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Dana noticed that Todd was gone and Rebecca and her swam back to Maurecia's side. "So what did he say?" Rebecca asked.

"Well he told me that he had feelings for me and he was going to say more …" Now it was Maurecia's turn to be cut off by her friends as they both broke out into a fangirlish "AWWWWWWWW" squeal that left Maurecia blushing and annoyed.

"Until he was interrupted by his friend, because apparently they're playing spin the bottle inside." Maurecia finished. "Well what are you waiting for girl, get in there and talk to Todd before he leaves!" Dana shouted waving her arms around. "Yeah, go in there after him!" Rebecca agreed.

"But I'm all wet, I would have to change first." Maurecia protested. "There's no time for that, just wrap a towel around yourself, there's so many people here you think that Mandy is going to care? Now get in there!" Dana proclaimed.

Maurecia sighed and exited the pool as she wrapped her purple towel around herself and went back inside, being greeted with a mass of people huddled around near one of the tables, spinning the bottle. Maurecia scanned her eyes of the faces for a few seconds until she came across Todd and Vince and headed over, her suit dripping a bit onto the marble floor, but she didn't care or notice.

She walked over to Todd as she was greeted by Vince. "Hey Maurecia, take a seat, it's getting good." He smiled and Todd just blushed at seeing her, remembering he had nearly just told Maurecia his feelings for her a just a few moments ago.

The bottle that was on the large wooden kitchen table stopped spinning and landed on the boy who had offered them the marijuana earlier. "Oooohhh Jason, truth or dare!" One of the guys sitting next to him jeered, and the boy just shot back a smug grin as he shrugged his shoulders. "Truth."

"Okay then Jason, is it true you have feelings for Hannah?" Another one of the males asked Jason, and several people burst out laughing. Todd noticed that one of the blonde girls sitting in the circle was blushing softly, and he deduced that she was most likely Hannah.

Todd felt his stomach lurch as he realized the game was probably going to be centered around sexual questions, it was a pack of teenagers after all. Jason, who looked to be around Todd's age with shoulder length hair stuttered a bit, his face turning a bit pink as well.

"Yeah, I do kind of like Hannah." The blushing boy confessed, and the entire group of people around the table began hooping and hollering obnoxiously. "I like you to Jason." The blonde girl piped up smiling warmly at Jason before leaning in and giving him a peck on the lips. The kiss made everyone go even more wild, cheering and whooping like maniacs, which was starting to annoy Todd, Vince of course was too drunk to care.

Maurecia was incredibly jealous of Jason and Hannah, she wanted that to be her and Todd! And her man was just about to tell her his feelings when that drunk asshole Vince showed up and interrupted! The tomboy leaned into the red haired boy and whispered, trying to get his attention, while at the same time trying not to get Vince to overhear her.

"Psssttttt Todd!" Maurecia said trying to get in close to the boy, although he didn't seem to hear her.

She whispered a second time, and got his attention. "What is it?" He asked, looking somewhat impatient.

"Why don't we go back outside so we can finish our discussion, and maybe spend a little time in the pool together." Maurecia purred flirtatiously with a wink.

Todd blushed and felt his stomach lurch, now he KNEW she was deliberately being suggestive, he had always kind of suspected it before, but now there was no doubting it.

"Well, I almost did confess my feelings to her after all." He thought to himself. He sighed outwardly. "Alright fine, I guess it's better than staying in here and playing that stupid-

Todd was cut off mid sentence as he felt Vince's hand come down on his shoulder, yanking him towards the direction of the table. "Todd, are you def? The bottle landed on you! Truth or dare?"

Todd's eyes bugged out, he was mortified, and was really hoping he could have avoided this game tonight. The redhead paused for a second and thought deeply about the predicament he was in. "If I say truth, I know they're going to ask me if it's true that I like Maurecia, so maybe I should stick with…"

"Dare." Todd blurted out suddenly, and the crowd of teens huddled around the table gasped. Todd immediately regretted his decision, but it was far too late to turn back now. "Okay Todd." One of the guys began, in fact it was the same kid who had asked Jason a few minutes earlier, and he had that same giant, stupid grin on his face.

