So… been a while huh? I apologise about that, time goes by quickly when you're busy. Half of it was because of personal reasons, and the other half was because I got side tracked by dozens of things; games, anime, YouTube, other stuff that would make me seem like a nerd with no life. At any rate, welcome to another chapter of Jaune's Guilty Pleasure. Obviously many of you have probably forgotten what's happened, so here's a little recap:

- Jaune and friends, after arriving back from Pharos, settled back into their school lives. Unfortunately, Pyrrha's attempt to 'cheer' Jaune up ended with him bedridden and unable to attend classes.
-After recovering he spent his free time in the library trying to catch up on missed classes, and training with Pyrrha.
-In a strange turn of events, Neptune convinces Sun and Jaune to stop eating bananas in one go and Goodwitch forces our blond writer to make up for his missed cooking class by helping the members of RWBY bake a cake.
-It went as well as one would expect, with the cake literally blowing up in their faces and Yang finding out once again that Jaune finds her puns amusing.
-After escaping the wrath of Goodwitch, Jaune finds an upset Nora who - after a short series of events - ignores any form of logic and comes to the conclusion that Jaune is Jane Caur. That then leads to them flying out a window...
-A hop, a skip and a Pyrrha accidentally confessing to Nora instead of Jaune later, Jaune encounters Cinder in Beacon of all places. The two exchange some form of banter before Jaune leaves, pledging to stop whatever the woman blackmailing him was planning.

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Chapter 24 – Family Reunion Pt 1.

"Yang Xiao Long and Jaune Arc." Announced Goodwitch. The knight melted into his seat a little at the flirty wink Yang sent him. Ever since she had learnt that he found her puns funny, again, not only was she more open with her advances but she was getting a little more physical with him too. He rubbed his shoulder, physical as in the blonde boxer didn't know how to hold back punches, even if they were done jokingly. Physical as in the infirmary was getting tired of seeing him every second period.

Oblivious to his plight, the witch continued. "Please prepare yourselves and head to the arena." Jaune sighed, was it bad that he would've taken the previous leader vs leader exercise over this? Unfortunately for him, Goodwitch thought it would be a good idea to stop using the supposedly randomised challenger system for this week. Something about reparations to the randomisation process as coffee got spilled into it.

With a long drawn out exhale the blond got his gear ready. Jaune gave a proud smiled to his new ammo belt, recommended by none other than the weapons expert herself, Ruby Rose. According to the girl, something about the way the belt tilted was supposed to make one-handed reloads easier. He shifted the ammo slightly before holstering his handgun. Ruby said he needed to name it, but it wasn't something he could come up with on a whim. All he could think of for names at the moment were Billy, Billy 1, Billy Alpha and Gun. What did one normally name a gun? He shrugged to himself, he'd figure it out sooner or later. Maybe he should just pick a name out of the hat he used for his novels.

Yang gave a smirk to her opponent as he entered the opposite side of the arena, begrudgingly exiting the sanctuary that was the combat prep room. "Go easy on me~" She teased. Jaune rolled his eyes, if he did he wouldn't last a second. If he was going to be fighting Yang he couldn't pull any punches. He'd have to give this one his all because he knew she would do the same. Unlike Ruby she wouldn't hold back against him and unlike Sun, she now knew about his secret weapon. Her fighting style was completely different to Pyrrha and that one guy he fought in Vale. He didn't even need to compare her to that lady that kicked his behind to Haven and back at the docks. And then groped his behind repeatedly. He shivered, a hand unconsciously covering his back, now was not the time for PTSD. Determined blue eyes met with equally unyielding lilac. The two blonds watched impatiently as the starting timer ticked down, both bouncing on the balls of their feet. He trusted what Pyrrha had taught him up to now, and thanks to his semblance he had a vague idea of how Yang thought and her weaknesses. At least, he knew what her weaknesses were back when they first arrived at Beacon. It was better than nothing right?

Before he knew it, the timer had rung. However, this time he was ready. Yang dashed forward, ready to intercept an overhead slash that she had noticed Jaune tended to prefer. Only to stagger backwards as she was met face to steel with his shield. She stared at him confusedly, taking a moment to assess his stance. Not only was it loose, he was holding the shield in his right hand, sword still sheathed above. In his left was that handgun he used.

From the stands Pyrrha gave him a proud smile, he had thought things through. Yang's punches were nothing to be trifled with. Not only were they fast, but they packed more than just a punch. And when she added her shotgun blasts to it, there was very little chance one could not feel that the next day. Then came her semblance. Taking hits before using them to make her punches hit harder was just cheating, not that she couldn't relate what with her status as 'invincible' coming from her own semblance.

Yang laughed a little at her fellow blond, to think he changed his fighting style to give her a better challenge. Using his shield in his right hand meant that he would be able to take at least a few of her punches and the way he bounced meant he could at least have momentum on his side if he decided to dodge. The choice to use a weapon that would whittle her aura down slowly rather than give her more kinetic force to hit back with was a nice touch. "I have to hand it to ya' Vomit Boy. You really thought this one through." Jaune returned her grin, that wasn't the end of it.

The brawler rolled under a few test rounds from the now ranged knight. She would have to be careful with her aura levels whilst ending the battle quickly, a war of attrition would only end in his favour. Taking a few steps forward she launched a couple of blasts at his face, smirking as he obscured his vision with his shield. Using the smoke as cover she got close, aiming to end the fight by knocking out his shield. To the surprise of the audience however, he managed to manoeuvre around her punch and unload a few rounds into her side. Wincing she swung once more, managing to land a clean hit to the top of his shield. Taking advantage of the momentum given by the punch, the knight rolled backwards and away from the brawler. Yang frowned, too far away and Jaune would have advantage but she just couldn't get past that shield. When Sun had gone and unleashed his inner rage on it Jaune was still able to hold his own, even if by just. Sure her gauntlets could do more damage in a concentrated spot, but she couldn't afford to be too reckless and waste her aura. She grinned, it was almost as if he could read her mind when she tried a smokescreen tactic. Now this was a challenge.

Jaune's confident expression faltered momentarily as his opponent began her charge. He hadn't expected her to go all in. Hiding a girly yelp he blocked the first punch before calming himself back into what he liked to dub battle mode. Duck under next punch before opening space with shield. Failsafe, use gun. If successful proceed to step eight. He chanted in his head. The crowd watched as he dropped under Yang's follow up punch and attempted to shield bash her only for the girl to jump backwards out of his reach. With a smirk he unloaded his clip fully on the girl, whittling down her aura. Just a bit longer and she'll be low enough to attack directly.

The busty boxer dashed in once more, this time a little more wary than she was beforehand. In the sanctioned match he had with Sun, Jaune hadn't been able to reload due to having his hands full. But now he knew how to do what Ruby had called a 'one handed reload'. Waiting until the last moment she ran directly at his front before sidestepping to her right. The male student avoided the straight jab before attempting to hit her with the shield once more. Yang nodded mentally to herself, he hadn't managed to reload yet. The crowd watched the girl knock his shield around, still unable to get past his defence. To their surprise the blond knight aimed the bottom of his gun at her and sent the empty magazine towards her. Reacting quickly, the blonde boxer swat the magazine before it hit her, making sure not to take her eyes off of the knight.

