Welcome to the Carmilla oneshots this will feature all the same characters from Bite down/humans and Vampires they are the same story. the only difference will be that EVELYN IS GOING TO BE CALLED EVANGELINE so be aware if your confused it goes more with how I ended the story.

anyway here is the first one and whose prompt it is:


Okay I can only think of one prompt and that is Evelyn getting ready for a date with Danny at Laura and Carmilla's room and when Danny arrives Carmilla wants to have a 'talk' with her aka like the dad talk you know? I just need something like this since it hasn't happened yet XD.



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It was actually happening, well technically it had already happened and no one had told her, but Evangeline was going on a date. Her second date to be exact but no one had told Carmilla about the first one and she needed to make up for it. As the big sister it was her job to look out for her baby sister no matter how old they were or how tall her date was. Carmilla had missed her chance to do this the first time but there was no way she was letting the huntress get away without giving her a good talking to.

So here she was at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Danny to show up. She didn't want to do it outside of Perry and Lafontaine's place because Perry was busy helping Evangeline get ready and she didn't want her to hear their conversation. Her baby sister was so happy and it helped Perry to do something "normal" besides everyone was happy and she wasn't about to rock the boat.

Looking up from her phone she listened waiting for her prey. She could hear all the students passing by probably going to the food court or the library Teachers were suddenly raising their standards and the slackers were feeling the heat. Laura was on top of it thanks to Lafontaine and Perry pulling an all-nighter with her getting her ahead on all of her classes so she had more time to relax and hang out with her own girlfriend. They had a lot to make up for and Laura had finally started getting over the fact she had almost died. Seriously the human could hold a grudge but Carmilla didn't care she would do whatever it took to make Laura happy even if it meant getting texts throughout the day asking where she was or snuggling with her all night long because she was comforting her girlfriend…ok that last one was more of a consolation prize but she'd take what she could get.

Hearing familiar footsteps she pulled her eyes away from her phone. Clearing her throat she stood up straight with her head held high giving herself as much extra height as she could. Danny stepped through the door humming to herself stopping mid-step when she saw a very serious Carmilla at the stairs.


"Carmilla" Danny frowned she had thought they were past all the glaring and grumbling.

"I wanted to talk to you before you two head out but uh it's not really for Evangeline's ears even with our super hearing" Carmilla looked up at the top of the stairs she knew they were still getting ready but her sister wouldn't hear anything from this distance.

"O..k" Danny wasn't so sure about this but would let the vamp say her piece.

"Come on "

Carmilla left the ginger at the stair well and headed outside she wanted to be as far from her sister as possible when she had their little conversation. Confused Danny looked between the stairs and the brunette rolling her eyes she followed figuring the girl was just being all "mysterious" or something dramatic like that.

Following the vamp to the side of the building she watched the vamp stuff her hands into her pockets before leaning against it seemingly causal.

"You know I've lived a long time" she finally spoke never taking her eyes off the sunset it was just dark enough for her to be out but she liked watching it set she missed it sometimes walking in the sun.

"And I've seen a lot of things and learned a lot of customs some less humane than others but I learned them anyway because how else do we survive than by adapting you know?"

"Uh yeah" Danny was so lost right now.

"Sadly my sister has been subject to some of those customs and it really pains me to see how that affected her but you make her forget all that and you make her happy" Carmilla finally turned away from the weaning sunset piercing dark eyes boring into her.

"But just because you make her laugh doesn't mean I won't hurt you, Just because you can make her smile doesn't mean you can't make her cry"

So that's what this was about.

"Carmilla I would never-"

"Don't say a word Lawrence I'm not done" The vampire pushed off the wall her small stature doing nothing to make this less tense.

"I want to let you know that nothing is more important to me than my sister's happiness cause life has given her the worst world has to offer and now things are finally looking up but I don't want her to have a major regression or set back because you"

Carmilla's eyes grew darker and her lips drew back in a vicious snarl

"So know that I have seen and done things that would make even the worst killers cry for their mothers, there are legends about me in several different countries though people think they're old wives tales now but just because they are "legends" doesn't mean I won't do them all again to protect my baby sister"

Danny held her gaze unwilling to back down.

"Carmilla I would never knowingly hurt her, a girl like Evangeline deserves all the love in the world and I will give everything I am to keep her happy because it killed me every time she cried and she shouldn't have to cry over anything"

Carmilla narrowed her gaze it was an unspoken thing to never bring up the week of her "death" it had caused both their girls hell and they couldn't stand to see it happen again.


Carmilla sighed rolling her shoulders as her persona dropped completely. Smirking up at the hunter she shoved her hands in her pockets and headed back inside.

"Have her back by eleven and remember Lawrence if she cries because of you I'll break a bone for every tear she sheds"

Watching the brunette go Danny shook her head the vampire was crazy that's all there was too it. She wanted to take a moment and maybe think about the possibility of having the Wiccan club place a protection spell on the lodge when her phone went off in her pocket. Digging it out of her pocket she smiled when she saw who it was from swiping the screen she hoped for good news after that little detour.

E~ see you in fiveJ

Smiling Danny sent a quick reply and headed inside passing a still smirking Carmilla at the stairs.

Crazy older sisters



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