Author's Note: Another Princess one-shotter here. This takes place after the wedding and is told from Ariel's POV. As for now enjoy what I have. Update: details been fixed.

Disclaimer: The Little Mermaid, Does Disney own it? Yes. Do I? No.

A Married Life Over The Sea

(Ariel's POV)

As we set off sailing the sea waving goodbye to my father King Triton, My husband Eric was there with me as he waved goodbye too. Eric was so handsome and smart I was able to ask my questions and got answers especially on how fire works and that it burns because it was what it was supposed to do. He was also very thorough on what the two items Scuttle told me. Like the dinglehopper was actually called a fork and it was used for eating. And the snarfblatt was a pipe in which people smoke from he told me not to as it would affect my voice as well as my insides and I can't have that I'm too young to shorten my life. He spent so much time with me telling me about all he knew about life on the land and how exciting it is. Suddenly it was nighttime and we were heading to Eric's Room I guess he was tired or something but if he is where will I sleep?


"Yes, Dear?"

"If this is your room where will I sleep?"

"With me."

"Is it..."

"We're married now it's what married people do when they're in love."


As he opened the door he carried me in and soon we were in his room or since we're married: our room. We looked at each other and the. Another question hit me that I have to ask.

"Eric, I've been meaning to ask."

"What is it?"

"Well as a Mermaid, my father and mother had 7 of us he explained how they did it. But since I'm human..."

"You want to know how we do it. Well this is why we're in our room it's something known as consummating our marriage by doing what we call: making love."

"And how do we do that?"


He grabbed me and started to kiss me very deep and I returned it just as passionate. Next he began to undress me out of my wedding dress.

"Now let me explain. Since this is your first time I'll be very gentle if at anytime you want me to stop all you have to do is tell me." Eric said.

"No, I want to do this. I've got to know. I need to see this through."

"Okay well first I need to undress you until you're naked."


"Without any clothing."

"What about you."

"I'll need to be naked too you're more than welcome to undress me if you want."

"Thanks, maybe next time."

Once I was completely naked, he began to undress himself and while he was, I felt like I'm totally exposed so I covered my breasts and suddenly he was naked and I saw him. Soon after we have both got on the bed and he lied me down only to get on top of me. However my breasts were still covered.



"Why are you covering your breasts?"

"I feel totally exposed. Is that bad?"

"No. It's okay to show me them."


I uncovered my breasts from my hands and lied them to the sides of my body. Suddenly his shaft or manhood, was near my womanhood Eric looked at me very lovingly.

"Darling, I'm about to enter you however since this is your first time there will be a bit of pain but it's only for this time after that there will be no more pain. Anyway that feeling you felt before is known as pleasure."

"Is that good?"

"It a great feeling."


"Yes. And if you are feeling like you're about to explode it means that you are having an orgasm. You can let it go. It's natural."


After one more kiss, Eric placed his shaft inside me and pushed in as gently as he could. I can feel a bit of pain now and then the more he was inside me. Suddenly he got to the point where he couldn't go anymore.

"Is this it?" I asked.

"No, I've reached your core, which separates me from taking your virginity."

"What about yours?"

"I'll be giving you mine when I break through."

"Will it hurt?"

"Yes. But like I said I'll go as gentle as possible okay?"


He pushed slowly and gently inside me as hard as he could and soon enough I felt like something popped inside me. When it broke I felt pain indeed.


"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I know you said it hurts but not this much."

"Well until you say otherwise I won't move."


After a while, the pain was gone and I told him to go ahead. And he was going back and forth pushing inside me. and soon enough I was feeling pleasure, It was the greatest feeling I could ever feel.

"Yes! Oh, Eric!"


He kept going like this for a while and soon enough I was feeling like I'm about to explode. But I wanted him to keep going.

"Eric! I'm about to..."

"Just... Let it... Go."


I've soon exploded with orgasm. My wetness was coating his manhood he found it suitable to kiss me and I returned the passion.

"It did feel good."

"I told you."

"But how come I can only have an orgasm and you can't?"

"I can Ariel, it just that it takes me longer than usual for me to have one."

"Well when can we do this again, so that I can make you have an orgasm?"

"We can do it now if you'd like."



"Oh, Eric..."

We shared another kiss but all of a sudden, Eric turned us over so that I was on top. I didn't know what to do.

"Ariel move your body up and down a little however if you want to go deeper push down."

"How deep can I take you in?"

"Until my shaft can no longer push inside you."

"I moved slowly up and down keeping him inside me it was feeling great for a while. I guess I was doing it right because he was groaning intensely. I never thought to be in control of making love but I love to be in control for a while.

"Oh, Ariel... right there."


But suddenly I was losing control because I was feeling that same pleasure yet again.

"Eric... I'm..."

Suddenly Eric sat up and began to push inside me as I pushed back and soon we had got a rhythm going. He took my pleasure to new heights kissing my neck and caressing my breasts. All while I'm there receiving every bit of pleasure my arms were wrapped around his neck, my legs wrapped around his back, it was overwhelming. But suddenly I heard from Eric.

"Ariel I'm about to have an orgasm!"

"Okay! Please feel free to spill it wherever!"

"Could I spill it inside you?"

"Yes, oh yes! I would like to feel your wetness!"


"Eric! Eric!"


We soon had our orgasms and his juices were spilling inside me like and eel. When our orgasms were done, we cuddled next to each other kissing until we went to sleep. This will be a honeymoon I will never forget.

Soon after when our honeymoon was finished, we headed home to our castle to live out our new lives. My life above the sea has already been great and it has only begun.