The second her gauntlet and the magazine collided a small explosion of smoke shocked the students watching, Goodwitch included. With the precious time he managed to buy Jaune slammed the empty slot in his gun into his ammo belt. Shield bashing the brawler once more for good measure he then unloaded his clip into her again. Or at least he attempted to, instead getting several empty clicks in response. If he wasn't currently in a dangerous situation, he would've slapped himself for his stupidity. He quickly reloaded, hoping his opponent would be stunned for a little longer. The blond student panicked as a fist flew by his head. With a yell he swung his gun down onto the girl's head and hurriedly pushed her away. The male combatant paused after finally registering what he had done,

Jaune laughed nervously at the now kinetically charged Yang as she slowly turned her head towards him. "I don't suppose you'll go easy on me?" With a laugh she shook her head. With a wide swing she was able to stagger him easily. Without giving him time to recover she uppercut his shield, sending both sword and shield of Crocea Mors skyward. With a grunt she nailed him in his now exposed chest, stomach and arm, forcing him to drop his gun while getting chain punched into the ground. The audience winced as she gave a last punch, taking his massive aura down to red. He would be feeling that later.

They cheered as the buzzer echoed through the arena. "Winner Yang Xiao Long." Spoke the deputy, not bothering to go into further detail. The students understood the different types of conditions to win. She turned to the two students, ignoring the fact that Crocea Mors fell back down onto its owner. The rest of the class winced. "Miss Xiao Long, you were too preoccupied with keeping your Aura levels up. After noticing your opponent aim for a war of attrition you kept your attacks to a minimum to avoid wasting energy and allowing him to overwhelm you with his Aura. However you didn't take into account that he wanted you to keep to short bursts of attacks to avoid having to deal with a strong offensive. By the end you were able to use your semblance to finally power through due to a mistake on his part, but that will not happen next time." The blonde witch briefly paused to ensure the advice was registering in her student's head before continuing.

"One point I would like to bring up was your choice of switching up your fighting style. It was too analytical rather than your usual strategy of 'hit it until it's red' and gave your opponent an advantage. No offence Miss Xiao Long but he is much better in that field." The younger blond nodded at the teacher's advice. If there was something good about the strict second in charge, it would have to be her battle advice. It was always useful. Goodwitch turned to the other competitor.

"That brings me to my second point Mr Arc. Although I commend you for coming up with a plan to fight your opponent, and changing a fighting style to suit an opponent is fine if you do it properly. You made a critical error in that you got too caught up in the moment to reload properly, especially since you did it with your non-dominant hand. You panicked after faltering, which ended up giving them the advantage they needed to pull the win. You also seemed to have used too much aura when blocking, which caused it to go down a lot faster than it should have." Jaune winced, it wasn't the blocking that was using up his aura at a considerable rate. Keeping his semblance toggled was what was draining it. Jaune's attention turned back to the witch as she clapped twice sharply.

The students silenced their chattering of the previous fight upon hearing the clap, something that had been drilled into them over their stay at Beacon. "Alright class, next up is Miss Belladonna and Mr Vasilias." She stated as she ushered the two other blonds off of the stage. Jaune watched as she sighed in relief as her scroll buzzed, surprisingly glad to receive a message from the Headmaster for once. From what he had come to learn from his lessons with Goodwitch, messages from Ozpin tended to mean more paperwork for her. "Before you enter the arena I would like to introduce something new to you all now that Ozpin has finally given the okay." The woman gestured towards the stage he had been fighting on. "Thanks to the efforts of Professor Port, who believes the facilities in Pharos are much more beneficial for training, Ozpin added a new functionality over the break." The class watched in mixed awe and confusion as the stage began to shift into a beach setting, complete with umbrellas. "With the generous help of both Pharos and Atlas the stage can now shift to a more suitable setting to allow for more adaptable fighting styles to make use of the environment."

Sun grinned at his teammate, elbowing him teasingly. "Good luck." He snickered. The blue haired boy stood stock-still, eyes staring unblinkingly at the movements of the waves and completely ignoring the jab. The blond thief turned to his fellow Faunus, hoping to draw a better reaction. "You've got an easy win Blake, Nep is afraid of water." No response. "Blake?" Sun held back a sigh. The black haired girl stock-still, amber eyes staring unblinkingly at the movements of the waves. Well this is going to be a battle and a half. He looked around for his fellow blond friend, "What do you think Jau-?" Sun paused, noticing a distinct lack of the boy in question. The monkey Faunus frowned, had he even sat down before he left? He looked over to his right, "Where'd he go Yang?" The busty blonde bolted upright from her relaxed position. "You alright?"

The female student grinned, "I'll go look for him, I'm done with my match after all and he owes me something." Sun watched her walk out with a worried smile. Well that didn't sound good for Jaune.

Jaune frowned. His body still ached as he paced along the roof. Lately the roof and library had become a place of solace for him. Somewhere he could go to think with some peace and quiet. Unfortunately they each came with their own catch. On the roof his thoughts were privy to both Cardin and Pyrrha due to their knowledge of the location and his unfortunate habit of saying his thoughts aloud when pacing. Should they enter at the wrong time he could let out some troublesome information.

In the library however, he had to deal with not only other students but the meddlings of Yang and Amethyst, which had the unfortunate side effect of not giving him the respite he went there for in the first place. Fortunately Blake or Weiss were there to keep their blond teammate in check on occasion, but sometimes even they couldn't
control the party girl. It was like having to deal with Nora in a world where Ren didn't have the ability to make admittedly amazing pancakes. Team JNPR would only be able to control her outbursts to an extent before it broke loose and destroyed the school. At any rate the roof was still plenty times better than the library on the account of privacy. He wouldn't have to worry about his thoughts being interrupted up here.

A curse flew from his mouth as his scroll began to ring- or do that weird beeping thing it would do before it would properly ring. It was the middle of school time, who would ring now? Picking up the device he frowned once the grinning face of his sister popped onto the screen. Jaune placed the scroll against his ear. "What are you doing calling me right now? You're lucky I wasn't in the middle of class or people would've found out that Nora set my ringtone to Weiss singing- I mean Goodwitch would've killed me. You better have a good reason… for… calling." He trailed off slowly. Was that crying from the other end of the line?

"I'm sorry that I was worried about my only son and wanted to tell him some important information." Jaune paled a shade of Weiss, suddenly realising who the owner of the voice was. This would not be ending well for him.

"M-Mom? Why are you using-?"

The young looking woman cut him off mid-sentence. "What's wrong my lovely, caring son that said such hurtful words to me? You're not going to give me a sorry excuse like you didn't realise I was calling you from your sister's scroll are you?" He flinched at the hurt yet underlying venomous tone she took.


"Mommy is sad that the son that she painstakingly took care of for all these years whilst balancing seven other female siblings was left on his own at such a scary place." Jaune began to sweat as memories of the various punishments he hadn't faced since arriving at Beacon leaked back from the reinforced corner of his mind that he pushed them to. Glynda paled in comparison. "Mommy decided to call to check if you were okay before she arrived only to hear that very same son scream hurtful words at Mommy." Not the dress. He whimpered in his mind as he fell onto his behind. "Mommy is very, very upset son."

"Please don't kill me!" He cried, repeatedly bowing despite the fact that the short, young-looking, blond woman wasn't able to see the action. A chill made its way through his body as his mother began to laugh hauntingly. It was the sort of chime you'd hear children sing. During a horror film that is.

"Why would Mommy kill the only son she ever had? The son she spent many months suffering to give birth to? Mommy will instead have to resort to other ways of punishment so that the lovely, understanding and smart son will learn his place again." Jaune would've fainted on the spot if not for her next words. "By the way, Violet and Misty will be arriving earlier than everyone else. We'll chatagain later when I get to Beacon. Until then, toodles~" It was a good thing he was already on the floor or he would've collapsed in relief once the glorious tone that signified the end of a call sang in his ears.

