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Chapter 46

Seth shivered. It was cold out, cold enough that he could see the faintest puffs of white rush past him and he continued down the road. But he couldn't feel it, his entire body numb except for the pain in his chest from his rapidly pounding heart.

He glanced around his surroundings, unsure of where he even was. The paper in his pocket crunched as his fist tightened. He'd followed the street signs and numbers for as long as he could, but they'd stopped blocks before. He paused, sucking in a breath as he looked around again, hoping to find some sort of marker to show he was going the right direction. A shudder ran down his spine. He'd never seen a place like this before, so rundown and left is such disrepair. Was this the world Moxley knew? Was this the reason Dean had created him?

He stiffened, sure that he could suddenly feel too many pairs of eyes on him, following him as he started to walk again. For a moment, he cursed that he didn't bring something to protect himself with; even his cell was dead. He shook his head, focusing his eyes forward. Even in his peripheral he didn't see a single soul or sign of one, around but he knew they were there. He felt them, their eyes bearing into him, sizing him up, questioning his presence.

A sudden, cold gust of wind slammed into him, hushed whispers carried with them, caressing his ears with questions. He was being watched. He exhaled slowly, his eyes narrowing. They knew he was there, even if he wanted to, he couldn't turn back now. He had to make his way to the garage. He was going to face Hawk, even if he didn't have a single clue as to what he was going to do or even say.

After another block he stopped, something inside him telling him to. He looked down the abandoned alleyway, his eyes landing on the run down automotive garage. There was a lurch in his chest and he knew he'd found it. Swallowing hard, he sucked in a deep breath and started down the uneven asphalt. His entire body was alert, his ears perked up, listening for anything that didn't sound right. His eyes remained focused, scanning everything as he walked slowly up to the bay doors, one already half way raised.

He stood there, his chest puffed out and head back. Adrenaline was rushing through him, making his body hum. He sucked in a breath, holding it in before finally calling out, "Hawk!" His hands pulled from his hoodie, both set at his sides with fists clenched, the note tightly held in one. "I know you're here!" He waited, his heart beating even faster in his chest. Where was he? He saw movement in the corner of his eye to the right of the open bay door.

"Well, well, well," a deep voice started, bathed in the shadows of the garage, his figure obscured. "This is certainly a surprise." A chuckle rang out in the night and he stepped out into the night, the light from the moon and few streetlights illumination his face.

Seth held back a gasp. The last time he'd seen this man was back at Solomon's funeral and even for a middle aged man he hadn't been ugly. But now, his features had changed. The left side of his face was flatter, like his skull had been severely damaged. His nose sat crooked like it had been broken too badly to fix. A deep scar ran down the right side of Hawk's cheek to under his chin. Seth noticed with the way he slinked closer, Hawk now walked with a limp. "I'm here instead of Dean," he said, thankful that his voice was stronger, more confident than he felt in that moment.

Hawk smirked. "I see that," he answered almost dully as he limped a little closer. Once closer he perked up, looking over Seth. "You're just as pretty as the day I first saw you." He smiled, running a hand up over his head. "Moxley sure does like 'em pretty."

His smirk fell, a sneer taking over, his lips curling back to show that he was missing a few teeth. "He really did a number on me the last time I saw him. Tore my face up, broke most of my ribs, fucked my knee up real good," he explained, hateful venom dripping from his words. A thought struck him, his eyes narrowing in realization. "You wanna take his place for what I have planned." He smirked, catching the flicker of fear in Seth's eyes. "That's why you're here, isn't it?"

"I'm just here to tell you to leave him alone," Seth went on, swallowing hard as Hawk moved closer. He knew if he backed up it would be a sign of submissiveness and fear. He wasn't about to give this fucker the upper hand.

Hawk chuckled bitterly. "Yeah?" he asked, his hand dropping to his waist, his tongue sliding across his lower lip. Of course Moxley would find one with beauty and no brains, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to use that to his advantage. "I'll make you a deal then. You do exactly what I tell you to and I'll never bother Moxley again, sound good?"

"W-what is it?" Seth asked cautiously, instantly hating himself for the way he'd let his fear start to show. Hawk was almost close enough to reach out and touch. He tensed, the other man talking around behind him. Seth could feel those lecherous eyes moving up and down him, focusing on his ass for far too long to be comfortable.

