A Planet of Isolation- Chapter 4

A sci-fi AU for elsanna week on tumblr. Rated T. No incest, no explicit sexytimes. Lots of kissing and cuddles, though.


When the groundcar pulled up to the house, everything was dark and quiet. Anna and Kristoff approached the door to find Olaf standing there, blocking their way in.

"Gentlebeings, I am ordered to allow no one to enter." There was no hostility in Olaf's voice, just the usual flat mechanical intonation.

Anna glanced at Kristoff, who nodded. Their hands slowly moved to their sidearms. Maybe a little blaster fire would persuade the robot.

Two beams of energy suddenly shot out of Olaf's eyes, and Kristoff and Anna found that they couldn't draw their weapons.

"Gentlebeings, I am programmed against harming living beings, but I can disable your weapons. I am ordered to allow no one to enter. Please leave."

Anna and Kristoff stopped struggling to pull out their weapons and the beams stopped.

"Now what?" asked Kristoff.

Before Anna could answer, Elsa's voice came from behind Olaf. "Olaf, I am canceling those orders. Let them in. Authorization feisty snowflake alpha."

The robot stepped aside, turned, and went into the house. Elsa rushed into Anna's arms and said, "Oh, Anna, I was so afraid that something had happened to you! I had a terrible nightmare that some monster of fire was attacking you!"

She was so distracted by the armful of woman she suddenly found herself dealing with, Anna didn't notice Kristoff slip away.

"Elsa, I'm okay, but that was no dream. The ship was attacked, I've come to take you and your father away, we need to get off this planet, now." Anna hugged Elsa close.

"Oh, Anna, I know you're worried for us, but we'll be fine. I'm immune to whatever that thing is, just like my parents. And I can't leave him alone, even though … I really want to be with you."

"Elsa, Elsa, I … can't leave you here. It's not safe. Kristoff, talk some sense into her, will you?"

When she got no answer, Anna looked around to realize that Kristoff was nowhere to be found. She gently disentangled herself from Elsa's hug, took her by the hand and said, "Elsa, we need to go, now. If you can't talk your father into leaving, we'll have to – "

She was interrupted by Olaf coming out of Agdar's study, carrying Kristoff's body in his arms. A gasp escaped Elsa's lips, then she ordered the robot, "Olaf, put him down there on the sofa!"

Anna tried to see if Kristoff was breathing when he convulsed, opened his eyes and focused on Anna. "Skipper! It worked! You should see my new IQ! Bigger than Morbius!"

Elsa and Anna were kneeling next to the sofa. Anna tried to calm him, she could tell he was hurt. There were three burn marks on his head, at temples and forehead. How high had he turned that damned switch? "Shh, Kris, we need to get you back to the ship – "

Kristoff grabbed the front of Anna's uniform and croaked hoarsely, "No, Skip, listen to me. The Krell, I know what destroyed the Krell!"

Elsa and Anna looked at each other, then back to Kristoff. "What happened to them, Kris?" Anna asked.

He was clearly struggling now, gasping and trying to breathe, but he managed to choke out, "That machine? The one … with all the power … that keeps everything down there running? They used … it … once … once they became beings of pure … mind, noncorporeal. It could … create reality for them. They could have … paradise. Anything anyone … could ever desire … the machine could create. All … all they had to do was … think it. But they forgot something … " He stopped to pant, struggling to breathe.

"Forgot what, Kris? What did they forget?" Anna put her hand over Kristoff's.

"Monsters, Skip … monsters from the id!" Kristoff's eyes rolled up into his head and his body fell limp, his grasp on Anna's shirtfront went slack.

"Monsters from the id? What's that, Kris? No! Kris!" Anna tried to feel for a pulse, but there was none. Her shoulders slumped.

"Anna, I'm sorry, so sorry." Elsa put her hand on Anna's shoulder.

Anna gently stroked the sweat-soaked hair back from Kristoff's forehead, then stood up. "He was a good man. A good friend."

Elsa wrapped her arms around Anna and tried to comfort her. Anna hugged her back, too overcome with grief to object.

That's how Agdar found them when he came into the room a moment later. "How romantic," he mocked. Then he noticed Kristoff lying on the couch, ran over to feel for a pulse. He whirled to face Anna, who had broken the embrace with Elsa, but held on to her hand.

"The meddling idiot! How arrogant to think his ape's brain could comprehend the secrets of the Krell!" Agdar snapped.

Elsa was shocked at her father's words. "Father, he's dead, doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"He was warned, Elsa, now he's paid for his folly. Let him be buried with the other victims of human greed and impudence."

