Assignment AU. First meeting.



Danny followed the arrows to the rumored Garden area and found herself more than surprised that it was not only real but in full bloom. At first it was used to symbolize fertility so that the matches would birth future generations but now it was more of an ice breaker. it was perfect with all the bright colors, lush greenery hanging around all the corners, even the floor was fresh grass making such a satisfying crunch under her boots. They didn't have a lot of natural areas within Styria except for parks and those only had grass with a few synthetic trees.

"Match 1 has entered"

"That's a little daunting" Danny looked around realizing that she was alone in the garden there were no other matches around. The isolation was weirding her out so Danny turned around to find that the glass entrance was closed but she could see that the outside wall was moving or was she moving? They gave every match a private garden so why not rotate them for the next match?

Shaking her head Danny headed for the lone bench under some vines with tiny purple flowers. She felt bad not having any knowledge of their name but again there were no instances where she was in real nature.

"Match 2 has exited their matching station"

Her match was on her way.

Taking a deep breath Danny closed her eyes letting her heart pound away in her chest for a moment longer. It was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time she could hardly tell which one would win out. Still her match would be here soon and she needed to get herself together before she met her match she wanted to make sure she was calm, composed, and-

"Match 2 has entered"

Danny's eyes snapped open and her heart lurched in her chest for two reasons 1) being her match was there and 2) that her match was so...tiny. Well maybe not tiny but certainly petite and just as pretty as the picture suggested. It could be the junior judicial uniform but the black and red clashed with Evangeline's white blonde hair, even in a braid it looked soft.

Once Danny was done taking her in she realized her match was just as taken with her and that made her heart ease up just a little. Pale blue eyes didn't drift to the scenery like Danny's had, in fact her match hadn't moved since they entered the room. She just stood there with an awed expression and Danny couldn't help...blushing. She might not be the most expressive person in the Guard but this was more attention than she'd had in quite some time. Now here she was with her match staring at her like well...she didn't know she had never seen someone with such a look before.

"Uh Evangeline?" That's seemed to do it because Evangeline blushed deeply and looked down. It took a moment but the blonde slowly made her way over to Danny with her head down making her braid slip down her right shoulder.

"I'm Evangeline but please call me Evie"

"In that case call me Danny" The blonde stopped almost in front of her and Danny swore she could hear the other girls heart beating just as hard as her own.

"It suits you"

"Do you want to sit? I'm sure we'll be here a while" It was customary to give the matches at least an hour before sending them off to the adjustments station where they would be given options on a living space, talk about their occupations in more financial terms, and any questions they had could be answered by professionals.

"Sure" Evie sat on the very edge of the bench, her hands slowly balling up.

Danny was at a loss here, she didn't think her match would be this anxious or that she herself would be this relaxed. She needed to do something before the girl became too anxious to truly speak to her. This would be their only chance until tomorrow and Danny didn't want to waste it.

Looking around she spotted one of the vines dangling from above and smiled.

"I like that they let us have a moment here, I've never seen this many natural flowers in one place" Evie glanced from Danny to the variety of flora before them. It was beautiful and she had to admit that with her match siting next to her it was definitely a sight to see.

"It is beautiful I think those over there are gardenias but I don't know"

"The ones above us are wisteria" It was easy talking about something she knew, well what little she knew about plants. "Those over there are roses, my sister gave some to me when I passed my exams"


"Yeah she wanted to celebrate with a party but I was in between exams and I really don't like big events like that so she found some roses"

"I only saw plants like these in my studies back at basic academy"

"I know that most the local parks have grass but in Section A they do have wild flowers that pop up every spring"

"Natural wild flowers!"

"Yeah" Evie grinned at her matches enthusiasm. "Every year the grounds keepers try to get rid of them but no amount of sprays, pulling, or re-rooting will make them go away and...I find that enduring"

"Section A?" So her early thoughts of her matches status yielded true.

"Yes that's where I live but I assume after this we'll live somewhere else"

"Uh yeah I live in Section C"

"How far along are you in your occupational training?" Evie bit her lip hoping she wasn't being too forward with the sudden change in subject.

"Pretty far but I think I'll be alright if I have to transfer"

"I would hate to ruin all your hard work"

"Its fine" Danny tried to assure her but it didn't seem to help.

"But...I can be a chancellor anywhere"

"Just like I can be on any Guard all I have to do is apply for transfer and I would get it with my recommendations"


"Well we have the adjustments after this so we'll worry about that later" Evie nodded but she would definitely bring it up later.

"Now you said you have a sister?"