Hawk shook his head almost amused as he circled Seth again and stopped behind him. He leaned in, his nose mere inches from the juncture of neck and shoulder. He breathed in the sweaty, musky scent the other man gave off. He smirked, knowing that scent all too well. "Nothing you haven't done already," he breathed, once again making his way in front of Seth. "You smell just like him. He's such a good fuck isn't he? Tight and the way he cries out is just beautiful"

Seth tensed, his jaw tightening to the point it instantly ached. He knew Hawk was only tormenting him to get under his skin. He had to ignore it. He couldn't, no he refused to admit that it was working.

"Oh," Hawk chuckled, clearly amused. He'd seen too many newbies on the streets trying to act tough to know that this was easily an act. He saw right through Seth. "I have it wrong don't I?" Another chuckle bubbled in his chest, a giddiness settling in the pit of his belly before he added lowly, "Even better for me."

"What do you want Hawk!" Seth snapped, his eyes locking with the other man's. He was tired of the games. He wanted to end this.

"Oh, no wonder Moxley likes you so much," Hawk went on, waving his hand flippantly. "You're just as feisty as he is." He shrugged, his brows rising quickly in amusement. This was his turf, his terms, Seth would learn that. But he didn't want to waste time. Moxley wouldn't let his pet out without him for long. "Spend the rest of the night here with me. Do exactly what I say and I'll never bother Moxley again. "He smiled, crossing his arms over his chest, watching as conflicted emotions filled dark eyes. He cocked his head, smirking. "Let me play with you the way he does, and I'll call it even for my face."

Seth only stood there, eyes wide and mouth dry. Was he serious?

Dean shifted in bed, reaching across the bed for his lover. He groaned, his hand patting the cool sheets a few times before his eyes cracked open, confusion starting to bubble in him. He looked over at the empty space he knew Seth should be in, his brows furrowing together. He was barely awake, but the sudden lurch in his chest jolted him awake, everything inside him screaming that something wasn't right. He sat up and looked around the room. "Seth?" he called, panic evident in his voice once he didn't see anyone else in the room. He swallowed hard, trying to reassure himself that Seth was just in the bathroom. It had to be just a late night visit to the toilet or something.

When nothing answered him, that's when his heart started to speed up, his growing panic reaching extreme heights. "Fuck!" he hissed, covering his face with his hands, scrubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands. Had he pushed for too much? Had he been too rough? What was Seth thinking? He had to have scared the other man. He sighed, reaching over the bed for his pants, thinking that he had to at least call and check on Seth. Another bolt of fear surged through him when he noticed that all of Seth's clothes and shoes were gone. "Fuck!"

He hurried to redress, knowing he had to find Seth. He started to search his pockets for his phone, his hand sliding into his back pocket. Suddenly, he froze, his entire body turning cold. He didn't feel the note he'd put there, the one that he knew was there. "Seth," he hissed, rushing over to his backs and tearing them apart to find his cell. "Jesus fuck Seth, don't fuckin' tell me you're out there," he muttered to himself, dialing the other man's number and impatiently waiting for him to answer. It went straight to voicemail. "FUCK!"

He started to pace, shaking his head. He knew he had to think of a plan. He had to do something. He couldn't just leave Seth out there with Hawk. Seth wouldn't make it out the same. Not after everything that had gone on with him and Moxley and Hawk, he couldn't risk that. He looked down at his phone, checking the time. His eyes widened.


He was late to the meeting. He shook his head, shoving his bare feet into his shoes and running out of the room. He didn't care that he was only wearing a thin t-shirt. He didn't have any time to waste. He dialed his phone again, cursing for the other man to pick up. With each ring he growled louder, cursing.

Roman groaned, pulling away from the warmth curled into him. He growled in annoyance. He was nowhere near happy to be hearing his phone ringing after just falling asleep. Blindly, he reached for his phone, his hand heavily slapping the tabletop until he found it. He squinted at the screen as he pulled it back. "Dean?" he asked in confusion. He shook his head and answered it. "What the hell man? It's 2am," he started, his heart lurching in his chest, already sure something was wrong by the way Dean was breathing so rapidly, air whipping into the receiver. Suddenly, he was awake, something feeling off. "Dean?"