"I dare you to make out with Maurecia!" The male teen shouted, before breaking out into hysterical laughter.

Todd's stomach lurched and he went white as all of the color seemed to drain from his face. Maurecia had become as red as a tomato, but she had butterflies in her stomach also because she was sincerely hoping Todd would go through with the dare. "This may be it! After all these years of desiring it and fantasizing about it, my dream is finally coming true!" The purple haired tomboy thought anxiously, on the edge of her seat.

The other people around the table were growing impatient, and started to vocalize it. "Come on you two, we ain't got all day!" A curly haired brunette guy with a beer bottle in his right hand shouted out drunkenly.

"Oh god, this is it, isn't it? I'm actually going to kiss Maurecia?" Todd's thoughts whirred through his head at a million miles per hour. "Yes, it's finally happening, I'm finally going to get a kiss from my man!" Maurecia thought in utter euphoria, feeling as if this were just a dream, and she would wake up at any second in her bed, upset and alone.

Todd gulped hard and licked his lips, which were quickly becoming dry. "Alright, you heard them." He managed to sputter out in a scared, low voice. Todd had never been kissed by a girl before, and he honestly wanted it to be a better scenario than the current situation he was in. Then again, he should have known better for participating in a game such as this.

"Let's get this show on the road, Todd!" Maurecia proclaimed happily, smiling wide and wrapping both of her arms around the red head's clammy neck, which just resulted in more hollers of enjoyment from the crowd of people surrounding them.

Maurecia instinctively closed her eyes and puckered up her pink and puffy lips, awaiting the greatest moment of her young life. Todd closed his eyes and prepared himself for the feeling of the girl's soft lips and the ensuing screams of amusement from the crowd. Their lips were literally a hair apart when a door slammed shut and a loud and indignant voice cut through the room like a razor sharp knife.

"Just what the FUCK is going on in here?" The room fell silent and everyone including Todd and Maurecia froze. It was Dennis Carlson, the father of Mandy who had thrown this party, who had apparently returned home earlier than expected.

The angry words were followed by a pause that seemed to go on for centuries, and that was followed by another hysterical scream.

"Busted! Everyone out now!" One of the pot smokers shrieked in fear. Then, everyone was rushing to get out of the house, so frenzied in fact that people were bumping into others and falling onto the ground. The next thing Todd knew, Vince's hand was latched onto his arm, and pulled him away from Maurecia. The purple haired girl's mouth fell open in horror, her dream of kissing Todd after all these years had been obliterated.

"Come on Todd, let's get the fuck out of here before the cops show up!"

"But Vince you're drunk, you'd better let me drive." Todd protested as the two headed towards the door as fast as they could, leaving behind a heartbroken Maurecia.

"Sure whatever, let's just go." Vince replied, nearly out of breathe.

Maurecia felt her eyes getting hot and watery. No, no she wouldn't, she wouldn't cry. It came anyway, warm tears sliding down her cheeks, but she too was interrupted by the voices of Dana and Rebecca, scolding her and yelling at her to hurry it up and leave. Maurecia wiped some of her tears away as she followed her friends out the front door, as Dennis stomped up the stairs looking for his daughter Mandy, who was in an upstairs bedroom getting pounded by a bunch of guys. Let's just say it didn't end well for her.

Todd and Vince made their way to the car as quick as their legs could carry them, and Todd got in the driver's seat and drove off as Vince began puking out of the window.

"I knew you shouldn't have drank that much." Todd scolded. "I know, I feel like shit." Vince moaned in discomfort.