Why was it women were always the bane of his existence? It couldn't have something to do with his roguishly good charms nor the helpful advice from his father that had yet to get him killed. Maybe there was some sort of third party forcing his interactions with the opposite gender to fail. There was his initial failed introduction with Ruby, his inability to woo Weiss, running into Deathstalkers with Pyrrha, Nora in general, accidentally realising Blake was trying to hide her Faunus nature, that one woman he got beat up by at the docks, Coco trying her damnedest to embarrass him whenever she saw the opportunity, that one girl that tried to rob Tukson, that one woman that is still blackmailing him, all of his sisters and his mother, any time Neo was mad, that one time his dad brought a girl he once knew to his birthday, and every single interaction with Yang to date. It was a long list, especially if you decided to actually go into detail about each event.

"What's up Vomit Boy? Not interrupting a monologue am I?" Jaune sighed, speak of the Yang and she shall appear it seemed. Before he could make any effort to acknowledge her appearance his arm was brought into a lock. More specifically, she was gripping his wrist very tightly. "Doesn't matter, you're coming with me!" The blond writer's mouth fell agape, was he being kidnapped? Trying to struggle out of the girl's clutches it wasn't long before his only choice was to resign to his doom. Curse Yang and her absurdly strong grip strength. And her ability to bounce back so quickly after their spar.

"Yang what are you-? Where are you taking me?" He cried as the two students made their way to the door. It was still class time after all. "Shouldn't we be heading back to class?" He continued hopefully. The girl shook her head, wide smile imposing fear into the poor knight's heart.

"Nope. You and I are going on that date you promised me." Jaune gave her an incredulous look. In the middle of a school day? They still had one more period after sparring class and dust knew his family would be arriving at Beacon any day now. What would he do if they got here while he was out gallivanting in Vale? "And I'm not taking no for an answer Vomit Boy." The blond knight, suddenly deciding to grow a pair, dug his feet into the ground. Something that regrettably did not do much to stop them considering it was solid concrete. Despite that, Yang was thrown back enough by the action to come to a skidding halt.

"Actually Yang I have something important that may or may not come later today that I need to make sure I do not miss. The consequences would be disastrous." Thankfully it was the saner of the Arc siblings that were coming as the flag bearers. "Maybe later?" He needed to think of a battle plan. A sure fire strategy to make sure that whoever arrives early won't get into trouble or run into Nora. Hopefully he would be able to run into them before anyone else did.

Yang gave him a curious look, "What did you say? I can't hear you over that whistling." Jaune frowned, she wasn't wrong. He poked around his ear in confusion, what was that noise? The two blonds looked over the edge of the rooftop, a feeling of unease accompanying the noise. Jaune turned his attention upwards. If anything, it sounded like something was falling. "Is that a boomerang?"

The boy froze, it was back. Unfortunately standing still was the worst possible course of action for him to choose as he was belted on the head by the high-tech throwing weapon. He fell back, head landing on what he assumed was diamond from how hard it was. Who would've thought the boomerang Pyr had let him try out would come back to haunt him? As the knight's vision faded he could faintly make out the sight of the boomerang flying vertically up before launching itself off the roof without any human assistance.

It was then that he realised the biggest mistake he had ever made was throwing a specially made weaponized boomerang, and not expecting it to come back to bite him in the ass- or in this case whack him on the head.

Yang hefted the young author onto her shoulders as she made her way toward the Beacon docks. It was hard to tell if he said yes or no to their date considering he had passed out before giving a concise answer, but she was going to take it as a yes anyway. After all, what possible reason could he have to say no to her? Granted he had denied Weiss of all people before. Yang frowned, shaking the thought off. This was just going to be a friendly outing between her and one of the multiple objects of her teasing. The others being the rest of her team.

Something Yang had come to notice lately was that other than his motion sickness, liking of Jane Caur books and strangely dangerous allergy to sap, she barely knew anything about the blond knight or his team. With Team JNPR becoming close friends with her own team it only felt right to get to know them better. What better place to start than the leader? Then she could move onto Pyrrha and lastly Ren. She already knew most of the things about Nora because that girl was more than just an open book. If she wanted to be your friend she would shove information about herself down your throat whether you liked it or not. Mostly through her weird dreams that she liked to talk about during lunch. But I digress.

The real reason for the outing was because she felt bad for leaving Jaune out of their strategy meeting the other day. It was his joint idea with her and Blake and yet they decided to leave JNPR out of their search. Worst of all they thought it would be good to bring in two people that had almost nothing to do with the decision made between the three. She sighed as she passed by the class, the next lesson having started already. The buxom blonde paused, sparing a glance at a certain Valkyrie before she moved on. To think he missed out just because he tackled Nora out the window for whatever reason…


"Are you sure about this?" Queried Yang. Blake nodded, her eyes darting back and forth from Yang's own to the window as if Jaune would come crawling back.

"I don't feel right bringing him or his team into this." She held up a hand seeing, knowing her partner was about to interject, "Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful for the two of you talking to me, but I'd rather not get them into more trouble with the school. Ozpin's no doubt already keeping an eye on both him, Sun and I." After that… talk with Ozpin, she had no doubts he was going to be keeping tabs on her. How special she felt, having the Headmaster watch her every move.

"And I do hope you're at least going to bring your whole team into 'this'." The two girls jumped on the spot, not expecting the other half of RWBY to enter the room without notice. Ruby and Weiss stood at the door, arms crossed. Having been unable to change after the whole exploding cake fiasco the two still had somewhat singed clothing. "Don't think we forgot about your little phase back at Pharos." Blake winced as the heiress spoke the regrettable truth. The smaller girl walked up to them, hands on hips. "You were moodier and less inclined to talk than usual and I will not stand for that. So if you want to make it up to us, bring the whole team into your mess this time."

"Aww Weiss Queen, I knew you cared~" Sang Yang as she brought the reluctant student into a hug. "But don't worry, me and Blake have got a plan that included both you and my sister."

Weiss coughed, "Blake and I." Ignoring the glare from the blonde girl she turned to Ruby, "It's better than the usual I guess." The red and black haired leader laughed nervously, she made plans too… sort of. "So what is this plan of yours?"

Blake pulled out a whiteboard from their extra room. We had a whiteboard? "Our plan is to learn more about Torchwick and his connection to the White Fang. So Yang was going to go see if her friend has any information and I was going to attend the White Fang faction meeting in Vale." She pointed to the bottom right of the board. "If you and Ruby were willing, we wanted you two to visit the CCT to check the Schnee records. If Torchwick and the White Fang have stolen any more dust and it wasn't released to the public, we need to know." The White haired girl raised a brow,

"To be honest I was suspecting something along the lines of our usual plan, run in alone and hope nothing bad happens." Once again Blake winced at the not so subtle jab. Everything worked out in the end, she didn't need to keep mentioning it. "This is much better."

"Sounds fun. So who's this 'Torchwick' guy? Was he the one at the docks." The four girls jumped on the spot, not expecting anyone to be outside the window of all places. Blake's breath hitched upon seeing yellow, but it subsided upon realising it was a different blond male. It then dawned on her that it was the blond male that was friends with the other blond male.

"Sun, what are you doing outside our room!" Growled Weiss, her small frame shaking in annoyance. "And how did you even get up there?"

The monkey Faunus scoffed, "This? It was easy, I do it all the time with Jaune and Neptune." The annoyance quickly turned into anger, as per the usual with the heiress.

"You two dolts do what?"

