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And yes, it was Mukuro who said the last line (in the previous chapter)...xD

"Our Cute Little Uke"

Chapter 02: Instant Boyfriends.

Tsuna squirmed in his place, it was weird, he knew he was sleeping on a bed but he felt so restricted. He was slowly gaining consciousness but he didn't want to wake up yet. Still, when he found it extremely difficult to move around, he finally gave up to the urge and opened his eyes. He immediately regretted that decision, because now he was staring straight into Hibari's bored-looking face. And he was too close for comfort, not to mention that both the prefect's arms were wrapped around him.

Tsuna being "dame," and himself, he did the only thing he could think of in that kind of situation.

"HIIEEE‼" He jolted out of Hibari's grip, but he didn't fall off the bed. Instead, he landed on another man's torso.

"Good morning, Tsunayoshi-kun." It was Mukuro.


And they were all naked.


Hibari sat up and covered his mouth, "another squeak from you and I'll bite you to death."

Biting his tongue, Tsuna nodded frantically. Then, started pulling on the sheets in a fruitless attempt to cover himself, only to remember the events of last night when he felt a sudden pain on his lower half. What Mukuro did to him, what Hibari did to him, and everything in between.

God, he had never wanted to die so badly.

But more than the dirty feeling of getting violated, and the underlying anger at being wronged, Tsuna felt incredibly embarrassed. There was something about a naked Hibari and a naked Mukuro and his naked self in between the two of them on a king size bed, that just made his face burn and his heart pound. God, what have I done?!

Of course, before he could even try to cocoon himself and hyperventilate to death, Mukuro was already on the move. He felt both of the other man's arms snaking their way around his torso, then gently pulling him into a hug and in between his legs. Tsuna dared not to make a move, as he remembered that struggling and rejecting the blue-haired pineapple will only get him sedated, just like what happened last night.

"So, how are you feeling, Tsunayoshi-kun?" Mukuro asked, resting his chin on top of Tsuna's head, strands of long blue hair landing on the smaller male's shoulders.

"How do I feel?" Tsuna wanted to freak out actually, but he couldn't just say that. Not when Mukuro's voice sounded so deep, sincere and gentle, for some weird inkling reason.

"Yes, you know... Your lower half, does your back ache? Or are you sore?" Mukuro tried clarifying, seeing the jumpy frightened expression of the boy.

Tsuna blinked innocently at him, before slowly getting the message. With wide eyes, a red face and trembling lips, the little uke opened his mouth to answer but his voice hitched so he ducked his face in shame and lowly muttered, "I'm fine."

"Awww~ Isn't he just the cutest little thing, Kyouya?" Mukuro snuggled him.

Kyouya merely humphed, standing up to go to the bathroom. Tsuna quickly covered his face, not wanting a clear view of another man's junk.

"Don't worry, Tsunayoshi-kun. It's all right to stare, Kyouya likes that," Mukuro teased, grinning from ear to ear.

"But I don't," Tsuna weakly defended, lifting his face with a pout.

"Ehhh...? Are you sure?" Mukuro leaned closer.

"Yes! Now, let me go," Tsuna felt exasperated, blowing up a little. He looked away, "your thing is poking me."

"Well, of course it is~ Now let me rub it," Mukuro started rutting.


With only a towel on, Hibari was in front of them in an instant. He hit Tsuna on the head before tugging him out of Mukuro's grip, "get a move on, it's almost time for breakfast."

"Ehhh? But I wanted to cuddle," Mukuro whined as he watched Hibari pull Tsuna into the bathroom. He pouted, "you just want him for yourself—OWW!"

He was promptly hit by a hair dryer.

Inside the bathroom, Hibari lifted Tsuna into the bathtub and turned the water on. Tsuna refused to look back at him.

"Will you be all right by yourself?" Hibari asked awkwardly, he didn't know how to deal with situations like this.

"I'm fine, I'm not a girl." Tsuna mumbled audibly, forcing himself not to cry, not when Hibari-san was still there.