"Get up!" Dean yelled, turning the corner and running out of the lobby doors. He knew it would be faster by foot that it would by car. He knew the way all too well; all the shortcuts and hideaways. "Get the fuck up and call the damn cops!"

Roman sat straight up, panicked. He felt the body next to him stir, knowing he'd disturbed his sleep as well. "Dean, slow the fuck down, what the fuck's going on?" he asked, turning to see he had indeed woken Cody up, the other man laying there with his eyes open and brows furrowed. He cast a soft, apologetic glance at Cody before throwing the blankets back and sliding his naked legs over the edge of the bed.

"Seth took my fuckin' note," Dean started, huffing again as he suddenly cursed and a car horn filled the line. "Watch where the fuck you're going!"

Roman's heart lurched in his chest, his eyes closing.

"He just fuckin' disappeared Rome, I don't know where he is and if he's where I think he is, there's no fuckin' way he's safe!" He cursed again, his breathing only growing more and more frantic and haggard.

Roman felt his body go cold. He jumped, the hot skin of the other man pressing against his back. "Fucking shit," he muttered, reaching up and grasping Cody's hand in his, the other man's arms wrapped around his neck. He gave it a gentle squeeze, unsure if it was to calm Cody or himself. "What am I supposed to tell them?"

"Just tell them that there's a fight or some shit, but it's a fuckin' emergency Rome! Seth's in real trouble"

Roman nodded, his head spinning as he pulled away from Cody completely and reached for his jeans. "Okay, we're on our way," he returned quickly, listening to Dean as he rattled off the address and hung up. He pulled his jeans up and fastened them before turning to Cody, hating the confusion and worry in the beautiful blue eyes. His brows furrowed as he leaned in and kissed Cody softly. "Seth's in some deep shit."

Cody nodded, taking his jeans from Roman as they were handed to him. "Moxley?" he asked, remembering his and Roman's conversation from earlier in the night.

"Yeah. But this is huge," Roman answered, dialing 911. "We gotta hurry. Dean sounded like he's gonna murder someone."

Seth swallowed hard. He could handle a couple hours with Hawk, especially if it meant he would leave Dean and Moxley alone forever. He could endure. He nodded, his eyes narrowing on the other man. "Once the sun rises, I'm outta here," he answered, his voice starting to waiver.

Hawk's smirk turned wicked. "If you can walk."


Seth turned to the side his eyes widening one he saw Dean running towards him. He felt the other man's arms wrap around him before pushing him back so that Dean was between him and Hawk. "Dean?" he questioned softly.

"You fuckin' idiot!" Dean hissed, pushing Seth backwards to create more space between them. "Don't agree to a damn thing he says. You can't trust people like him."

Hawk smirked, clearly amused. "Well, things just got a lot more interesting," he said, reaching under his shirt and pulling out a 9mm handgun. "Don't take another step there Moxley." He pointed the gun at Dean and pulled the hammer back. The sound of it clicking into place rang between them, an echoing beacon that things were serious.

Dean was still, both hands up to show that he wasn't a threat. His eyes looked to Seth, the other man also holding his hands up. He kept his mouth shut, his jaw tight. Damn Seth. Damn Hawk. Fear coursed through him, anger following closely behind. He growled out, unsure of how he was going to get Seth out of this place and deal with Hawk.

"You shoulda killed me last time," Hawk growled, his brows drawing together, his face twisting into an angry scowl. All the humor he'd felt before was gone, now he was pissed. "Instead of having mercy like Amy asked."

Dean tensed, swallowing hard. He looked over the other man, watching him limp as he took a step closer. While he had no recollection of their last meeting, he knew Moxley did and by the looks of the other man, Moxley had really done a number on Hawk. "Hey, it's me you want, right?" he asked, dropping his hands and puffing his chest out a little. He noticed Hawk pause and he took a step closer. "Well, I'm here. This is between us, so just let him go. We don't need outsiders here."

Hawk chuckled, a quirky smile touching his lips. "Oh, but he already traded himself for you," he teased, the gun moving from Dean to Seth. "Back up Moxley." His voice grew deeper, his eyes narrowing on Dean. "I have no problem putting a bullet in your bitch."