"Two sisters, Carmilla and my elder sister Matska"

"Wait Matska? As in leader of negotiations"

"She is rather infamous" Evie sighed leaning back on her elbows. It was hard being related to two well known figures but she had learned to deal with it as best she could over the years.

"So you are Lilita's daughter, i'm sorry if I've offended you its just I saw your last name and I couldn't stop thinking about where I'd seen it"

"My family is rather bold in their professions but my sister Carmilla and I are not, we let mother and Matska have as much attention as they want " Evie shrugged. "Its better to let them say their piece than try to silence them...anyway what about you?"

"Me? its just my brother and our parents, My dads a Guard just like me and my moms in manufacturing"

"And your brother?"

"Medical, mostly pediatric but he'll do other patients if he has to"

"Your family is well spread out when it comes to occupation"

"I could say the same about you"

"Yes but my family is so wrapped up in politics it gets to be a bit much at times"

"Well maybe I can help with that"


"With stress comes a lot of affects on the body and those in the Guard are taught different stress relievers"

"oh I've already taken several recommendations on stress management but...its just part of the job" Danny didn't like the sound of that in fact she hated it. No occupation was more important than the other, all were needed to make their society function but the ramifications were still there. People sneered at sanitation workers, turned their noses up at Guards, and certainly criticized Chancellors like nobodies business but Danny wouldn't let that get her match hurt. Stress was common among chancellors they were the highest ranking members when it came to health problems, both physically and mentally, they had entire hospitals dedicated to remedies for these kinds of problems but seeing it first hand was so different.

"Hey we're in this together now and although we've only just met know that you can rely on me for anything"

"I would never doubt that Danny you seem like a very loyal and reliable person"

"That's good I would hate to ruin my first impression" That got a laugh and Danny couldn't help smiling.

"Yes...a good first impression indeed" Evangeline bit her lip as those pale blue eyes wandered all around Danny's face. "I'm glad your my match Danny...you seem like a strong person and I know that in the future I will probably come to rely on you more than anyone else and that frightens me"

"Hey it works both ways I was scared out of my mind before I stepped into the building much less this garden but its a work in progress, we both put something into this and we both get something out of it"

"What is it your hoping for Danny?" That was a question wasn't it...

"I hope...for life long companion, someone I can talk to and explore with through our limited means and...I don't know help me through the rest of this life"


"Jumbled and sappy I know"

"I was going to say heartfelt and so foreign to me"


"I...I have a multitude of ideas being thrust upon me Danny, so many people in my life are trying to teach me, help me, nurture me that its hard to say what it I want in this life much less our relationship" Evie suddenly looked so much older in Danny's eyes. Her shoulders drooped with an invisible weight, her head dropped again, and Danny was starting to realize that this wasn't the first time this happened Evangeline dropped her gaze almost every time she caught Danny staring.

"Evie that's fine, just admitting this takes strength and the fact that you would be brave enough to admit this during our first meeting speaks volumes"

"I..i don't want to weigh you down with all of my problems upon our first meeting Danny that was never my intention-"

"I know"

" But...I want to try having that relationship with you, the one you talked about"

"I would be more than happy to have that with you Evie" Danny took a chance and rested her hand beside Evie's, offering the blonde a smile. "Like I said this is our first meeting, we have the rest of our lives to steadily figure this out"

"Your right, I'm just so used to things being on an accelerated program"

"Well with me you can take things as slow as you want" She wasn't expecting it but when Evie took her hand Danny swore her heart rate shot right back up but for good reasons this time, great reasons.

"I'd like that and... the same goes for you Danny" For the first time in their meeting Evie grinned showing off those pearly white.


Their little moment filled Danny's chest with a warmth she couldn't quite describe but it was ruined just as quickly by the announcement.

"Matches please end your conversations and prepare to exit the Garden when the door turns green"

"That didn't feel like an hour"

"I know right? maybe they changed the time limit or something?" Evie squeezed her hand as the garden entrance glowed blue.

"Either way I'm glad we got to spend some time together I heard the adjustments station can be pretty hectic"

"My sisters have mentioned it being a bit much but I think it depends on how different your occupations are, we're both in a similar branch with me being judicial and you in the Guard"

"True but I'm from a different section"

"Maybe they'll have us meet in the middle?" The door turned green and opened to one of the hallways complete with blinking arrows.

Taking a deep breath Danny squeezed Evie's hand and stood up. She was scared but with her match at her side there was a new confidence budding in her chest and with one look at Evie she can't help smiling.

"You ready?"

"As I'll ever be"




so that was their first official meeting for Assignment Au, I might do one more but we'll see and as for the WonderWoman AU i'll see what else I can come up with.