Sun grinned proudly, sticking a thumb to his visible chest. "We climb trees all the time. Or at least Neptune and I do. Jaune used to. Now that I think about it, I wonder if Jaune can still do it." Yang stifled a chuckle at the heiress' expression. "So are we going to go now or is later a better time?"

Blake frowned at the boy, "Sun, we are going as a team." Ruby nodded, continuing to help drive home the message.

"We don't want to get anyone else involved-" The blond Faunus scoffed, the message went right over his head.

"That's dumb. You should always get your friends involved in any insane scheming you do. That's why I brought Neptune." True to his word the blue haired 'intellectual' stood to the right of the window. Outside. Clinging for dear life. On the ledge of a multi-level building.

"Don't ask how I got here, because I have no clue." The girls of RWBY shared a confused look as Sun helped his friend in. "You aren't going to shoot me with paintballs again now are you?" It was clear to the five students that he was still a little iffy about the current relationship between himself and the friends of his friend. Not that he could be blamed, it was hard to trust people that mercilessly shot you with paintballs.

Deciding that ignoring was the best course of action once again, Blake turned her attention back to her fellow Faunus. "If we don't want to get Jaune's team involved despite the fact that they are practically a sister team to us, why would we want you guys to be involved?" Sun laughed the rhetorical question off as if it was a no-brainer.

"Because unlike Jaune we won't destroy half of Vale on accident, and unlike Nora we won't destroy half of Vale on purpose." Blake could feel Yang's struggle not to say that he had a point emanating off of her from the opposite side of the room.

"Look Sun, I don't want to get anyone else involved if I don't have to." Sun cocked his head,

"Is this because of what happened at the docks? Because Jaune and I have already forgiven you for being selfish and close minded. It was our choice to follow you, and I nearly got killed for it while Jaune nearly got…" He paused seeing that his reassurance wasn't exactly helping his case. Was she hyperventilating? "Long story short, what happened at the docks wasn't your completely your fault. In fact, I'll go get Jaune right now. He'll be able to vouch for me." Jaune was always good with words after all.

Ruby shook her head. "That won't be necessary." She laughed nervously as Yang began to rub the cat girl's back soothingly. "I think Blake's had enough for today. We'll think about bringing you two along okay? For now, uh, don't tell Jaune?" She turned to Weiss for help.

The heiress sighed. "Basically what Ruby is trying to say is we'll discuss the matter of you joining us later. Just make sure you don't let anyone else know about this. Now get out of our dorm room!" Taking the hint, Neptune jumped out of the window without another word, half afraid that she would pull out a paintball gun. Sun on the other hand just walked out the door on a surprisingly normal decision on his part. The edges of Weiss' mouth tipped downwards as she pondered on that thought, perhaps she was spending too much time with Ruby if someone taking the door out of a room was becoming a surprise whilst jumping out the window was commonplace. Just the other week the red haired dunce had flopped all over her study table like a fish out of water simply because she was bored.

-End Flashback-

Yang's pace fell to an abrupt halt as her path was blocked by two young looking girls that stood at least half a head shorter than her. She stared at the two in confusion. They looked oddly familiar. "Are you two children lost?" She queried, her tone falling into the once she talked to Ruby with. "Older sister Yang can help you around if you're lost." The shorter of the two girls by another half a head sighed, pushing her glasses downwards as she rubbed the bridge of her nose in irritation.

"Dear dust you had to go and call her a child." She groaned. Yang frowned, lilac eyes moving to the other girl. The 'younger' blonde's hands tightened as she stared at 'Older sister Yang', eyes conveying sheer wrath.

"Child? I'm twenty-two! I'll show you a child!" She growled. The busty blonde watched as the girl the size of her sister tried to punch her to no avail. A civilian didn't stand much chance against a huntress in training after all. It was still a chore to hold back a civilian whilst carrying Jaune on her shoulder however. "Quit holding me back by the head!" She cried, trying to swat her hand away from the top of her skull. Yang sighed,

"I don't know who let kids your age onto Beacon, but clearly I need to bring you to Glynda." The 'younger' girl poked her tongue out at the student. The one with glasses, and seemingly the more mature out of the two, held out an arm to stop what Yang assumed was her sister from the likeness of the two.

"I'm sorry, Miss Yang was it? My sister just hates it when people call her a child. She really is twenty-two though." Yang raised a brow in disbelief. Her? Twenty two? She looked about as old as Ruby, if that. "It's just genetics I guess. She got it from our mother, and she looks about as old as you."

"So what are you two doing at Beacon?" She queried, hoping for a better answer from the younger of the two sisters. The girl pushed up her glasses as she spoke,

"I think a better question is why are you carrying that seemingly dead body?" She returned. "Are you taking it to an airship so you can bury it outside of Vale?"

Yang laughed the question off, "'Course not. You've been reading too many mystery novels." She rubbed the younger girl's head affectionately. "This here is my…" She paused, children don't like the idea of love right? "Boyfriend." She finished. "I was just bringing his lazy behind to the ship for our date." The glasses girl smirked,

"That's strange, brother never said anything about having a girlfriend. Did he tell you anything Violet?" The older of the two sisters, Violet apparently, shook her head. As if on cue, the blond boy on her shoulder woke up.

He yawned, an arm moving in an attempt to stifle it. "Oh hey Misty, Violet. Is breakfast ready? I'm famished. Are Azure and Light waking up Opal?" He stopped rubbing his eyes and winced, a pain that could only be described as a rock hitting his head shook his body. "Did I sleep on my writing utensils agai- Yang? Are you carrying me?" He stared her in the eyes, completely dumbfounded by the situation. The blonde student blinked before dropping him unceremoniously to the floor of the docks.

"No?" She wasn't lying...

"Jaune are you alright?" Asked Violet, rubbing the back of his head softly. "Is this girl really your girlfriend?" The young knight stared at her, even more confused than he already was. The three blond females stared back once he began to laugh.

"Yang? My girlfriend?" The blonde boxer couldn't help but feel a little hurt at his not so casual dismissal of the idea. The least he could've done was go along with it. That way they could've gotten to the club faster. With the help of Bumblebee she would've been having a Strawberry Sunrise with a side of fidgety Jaune by now. "Please, can't you tell she's out of my league? 'Couldn't even hold a candle towards her."

The girl Jaune addressed as Misty nodded affirmatively, assessing her with a calculating smile. "She does seem like she's better than you. Attractive, fit, could probably take out a Grimm with one hand tied behind her back." The blond boy deadpanned at the newcomer.

"Y'know, agreeing so easily like that hurts…" Yang stood in silence as the two exchanged banter, with the third jumping in every now and again. She could feel the closeness between the three from the way they talked to each other.

"Does he know these two?" She wondered aloud as they moved onto another topic of conversation. The buxom brawler prided herself on her ability to read body language. It wasn't an advanced skill per se, but it was necessary if she wanted to get up close and personal with her opponents. Until now though, she had never realised how guarded the way Jaune stood around her. Back when they had fought earlier she was put off by the way Jaune held himself during the arena, he hadn't changed it from how he usually was at all. But now she knew why. He felt like he had to constantly have his guard up around her.

What had she done when they met that made him feel that way? At any rate, it didn't take a keen eye for body language to tell that he was the complete opposite around the two girls before them. It was almost as if he knew them on a personal level. Yang blinked, Mother and sisters are coming, something important that may or may not come later… The girl known as Misty had called him brother as well, but she had just assumed that was because she had referred to herself as older sister Yang. Is breakfast ready? Yang felt her own palm smack her head in an attempt to smite her stupidity.