Later that night, after Dana dropped her off at her house, Maurecia quietly entered her front door, trying with all of her might to make as little noise as possible. It was nearly 11:00 at night now, and there was a strong chance her parents were in bed. Her older brother Dominic might've still been up, and she didn't want him to catch her and tattle on her to their parents, as it wasn't the first time that such a thing had happened. Sometimes her brothers really enjoyed tormenting her. However, being the little sister to six older brothers, she was used to it at this point. Her brothers Oliver, Matthew, Marcus and Trent had already moved out of the house, and with the exception of Oliver who had not only moved out but was now married and living in a house with his wife, they all lived in an apartment complex with their girlfriends. Although, Dominic who was eighteen and would graduate at the end of the year, and Duncan who was twenty-one and in college, still lived at home. Duncan would also most likely be moving out with his girlfriend within the next year or two.

Duncan was also most likely in bed as he had to get up early for his Saturday classes. Dominic however, on top of being a jock who was obsessed with sports, was also a gamer, and would sometimes be up until the early morning hours indulged in one of his video games, usually a first person shooter. Sometimes when their parents were gone for the night he would even bring some of his friends over, annoying Maurecia because she couldn't sleep through their annoying ass taunts, insults and yelling.

She made her way up the stairs, past her brother Dominic's room and sure enough, Maurecia could see light under his door and hear him shouting about grenades being spammed.

Her room was at the end of the hallway, and as she closed the door, locking it behind her, she plopped down onto her bed and resumed her crying, tears once more pouring down her face from her now pink eyes. "I can't believe this, I was so close to finally kissing Todd and Mandy's dumb ass father had to ruin it!" She snarled. Then her thoughts went back to that anonymous messenger who had asked her out a few days ago. "I really don't know what to do now. Todd pretty much admitted that he likes me, but on the other hand this guy also seems to be really fond of me… I don't know who I should go with." She said aloud to herself, deep in thought.

She knew almost right away that her angry feelings about missing out on that make out session with Todd gave it away. She still loved him. And although Maurecia knew the secret admirer must've also been sweet, she decided that tomorrow when they met up at the bookstore, she would just let him off lightly, and tell him she wasn't interested. She already had Todd, it was just some damn evil force kept interrupting their intimate moments together. But when she got him alone… A huge naughty grin lit up Maurecia's face as her mind wandered off into dirty areas. "No, no, I shouldn't be thinking like that, at least not yet. I'll need to take things slow with Todd, as much fun as the kinkier stuff will be." She giggled.

Maurecia stopped her crying, quickly realizing she would see her cute little red head again on Monday, but little did the female know, she would be reunited with him sooner than she thought. It wasn't long before she drifted off into a sweet slumber.

Todd had went to bed shortly after he had gotten home the previous night so he could get up early to prepare himself. He didn't really dress up, because he knew Maurecia was not the type of girl who cared about that sort of thing, but he did wash up thoroughly to rid himself of any body odor that may have collected from the night before. He brushed his teeth thoroughly and gargled with mouth wash a few times.

Upon awaking the next morning, since Maurecia didn't plan on actually going through with the date of the man who she had no idea was Todd, she didn't really bother to doll herself up, she simply showered like she usually did after getting up and rinsed her hair a few times with her strawberry shampoo. She then dried her hair and got some clean clothes.

The time flew by quicker than either teen expected, and at around a quarter until seven, they both planned to make their way over to the meeting spot, the Barnes and Noble on Bellmont street.

Maurecia made her way down the stairs but was greeted at the front door by her brother Dominic, who was grinning. "And where exactly are you going little missy?" He chuckled. He wasn't really being mean, they always teased each other like this, and Maurecia just smiled softly and rolled her eyes. "Don't you have a computer and chip bag that need attending?"

The blonde haired, buff teen just giggled in response. "Nah, not today, I have a date with that cheerleader Kimberly. Well, if you're going with a guy, just make sure you use protection." He stated and then roared with laughter. Maurecia's face contorted and turned red. "You're such a perv Dominic!" She shot back, shoving him playfully out of her way, as he just continued to laugh.

