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Chap 1: "Extended family"



"Let me tell you a story. Eleven years ago Demon Lord Raenef the Fifth discovered an orphan girl. Noticing her human characteristics most demons would have turned her away, or worse. The quarrelsome history between demons and humans has raged for many years, despite an agreement between them to prevent further wars and massacres, but this demon lord was different.

Yes, very different, for he was an orphan as well, and lived amongst humans until age fifteen when a powerful demon Eclipse, sworn servant to the House of Raenef, discovered him. He revealed this boy was not a human, but a demon, in fact a Demon Lord, heir to the throne of the House of Raenef, as the fifth of his name.

Raenef the fifth's rule began as odd as can be, for he took in two opponents, a swords-master, and one training to be a high priest, who initially sought to kill him. They soon became friends and comrades, and lived in his castle until leaving to peruse their ambitions.

As years passed he became suited to the name, and earned respect from demons within his realm, and without.

Ten years after the start of his rule, he took a girl from human nobility as his bride, further shocking and infuriating the worlds of demons, and humans. Soon after their marriage began, it ended when she passed away due to human illness. With his adviser Eclipse at his side he forged ahead in his rule, taking on ever more demonic characteristics with battles, and havoc wreaked on enemies, he gained more demon allies.

Two years later he found the child, and has never since been the same."

"Read it again mommyyy"

"Phantasia I already read it twice today, besides you know it by heart."

"Mhmm uncle Rae and uncle Eclipsey and cousin Luluuu" she sang.

"We're going to see them later today" Erutis reminded her daughter.

A light breeze touched the thirteen year old's golden hair. "Hi daddy!". Krayon leaned down to kiss Erutis, "Good afternoon beautiful".

"You could just use the door" Erutis sighed, barely annoyed.

"What fun would that be, right Phantasia?"

"No fun at alll" she chimed, green eyes peering at her mother. The forty three year old swords master rolled similarly colored eyes.

Smiling white teeth chuckled, "That's my girl".

"Go" she called, then appeared at the side of the wrong couch, stumbling. "Oooo darn" she huffed, blowing yellow hair out of her face.



"...Rased be praised" Chris concluded his daily afternoon prayer, and turned to his apprentice. "Now you must clean out the horse stables."

"Why do I have to do this everyday?" the fourteen year old boy complained, brushing sweat-dampened brown hair off his face.

"Nathaniel, you must crawl before you can walk" Chris instructed.

"And walk before I can run, I understand." he sighed.

"Come, I'll help you."



"How dare you admonish me vermin!" Luna shouted at a thick tree which she then proceeded to cut in half.

As a chunk fell she shouted "Dark arrow!", and soon the log was split in two. At age sixteen she surely had taken in her teachings.

Suddenly all energy went from her body. She lost sight of treetops as the ground neared.

"Luna!" shouted Eclipse. Catching her in a spell, he gently brought her to land softly in front of him. "I cannot count how many times I told you not to attempt magic without your father or myself!" he chided.

"Butbut daddy Ick-" she looked up at him.

"Do not argue with me!" he yelled louder than intended.

She looked down at her hands. Sometimes he frightened her when he became so infuriated.

"Daddy Eclipse I'm sorry" she frowned, tears slowly building up in emerald eyes.

Though is was more respectful he disliked when she used his actual name. Extending a hand, "I am sorry too. It was wrong to yell, but it scared me seeing you fall like that. What if I wasn't here?" he shuddered at the thought of what may have happened to her.

She accepted his hand, and stood to embrace him.


They soon appeared inside Castle Raenef.

"Are you okay?" Raenef asked, rushing to them. "I sensed-"

"Sweet Luna was practicing magic by herself again, and almost was hurt."

Raenef had feared someone attacked his daughter, or beloved, and breathed a timid sigh of relief. "I'm glad you're both safe."



End of chap 1



A/N: Since I'm bad at math... if their ages are wrong, please let me know. This sequel takes place 13 years after "To be a father", which wow takes place 13/14 years after the anime.

RAENEF: 40 in human years


CHRIS: 42?

Luna: 16 (definitely)

Phantasia: 13 (definitely)

* I edited the boy Nathaniel's age