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The Last Goodbyes

I stared out the window at the dark grounds, the moonlight illuminating snow on the basketball courts and the snowflakes falling gently past my window. I folded the shirt in my hand and stuffed into my green duffle bag. The rest of my clothes were spread across the bed, complete with rows of gloves to match. Tomorrow, I was flying back to Mississippi, back home to a family I hadn't seen in a year, since their terror drove me out.

I had been packing all day, able to complete the task. I packed and re-packed out of nervousness, barely able to concentrate on anything else. Jean had stopped by to help, but I was so wrapped up in packing, I barely noticed. Jubilee had been busy most of the day with decorations for the Christmas dinner and is sleeping in Kitty's room tonight so I could finish packing.

Dropping the few pairs of gloves in the bag, I closed the zipper and sat down on my bed. The room looked smaller and barren on my side as I looked around. I sat in silence as a quiet knock came at the door.

Striding over, I pulled open the door to reveal Remy standing against the doorframe, two wine glasses in one hand and a bottle in the other.

"Heard mon Chére needed to chill out." He said with a smile. Plucking a glass out of his hand, I flopped onto the bed. As he poured the golden liquid into my glass, I watched with satisfaction as it swirled around. Sipping gently, I watched Remy as he slumped down onto my bed. His glance was blank and expressionless. Following his gaze, he was staring at the bags over in the corner.

Inching over, I placed my bare hand against his face and turned it to face me. Slowly we came closer, his hands leaving the wine glass and caressing my back. My breathing slowed as his lips brushed the nape of my neck and almost stopped as he planted kisses along my collarbone. One by one, the buttons of my shirt came away, and the kisses began trailing down to my bellybutton.

Running my fingers through his black hair, I gently raised his head until his eyes met with mine. I leant forward, kissing him deeply and playfully licked the end of his nose. He leaned forward for more, but I pulled away. His eyes watched my hands as went I slid them down to his jeans and undid the top button. Two black pupils met mine.

"Are you sure?"

I nodded yes as I pulled off my shirt and let it gently float to the floor.

Logan and Jubilee stood beside the garage waiting for me as I walked out of the front door. My breath hung in the cold air as I flung a scarf around my neck and I hugged my jacket tighter against my body, desperate to absorb its warmth. I had said my goodbye to the rest of the team inside, the only people to farewell were my closest friends. Logan began walking towards me, Jubilee two steps behind. Dropping my bags beside Scott, I walked over and stood face to face with Logan, for the first time in ages.


"Hey Kid." he replied, fondly pushing one of my streak back behind my ear. "You running?"

I couldn't help but blush slightly at the memory of those words. "Nah," I replied with a wink. "Just going away for a bit."

I smiled as I saw Remy come out of the mansion and walk over to the car with the rest of my gear. "Ah have a little favour to ask."

Logan's eyebrow rose. "Ah huh?"

"Ah need yah to keep an eye on him," I said indicating Remy, "take care of him, yah know?"

His eyes twinkled. "I'll take care of him, but do you want it to look like suicide or an accident?" he said jokingly. "Nah, I take him under my wing, teach him the ways around here."

"Just keep him in one piece k? 'Cause Ah'm gonna need him in one piece when I get back."

"Well don't be too long," he said, his voice getting quieter. "You never know what you'll miss out on."

My eyes caught his, and I knew he meant his own absence. Nodding his head silently, he turned around to walk away.

"Logan," he turned around and I hugged him. "Thanks for everything." I whispered into his ear and slowly let him go. The corners of his lips formed a small smile and disappeared under his usual mask and he walked off to the side.

Jubilee stood to the side and watched Logan walk away, a funny little smile on her face. As I drew closer to her, her gaze flickered from me to the ground and her bottom lip quivered. My eyes began to twinge and a lump grew in my throat.

It had only been a few weeks since I'd been her shoulder to dry on. I'd come home to find her hiding under a sheet, her mascara smeared down her cheeks. Here, tears looked probable, but not for the same reason.

"It's only a 2 months right?" she said, "You'll be back before I know it."

"Yeah, definitely." I broke away hesitantly, "Ah'll even see if Ah can bring back some cute Southern boy for yah k?"

"Thanks anyway Rogue, but I got my eye on someone already." She said, her gaze wandering off. Following it, I felt a twinge of surprise as it settled on Logan as he leant against the mansion wall.

My mouth formed an 'o'. The cheeky smile on Jubilees face was infectious and I pulled her back into a hug.

"Call me anytime you on my Cellphone ok?"

She nodded and broke away from my arms. Gently tugging my hips, she turned me around and gave a slight push towards the car. She retreated back to stand beside Logan as I picked up my bag and walked around to the trunk of the Jeep. Scott took my bag from me while Remy appeared beside me. His warm arms wrapped around my hips and he pulled me towards him, kissing me gently on the lips. His hands slid up to my cheeks, gently cradling my face as his lips drew away. He looked deep into my eyes as he rested my forehead against mine.

"I love you Mon Chére," he whispered. "And I'll be right here waiting for when you come back."

He gave me a quick kiss and step aside, a gentle hand on my back directing me towards the Jeep door. Dazed, I climbed in as he closed the door behind me, the window wide open. In the driver's seat, Scott sat patiently, staring out into space. Remy tapped the door and stepped away; Scott snapped out of his trance and turned on the engine. I stared at my friends as they stood side by side, watching as we drove down the driveway. As Scott paused at the end of the driveway, Remy raised his hand and gave a wave. Leaning out the window, I blew him a kiss and waved as we turned the corner and I lost sight of him.

I leant back into the seat and let out a heavy sigh, not realizing I had been holding it in. And as we drove off towards the Airport, Scott stared out the windscreen and posed the question.

"Are you gonna be alright?"

Pausing for a thought, my fingers played with the ring that hung around my neck. Remy's ring.

"Everything's gonna be fine Scott. I'll be back home soon".

Hours later

A lone figure stood outside the door, her hand wavering over the door bell. At her feet, a group of bags sat waiting as a taxi slowly drove away down the street. Her face a mask of uncertainty and nervousness, she pressed down on the button and a sweet tone was heard from within. She shuffled silently as a voice was heard within call out 'Coming!' and a person approached the door. And as the door opened, the woman inside gasped.

"Hi Mamma." Marie said, her voice barely more than a whisper.

The woman paused in disbelief for a moment before she jumped onto the visitor, wrapping her in a giant bear hug. And as she was ushered inside by her tear-stricken mother, all she could think was

"I'm Home"

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