"You two are his sisters!" She exclaimed, finally putting two and two together. That probably meant they wouldn't be having their date today then. Shame too, she was looking forward to seeing Jaune drunk. Sure it was still midday, but there's no better time than the present. Her mind snapped back to reality when the young looking older girl decided to introduce them.

"I apologise for my behaviour earlier. Any friend of Jaune's is a friend of mine. I'm Violet, Jaune's older sister by five years." She bowed. As she tilted over her blue skirt fluttered weakly in the breeze along with her hair. One of the downsides of being so high up a cliff by a large body of water was the strong winds that occurred surprisingly often. "Over here is Misty, she's Jaune's junior by four." The younger blonde curtsied politely despite wearing short jeans and a white top, casually avoiding her sister's hair whipping at her face with the wind.

Yang frowned, the one that reminded her of Blake with her calm, books demeanour was thirteen, and the one that was apparently older than she looked was twenty two… She got it from our mother. That was right, Jaune's mom looked like she could pass off as a Beacon student. "I'm Yang Xiao Long," She greeted once more. "But I'm sure Jaune's told you plenty about me." The two girls shared a look. Violet shifted closer to Jaune, positioning her body strategically between the two.

"So you're the dragon he talks about?" Queried Misty, pushing up her glasses. Yang stared Jaune dead in the eyes, genuinely curious. Why would he call her a dragon? "The one who you shouldn't wake or anger under any occasion?" Oh.

The blond knight felt a lump form in his throat, "How about you stop talking now and we go see the Headmaster? I'm sure you're both tired after your long trip here." He kept a straight face as he hurried the two away from a possibly annoyed Yang. Hopefully she wouldn't take offence.

"But I'm curious about your other acquaintances that you've made here at Beacon." Piped up Misty, unfortunately still within earshot of Yang. "Like the Snow Angel that melted your heart, or the cute Rose and Cat you found."

Violet nodded, the writer within her stirring. "Yeah. What about the Lazy Lotus and the Crazy Destructive Sloth that wields a hammer made of lightning?" Jaune couldn't hear the two poke fun at his letter writing as he was currently yelling nonsense at the top of his lungs. "Don't forget the Sweet Rabbit, Lost Bird and the Hot Chocolate?"

"Still not listening!~" He sang.

"Mr. Arc!" Snapped a voice as they approached an entrance. "Your next period began ten minutes ago. It is fine to go off to study after your match is done, but to skip school?"

Violet raised a brow at her brother who laughed weakly in return. "In my defence, I woke up on Yang's shoulder in the courtyard. I think she was trying to abduct me." He looked away from the deputy for a moment to find the girl. Where did Yang go? She was standing behind them with a perplexed look on her face a moment ago. Did she just get extra revenge in for ditching them earlier? "Misty and Violet will vouch for me, right?"

Glynda turned her attention to the nodding blonde girls. "We have no idea what he's talking about. You shouldn't lie to your elders Jaune just because you want to go out to Vale with us." Jaune's jaw dropped, though mostly out of disbelief that Violet just got away with calling Glynda an 'elder'.

Misty smiled, something Jaune knew she got from Opal. It was the exact same smile she would do when she was going to blame something on him. "If you'll need us brother we'll be seeing the Headmaster now to arrange a room to stay in. Have fun with the Wicked Witch you write to us about!" The knight watched as the two walked off in search of Ozpin with a look of disbelief. Those two have been spending too much time with Light and Lily… A loud crack from behind reminded him of the current problem.

"I'm sorry!" He cried, "No, wait, not the crop!"

All was quiet in the library, a rare occurrence while the sun was still high in the sky. However, the more troublesome of the usual customers were occupied by something else meaning the novel utopia was free reign. From 'The Man With Two Souls' to 'The Man With Two Souls 2', the Beacon library had almost any book you could think of. Unfortunately, despite the extensive range of books one kept eluding the grasp of one Blake Belladonna.

In all her years of searching she could not find it no matter where she looked. Every time she would be close it would be ripped right from her hands. Tukson's book trade? Someone bought it from across the world just before she could see it. Vale library? Borrowed the day after she found it and never returned. Beacon library? Lost to the ages. Though more than likely hidden by Amethyst.

So why is it, that in spite of all the pain, sweat, blood, and tears that she'd spent looking for it, there stood a girl that looked no older than Ruby that was using it to reach a book on the higher shelves? A smaller blond girl sat on her shoulders as they tried to reach the book that looked like it could crush the two under its weight. "Can you reach it Misty?" Asked the girl, balancing upon the book precariously. "The Encyclopedia of Grimm." Her mouth seemed to water as she said the name, "Do you know how much research I could get from this? Think about it Misty, stories by none other than the Grimm Sisters? It's practically calling for me!"

The younger girl sighed, "And you wonder why brother goes to extremes for his research." Shaking her head, she continued reaching for the book. "Now hold still, I've nearly got it. Why did we refrain from using our common sense and grabbing a ladder?" The woman under her huffed,

"And where's the adventure in that? No treasure trove came easily that wasn't a trap. Using a ladder would surely bring about our demise."

"And me sitting on your shoulders while you balance on a book won't?" She really hoped Violet wouldn't answer that question. Even a mere shrug would send them toppling to the floor. She reached forward once more, dancing the book on the tips of her fingers as she attempted to bring it closer. It went against every nerve in her brain to use such a crude, childish method to reach the book when there was a ladder sitting just to the right of them. However, not obeying her sister went against the feeling in her heart. She may be more attuned to the world of knowledge, but even intangible things like feelings had merit to them. She would help her 'older' sister because it felt like the right thing to do.

After all, she too was curious as to what the book held within.

A smirk rose to her face as her small hands finally managed to latch onto the book. Mission accomplished. All she needed to do was get down and they wouldn't need to get crushed by it. "I got it!" Misty sighed in relief once she managed to successfully lower it off of its shelf and into her arms. The sheer size of it made it hard to carry, a testament to its weight and bulkiness. She held the massive book before her, blowing off the surprising amount of dust.

Blake watched in mute horror as the two girls blew up. A small part of her wished she had recorded the occurrence, because she would need a frame-by-frame to understand just what on Remnant happened. One moment they had been standing there, the top girl having managed to successfully obtain the book they were aiming for. Suddenly, the two were enveloped in a cloud of smoke and fire.

If the scrambling behind her was of any clue Amethyst had heard the commotion as well. "Oh dear," She mumbled to no one in particular. The voice was so quiet no one else would have heard it. That is, so long as they weren't a Faunus. "I knew I missed somewhere."

Blake turned around to face the librarian, eyes narrowed. "What do you mean by that?" The woman flushed, not expecting to have been heard. Amber eyes narrowed further as Amethyst consistently failed to keep eye contact.

"W-well, you see. On some days… when no one's around. I like to, uh, practice?" Practice?

"Don't those girls need help?" Asked a voice from the side, interrupting the interrogation.

The cat Faunus' eyes widened. She had been too caught up in the strangeness of the situation she forgot about the matter at hand. Two seemingly civilian girls just blew up. The black haired student frowned internally as she hurried towards the two. The smoke dissipated slowly, revealing the two lying on the floor dazed. Other than singed clothes and possibly a bruise from the book that landed on one of the girls' heads, they were uninjured for the most part.

Three questions popped into existence the moment she got a better look at the girls. Why was she beginning to feel as if weird things were a common, everyday occurrence? Why did they manage to come out of a small explosion unharmed despite being civilians? And why did they look familiar?