Elsa stared at her father like he was a stranger that she didn't recognize. She turned to Anna. "I'm going with you. Let me get a few things from my room and I'll be right back."

"Elsa, no!" Agdar cried out as she ran from the room. Turning to Anna, he said, "Captain, you must convince her that this is going to end in her destruction. She must stay here or she will be destroyed, too!"

"Doctor, what is the id?" Anna demanded, not caring about anything right then except solving the mystery Kristoff had died to discover.

Agdar was paying no attention to Anna. He paced back and forth, pulling on his hair. "She musn't do this, she must be prevented from making a terrible mistake."

Anna grabbed his arm and pulled him to face her. "Agdar, what is the id?"

"Id, id, id … " Agdar seemed to realize where he was. He pulled his arm out of Anna's grasp and sat heavily on one of the chairs. "It's … an obsolete term from the 19th century. It was once used to describe the subconscious mind." He put his head in his hands.

"Monsters from the id. Monsters from the subconscious." Anna muttered to herself, struggling to put the puzzle pieces together. "That's what Kris meant. That's how the Krell died."

Agdar looked up at her and asked, "What do you mean, young woman?"

Glaring at him, Anna explained, "That machine down there, Doctor. Twenty miles of power relays and mysterious gadgetry. The Krell conquered their physical existence and became beings of pure thought. That machine could create anything they could think up. ANYTHING, Doctor."

She began to pace now as all the puzzle pieces slid into place. "These beings of pure thought, of the highest civilization known to the galaxy, they forgot one thing. The id. Their subconscious mind, the mind of the unreasoning primitive. It came out at night and used the machine to murder and butcher and commit every atrocity a primitive mind could conceive. In one night, everything the Krell had built was destroyed by their own buried hate and lust for destruction."

Anna stopped and looked out over the garden. "And that's what destroyed the Arendelle, and that's what's coming after me and my ship now. The power of the Krell machine, made manifest in a beast of pure energy."

As she finished her explanation, Elsa returned carrying a small bag. She walked up to Anna, took her hand and said, "I'm ready to go with you." She didn't look at her father.

He jumped up and exclaimed, "Elsa, no! Please!" She turned away from him and clung more tightly to Anna's hand.

Defeated, Agdar looked at Anna and said, "That's a fine theory, Captain. But the last Krell died out millennia ago. So how could the monsters from the id be rampaging now?"

Anna continued to hold on to Elsa. How could Agdar be so blind? "Agdar, think. Who has had their brain boosted beyond all previous human experience? Who wants to protect this planet? Protect your daughter?"

Elsa's father still seemed confused, dazed. He mumbled, "What do you mean? What do you mean?"

Before Anna could say anything else, Olaf interrupted. "Morbius, something is approaching the house from the northwest. It is quite close."

Agdar jumped up and they all ran to the patio door. In the distance, they could see trees being pushed over, as though a giant were walking toward them. "It's coming for you, Captain. I feel sorry for you."

"Don't you get it, yet, Doctor? That thing is YOU, your subconscious, coming to rend and tear at your bidding!"

"No, no, that can't be!" Agdar cried in anguish.

Anna was relentless as she tried to get through his dismay. "Feel sorry for your daughter. You think she's immune? That thing will kill her, too, because she has joined herself to me."

"Yes, father, I have, heart and soul, I am going with Anna," Elsa was crying, but her hold on Anna never wavered.

Agdar ran over to where Olaf was standing and ordered, "Kill it, Olaf, save us!"

Olaf's head began to glow and grinding noises seemed to come from his head. He slumped over, apparently inoperative.

"See that, Agdar? He knows that monster is you, and his programming won't let him kill it! You gave him an order that caused an unbreakable loop and it deactivated him!" Anna yelled.

A tree crashed into the window and broke it. Something big was trying to fit through the patio door.

"Run!" Agdar screamed, and led the way through his study and down to the Krell lab, behind the door of impenetrable Krell metal.

Once he had locked the door mechanism, Agdar collapsed onto the bench at the brainboost machine, head down on his arms, sobbing.

Elsa knelt next to him and tried to comfort him, saying, "Father, I know you're great and noble, like the Krell. Please, turn away from this!" But she got no response.

Anna watched Elsa try to get through to her father, then noticed two things: the door was beginning to glow red, and the banks of power gauges in the room were beginning to light up, more and more of them.

"Agdar!" She walked over and grabbed his should and made him look at her. "Agdar, that monster is coming through that door, and it will kill Elsa if you don't do something!"

"No, no, it can't. The Krell metal is impervious." Agdar shook his head in denial.

