Chapter One.

The 70
th Hunger Games.

Prologue, Part One.

It was taking too long.

Kindra, a rebel conspirator, pondered the list in her hands with furious eyes. She crumpled the piece of paper in her hand and let it slip down from her clenched fist, falling to the floor. What a waste of time.

They needed someone and they needed them soon. The rebels wouldn't wait forever. Plans couldn't lie in storage for another six or so decades. People grew restless. Rebels especially. Patience was a virtue, a virtue Kindra had in abundance. But her aging mind was growing just as tired as the rest of them, stewing and boiling in the shadows as they watched the Capitol dish out its punishment second, after minute, after hour, after day, after week, after month, after year. Over and over.

The Hunger Games weren't even the worst thing.

Kindra knew of a lot worse travesties that went on behind closed doors. The Hunger Games had the stamp of approval by the Capitol, broadcast across the nation because it was… sport. But the other things…

A chill went down Kindra's spine as she stood up from the fireplace, rubbed her hands together and brought them to her face. She blew into them and looked down at the piece of paper. They needed an icon. They needed not just a fighter, but a face to bring the entire revolution together. Those further up the food chain, lingering at the top as impatient as the rest of them, told her their saviour's face had to belong to a victor.

She saw the use of such a person. The poetic irony behind the potential figurehead. But no one in recent years who had made it to the end of the Games fit the bill. They were not leaders of a rebellion. They were mere children.

A child would not save the country.

The past decade had yielded no such face. No one of promise. No one that could be moulded into the leader they all needed. The rebel front would crumble into smithereens if the wrong person was put on the pedestal and forced to wield the rebellion's flag.

Micheal was too sombre. Enobaria too hostile. Zena too facetious. Rai too immature. Gloss too arrogant. Cashmere too fake. Finnick… he had promise. If Annie hadn't lost herself in the Arena, maybe Finnick would have worked. But with Annie's instability, Finnick was a lost cause. Elvin had followed a similar pattern. Too quiet. Too timid. Too lost in his mind to bear such a burden.

A country that needed to be united when the Games had torn them apart, there was no second chances. The Capitol had been smart by putting the Hunger Games against the Districts. It turned them against one another. It created competition and disruption in a nation that should have seen the bigger picture.

Kindra sat down on the carpet, cross-legged in front of the flames, and rubbed her hands together over the dying embers. Time was running out. Another two years, another three, four or five. They could wait that long. But another decade and they'd lose hope. Without a name to put to their leader, there was no telling what the rebels would do when they were backed into a corner. If the time came, they'd strike without proper cohesion.

Everything would die out.

As Kindra looked into the flames, she promised herself, her family, her friends and her country, that she would not let that happen. Even a woman of her age could do something. As long as she had a rebel heart, the Capitol would not win.

She'd learnt a long time ago that stories were not true. Happy endings did not exist. But in this case, for too long evil had trumped good in this world. It was time to create a better place for her children, grandchildren, and everyone else that would be born into Panem.

They needed a spark. A victor that could unleash an inferno on the Capitol and swallow the corruption whole.

They needed peace.

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