Maurecia didn't have her license yet, so she rode her bike over to the bookstore, which was only around a ten minute ride.

She arrived at 7:00 on the nose, parking her bike at a nearby bike stand, keeping a look out on whoever it might be.

Todd parked his car as he gulped. To say he was nervous would be an understatement. He was always nervous around girls, and Maurecia made him a hundred times more nervous, she was just so bubbly and hyper that it was hard to keep up with her. Tonight would certainly be interesting.

He got out of his car and saw her off in the distance in front of the book store and his palms started sweating. "I wonder if he's still coming." Maurecia said aloud, just as these words left her mouth though her heart nearly burst from her chest. "Is that Todd? What are the odds HE would be here at this specific moment?" She remarked in shock, still not putting the pieces together just yet. "Oh god, I'd better hide. If he sees me with some other guy, he may think that I'm not interested in him anymore!" Maurecia took off inside of the store. "Maurecia, wait!" Todd shouted, chasing after her.

The purple haired tomboy tried to hide behind a row of books but Todd spotted her anyway. She panicked as her eyes widened. "Oh hi Todd, what brings you to this wonderful Barnes and Noble today? I was just her to check out uh…" Her eyes scanned the area desperately until she picked up the first book in sight. "Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment! Yeah, I always wanted to buy this book!" She exclaimed, chuckling nervously.

"Listen Maurecia, you can cut the act, I know why you're here." Todd answered in deadpan. "You…you do?" Maurecia gulped, her stomach dropping in fear. "Let me guess… you're here to see a secret admirer." Todd said, still surprised that she didn't know it was him yet.

The female teen's eyes widened even more, and she felt all of the color drain from her face. "How… How did you know?" She gasped in terror, afraid he was getting ready to chew her out.

"Maurecia, I know because I'M your secret admirer!" Todd finally shouted out, but then blushed when he realized exactly how loud he had stated that.

"Listen Todd, I can explain, please don't hate me I was just planning… wait a minute, what did you just say?" Maurecia asked in total bewilderment, her mouth now hanging open.

"I'm your secret admirer, Maurecia." Todd stated, much more quietly as his cheeks turned pink. "Really, this entire time it was you?" She replied, utterly stunned, her mouth still open wide. "Yes, I left you the roses, wrote the note everything." Todd responded, speaking fast, almost to the point where he was slurring words.

There was a pause, and that was quickly broken as Maurecia embraced him in the absolute tightest hug yet, he felt as if all of the air were being squeezed out of him.

"OH TODD!" She gushed, her arms tightly clasped around his torso. "I knew you liked me all along, I never lost hope in you!" She proclaimed in a crazy euphoria, not caring who saw her. Todd of course was less than comfortable. "Maurecia… you're squeezing to hard…" he groaned.

His words took a few moments for Maurecia to register in her intense fit of happiness but eventually she pulled away, chuckling.

It took every ounce of her willpower a hundred times over to resist the urge to punch him. She wanted to punch him so bad, because he had made her so happy, but she understood that there were better ways to express that feeling of joy.

"Well Todd." Maurecia purred, fluttering her eyelashes. "This IS a date, so what did you have in mind?" The purple haired female remarked dreamily. Todd's cheeks went from pink to red, but he managed to stutter out a reply.

"First, let's leave here, I don't want other people to hear our plans."

"Plans? Oh Todd, you have a romantic evening for us in mind?" Maurecia squealed in delight. She felt like she was going to pass out, this was definitely the best day of her life. It was like a ten year old being showered by never ending gifts, and each one was better than the last.

"Yes, so just follow me." Todd choked out. "Whatever you say, Todd." Maurecia smiled with a wink. She then grasped onto Todd's hand, and the moment the redhead felt the girl's warm hand grasp his own, his face turned even more crimson.

The two of them then headed out into the parking lot, ready to start their date.