The blonde woman sat by a pond in a forest, not sure if she enjoyed the peace or not. The water trickled as she played with her hair, braided it, pulled at it and hummed. It was a warm day, flowers were blooming and the sounds of children playing could be heard all over the kingdom. She looked down at the water, where different cherry blossom petals floated to her. She let her hands fall in between her knees. Her engagement was called off a year ago when the Celestia king realized our trading situation with other kingdoms was rough, and did not want that ruining their name. Lucy didn't mind, it didn't matter whether she had gotten married or not. It had been exactly two years ago, on this day, that she had met that strange boy.

She would sometimes wonder if that all really happened. The outrage of his escape afterwards was a pain, and Lucy had suffered greatly for it. Her father immediately pointed fingers at her, and she didn't bother to deny it- it was painfully obvious. She'd spent months under strict surveillance, and had even been beaten by some of the higher class guards when she was found near the woods; but that was all part of being a princess. A depression seemed to loom over Magnolia for quite some time following that. Everything eventually cleared up around the time that the engagement fell out of order. Her father scolded her harshly for the engagement breaking off, too. He refused to see the state that the town was in and solely blamed it on her attitude.

Lucy probably would have fallen for the prince, he was quite charming and polite, if it weren't for the fact that she had still been quite hung up on Natsu. The days would drag out before her, each without seeing the boy who had made the promise- just as expected. She wished she could say she received letters or visits, but she didn't. She liked to think that he was waiting for her in the woods when she wasn't allowed to go near them and she had missed him. She knew that wasn't the case, but she liked to think that he hadn't forgotten about their little teenage romance.

Everyday she had spent in the garden, she would sit under the cherry blossoms she had planted so long ago. The pink petals reminded her of his gentle hair. The wind rustled the blondes hair through the breeze as she let her eyes close. Thought hard enough, she could hear the 'thump' of him hitting the ground. The leaves rustling. The look he would give her. Sometimes she would even think about going to visit them, but that was a hopeless idea from the sound of it. She had loved and lost, and fatefully accepted it. She still played the scene of their goodbye dramatically in her head. The way his kisses would spark against her lips.

She looked down to her side, not as fazed as she should've been to see a familiar blue cat rub against her. She pet behind his ear, smiling softly at the creature. "How's your new town ?" She hummed softly and pet the cats hot fur. A cold 'meow' responded to her, and she understood. It was still the closest she had got. "Tell him I miss him very much," she whispered to the cat, glancing down at it from the corner of her eyes. The cat responded with yet another loud 'meow'. If it were Happy, she was sure he would be squeaking out insults by now. She chuckled softly and the cat jumped away from her to stare at her with suspicion. Maybe the cat had been black. It let out a snarly meow, and Lucy just smiled as the cat made its escape. Her head whooshed around when she heard leaves rustling behind her.

It wasn't Natsu. It was woman with deep red hair, she looked like a fairy. Lucy stood up almost in self defence. "You're Lucy Heartfilia ?" She looked at her up and down. Lucy nodded quickly, heart heart jumping out of her chest. "You're 19, correct..?" Lucy nodded feverishly once more. The woman closed her eyes and smiled, holding out her hand. "Do you still wish to come with us ? Now that you're legally an adult we're able to take you, sorry for making you wait so long." Lucys eyes widened. "You're... You'll take me to Natsu ?" She nodded calmly, and Lucy quickly took her hand. "Where is he ? Why didn't he come to get me?" She said sheepishly, feeling a little bit embarrassed to admit she was a tad bit upset it wasn't him. "He's an escaped criminal here, not exactly safe. He wanted to, but the journey is quite long so someone was bound to notice him. He sulked quite a bit. I'm Erza Scarlett, the strongest of our small community. It was decided me escorting you would be best." Lucy understood.

"You're sure you still have the ideal to leave your palace and live with us ? I don't want this to be a quick decision, I can give you time." Lucy shook her head, holding on tighter to Erzas hand. "I've been waiting to do this ever since you're departure from the kingdom." Erza smiled down at the blonde. She used her free hand to throw her tiara into the muddy water.

The journey was painful and long. Lucy's feet were in blisters; they were walking for three days straight to get to the village they now lived in. It gave Lucy plenty of time to think about what she would do first - what she would say. She thought about how warm he was, and wondered if he still was to this day. She thought about what he would look like now; Lucy had grown a little taller since they'd last kissed, her hair had also reached a point where it was hard to put up in a bun. She wondered if he still preferred hot showers. She thought about how passionate their kisses were. She thought about the way his tears pressed against her cheeks the last time they were in an embrace. She thought about how she finally understood he didn't want to let go of her. She thought about him. A lot.