Dean did as he was told, his eyes meeting Seth's briefly. He kept quiet, watching as the gun moved back to him as Hawk walked over to Seth. He grit his teeth, unsure of what he could say to stop the other man.

Hawk smirked, his focus on Seth, his handsome face, his muscular, yet somewhat slender build. "You're really beautiful, you know that?" he asked, bringing his free hand up and stroking Seth's cheek. He curled his finger under his chin, lifting it just slightly. His look softened before twisting into something more sinister and sadistic, his voice lowering into a whisper as he leaned in so only Seth could hear him. "I'd love to make you cry."

Seth shuddered, his eyes darting to Dean, begging him to think of something. He felt Hawk's hand fall away, his body turning slightly so that he could face Dean too.

"Don't worry there Moxley," Hawk taunted, reaching back and wrapping his arm around Seth's shoulders and pulling him into his side. "I'll let you watch." He held Seth even tighter before his hold loosened. "There's all your favorite customers inside too. I'm sure they'd love a little taste too."

Dean could feel himself grinding his teeth. He knew Hawk was speaking the truth. He also knew he couldn't let him know he was getting under his skin. It would only make the taunting worse.

Seth felt Hawk's grip loosen again, this time his arm falling away completely as he continued to move closer to Dean. He knew this was his chance to get the gun and he wasn't about to waste it. He waited until Hawk was a step ahead of him before he jumped onto him, his arm wrapping around the other man's neck, his hand shooting out trying to grab the gun away. He jumped, the sound of a shot ringing into the night.

Hawk roared in anger, slamming the gun into Seth's temple. He felt the arm go limp around him. "Little bitch," he cursed, shoving Seth to the ground, his gun focused on Seth. He'd planned to play with him, mostly for his enjoyment but he wouldn't let him act against him. His eyes narrowed on the fearful browns under him. He sneered, pulling the trigger again without a second thought. He didn't give warnings anymore.

Seth tensed, his eyes shutting; sure that this was the end. His heart beat harder, faster, time standing still but feeling nothing. Instead he heard a deep howl of pain.

"Why is it always the bad shoulder?" Moxley asked, grasping his left shoulder, briefly. He turned to Seth, his eyes narrowing on Seth's wide ones. "Run you idiot!" He turned to Hawk, murder in his eyes. "God you're fuckin' ugly. I didn't fuck that mug up enough." He ran towards Hawk, spearing him to the ground, the gun going off once again into the alley. He landed a good punch to the other man's face before he backed off and grabbed Seth by the shirt and pulled him into the garage.

Seth's vision was still blurred from Hawk's blow, but he could make out the makeshift rooms throughout the garage. He heard Hawk cursing and shots being fired at them, the sound of each bullet hitting metal or concrete echoing around them. He felt Moxley shove him into a hidden little corner. "Moxley?" he asked, watching as the other man kept a look out.

"Yeah, it's me pretty boy," Moxley answered, looking back at Seth, wincing at the lump on the other man's head. Honestly, he was surprised the blow hadn't knocked Seth out. A wave of relief rushed over him, and he threw his good arm around Seth's neck, pulling him into a crushing, hug. "Jesus fuck, I was fuckin' scared." He relaxed into Seth momentarily before jerking back, the sound of thundering footsteps filling the garage. "Do you know how fuckin' stupid this was?"

Seth was shocked at Moxley's confession. He was about to explain what he'd been thinking before his eyes fell on Moxley's shoulder. "Fuck," he hissed, reaching up and tenderly touching it. It was bleeding badly, and by the way Moxley was holding it, he could barely use it. "We gotta get you to a hospital."

"Don't worry about me," Moxley hissed, squinting and looking around. Things didn't look much different from the last time he'd been inside the garage so many years before. He felt hope blossom in his chest once he saw the same side exit door. It had to still be functional because it wasn't blocked. "Listen, we're gonna get outta here okay? Dean called Thor on the way, the cops'll be here in no time."

Another shot rang out and the two ducked down, silence falling over them.