"Are you alright?" She queried, arms outstretched to help them up. The older girl was out cold, no doubt taking the brunt of the fall. An Encyclopedia to the head did not help either. Upon further inspection her blouse and skirt did not appear to be affected too badly by the explosion. Her blonde hair however was slightly burnt, having been directly under the reaction.

On the topic of direct exposure, the seemingly younger of the two was already upright. Not much physical force had hit her directly, but she was covered in soot. The girl's short jeans was the only piece of clothing that managed to not get too much dust on it thanks to its position during the explosion. The expression of the blond girl as she blew her short hair away from her face and cleaned her glasses was priceless. Had she been anyone else she would've laughed at the scene taken out of a cartoon. The two met eyes as the girl finally regained the sense to answer, casually pushing her glasses back into place.

"What happened?" The question seemed directed more towards the universe itself than anything else, but Amethyst still answered from behind them. Blake couldn't help but notice the sheepish way she would look at everything except for the person she was talking to,

The purple haired woman took a deep breath, taking the time to center herself before speaking. "That was my fault." She apologised, bowing to the victim. "A while back I was practicing using fire dust and some of it got lost after I, er, tripped." It took Blake a moment to register what Amethyst had just said. Why was she using fire dust in a library? The very act and location flabbergasted the young Faunus, and she was partners with Yang. Weird things were apparently supposed to be normal. She didn't even flinch when two girls blew up. "At least the book you were trying to get was unharmed… for the most part."

Blake furrowed her brow in thought, did that mean Amethyst was watching the two struggle too? And didn't help them? To be fair, neither did she but she was preoccupied with her thoughts at the time. "Not to be rude but, who are you two?" She queried. The two were obviously not wearing a uniform and they looked too young to be students of Vacuo.

"We're just here to see our brother." Stated the younger looking girl, fixing the position of her blue glasses as she spoke. "Through no fault of our own he may have been put into detention so we decided to kill time in the library before going to see Ozpin." Blake had enough experiences with Yang and Ruby to know it was more than likely the fault of the two strangers in front of her for their brother getting into detention.

Amethyst spoke up, clearly trying to change the subject. "So who is your brother?"

"I leave you two alone for an hour and you've already blown up." Cried an exasperated voice, "No thanks to you two, I have to explain to Goodwitch later why I had to run away." Blake's bow perked up from the familiarity of the sound. Blonde hair, has a brother, one of them is younger than she looks, Jaune's family would be arriving at Beacon. She sighed, finally putting the pieces of the figurative puzzle together.

Jaune glared at the only currently awake sister. "You two are supposed to be the mature ones." He spared a glance at the unconscious girl lying under a book, "At the very least a step up from the others." Pulling out a rag he wiped the girl's face, paying no mind to the absurdly large book he threw to the side. The Faunus took note of the underlying worry in his tone, but whether it was worry over the wellbeing of the two girls or his own was questionable.

Time stopped for the briefest of moments as something caught her eye. A book, just to the right of the commotion. Namely the one they had been using as a rudimentary stool. She crept towards it slowly, making sure not to call attention upon herself. It was just one book right? It's not like they would miss it, after all they had just stood on it. She swiped the hardcover book when she was sure no one was looking. She trailed her hand over the letters of the title, feeling a light tingle run down her spine. Feeling a jolt of bravery she ran her fingers over the edges of the cover, ready to pry it open. She was just going to check to make sure it hadn't been damaged in the explosion…

Blake's eyes widened, the pages of the book almost glowing. It was signed. How did they get a signed copy? Why were they using it as a stool instead of the ladder? The black haired student froze stiff as her ears picked up the conversation between the Arc siblings. "Violet I lost your book." Stated Misty, eyes scanning the floor for the green novel.

Jaune gave her a look, "Why do you sound proud about that?"

The other girl, now seemingly awake, waved it off. "I'll just get you another one." Another one? How? The male Arc bopped the 'older' sibling on the head with his hand, prompting the blonde to cover it in apparent pain.

"Don't encourage her. She needs to learn to rectify her mistakes." He crossed his arms in a condescending manner. "Now find that book while I berate our older sister." Blake took that as her cue to leave. She could just return it later, when she was done with it. Maybe claim that the explosion blew it out the window.

"Where are you going?" Asked Amethyst, just before she could get away.

"Uh, I just remembered I have to go do something with the team." She answered vaguely. "Bye!" Acting as casual as she could she walked out.

Jaune span in front of his room, stopping once he faced his sisters. "Now unfortunately, Ozpin wasn't expecting you two so soon. As a result, you'll be staying with us until they can sort out a room for everyone." It probably didn't help the Headmaster that his mother had been so vague about the date of arrival. Getting a disposable room was hard to do after all… at least, it better be disposable what with there being several Arcs in one area. The girls shared a look,

The knight watched the two converse silently, a pregnant pause passed before they responded. "Can we not?" They spoke in sync, each raising a hand in objection. "I don't trust you with sleeping in the same room." Jaune's eye twitched,

He gave them an irritated look, they had become unruly since the last time he saw them. "What kind of person do you think I am?"

"One who writes smut about people he knows." Piped up Misty, hand still raised.

"One who looks into the hearts of people for personal gain." Added Violet, hand still raised.

Jaune flinched, was that really what they thought of him? His gaze dropped to the floor in contemplation. He shook his head, "That's not true… anymore that is." They weren't entirely wrong, he'd give them that. But thanks to a few things he'd learnt at Beacon, and extended time with Neo and Roman, research wasn't a good enough reason to look into other people's minds and nor was it going to rule him. "At any rate there isn't another place for you to stay." The two blondes shared another look, something Jaune felt he had to stop before they got more hive minded.

"What about that other team?" Jaune gave Violet a look. She was going to have to be a little more specific than 'other team'. There were dozens of teams at Beacon, possibly hundreds now that the Vytal Festival was rearing it's head. He would've made her aware of this fact too if she hadn't of caught his look and elaborated. "The team with the Rose, Angel, Cat and Dragon." His eye involuntarily twitched. Now she was being too specific.

"What about them?" He questioned back by habit, too preoccupied with rubbing away the oncoming migraine. Were they always like this? He paused. Violet was normally quiet, mature, caring and had the vibe of an older sister about her despite appearances. Misty was of a similar nature in that she was quiet, booky and mature for her age... at least more mature than Azure. Had they really changed so much in the time he'd been gone?

Misty pointed at the room across the hall, a particular shine to her glasses going unnoticed by the blond male. "We could stay there for the night." Jaune frowned,

"At the risk of you two revealing embarrassing things about me?" There was no way he was going to allow it.

The three Arcs fled to the door in shock as Team RWBY's dorm opened, a boisterous laugh following it. "Did someone say staying here for the night to reveal embarrassing secrets?" Cried Yang as she stepped out, the rest of her team following suit sans Blake.

The blond student narrowed his eyes at the four in an attempt to hide his fear, "How much of that did you hear?" The boxer shrugged, not helping his anxiety one bit. "Anyway, Ozpin said that they need to stay with me. So that's that." He sighed as the speakers crackled to life.

"Mr Arc, about the lodgings of your two sisters for the night, if you do not wish to be bothered by them they can stay at the RWBY dorm for the night." Stated the voice of Ozpin through the system.

"You can't be serious." That had to have been on purpose.

"Oh I am serious." Spoke the Headmaster as he rounded the corner, Glynda walking behind him as if to make sure he didn't somehow destroy the school.

