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Chapter 1

Blue eyes followed along the white line on the road, his mind long since turned off as he sat there just starring blankly at the road. He wasn't tired, not enough to sleep anyway. He was just sitting there in the passenger seat, watching the signs as they passed him and his partners by.

"You can turn the radio on, as long as it's not super loud, we won't wake Ro," the deep voice to the right said, a yawn following. "It's getting kinda late and I've got another hour to drive anyway, it'll keep me awake."

"No emo shit?"

Chocolate brown eyes rolled almost painfully as he looked over and those browns met blues. "No emo shit," he muttered, shaking his head, turning back to the road. "But something heavy. I'm about to pass out."

"Seth, I can drive. Just stop at the next exit and I'll get a coffee and we'll be fine," Dean went on, running a hand through his already messy blond hair, yawning as well. "And stop that shit, it's contagious."

Seth chuckled, nodding as he watched the for the next exit sign. "I can't believe we're doing so well," he started, turning to look back at Dean. "You know singles wise. And now we're back together with Samoan Thor back there."

Dean nodded, letting out a low chuckle. "Don't let him hear you say that. Next thing you know he's going to be all puffed up and ready to show off," he teased, turning to make sure that Roman was still indeed asleep in the back seat. He sat up a little straighter, puffing his chest out chin tilted up just slightly to mimic the other man in the ring.

Seth couldn't help but laugh, almost missing his exit. He did a hard swerve, hearing the loud cursing from the backseat as Roman was jostled around on the seat. "Sorry man, almost missed the exit," he said loud enough for Roman to hear even half asleep. "Go back to sleep big guy. Just a pit stop unless you have to piss."

Roman sat up fully, his grey eyes half lidded and narrowed at the two in the front. "Well, I do now after all that. I thought we were about to get smashed into or something," he groaned, moving forward to lean on the shoulders of the front seats, looking at the time on the console and the surrounding area. "Where are we?"

"Bout an hour away from Tampa. We're gonna be at the Performance Center tomorrow to work with some of the guys making their way up," Seth explained, turning into the gas station and killing the engine. He needed something to stay awake too. He wasn't just going to hand over the wheel and pass out on Dean.

Dean was the first out of the car, making his way into the 24 hour Quick-E Mart. He didn't look back, knowing all too well that Seth liked to take his time getting out and Roman would take the time to stretch out, which he normally did when he was stuck in the back seat like the was. He stepped into the brightly lit store, nodding to the cashier before he walked around and grabbed a few bottles of water, a fountain soda, and a bag of chips. He was sure Seth would yell at him later about how he didn't need them, but he really missed having some junk food in his life.

"So, you just going to flirt the entire time?" Roman asked as he got out and stretching upwards, smiling bright at the way his muscles seemed to thank him for the sudden movement. "Ah, that's so good."

Seth felt his cheeks flush, his dark eyes resting on the concrete as he got out of the car and stood there. "I'm not flirting. We're just being funny, having a good time," he murmured, looking up into the less than convinced grey eyes that were honed right in on him. "I swear."

"And pigs can fly," Roman returned, smirking. "I don't know what I'm gonna do with you two. You know I'm not always asleep in the backseat. Talking about Samoan Thor and Dean puffing himself up like a superhero. Yeah I saw it. Took everything I had not to bust up."

Seth chuckled, shrugging. "Even if he was interested in guys, why would he go for someone like me?" he went on, his voice dropping. "We're too good of friends. Why ruin something that awesome?"

Roman went to say something, but instead held his tongue, watching as Seth started towards the gas station for his own snacks. He sighed, shaking his head as he followed, the bright lights more than a little blinding as he walked in and looked around for his own snacks.

It didn't take long for the trio to be back in the car, Roman sitting in the back seat once again stretched out, nibbling on some veggie sticks that Seth had insisted on him getting. He wasn't happy with it. Actually, he was really jealous that Dean had snuck a bag of greasy potato chips past Seth without really trying. Jealous enough that he was going to ruin it for Dean too. "Hey, give me some chips Dean."

Dean's blue eyes narrowed as they met Roman's in the rearview mirror. "I don't know what you're talking about," he hissed, warning Roman with his eyes to avoid the subject of his chips. He was not going to listen to Seth's mouth for an hour over his food choices.

"Oh, you mean these?" Seth asked, digging in the bag next to him for the snack bag in question. "You know this shit is terrible for you." He held up the red bag, reading over the back panel. "Dean, there's so much shit in these."

"Yeah, and there's about to be something in you if you don't leave my chips alone!" Dean snipped, grabbing for the bag, and holding it to his chest.

"Is there really?" Roman asked from the backseat, unable to stay out of the mess he'd intentionally created.

