Chapter 1

A/N Italicized and bolded words are part of Teito's dreams, and words that are only in italics are what they are thinking.

Night was coming, and Teito hated the night. He hated it so much because it meant that he would unwillingly fall asleep no matter how much he tried to stay awake. Teito went back to the room that he shared with his best friend Hakuren.

"Great I'm going to have a hell of a time trying to wake up from these damn nightmares". Teito thought as he put his pajamas on and got ready for bed. As soon as he closed his eyes Teito was in that dream. The one from the past.

Hakuren was worried about his friend. No matter how bad Teito's nightmares got he couldn't get him to wake up. He even went so far as to fill a bucket with cold water and dumped it over his friend's head. That did absolutely nothing except to get everything wet. Hakuren decided that he should ask one of the three bishops that had always helped him with his seemingly troubled friend. Hakuren was startled awake by a scream; he looked over to the other side of the room where his friend was thrashing and screaming in his bed. This is bad, it's worse than usual, I might have to pin him down this time, Hakuren thought.

"But who should I ask for help?" he asked himself aloud.

He was going to have to ask the bishops for help.

The nightmares that Teito always got from when he was in the military, were always bad. But this one was the worst one out of all the ones that he had ever had.

In Teito's Dream!

"He was running, he knew that if he stopped for even a minute to get his breath back he would be dead." So, he kept on running. The people that he was running from were from the military. They wanted him dead for running away, and for not following orders.

Hakuren quickly made up his mind; even though he didn't want to wake anyone up in the middle of the night, he needed help. Praying that Teito wouldn't accidently hurt himself while he was gone, he quickly left to find help.

Hakuren knew where the bishop's rooms were. He and Teito would often have breakfast with the three bishops. He knocked on Frau's bedroom door.

"Who is it?" he heard a sleepy voice ask.

"It's Hakuren," he replied in a hurried voice.

"Oh,. what do you want?" he asked. There was a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"It's Teito," he replied.

"What has he done in the middle of the night that made you come all the way up here to wake me up?" Frau asked.

"Well you know how he has recurring nightmares each night?" Hakuren asked

"Yes, I know." Was Frau's answer. By now the bishop had made it to his bedroom door and opening it he found a frantic Hakuren.

"I can normally calm him down by talking to him in his sleep. But tonight, I need help, because he's thrashing around and screaming," Hakuren told the older man. Desperation was plane on his face; he wasn't even trying to hide it anymore.

That was enough for Frau. "Okay I'll go and get Caster and Labrador, and we'll meet you down in your room," promised Frau.

Hakuren nodded and ran back to the room where his friend was sleeping.