Anna shook him and pointed. "Look! Look at those dials! That machine will feed all the power that thing needs to cut through that door! It's tapping the core of the planet for the energy! LOOK!"

The door had gone through red, yellow, and now white, almost too bright to look at. It was clear that it the molecular structure was breaking down, pieces were starting to fall to the floor, throwing sparks as they fell. The three people in the room could feel the waves of heat coming off the superheated metal.

Agdar had slumped over again, Elsa at his side. He was sobbing, "My evil self is at that door and I can't stop it."

There was only one way to end this, Anna thought. She reached for her sidearm, drew it, and aimed carefully.

Before she could shoot Agdar, though, he jumped up and ran to the door, screaming, "Go away! I disown you! I give you up! Elsa!" He collapsed, and the banks of gauges went dark.

Elsa and Anna ran to him and rolled him over. He was barely conscious, but he managed to mutter, "Anna, go over to that console." He pointed. "Twist that dial all the way to the left." Elsa cradled her father's head in her lap and stroked his forehead, tears wetting her cheeks.

Anna did as he instructed and watched as a large switch rose out of a hatch on the floor. She looked at Agdar for more instructions. "Throw the switch," he gasped. Anna did so. There was a red glow from the banks of gauges and a low throbbing hum began, growing stronger as the minutes went by.

When she came back to kneel next to Elsa, Agdar took Anna's hand. "In twenty four hours you must be at least 100 million miles away from this planet. That was a destruct switch. The fusion cores will cause the planet to explode. The process can't be stopped." He looked at his daughter and said, "Elsa, I'm sorry. I love you." He turned back to Anna. "Anna, take care of my daughter … "

"Father!" Elsa cried out. He was dead. She buried her face in Anna's shoulder.

"He was a hero at the end, Elsa. He was a good man. But we don't have much time to travel that far, we have to go now." Anna felt Elsa's nod against her shoulder.

Even with the deadline Morbius had told them was unbreakable, Anna and Elsa took the few minutes necessary to arrange his body with respect and care. The planet would be his funeral pyre, and Kristoff's.

When they returned to the living room of the house, they found that Olaf had apparently rebooted himself. Elsa instructed him to get the groundcar. Its speed would make up for the short time they had taken with Agdar and Kristoff. She also called out for the snowgies, to Anna's dismay. "Hush, darling," Elsa stopped Anna's protest with a smile. "I can't leave them behind, and they'll add some fun to the long trip home."

They got back to the ship and the ramp was raising itself before the last snowgie had hopped its way inside the ship. Anna had radioed her instructions ahead as they raced back in the little groundcar, holding Elsa close and trying not to squish a snowgie by accident.

Not quite twenty four hours later, the ship passed the 100 million miles necessary for safety. Olaf was sitting at the navigation console and reported, "We are clear, now, Captain." Most of the crew were at duty stations, those that weren't gathered in front of the main view screen.

"Give us the countdown, Olaf," Anna ordered. She went to stand next to Elsa, then took her hand as they waited. The time had been carefully calculated to account for the speed of light from the planet's destruction.

"Ten seconds, 9, 8, ..."

As Olaf reached 'zero', the viewscreen lit up with the flare of the planet Prospero's destruction in the fires of its own core and the fusion furnaces of the long-dead Krell. Elsa shuddered and squeezed Anna's hand painfully.

"Oh, I'll miss him so," Elsa murmured.

"And I'll miss Kristoff, and my other shipmates. But in the end, he was wise. Humanity isn't ready for that much power. Maybe a million years from now, we'll have advanced to match the Krell, and with their example to learn from, we'll do better. But that's for a million years in the future. For now, we're on our way home."

"Yes, home. Your home. I'm looking forward to that." Elsa smiled .


Six months out from Prospero, half-way through the voyage back to Terra, the ship had long since settled into a comfortable routine.

Olaf had taken the place of Kai Jorgensen, handling navigation and communications. Learning those skills had simply been a matter of interfacing him to the ship's computers. He wasn't very humanoid, but he was popular with the crew.

The snowgies were indeed a welcome relief to the monotony of interstellar travel. They were so popular that jostling for VR time was severely reduced, as off duty crew would enjoy playing with the snowgies instead. Anna was firm with Elsa, though. No new snowgies. Even though they didn't eat or drink, if Elsa was careless the ship would soon be overrun, with snowgies on every flat surface and in every nook and cranny. The United Planets had learned that lesson. The sad tale of UP-1701 and its tribble infestation was drummed into every cadet at the Academy, its captain held up as an example NOT to be emulated.