"Oh shut it Thor," Dean shot back, swerving the car intentionally on the near empty road. He howled in laughter as Roman reached to hang onto anything to keep him on the seat. "Ha! Take that! And there's more where that came from keep messing with me."

Seth's hands were clasped on to the door handle and the floor shifter, eyes wide before he glared over at Dean. "What the fuck man! Either you're going to shove something in me or give me a heart attack, make up my mind!" he yelped, his heart racing as he scanned the road for any signs that a cop had seen them acting like a bunch of drunk maniacs.

"Which would you prefer?" Dean asked almost seductively as he turned and looked Seth's now surprised face. "Because I'm sure I can do both within a few minutes of each other." He smirked, turning his attention back to the road, the three of them growing quiet. He took a second to look back over at Seth. He could still see the remnants of the dark blush he'd seen there not minutes before. He shook his head, turning back towards the road. That was something he couldn't even think about.

Seth was completely off limits. They could flirt, but that was it. Anything else led to feelings, and he couldn't handle that with Seth. He couldn't risk getting attached to Seth and then just letting him down and being hated. He didn't want to ruin the friendship they had, not when it was something that he'd worked so hard to keep.

He wasn't used to being open, or around other people really. He was a loner type, someone that sat at the back of the room at parties and just watched the others, getting a feel for everyone before he ever tried to go out and speak to any one of them. He wasn't one to make friends, instead they just kind of walked in and out of his life after he'd suited their needs.

He snuck one more glance over, thinking that he did like Seth. He had for the longest, before the Shield, before they ever moved up to NXT. Inwardly, he sighed, knowing that it was just one more thing he'd tucked away inside him and buried. He liked the two toned hair, he liked how Seth would micromanage his diet and work outs, pushing him to be better, to go just that little extra bit. He liked how supportive and caring Seth was. He was always the first to help someone, the first to be there to comfort him or Roman if they needed it.

"Hey, we'll see your friend in NXT won't we?" Seth asked a moment or so later looking over to see Dean's eyes flicking from him to the road. "And I'll get to see Cass. I haven't seen him in a long time."

Dean paused, thinking that he would get the chance to see Sami. He felt his chest grow tight, knowing it had been a long time since he'd seen or even talked to the other man. His jaw grew tight, remembering their past. The last time he'd really talked to Sami had been right before Sami had made it to the main roster, and it hadn't been a great talk. They'd ended up arguing and Sami had walked out of his apartment, leaving him alone like everyone else. "Yeah," he finally murmured, shaking his head as he watched the road signs.

Roman could feel the air change in the car, something becoming off center and almost awkward. He cleared his throat, sitting up so that he could poke his head between the front seats. "Hey, we'll get to check out some of the new talent. I've heard some good things about the guys down there. Maybe everything Hunter's doing down there will really change things on the main roster. Booking and stuff. We have the talent."

Seth nodded, leaning back into his seat, looking over at Roman's tousled hair. "Of course you would want to check out the rookies," he teased, smiling mischievously. "What Dean and I aren't good enough for you now? I mean, we've been together two years now, not to mention all that time in developmental."

Roman rolled his eyes, looking over at Dean, the other man's lips still turned down into a deep set frown. "Hey, you sure you okay?" he murmured, Dean's blue eyes flickering back at him, a quick nod Roman's only answer. "Look, if it's something serious—"

"It's fine," Dean interrupted, swallowing hard. "Just getting tired. We're what ten miles from Tampa? Are we crashing at a hotel or at your place Rome?"

Roman silently sighed, knowing there was no way he was going to get Dean to open up to him. "We can crash at my place. You guys can fight to the death over the guest bed," he finally said, chuckling at the thought.

"Aw but what if one of us wants to sleep next to you Ro?" Seth asked, yawning wide in the middle of his growing laughter. He shook his head, rubbing his eyes as he saw a very small smile touched Dean's lips. "I'll give Dean first dibs on your bed, I'm taking the guest room."

Dean shot a dark look over at Seth. "Yeah, in your dreams pretty boy, you'll get the couch. I'm getting the spare bed," he snipped, leaving little to no room for argument, though that didn't stop from Seth's playful teasing and arguing over said bed anyway.

Once at Roman's house, it was near one in the morning and all three men were completely exhausted. Roman was quick to lead them up the walk and to the door, unlocking it before he dropped his bag to the side and started up the stairs. Dean and Seth had crashed at his place a couple times before, he knew they knew where everything pretty much was. He was going to crash. "I'm going to bed guys, you can fight over the bed all you want, or just sleep together, I don't care, just don't mess my sheets up," he said, smirking as he looked over his shoulder at the two, finding two similar blushes on both men's cheeks. He shook his head, making his way upstairs, leaving Dean and Seth to figure out the rest between them. As long as one of them didn't crawl into his bed, he didn't care. He was going to take up the entire fucking king sized bed on his own.