"Come out, come out wherever you are," Hawk teased, slowly walking deeper into the garage. "You can't hide from me. This is my fuckin' garage!" His voice was growing deeper, angrier. He smirked, knowing every nook and cranny where the two could hide. His lips curled into a smirk. "Just come out now and I won't kill the whore."

Moxley growled, turning to Seth again, his arm throbbing. While he didn't feel too much pain, he was sure it was because of all the adrenaline pumping through him, he knew he was losing too much blood. They had to hurry. "Run through the last curtains, and to that side door. That'll get you to the main road. Get the fuck outta here. I'll take care of Hawk."

"I can't leave you here, not with your arm like that!" Seth tried to argue.

"I'll be fine."


"Seth, I'm not fuckin' around here!" Moxley snapped, grabbing Seth by the front of his shirt and pulling him in so their foreheads bumped together. Their eyes met, his narrowing. "Go to the door and get as far away as possible." There wasn't an ounce of room to argue. "Go!"

"I can't leave you here! I can't let you kill him. You can't live with that on you," Seth tried again, Moxley only tightening his grip in his shirt.

"I don't have much of a choice now! It's him or us." Moxley retorted in a heated whisper, knowing by the sound of Hawk's footsteps that he wasn't too far away. He grit his teeth, his eyes focusing on Seth's. "Go, now!" He pushed the other man away, hating the way Seth hesitated before darting towards the side door. He let out a relieved sigh the corners of his lips turning up into the faintest smile. "You got guts pretty boy, I'll give you that."

Seth looked over his shoulder, watching as Moxley stood there for only a moment longer before darting in the opposite direction. He bit his lower lip, ignoring everything inside him that told him to go back. No, he'd do what Moxley said. He ran to the side door and eased it open, his eyes falling on the three guys standing there guarding the door but too wrapped up in watching the road to notice him. He bit his lower lip, knowing there was no way he'd be able to get past them. He paused, having no real idea what to do. It wasn't until he heard the faint sound of police sirens echoing that he smirked. He could distract these guys until the cops got there, then it really would only be Moxley and Hawk.

Moxley hurried to the other side of the garage, his eyes wildly searching for anything that he could use against the other man. He lips curled upwards into a twisted smirk the moment his eyes landed on a tire iron that was propped up against one of the bay doors. He just had to make it over to it without Hawk seeing him. He skirted around one set of "rooms", cursing to himself. He knew he'd have to expose himself from the cover of the hanging sheets to grab his weapon.

"You can't hide from me forever Moxley," Hawk taunted, pausing in step and looking around the room. He shook his head, catching the faintest glimpse of Moxley's shirt. "Oh, you've always been so bad at this game." His hand rose, his finger pulling the trigger.

Moxley felt the bullet barely graze his left side, just above his hip. He let out a hiss of pain, bolting towards the tire iron. He couldn't keep up with the cat and mouse game. He had to get this over with before Thor showed up with the cops. He ignored the clanging and scraping of metal on concrete as he scooped it up and turned, facing Hawk. "Found me," he muttered, holding the iron behind his back. "Don't worry, I'll take you out completely this time old man."

Hawk let out a dangerous chuckle, before a dark, sneer covered his lips. He looked over the other man's body, his shirt practically saturated in blood from the bullet in his shoulder, his left side also blooming with red. Moxley couldn't do much, he was losing too much blood. "Drop it Moxley," he hissed, taking a step back as Moxley took another forward. He brought the gun to point right at Moxley's face. He knew the damage that could be done, he remembered the crow bar well. He growled when Moxley took another step forward. "I said drop it boy." His voice grew deeper, more gravelly and left no room to argue.

Moxley paused, something inside him shifting. For a moment he felt unsteady on his feet, his vision blurring. He nearly stumbled with his next step before everything was suddenly back in focus and Dean's voice filled his mind and fell from his lips.

"You won't shoot me," Dean breathed, almost seductively, bringing his free hand and sliding it down his chest, smearing blood. "I was your favorite and it burns you up that I got away, doesn't it?"

"Dean?" Moxley thought, finding that he was unwillingly starting to lose some control. "What are you doing?"

"Trust me," Dean answered internally, dropping his hand to his side. "I know you still want me. Well, I'm here now, put the gun down and I'll put mine down. I'll let you do whatever you want to me. Seth's already gone, no point in waiting for him."