Elsa had also taken up duties on the ship. Her education as guided by her father and the Krell teaching machine gave her the equivalent of advanced degrees in engineering, mathematics, most of the physical sciences, and of course, philology. She had absorbed most of the technical manuals from the ship's engineering database in a matter of weeks, and after passing all of the standard tests and practicums, was declared to be the Chief Engineer of the United Planets Cruiser C-57D.

Now she was almost finished with what she considered the most important subject of all. Six months wasn't long enough, she thought. She was more nervous about this examination than any of the others.

In the six months aboard ship, Elsa had learned how to make friends and how to share feelings and emotions with other people. Anna was still THE one, her one true love, if she understood the term correctly, but Elsa was now comfortably settled in her own sexuality. She was no longer naive or innocent, but a mature adult capable of giving her heart to someone freely. And she wanted to give it to Anna.

At the appointed time, she presented herself at the appointed place.

"Chief Engineer Elsa Morbius reported for final examination, Captain."

"Very well, Chief Engineer. Let me make the final preparation to begin the test." Anna replied.

She walked over to the door of her cabin and made sure it was locked, then dimmed the lights and turned on some soft music. Anna held out her hand to Elsa and said, "I believe the only remaining preparation is to make sure we are both in the appropriate … uniform?"

Elsa smiled and took Anna's hand. "I believe the Captain will be pleased with my choice of uniforms." She reached up with her free hand and tugged on the zipper pull of her coveralls. Letting go of Anna's hand just long enough to step out of them, she stood there in lingerie so delicate and wispy as to be almost invisible. The effect was so stunning that Anna gulped, her mouth suddenly dry at the vision standing before her.

Her gaze didn't waver even as Elsa reached over and tugged on Anna's zipper, quickly divesting the captain of her coveralls. Anna blushed at Elsa giggles when she found that Anna did not have any … lingerie, choosing instead to be bare. "Hey, pretty things like that aren't standard United Planets issue!" Anna protested.

Elsa closed the few inches between them to embrace Anna and murmur in her ear, "I'm pleased, actually, it will save me time, dearest one." She moved her lips to Anna's and kissed her, slowly and thoroughly.

Anna returned the kiss and began the examination. Of Elsa.

Olaf had instructions that the Captain's cabin was not to be disturbed for the next twenty four hours for any reason short of a core breach. Elsa had made sure the program could not be overridden by anyone except her. There were too many things she wanted to explore with Anna tonight.

The next morning, laying wrapped in each others' arms in the bunk, Elsa woke first. She began to tickle Anna gently, having discovered her special sensitive spots in the course of her exam. "Morning, sleepyhead!"

Anna mumbled something incoherent and snuggled closer to Elsa. "Reporting for duty, ma'am. What are your orders?" Anna's words were somewhat muffled since she had buried her face between Elsa's breasts.

Elsa giggled, then pulled Anna up so that she could begin trailing kisses down Anna's neck, starting with a nibble at her earlobe, then her cheek, a quick peck on the mouth, her collarbone …

"AH!" Anna gasped as Elsa's lips continued their exploration. "Going for extra credit, are we?"

"Always, my darling. I will never have enough of you. I love you."

Pulling Elsa closer, Anna began to review more of the course material when she heard a squeak. Then another one. Puzzled, she lifted her head and looked over Elsa's shoulder to see a snowgie hopping up and down, grinning at them. "ELSA! I thought the door was locked!"

Elsa turned to look at the snowgie and laughed, "It is, mi corazon, but William must have snuck in behind me last night. He's the most devoted to you, I'm sure he didn't want to be left out."

"William? They have names?" Funny Anna had never realized that before.

"Yes, of course. William is the one who loves you the most, almost as much as I do. But Bacon is a close second, I'm surprised he isn't here, too."

Anna fell back heavily onto her pillow and groaned. Then shrieked and levitated off the bunk as Elsa had picked up William and playfully put him on Anna's tummy. Her bare tummy.

"Cold, cold, cold, cold!" Anna huffed and glared at Elsa.

Elsa giggled, then carefully placed William back on the floor and shooed him away. Turning back to Anna, she said, "Here, dear one, let me warm you up."

Anna had to admit that Elsa's lips did a fine job of warming. "Ohhhh," a moan of pleasure escaped those lips. "I do so love you, Anna."

"And I love you, dear Elsa, you are my true love, and my heart is yours and yours alone."

"You are my knight in shining armor, Anna."

"A knight? Then you were a queen, the Queen of Isolation." Anna murmured. "But you'll never be alone again, I promise, my queen."