Hibari watched him as he slowly sunk into the tub, then he headed out the door.

After hearing the door shut, Tsuna finally released the breath he didn't know he was holding. And also, the tears.

For the first time in his life, Tsuna was not running late for school, why? Because he was being escorted by Hibari, the disciplinary committee chairman himself, and Mukuro. The two of them walking on each of his side, and scaring off people who even dared look their way. It felt like he gained two bodyguards, but that would be too funny and completely wrong. It was more like he had gained two owners to be perfectly honest.

Anyway, he was wearing the same uniform he wore yesterday, which surprised him because Mukuro had washed it and dried it overnight for him, and he was really grateful. Breakfast was also served to him, of course courtesy of Mukuro, and it was actually quite delicious. Come to think of it, he didn't know that Mukuro knew how to cook. He didn't know that Hibari and Mukuro were living together. And he most certainly did not know, or never expected in his entire pitiful life, that the two of them were gay and dating. The word 'shocking' can't even come close to defining the feeling.

When they got to Namimori High, Hibari stopped at the gates and stood in front of the committee members to start checking on incoming students. He didn't say a word.

Mukuro, on the other hand, escorted Tsuna to his classroom.

"I'll come pick you up during lunch, okay?" Mukuro smiled at him, and kissed him on the cheek before going his way.

Tsuna was left frozen on the spot, it was a good thing that they were the first ones there, considering they came very early. And Tsuna would've died, if anyone saw him being kissed by Mukuro. Also, did Mukuro say that he was gonna pick him up for lunch? Oh no, he could already feel it. Today was going to be a long day.

Surely, when the time came for lunch, and Tsuna tried to quickly escape, he saw Mukuro waiting for him outside his classroom.

"You didn't seriously think you would be able to get away, did you, Tsunayoshi-kun?" The pineapple guy smiled at him, but he knew he was just being mocked.

"No-o, uhm, I just didn't have anything prepared for lunch so, I- uhh, was just going to buy some food real quick." Tsuna couldn't meet the guy in the eyes, he was technically not lying, but he also had meant to get away.

Mukuro knew but couldn't care less about the lie of course, because Tsunayoshi stuttering while trying to avoid his gaze was just too adorable in his opinion.

"I see, well you don't need to worry about that." Mukuro showed him three wrapped bentos, "because from now on, I will be making lunch for you everyday~"

Tsuna was stunned at that. With what little knowledge he gained by hearing the conversations between Hibari and Mukuro last night, the only role he would have in this arrangement is as the "middle-man", and that was putting it kindly. He didn't expect any special treatment, considering the fact that he was being harassed, but for someone to make something for him, this was the first and for that he was grateful and a little flattered. Now, he wouldn't admit that out loud, and certainly not to the person responsible for his being raped, but for someone like Tsuna, who had never had any friends, this really made him feel a bit special, and that thought alone was already indulging it.

Of course, he knows this might come back and bite him in the ass, literally, since both Hibari and Mukuro were the scariest guys he's ever known after all, but if they were going to be nice to him then... No, there was no way. This was just a trap, and he was starting to fall for it, but he won't. He needs to find away to escape, or else... he's really scared to even think of the things the two could do to him, and what he went through last night was a grim reminder.

"Uhmm, uhh- thanks, but you really didn't have to," Tsuna tried to refuse.

But Mukuro was persistent, "non sense! This is nothing, you're our boyfriend now after all~"

"Uhmm, I don't really think that's-" Tsuna tried again, but Mukuro cut him off.

"You do remember that I took a video of you, right?"

Tsuna froze at that, shoulders slumping. Was he really black-mailing him? On top of what they did?

"I'm sorry, Tsunayoshi-kun, but I'm not really giving you a choice here," Mukuro smiled sweetly. "If you don't come with me, you can expect the worst."

Tsuna's head slowly fell down, his lips were quivering, but he couldn't find the words to say. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his chin, tilting his face up. And then Mukuro kissed him.