The five students stated wide eyed at the man. "How did you…?" Trailed off Ruby. Misty and Violet couldn't help but exchange confused glances, having no clue as to what was transpiring before them. Ozpin seemed to shrug off the implied question.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Miss Rose." He took a sip from his mug to fill in a pause. "Now, you two." He gestured to the Arc siblings. "Can stay in the RWBY dorm, but any destroyed property will have to be on your heads."

"-But how did you know we were talking about where they were going to stay?" Questioned Ruby, still not satisfied. Ozpin gave a cryptic smile at the younger girl.

"I'm the headmaster Miss Rose. And a headmaster is always proper, and always knows what's going on in their school." He stated coolly, "Now if you excuse me, I have some paperwork to do." Jaune pretended not to see Glynda's crop pressed against the older man's back.

He scoffed when he was sure the two were out of earshot. Proper his behind, the entire school had seen what happened when Goodwitch had kept Ozpin's coffee hostage back at the initiation ceremony. "That settles it." Cheered Yang. She turned to the two Arc females. "Looks like you two get a first hand look at what it's like with Team RWBY!" The blondes raised their fists in triumph as they marched into the room, leaving a displeased Jaune and a confused remainder of RWBY. If there was even some semblance of the personalities he remembered, the night could go one of two ways for Team RWBY. They could either learn every embarrassing detail of his past thanks to Misty and Violet's near perfect memory, or-

A stack of paper interrupted his thoughts by attempting to tackle his chest, winding him slightly by the sheer force put behind it. Fortunately it also alerted him enough to catch the papers before they hit the floor. Jaune looked up from the scrawled notes to the red and white members of RWBY. The heiress cleared her throat, keeping her head tilted upward as she began to speak. "Ruby decided that to show the goodwill between our teams, she would keep you updated in what you missed in Oobleck's class today."

"That's awfully nice of you Rubes, thanks." Interjected Jaune, sending a smile the reaper's way. Weiss flinched noticeably.

"W-well, since Ruby's note taking skill are… questionable at best." She spared a glance at her leader, earning a sheepish smile from the red and black haired girl. "I took it upon myself to help her with the notes." Jaune grinned, a look Weiss no doubt caught. "Don't give me that look Arc. I merely did this to help a friend."

The two leaders shared a smirk, "We knew you cared Weiss-Queen." This proved to further fluster the White haired heiress as she huffed at their looks,

"I have no idea what you two are talking about." She snapped before making her way into the dorm room. The door slammed shut behind her, causing the two to wince at the force put behind it. Ruby chuckled mildly,

"Don't mind her. She's still new to the whole friends thing."

Although he wished to, Jaune refrained from mentioning that the year was already half over. That it was hard to believe it would take that long for someone to only begin getting accustomed to the idea of 'friendship'. His hesitance to speak his mind proved fruitful as the heiress burst out of Dorm RWBY not a moment later.

"Question, is there anything we need to know about your sisters' sleeping habits?" She briefly directed Jaune's attention to her partner with a glance. "Specifically talking in their sleep?"

He shook his head, as far as he knew Misty and Violet had no trouble sleeping. Though that was a problem in itself. If he had to pinpoint the sibling with the most unfortunate sleeping habit it would be a tie between himself and Opal. While thankfully neither of them snored, Opal had the peculiar condition of sleepwalking and talking nonsense. He however had something his parents deemed a sixth sense. Whenever something bad was about to happen he had what his family had annoyingly dubbed, 'The Waffle Dream'.

At some point, he had grown to dream of waffles whenever a problem were to occur. Opal about to pour water on his sleeping body? Waffle dream. Mom realising he and Opal had stolen snacks the night prior? Waffle dream. Nora about to wake him up with her hammer? Waffle dream.

Although Ren and Pyrrha doubted his capabilities Nora was behind him all the way, especially since the waffle dream had saved his skin a fair few times. The only time it failed him was on transport, but everyone chalked it up to him being unconscious rather than sleeping.

"Unless they've developed one while I've been gone, they have no trouble sleeping." Weiss nodded, he assumed she was pleased with his answer but one could never tell with the Ice Queen. For all Jaune knew, he was going to get a three thousand word essay on his inadequacies in the past week. "Well there are still a few hours until Goodwitch starts evicting students she sees out and about, you've got time to get earplugs in case something happens."

The heiress frowned, but ceded to his point. Preparations were, after all, what could make or break a war. And if the two new blonde women entering the RWBY dorm were anything like the current one and her sister, this would be war.

Jaune watched as the White haired student marched off in search of a noise deterrent before turning back to the Reaper that had been silent during the exchange. "You still with us Rubes?" He waved a hand in front of her face, earning a cute pout from the younger girl.

"Yes Jaune, I'm still very much aware of your sudden obliviousness to my existence." Ruby stuck her tongue out childishly, an expression that quickly turned into an ostentatious grin as the two began to share a laugh.

The knight winked at her, "Sorry Ruby, but priorities."

"Are you saying I'm not of high priority?" Ruby crossed her arms as she spoke, if anything it reminded him of Weiss. The two partners had begun to spend the better half of their free time together recently,

With the grace of a back flipping hippo, Jaune lost all semblances of professionalism when the Rose suddenly closed the distance between them. "You watch Jaune, I'll make your priority list one day!" The blond leader blinked,

"... And?"

Ruby grinned at him, "And then I'll make you feed me cookies!" And with that, she left him to his thoughts.

Jaune stared idly as the female leader entered her dorm, what had just happened? He shrugged, chalked it up to one of Ruby's plots for cookies, and turned back to his room. And realised something important. He slammed his head against the door, alerting the occupants. "Pyrrrhaaa," he cried, "I left my scroll inside… again."

Yang was excited. That was all she felt right now, simple excitement. It was that sort of childish feeling of elation you would get after opening a gift. The gift she was receiving? Blackmail material. The best kind. She rubbed her hands together, a crafty expression forming on her. She noticed the look of fear Weiss gave her out of the corner of her eye, but couldn't discern any possible reason as to why.

"Where's Blake?" Questioned her sister as she exited the bathroom, finished with her nightly duties. The blonde woman turned to the empty bed she was currently sitting on, 'where was she?' indeed. Last she'd seen of the black haired beauty, she said she would be in the library. The two newcomers shared a look,

"Is Blake a really beautiful black haired cat Faunus, around this tall, a pension for books, and looks like an introvert?" Yang stood shocked at the acute description of her partner. Misty smirked, pushing her glasses further up her nose in her usual know-it-all fashion, earning an eye roll from her sister.

"How did you know?" Queried the arguably level-headed one of the RWBY dorm room. The busty blonde turned to her white haired teammate. Weiss narrowed her eyes at the Arc female.

"I saw her at the library earlier today." She explained, "She ran out holding a book, saying something about having to go to her team."

Yang snickered, she was going to hold this over Blake like fresh tuna. "That doesn't explain why you knew she was a cat Faunus. She hides her ears under her bow." Snapped Weiss, the cold heiress frowned at the younger sibling. Yang had to give her that, how did she know those were ears under the bow? From what she could see, Ruby had that usual look of childish curiosity as she sat next to her.

"That was a bow?" And just like that all conspiracy theories against the new girl flew out the window. Yang shot Weiss an amused look from the corner of her eye, something the girl hadn't missed. The Arc sisters shared a confused look, once again conferring with each other using what Yang assumed was a telekinesis all Arc siblings that weren't Jaune had.

A tap on her shoulder alerted her to the steady gaze of one Ruby Rose. Yang could feel the concentration emanate off of her sister as she used her silver eyes to bore into the soul of the buxom blonde before her. She snickered, rustling her hair affectionately. "I'll get you cookies later Rubes."