Seth shook his head, following up the stairs, more than a little surprised when Dean hung back, setting his bag down and walking in the direction of the living room. "You're not seriously about to sleep on Roman's couch," he said, watching as Dean turned back towards him, shrugging.

"Might as well, sleeping beauty needs his rest and all," he returned, smiling softly. "I'm okay on the couch. No big deal." He was quiet a moment, his eyes focused on Seth as he stood there silently on the third step. "Night Seth."

Seth could feel his heart pounding so hard in his chest it hurt. "C'mon you idiot. We'll just share. It's not like we haven't before," he finally said, unable to look up from the wooden banister. "It's better than the couch."

Dean was a little surprised, the retort dying in his throat when he realized just how cute Seth actually looked standing there almost flustered at something they'd done several times already of the last two years. "Aw, if you wanted to sleep with me, that's all you had to say. Rome wouldn't care," he teased, grabbing his bag and starting towards Seth. "As long as you don't drool on me this time."

"That was a one time thing and I'd been driving for six hours. I was tired!" Seth retorted, leading the way up to Roman's spare room, smiling to himself as he found it and opened the door. He was sure it was going to be harder to get Dean to agree to sharing a bed with him when there was the option of a couch or somewhere else.

Dean swallowed hard, watching as Seth set down his bag and stripped off his shirt, the tight muscles moving, flexing, and unflexing under the beautiful golden skin. He set his bag down, turning his head to try and ignore the distraction. He dug in his own bag for something comfortable to sleep in. "I'm gonna get a shower, you gonna be okay?" he asked, obvious that something was stuck in his throat.

Seth snorted, tugging his skinny jeans off so he could pull on a pair of shorts over his boxers. "I'm pretty sure I can figure the bed out on my own. But if you feel the need to help me," he started, crossing his arms over his bare chest, his smirk fading as Dean walked up to him, wrapping an arm around his waist. Seth held his breath, heart beating even faster as Dean gently led him to the bed. "Dean?"

"You pull the sheets down like this," Dean murmured, his voice low, deep his blue eyes darkening as he looked back up into the dark brown ones. "See, then you just lay down and pull them back over you." He smirked, pulling back and starting towards the shower, grabbing the clothes he'd grabbed from his duffel and hanging them on his shoulder.

"You're an ass!" Seth shouted, listening to Dean's low chuckle as the door shut. In that moment he sat on the edge of the bed, biting his lower lip as he felt his cock throb between his legs. Damn Dean and his incessant teasing. It was only getting worse.

Dean flipped the bathroom light on before shutting and locking the door. He was thankful that the guest room was down the hall from the bathroom because as soon as he knew he was alone he let out a deep, frustrated growl. Seth was really getting under his skin. After every thing he'd told himself, it didn't make it any easier to try and not pursue Seth.

He shook his head, looking up into the mirror, seeing just how tired he actually looked. He groaned again, this time in less displeasure as he turned on the water, letting it warm up as he stripped his clothes. He stepped in under the hot spray, pulling the curtain closed and nearly melted. The water felt damn good on his tired body.

Blue eyes opened as he turned his back to the water. His hands ran through his hair, his mind running miles faster than he could keep up. He had to put some distance between him and Seth before he actually did act on his attraction. It was obvious that they had chemistry, strong chemistry. He couldn't deny that. He just didn't want to ruin what they already had.

A slow, unsteady sigh left his lips as he thought about the next day. He was going to have to see Sami, well that wasn't his name anymore. Solomon, yeah, that's what he went by now. Dean smirked, thinking that it would be fitting for someone like Sami to take that name, although he'd always be Sami to him. He leaned forward, resting his forehead on the cool tile, so unsure of what to do. They hadn't spoken in over a year, what would it be like for them now? Would Sami still hate him? Would they talk? Would he just be left in the dirt again? He groaned, he didn't want to deal with the questions that were floating around in his head.

He showered quickly, finding it easier to let his mind relax as he stepped into the guest room, Seth already fast asleep on the left side. He walked over to the right side, dropping his towel before he pulled the sheets back and slid in next to Seth. He knew he was risking everything as he wrapped an arm around his waist and curled around Seth, his bare chest pressed firmly against the warm back. In that instant he felt better, his entire body lightening enough for him to drift off to sleep. "Night Seth," he murmured, curling in just a little tighter so that his nose pressed right under the messy bun that the other man had forgotten to take out. He breathed in Seth's scent, his last thought being how wonderful it would be to do this every night.

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