His eyes slowly widened, and he felt the air leave his lungs as Mukuro pulled away.

"Don't worry, Tsunayoshi-kun~" Mukuro smiled sickeningly at him again. "We already told you we'd take care of you and love you lots, didn't we?"

Tsuna gulped, he's doomed.

When they got to the Reception room, there was no one in sight. Hibari must be doing rounds, or checking out the order in the cafeteria, there's always the usual chaos there during breaks. Mukuro placed one of the bentos on the desk, before sitting himself on the couch. He laid out the two bentos and motioned for Tsuna to join him.

"It might take a while before Kyouya gets here, so let's just go ahead and eat, he wouldn't mind." Mukuro waited patiently for Tsuna to sit down, and take the chopsticks.


They ate in awkward silence, since Tsuna still couldn't forget the threat from earlier, and Mukuro couldn't really be bothered, he had the upper hand after all. All the while they were eating, Tsuna took the chance to examine the man in front of him. Mukuro seemed kind enough, if only he didn't harass him. He also seemed normal, if not for that creepy smile and laugh. He was a good cook, Tsuna could not find fault in the meals. He seemed athletic, and surely, he was a strong fighter if he could stand his ground against Kyouya, the prefect also seemed to respect him enough. He was probably not that bad, probably.

Tsuna then remembered that the two were going out. Weird.

Now, he didn't have anything against homosexuals, it was just Hibari and Mukuro that made it seem weird. Because never in his wildest imaginations, would he even consider such a thing happening between the two. That's just crazy talk!

Ahhh... but here he was, with the full awareness of the situation. He almost choked on his food.

"Are you all right?" Mukuro asked, looking concerned.

"Ahh- yeah, I just need to drink some water." Tsuna coughed to hide his embarrassment, he just prayed to God that Mukuro doesn't hear his thoughts. He took his glass and finished it in one gulp. Funny, he was starting to feel hot, and for some reason there was a familiar feeling in his gut that grimly reminded him of the events yesterday.


He looked at Mukuro, he was still finishing his food. He looked at the time, there was still a good forty minutes until lunch break was over. He looked back at Mukuro, and summoned all the courage he could muster, because if he didn't do anything now while he still can, he knew he'd be a goner. Again.

"Tha- thanks for the meal, Mukuro. It was delicious, really," Tsuna stood up, gathering the used bento and chopsticks. "I'll go wash these and return them to you tomorrow."

"Oh, that's fine, just wrap them up and I'll take them home later," Mukuro was also cleaning up.

"No- I, I want to wash them a least, as thanks," Tsuna shyly admitted. He didn't like what Mukuro did to him and knows he will not like whatever Mukuro was planning for him, but he was not going to be ungrateful for the least bit of kindness shown to him. This was the first time, he's ever eaten a bento after all.

Mukuro stared at how Tsuna clutched the plastic container to his chest, what he gave him, he treated with care. Even after what they did to him. How endearing.

"Well, if you insist, you can wash them on the counter over there," Mukuro pointed to the sink near the bathroom.

"Okay, you want me to wash those too?" Tsuna asked for Mukuro's bento, and the older man obliged. This is fine, I could just wash them real quick, and then leave. I'll just tell Mukuro that I have a test to prepare for, and I'm sure he'll let me go, right?

How naive.

Tsuna took the sponge and started scrubbing on the containers, he didn't know what Mukuro was doing at the time, but he felt him watching intently, as if he was waiting for something. Tsuna could only guess, annoyed with himself, that he was already panting and sweating. He hurriedly opened the faucet and started washing the soap away with water. He was only making sure the container wasn't slippery when it fell from his hands.

And that was it.

"Something wrong, Tsunayoshi-kun?" Mukuro's voice came from behind him, but closer, like his mouth was only an inch away from his ear.

Tsuna shuddered.

"Mukuro... the be-bento that you made for me, di-did it have t-the same stuff that yo-you put in my drink last night?" Great, now he was stuttering too.

"Hmmm? I'm not sure, what do you think?" He could feel Mukuro smirking from right behind him, and all he could do was plead.

