I know, I know! I have already two stories going, but this idea popped into my head and I was like ... oh my God ... YES!

What can I say … I fell instantly in love with it, and my muse is still freaking out in my head, so … here it is. I hope you'll like the idea as much as I do. :-)

Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, just this story!


This would probably bite him in the ass at some point, but he was worried about his little sister. She wasn't living in the safest part of the city, and of course – stubborn as she was – she refused to move. He'd told her she could live with Mary Margaret and him. That it wouldn't be a problem. Her answer had been a huff and a roll of her eyes.

This was definitely a 'desperate times call for desperate measures' situation.

He hadn't talked with Killian yet, but he was sure he could convince his friend to play along. Killian had just moved to the States, Emma didn't know much about him, only that David had lived with him when he'd worked abroad for one summer, and Killian and he had stayed in touch all this time. He would be a perfect roommate for Emma, and when he moved in David could stop worrying.

"I might have the perfect roommate for you, little sister," David interrupted Emma's ranting about how it was a nightmare to find a roommate, and his sister clapped her mouth shut and just stared at him, waiting for him to clarify. "You remember Killian Jones?"

"Your roomie when you were abroad?" Emma asked, furrowing her brows.

"Yep, that one," David replied. "I told you he drove me crazy with his tidiness, but I put up with it because he is an insanely great cook."

"He is a man," Emma told him exasperated. "I have enough of men right now. I'm not gonna live with one again."

"That's actually what makes him perfect."

"You've lost me."

"Didn't I mention that he is gay?"


"I found the perfect apartment for you," David said, slumping down beside Killian on the couch.

He'd just arrived from England yesterday, the jet lag still throwing him for a loop. His eyes were burning, and he was bone tired but couldn't sleep. He'd forgotten how much he hated jet lag. Leaning his head back, he blinked one eye open and looked at his friend. "You have?"

"Yes, my little sister is searching for a roommate. The rent would be very moderate, and you would do me a huge favor."

"Favor? By moving in with your baby sister?" Killian asked, his voice tinged with incredulity. Normally big brothers tended to keep him the hell away from their little sisters, not shoving him in their direction.

"I don't like the part of the city she is living in, but she's stubborn and don't want to move," David explained. "I would just worry a lot less if I knew someone is keeping an eye on her."

"What's the catch, mate?"

"Why does there have to be a catch?"

"Spit it out."

David was squirming around, shooting him a lopsided grin before averting his eyes to the ground. Whatever the catch was it was apparently something big, but he'd never have expected it to be something like this, and his mouth dropped open when David blurted out, "I told her you're gay."