The story I'm about to tell you cannot be found in any book.

It lives with the wind, the earth, the sky. They say the tales of the unicorns were written from the saddle of their eight legged protector. But it's never been told straight from his heart.


Thousands of years ago, before unholy wars cursed the lands and the earth was full of wild and fantastic beasts with a spirit as free as the birds in the sky, unicorns ruled over the rolling plains, the great forests, the beautiful lakes sides. It was a time of peace and harmony, with these proud creatures over seeing all. Their beauty was legendary, their nobility was honoured.

They ruled the lands well, every beast lived in harmony.

But then 'they' came.


Brutal creatures, they were, from the very beginning. They took the lands, slaughtered the unicorns and over thousands of years had evolved into an invincible hyper-intelligent race.

I was summoned down from the heavens to protect what remained of the noble unicorn race.

I would forever defend them in my honour until the last one passed away. Only then would I return back to my green paradise.

I would forever be Sleipnir, the Rider of the Wind.

I watched as the lands grew even more scarred, the humans grew even more intelligent and there was nothing I could do.


But one day, there came a worse danger, one so terrifying it threatened even the humans existence.

Demons had made their way from the underworld, governed under the great Devil-Prince Mundus. He showed no interest in humanity. He just wanted them all dead.

Once again I was forced to protect the unicorns with my life, but one by one they fell. I was limited in my abilities, compared to these thousands of demons, I could only do so much.

But then I met Sparda, a great and noble dark knight who would be willing to turn against his own people for justice. We would ride into battle together, charging at the demons, slaughtering the devils.

We were brothers, he and I.

We triumphed over the evil and, screaming, they fled back to the underworld like the rats they really were.

Sparda stayed on the earthen plane and settled down with a human named Eva.

Eva was one I trusted, she was once followed by one of the unicorns from the Forest of Silence.

She had my respect.

Together, they had two sons. Twins, Virgil and Dante.

I returned to my role as the unicorn guardian.


But once again trouble rears its ugly head, the unicorn tribe is threatened by three new demons, ones of great power and magical ability.

The unicorns, once more, are in mortal danger.


This is a tale of how two demon/human hybrids risked their mortal lives to battle for the unicorns' freedom, with me by their side.

A story of friendship and freedom, of romance and nobility, of joy and of sorrow.

So let me take you to the Forest of Silence, where harmony rules and wild unicorns run freeā€¦