"Please don't," he sniffed, eyes already teary.

"Awww... don't cry, Tsunayoshi-kun. You're making it harder for me to control myself," Mukuro snaked his arms around Tsuna's torso, and then his fingers started toying with the belt buckle of his pants. "You should just let us love you."

"Mukuro, no..." Tsuna clutched on Mukuro's sleeves with shaking hands, as he watched the other man slowly grab his crotch.

"Tsunayoshi, it's time for dessert." Mukuro licked his ears, and dragged him back to the couch.

"Waa-wait! What if Hibari-san comes?" Tsuna was panicking, saying things he knows won't help him anyway.

"And that's exactly why we should prepare you now. Remember last night? He didn't even bother checking if you were ready, it's a good thing I prepared you beforehand or else it would've seriously hurt." Mukuro feigned concern as he slowly took off Tsuna's pants and underwear.

"Mukuro!" Tsuna covered his face, this was just so humiliating. How could he even let another man do this to him? And twice at that!

"Don't worry, I'll be really gentle and careful." Mukuro kissed Tsuna on the cheek, then licked his earlobe, sliding his tongue down to the junction of neck and shoulders, leaving a hickey in place. His right hands moved and started pumping on Tsuna's relatively short length, the rest of his fingers lightly squishing and rubbing on the balls. While his left hand redirected Tsuna's face so he could give him a deep wet kiss.

"Ahh-Ahhh!" Tsuna came with a shiver, saliva dripping from his mouth as he tried to catch his breath.

Mukuro's right hand collected Tsuna's cum, and rubbed it into his ass. The left hand started to pinch and play with his nipples, until they were red and standing.

"Ahh! Wait-no!" Tsuna felt Mukuro entered his first finger, sliding it slowly before moving it in circular motions. Eventually he added the second and the third, eliciting more moans and grunts from his uke. "Eno-ugh, I ca-cant' anymore..."

"And right then, let's get started." Mukuro laid Tsuna on the table, and hovered over him. He quickly, unbuckled his pants and let them fall, stepping out of them as he positioned himself on top of Tsuna, lifting both legs so he could push himself in.

"Uggghhh! Nnngh!" Tsuna was a panting mess, eyes rolling up into his eye lids, all the while arching his back as Mukuro eased himself in.

"Okay, I'm in Tsunayoshi-kun. Relax," Mukuro gave Tsuna another open-mouthed kiss, sucking on the tongue, as he started pulling out and thrusting.

With every push, Tsuna cried and gasped, both of his hands tightly clasping on Mukuro's shoulders for dear life. The taller man didn't even need to stroke him, as Tsuna came for the second time, just as quickly. That didn't stop Mukuro though, because he was just getting close. Disregarding Tsuna's lack of breath and cries, he slammed on him continuously until eventually coming. He slumped on Tsuna, both of them trying to catch their breath and hitching when they heard a certain someone's voice.

"For desecrating my coffee table and my office, I'll bite you two to death." Hibari glared from the doorway, closing it before fishing out his tonfas.

"Spare me, Kyouya. Just bite Tsunayoshi, he won't mind and he's ready." Mukuro managed to smirk, even though he honestly didn't even notice the door opening. He moved off the herbivore, and motioned Hibari to come over. "Besides, I can see how hard you already are from here."

"Tch!" Hibari sighed and put his tonfas away, there was no going around a situation like this when the air completely smells of sex. He looked over the herbivore, Tsunayoshi still hadn't moved from his position at the table. Both of his legs were spread open, Mukuro's cum leaking out steadily from his hole. He didn't seem to take notice of anything, still focused on catching his breath and regaining strength. His eyes were also glazed the same way they were yesterday. "Did you drug him again?"

"Like I said, it's not a drug... just a little aphrodisiac, otherwise he'd be vomiting as a side effect," Mukuro clarified as he reached for Tsuna and carried him off the table. "Do you want me to clean him up first?"

