This is a first in a four chapter story, this is not the actual race, they will be the last two chapters. Why? Read on to find out!

He always liked playing after school.

It was relaxing, and escape, like a kid's version of beer or drugs. In some ways it was a drug, but he didn't care. What harm could it do?

His mom said it would melt his brain, his dad thought it was a waste of valuable time, and He thought it was one of the funniest things in the world.

As He stepped through the front doors of his trailer home, the familiar scent of decaying pests mixed with the underlying odor of Mom's Febreeze, he immediately dropped his backpack at the foyer-if you could call it that, the house was so small- a nd went to his room.

He scanned the huge stack of video games that filled the right side of the TV stand, forcing the television to the side of its own pedestal. Hmm, let's see he thought Batman. . . . Arkham City, Asylum? No, not even his favorite Batman game, Arkham Origins. Bioshock, Skyrim, GTA? No no and no. He scanned a while more and finally-

"Ahh, Motorstorm." That's what he was going to play. He popped it into his playstation 3 and threw himself on his bed. It whirred to life and played the all-too familiar violin intro then opened to His menu screen, complete with a Grand-Theft Auto wallpaper background.

He pushed his thumb to the left, then down, taking the joystick with it, and selected Motorstorm. As usual, he skipped through the intros and finally got to the title screen. He selected online, put on his headset, hooked up to a room, and immersed himself into the world of Motorstorm. . . .

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