"I'm not falling for those kinds of tricks again Moxley," Hawk hissed, his heart steadily beating even faster at the offer. He knew it wasn't hard to tell that he had a serious soft spot for Moxley.

Dean clenched his teeth, forcing himself to smile. He took a step closer, taking a chance and slowly reaching out, his hand sliding over Hawk's. "Just remember all the fun times we had," he breathed, sucking his lower lip into his mouth. He ignored the fact that he could taste blood.

"Moxley," Hawk murmured gently, lowering the gun. He did want the other man at least once more before he took care of him. He stepped forward, stopping the moment he heard the faint sound of sirens. His eyes flashed as brows instantly drew together. Anger blazed in his eyes. "You shit."

Moxley only smirked, bringing the tire iron up over his head. Another shot rang in the air and he felt the sudden, sharp pain in his right side, just under his ribs as he brought the tire iron down on Hawk's wrists, knocking the gun free, but also losing the grip he had on his own weapon. He was getting light headed. He knew it was blood loss, but he couldn't bring himself to stop. He lurched at Hawk, both of them grappling with one another, Hawk yelling for his men, until it was Moxley that was back down on the concrete floor, Hawk over him with his hands around his throat.

"You were always such a little shit," Hawk hissed, squeezing as tight as he could, listening to the other man as he gasped for air, fingers clawing at his hands. He heard two shots and he felt Moxley go still for a moment. He moved in, his voice lowering. "I doubt your bitch got away." He felt Moxley jerk, their eyes meeting. "My guys probably already have him on the ground, taking turns pounding that sweet ass of his just outside that door." Under him Moxley jerked harder, trying to break free. "That hit a never? Too bad you won't be able to see it, but you remember what it's like with them, right?"

Dean was the one to take over, too angry to let Moxley keep control. His eyes shot to the side, finding that if he reached hard enough he probably could reach the tire iron. One hand pulled away, slapping at the concrete hoping his arm was long enough.

Hawk moved in closer, just so his lips brushed against Dean's ear. "You know that's what they did to Amy, that little fucking bitch. Spent hours taking their time with her before they gave her a sweet little hot shot. Just another junkie whore found dead from an overdose on the streets."

It was an indescribable feeling, Moxley and Dean's anger mixing together and rapidly growing to the point that neither knew he was actually moving. It wasn't until they felt their fingers clasp around the cold metal and the sound of breaking bone filled the air did they even realize that they'd swung. Their voices yelling out in anger.

Dean struggled to his feet, watching as Hawk flopped side to side, crying out in pain as blood gushed from his broken nose and his shattered eye socket. He raised the bar over his head, readying to bring it down as many times as it would take to kill the other man. He would have no regrets. He hissed, "The only one that gets to fuck Seth, is me."

"Dean! Don't do it!"

Dean froze, Roman's voice the one ringing through the room, flashlights pointed right at him. He could hear the click of guns and knew it was the cops.

"Lower the weapon son," one called, nodding at Dean. "We're here to take over now."

But it wasn't the officer that Dean was focused on. It was Seth, his arm around Roman's shoulders as the bigger man helped him walk, his face bloody and bruised. "Seth," he murmured, thankful to see that his lover was safe. He lowered the tire iron, dropping it to the ground and letting it clang against the floor. He was almost ready to dart to the two when he saw Hawk move. After that it was a blur, he heard the shot, he even saw it hit Hawk in the chest, but he couldn't process the fact that it hadn't been him to do it. He was frozen to his spot, watching as Hawk's chest continued to move. A glimmer of vengeful hope filled him. He'd take Hawk down with more pain than he could ever imagine.

"Don't kill him," he said, his voice oddly calm for how he felt. "He's the leader of a giant child prostitution ring and has connections with half the drug dealers in this town. Take him down and you'll shut all of it down."

Two officers nodded before running towards Hawk, kicking the gun away and tending to his wound.

The sound of an ambulance grew louder until it was all Dean could hear. He took a step towards Seth and Roman's smiling faces; his own lips curling upwards. The sounds slurred together, lights blurring until he couldn't hear anything but Moxley's slurred voice, "We did it." Then it was black and all he felt was his body weightlessly falling forward into strong arms.

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