"No, that's fine, makes entering a lot easier." Hibari answered as he took off his pants, and sat on the couch.

Mukuro carried Tsuna over to him, setting him down on Hibari's lap. Tsuna instantly clung onto Hibari, and they kissed.

"Interesting, he's acting entirely on instinct alone," Mukuro noted as he watched the two. "And he awfully likes kissing, he becomes completely docile after being given some."

"Hn, don't drug him next time," Hibari moved each of Tsuna's legs on his sides so he straddles him, and didn't waste anymore time as he lifted the herbivore slightly to ease him onto his cock.

"Ahhhh-nngh!" Tsuna didn't seem to be capable of speech anymore, hugging Hibari as tight as he can after reaching the hilt. Then they started pouncing.

Mukuro watched intently as he decided to masturbate on them, there was a certain kind of satisfaction in this whole setup, and it was intoxicating. He made sure Kyouya had a clear view of him too. When the herbivore came, Hibari turned him over, and anchored Tsuna's legs with his so Mukuro could have a good look. Then he continued to pound, holding onto Tsuna's wrists. Mukuro then planted a kiss on Tsunayoshi's lips, holding both sides of his face. And then, he pulled back to stare into Tsuna's eyes before giving a command.

"Tsunayoshi, remember carefully what I'm about to do to you, okay?" Mukuro knelt down in front of Tsuna, and without any warning, took him into his mouth.

"Ahhhhh~!" Tsuna screamed and threw his head back, eyes completely rolled up, back arched as much as he could. Mukuro was giving him a blow job while Hibari was fucking him! The sensation was too overwhelming, he came again. But the two didn't stop.

"Ohh! Oh my God! I ca-can't, ple-ase! I just ca-ame!" Tsuna squirmed helplessly, he couldn't push off Mukuro because Hibari was gripping his wrists.

Hibari continued to mercilessly ram on him, while Mukuro was grazing his teeth on his balls, tongue all over. Tsuna gasped, the two wouldn't even let him come down from his orgasm, and all he could do was moan. Until Hibari finally came inside him, which made him come for the fifth time that day. Mukuro also pulled away and stood up, rubbing the tip of his cock on Tsuna's face before cumming. And so, the three of them were spent.

A few seconds later, the bell rang. Lunch was over.

When Tsuna came to his senses, he was in the same bedroom he woke up fro this morning, the difference was that he was alone. He got up and noticed he was wearing a loose shirt and nothing underneath. He blushed, he was starting to think that the two were perverts. He sighed, there was a logical explanation though, Mukuro probably washed his uniform again. He looked at the clock, half past eight in the evening. He looked at the door, the two were most likely in the living room or the kitchen, and thinking of the kitchen, he hasn't had anything since lunch. He opened the door and walked out, he didn't think of borrowing any underwear without permission, since it was Hibari's room. Although, he did try keeping his legs together, and held the shirt close to his thighs.

Peeking into the kitchen, he saw Mukuro washing the dishes, while Hibari was having tea.

"Uh-uhhm," he called for their attention and looked away with a blush as he realized he was presenting himself like that. "Whe-re are my clothes?"

"Wao." Hibari smirked at him, "it suits you."

If Tsuna's face was pink before, it was completely red now. That was the first time Hibari's ever smiled at him, or smirk, whatever. The point is, he was given a compliment! He didn't even know Hibari could be like that, he was so used to the prefect being all scary and angry, he never wondered how he was as a person.

"Uwaaah! Too cute~!" Mukuro rushed to his side ad hugged him. "And you didn't even put on any underwear, how tempting~"

"Tha-that's because I didn't want to borrow underwear!" Tsuna reasoned, that was kinda unhygienic, but then he thought he might as well be desperate so he added as an afterthought, "without permission."

"I see," Mukuro sneered, and walked away. "But while you're staying here, you're not allowed to wear underwear, okay?"

"Wha-at? Are you crazy?!" Tsuna couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Our house, our rules," Mukuro was all smiles as he placed down a meal and pulled over a seat, "now eat your dinner. I know you're already hungry."

