Warning, slightly more explicit than my usual stories.

This story insisted on being written despite all my attempts to ignore it. It sat for weeks half-finished but eventually screamed at me to pick it up again but even then took me several weeks to finish.

The idea stems from the scene where the newly married William and Julia disappear into the hotel room. It occurred to me that William entered that room with so much confidence that (despite my feet being firmly planted in the virgin camp) I thought perhaps he did have some experience after all. His reaction to Brackenreid's 'advice' set me thinking too. So here is my interpretation of how, when and where William gained his experience.

I have to thank my wonderful beta reader lovemondays for her infinite patience in talking me through the writing of this story.

Chapter 1

His door opened and she entered without invitation. He awoke with a start. She was wearing only her nightgown … and a smile.

"What are you doing here?"

"I thought you'd like company."

"Company? Why would I want company? It's the middle of the night."

"Yes it is. What better time to visit."

As she walked towards him she undid the buttons down the front of her nightgown and slipped it off. He pulled his blanket over his head.

"What are you doing? Please this isn't right. You shouldn't be here."

She sat down beside him, removed the blanket, undid the buttons on his undershirt and slipped it over his head. The Fathers hadn't prepared him for anything like this. He didn't know what to do. Taking his face in her hands she kissed him on the lips. He sat, as a statue, he dare not move. What should he do now? She reached down and undid the drawstring on his underpants and slipping in her hand she weighed the size and hardness of his manhood.

William awoke with a start. He'd been dreaming again. He hadn't had this dream for many years but with his impending marriage and the thoughts of his wedding night the dream had once again returned. Truth was this wasn't really a dream but a dream of a memory ... from long ago, the summer he'd worked as a ranch hand.

Will had spent the winter at the logging camp, in spring he found himself at a loose end and went looking for something to do until he could go back to the camp the following winter. He had come across an advertisement in the local town paper for a job as a summer ranch hand. Always willing to try something new he had applied and got the job. He was now settled at the ranch, he had his own room in the bunkhouse attached to the barn and enjoyed spending his evenings reading the books he'd brought with him. He had been working at the ranch a couple of months when the ranch owner's daughter started coming out to talk to him whenever she saw him and soon they had become friends. She was a pretty girl, a couple of years older than Will, she seemed lonely. She had lived her life on the ranch with no one of her own age to associate with. Will had never been friends with a girl before. At home all his friends were boys and there were no girls at the Jesuit school. The only girl he'd ever really known was his sister Susannah. So it was that Will found himself at age 17 with no knowledge of how to get along with girls. Not that Alice was difficult to get along with, in fact it was almost like talking to a boy. She'd grown up on the ranch with no girlfriends and the only female company was her stepmother.

Will had now been working at the ranch several months and had recently had his eighteenth birthday. One evening he was sitting on the bench on the bunkhouse stoop reading a book when Alice came to sit with him. It was obvious she liked him but he wasn't sure he wanted to get involved with a girl right now. He had plans and wasn't interested in a relationship. He'd promised himself one more winter of logging before taking his money and perhaps going back to Montreal. They were friends, he was happy with that, it was good to have someone close to his own age to talk to. It would seem however that just being friends wasn't quite what Alice had in mind.

Alice sidled up to Will, put her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder. "Has anyone ever told you you're cute?" she asked. Will was embarrassed, what kind of behaviour was this? "No," he replied. "Well you are and I'd like to get to know you better." Will tried to slide down the bench but Alice hugged him too hard. He'd never been in a situation like this before and wasn't sure what he should do. "Please," he said, "this is totally inappropriate." "Really?" Alice pouted, "Are you not at least a little interested in me? Would you not like to be friends?" "Friends, yes, but this is a little forward for friends is it not?" The situation was getting really uncomfortable for Will. The Fathers hadn't taught them what to do when in the company of girls but he was sure this wasn't what should happen. "Why are you so shy?" Alice enquired. "Surely you've been with a girl before?" "I most certainly have not!" Will was shocked by Alice's forwardness. He managed to pry himself away from her and stood up. As he approached the door to go inside she stepped in front of him and opening the door herself backed in pulling Will inside with her.

Alice closed the door and pushed Will up against it then she kissed him. He was just about to stop her when he realized … he liked it! He relaxed and returned the kiss and put his arms around her and pulled her in to him. Maybe being friends with a girl wasn't so bad after all.

Will felt a stirring in his pants, he'd had dreams in the past and woken up to find himself wet. He hoped he wasn't going to embarrass himself with Alice but she'd already noticed the bulge and put her arms around his rear and pulled him into her. Things were getting out of hand and he didn't know what to do to calm them down, he'd never been in this situation before. Alice seemed to realize this and told him to relax, she'd take care of him. She steered him into his bunk room and closed the door, locking it behind her. Will stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do. Alice undid his shirt then his pants. She slipped off his suspenders and shirt in one movement and whipped down his pants and underpants before he could object. She pushed him until he fell backwards onto the bed, then quickly undressed herself until she was naked. Will closed his eyes, he wasn't sure what he should do but looking at Alice was certainly the one thing he shouldn't. Closing his eyes didn't help him though, he was still naked with a naked girl sitting next to him.

Will opened his eyes and took in the sight before him. What else could he do? He had to admit, she was quite lovely and his eyes roved over her body. She pushed him back and lay on top of him, kissed him on the lips, nibbled his ear then ran her tongue down to his chest and over his nipple. He inhaled rapidly, the situation was getting out of hand and he had no idea how to stop it. Did he want to stop it? He had to admit his temperature was rising and it wasn't because of the heat in the room! "Give in Will," Alice told him, "let yourself enjoy it. You know you want to." As she straddled his body he relaxed, she took him inside her and gyrated rhythmically. It was the most intense sensation he'd ever felt, until it suddenly became more intense and his body stiffened and arched, then his world exploded.

He must have fallen asleep as the next thing he knew it was dark and he was alone. Was it a dream? It couldn't have been, he was lying on top of the blanket, naked. It must have been real. Will smiled to himself. What would the Fathers think of him now? He should go to confession but he hadn't been to mass since last fall. The logging camp didn't have a church and he hadn't been into town since he'd started working at the ranch. Was there even a Catholic church in town? He'd confess his sins next time he was in church but in the meantime perhaps it wouldn't hurt to have a little more fun.

He was hoping perhaps to have another encounter with Alice but he didn't see her again for a few days and didn't get the chance to talk to her even then. That evening however there was a knock on his door and in walked Alice. She immediately stripped off her clothes and walked over to the bed where Will was relaxing. She pulled him to his feet and undressed him. Once again she pushed him back onto the bed. This time he wasn't going to object, he knew what was coming and relished in the experience.