

"Let it go? How can I let this go? This spell is going to help us find our dad! I am not letting this opportunity pass by while we wait for Mom to finish it herself. Besides, we're helping her with this. Might as well do it while the lily's freshly bloomed."

Ebony gawked at her sister as the latter madly prepared the ingredients. While she wanted to meet their father as well, Ebony didn't want to disobey their mother. But before she could make a choice, Ivory placed all but one ingredient in the study's cauldron and plucked one of the lilies. Seeing her sister's quick action, Ebony chased after her.

"Ivory, wait a minute!"

But it was too late. Ivory dropped the lily into the boiling cauldron and waited for it to boil before taking a large paintbrush and dipped it into the concoction. Once the "paint" coated the brush, Ivory ran toward a nearby full-length mirror and began to chant as she "painted" the glass.

"Under the full moon, between worlds we will walk. With the Paint of Stars, a gate will unlock. With these words I cast. Take us to Equestria, this I ask!"

Ebony became pale as the mirror began to glow. While she was an accomplished student, her sister was her equal when it came to potions and incantations. Had she not been stunned with her dilemma on agreeing or disagreeing, she could have stopped her sister.

Suddenly, a flash of light enveloped the room. When it dimmed, both Ebony and Ivory Wolfe vanished without a trace.

Meanwhile, in the land of Equestria...

Hidden within the walls of the castle in the city of Canterlot, a being composed of a mixture of creatures was sleeping peacefully in a bed that hovered on the ceiling. He was muttering in his sleep as dreamed vaguely. Suddenly, he felt a sudden chill run down his spine and awoke, his body waving like a snake's slither.

"What was that?" he asked.

Actually, didn't know what the source of the cause of the feeling. But he knew what it meant when his spine shivered.

There was a surge of imbalanced magic.

He waited for a few moments until he could no longer sense the imbalance. Exhaustion overtaking him, he curled up into bed and began to sleep again. But not before muttering a tune he had been hearing in his dreams as of late.

Please do not cry, my dears~

Your daddy is still very here~

And when I do bust out,~

We can respread the random fear.

Our joy will be their pain,

As their world drowns in choc'late rain,

'Cause I~~~~ am your Daddy Discord~

And you~~~~ are pieces of me~~~~

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