"Uhh- thanks," Tsuna relented after seeing what they prepared for him.

"By the way, since we took you home earlier and you missed the rest of your afternoon classes, I went ahead and talked to your adviser, and he mentioned that you have poor to failing grades," Hibari had his arms crossed over his chest as if he was reprimanding his child. "So starting on monday, we will be giving you extensive tutorials, you will also work as the Disciplinary Committee assistant to earn extra points. I already informed the faculty, this should also be a good chance to get their eyes away from you, just in case they start thinking they could fail you."

"Eh-eehhh?!" Tsuna couldn't even manage to for a sentence.

"Now that you are our boyfriend, were going to be responsible for you, and that includes your studies of course. We also wouldn't allow ourselves to be your excuse for not studying. I, personally will not turn a blind eye on you just because were dating now, is that clear?" Hibari was as stern as ever, Tsuna wondered how he was able to mention the words, 'boyfriend' and 'dating' without batting an eyelash.

"O-okay," he remembered what Mukuro said, that he wasn't being given a choice. But to be honest, he was more scared to be bitten to death than be raped.

"Good," Hibari looked relieved, closing his eyes as he added the rest of the arrangements. "Since tomorrow's a saturday, we'll be paying a visit to your house and packing your things."

"Eh? But why?" Tsuna was starting to eat, but had to stop.

"We need your things, so you can move in here and live with us, of course." Hibari spoke as if that was the most obvious thing in the world.

"EHHHHH!" Tsuna gawked at Hibari, then glanced at Mukuro, before returning his gaze on Hibari, "you're serious?!"

"That should go without saying, Tsunayoshi-kun," Mukuro supported Hibari. "We also need to meet your parents, so we could ask for your hand personally."

"What?! No way!" Tsuna had an outburst, but then remembered that he was talking to Hibari and Mukuro, and shouting at them would be risky. "I-I mean, I live alone... my parents aren't gonna be there, they're in Italy."

"Heh... I didn't know you were rich," Mukuro thought out loud.

"No, we're not, not really... my dad just- abandoned us before, and when he came back he wanted to take us to Italy, and I didn't want to go with him so I stayed here, by myself." Tsuna tried his best to explain without giving any specific details.

"I see... I guess we all have our stories," Mukuro pondered flippantly. "Well, in any case, that makes things easier. Right, Kyouya?"

"Indeed," Hibari stood up and walked to leave. "We'll take care of everything tomorrow."

And Tsuna was left to finish his food, with Mukuro watching him.

After his somewhat awkward dinner, Tsuna was asked to take a bath. What he didn't realize before, was that he wasn't given any proper clothes, and so he didn't have a choice but to wear the overly-large shirt again. He also just realized after taking the bath, that he might end up in the two's trap again. He just knew they wouldn't let him go home by himself in this late hour, in fact, they might've planned this all along. And now that he was standing in the bathroom, all dried up, with the door being the only thing separating him from the two. He thought about where he would be sleeping that night. The bed, most probably. Hibari-san's bed, to be more precise. With the two of them on his either side, of course.

Then, he also wondered if they were going to let him sleep at all.

Tsuna opened the door, and walked over to the bed. Hibari was reading a book, while Mukuro was just placing down a glass of water on the bedside table. There was an obvious wide-enough space for him in the middle.

"Don't worry, Tsunayoshi-kun. Since we already had you earlier, we decided we won't touch you anymore tonight, rest assured." Mukuro offered, spreading the blanket so Tsuna could go under first.

With a sigh of relief and without further thinking, Tsuna crawled under, lying down with a yawn. "Good night, Mukuro. Good night, Hibari-san."

"Good night, Tsunayoshi-kun." Mukuro rested an arm on his waist, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hn," Hibari closed his book and set it down, before turning off the lights. He also laid an arm around Tsuna and kissed him.

Tsuna managed to keep a poker face, but he was internally screaming the entire time.

Ah, damn it. His fate was sealed.


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