Yang faced her fellow blondes across the room, a wide grin occupying the majority of her face. "Now then, you two got any juicy tidbits about your brother's life? We'd all like to know." She just needed a little dirt on him to dangle in front of his face, then she could pounce.

The older of the two Arcs stared back in confusion, "Juicy tidbits? I'm afraid you're going to have to be more specific."

Before she could get to clarify, the door opened to reveal the final member of Team RWBY. "Sorry I'm late, got caught up reading-" Blake froze, the number of occupants in the room was more than usual. Namely the ratio of yellow to any other colour in the room. Yang watched curiously as her partner hid something behind her back. "I just realised I have something to do, I'll see you in a bit!" And with that the door slammed shut.

"... Are we going to have to have another intervention?" Queried Ruby. Yang smiled warmly, if Blake was being that obvious then it wasn't anything major. At any rate, now was the time for blackmail!

"Are you kidding me? On my bed?" The buxom blonde turned to her white haired teammate at the exclamation. Weiss' right eye twitched. Clearly she was displeased by something, but it wasn't Ruby's suggestion. Yang followed her line of sight and was indeed shocked and mildly irritated by what she found.

"How have they fallen asleep already?" She cried, there was still an hour before Goodwitch started making her rounds. The two were already huddled together under the white covers, fast asleep.

"On my bed!" Reiterated Weiss,

Jaune had been launched into a forest, fought a small army of Grimm, gone to Vale with a beautiful girl on multiple occasions, dressed as a girl on two separate instances and even gone karaoke with his team, yet nothing could prepare him for the dread and anxiety he felt in anticipation for the arrival of his family the next day. He paced uncomfortably in his room, still around forty minutes until Glynda started patrolling the hallways. He could go for a nighttime stroll if he pleased.

The knight took a few steps towards the door, hand outstretched but still not within grasping range. Dare he go outside? What if his family arrived while he was gone? Or worse,

What if the boomerang came back?

He shivered uncontrollably. He hadn't felt true fear since his mother found out his older sisters, mainly Violet, got him to start incorporating smut into his writing. Though all of his encounters with Goodwitch came fairly close.

He nearly jumped out of his skin once he felt a hand grip his shoulder. The warmth that came from the touch was what kept him from punching the owner of the hand out of reflex. "Are you okay Jaune?"

He smiled as he turned to face his partner, "I'm fine, just feeling a little anxious." He admitted. Pyrrha returned his smile with her own, her hand falling off his shoulder.

"Scared of your mom?" She joked. Jaune laughed nervously,

"Mostly just worried about what they're going to do here." He was in the dark in regards to what was going on. All he knew was that there would be family members arriving. How long would they be staying for? He didn't know. Why were they staying? Not even a semblance of an idea. What would they be doing during their visit? No clue. Why was Ozpin letting them stay? Well he at least knew that one, but he had to find that out from Professor Goodwitch rather than his family. "I haven't exactly been told anything."

"I find," started Pyrrha, catching his attention, "that when I'm feeling down or nervous about something I like to go look at the stars." He felt his breath hitch when the red haired champion turned to him, their eyes meeting. "Do you… want to go with me?"

Jaune smiled, a small hum escaping him. "I would like that." He needed to relax for once. After everything that's happened as of late, a light breather sounded nice.

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Here's an abridged view of what could've happened, had Yang managed to not walk into Jaune's siblings.

Omake ~ A Date to Remember

Jaune flew into a fit of coughs, his body jumping into a sitting position. He could feel stomach convulsions climbing out of the deepest levels of the Grimm wild-lands, the jolting change in situation not helping calm it. His eyes widened, finally taking in his surroundings. He would gasp, but something was already coming out instead.
Through the involuntary shaking and gagging only one thought crept through his mind, what was he doing on an airship? "Hey there sleepyhead~" cooed a voice. "Have a good nap? You seemed to like your pillow."

He daren't turn to inspect the owner of the voice lest the dam broke all over them. But there was no forgetting that voice. A certain blonde woman was accompanying him on the airship ride to the Remnant equivalent of hell. "Yang, what's going on?" The blond knight barely managed to accomplish that sentence without throwing up. Strangely enough, his urge to throw up was weaker than usual. Normally he wouldn't be able to hold it back for more than a dozen seconds upon noticing he was not moving of his own accord.

"We're going on a date silly." Jaune didn't exactly trust the matter-of-fact tone the busty student took. "You should've waited longer before waking up. It would have been easier on your stomach." He felt her elbow him several times in a joking manner. "Should I help you out with that? Don't want you vomiting all over the ship." Jaune rolled his eyes, finally turning to the girl sitting next to him. Unless she could knock him out again or had those sap pills Jay had given him, there wouldn't be anything she'd be able to do about it.

His vision went black.

When Jaune woke up next, his arms were bound and he felt like he was falling at an absurd rate. "Did you wake up again? You should probably wait a bit longer, we're nearly there." Jaune tried to move, but his whole body appeared to be bound around the waist and torso. "You shouldn't struggle Vomit Boy, you might fall off. Those binds are pretty loose." If he had the ability to turn around, he would have given her the harshest glare he could muster whilst about to throw up. If these were loose, he was a Beowolf. What were they made of, titanium? He sighed, assessing his surroundings to the best of his ability with his limited head movement.

Currently, he was tied to the back of Yang's motorcycle that she had lovingly dubbed Bumblebee. A name that was much better than the 'SS John Ark' she had called his boat. To avoid him falling off, she had laid him on his stomach and bound him using a rope. This however, had an unfortunate effect that accumulated from him riding backwards, facing down, with a constant pressure on his guts. "Yang, get me off of this death machine right this instant!" He cried to the maniacal woman. With each speed bump and sharp turn, he got closer to throwing up. Whatever miracle had kept him from losing his lunch so far clearly was not going to last forever.

"So help me Jaune, if you throw up on my ride I am turning this motorcycle around." And force him to suffer the return journey? Clearly she hadn't thought that threat through. "Just hold still, I'll help you." Jaune's eyes widened, his stomach gurgling in retaliation.

"Yang, you'd better not knock me out agai-"

His vision went black.

- 'Bright lights, flashing colours, loud music, the pungent smell of booze permeating the air and mixing with the scent of sweat. This all hit him at once as his eyes flew open. Curiously enough, the sheer shock of waking up in an unknown place took precedence over the growing need to hurl. Sitting up, he was treated to the sight of dancers and a rather expensive looking room. Looking around he realised he was in a club, lying down in a booth off to the side of the dance floor.

"You're awake." Spoke a voice behind him. Upon turning his gaze to the owner of the voice Jaune was surprised to see Yang. She was wearing a simple white dress that went against what he would've expected of her usual style. In fact, he guessed it would've been something Weiss would wear. In spite of it, she looked good. "I see you've been enjoying my legs~" She teased.

Jaune blinked. Looking down, he managed to put two and two together. Yang had let him rest on her lap. The busty blonde grinned at his reaction, a light fire flickering in her eyes. "Don't worry, we'll get a better chance to work our legs on the dance floor. Come on Vomit Boy, let's see what your alcohol tolerance is."' -

"-Or something like that. I wasn't expecting you to bring me here of all places." Finished Jaune. Yang gave him a light glare, but she didn't argue. It did sound like something she would do. Instead, the two were sat at a fancy restaurant. She had heard it was hard to get a reservation, but it helped to have a few… connections.

"I'm hurt Vomit Boy. And to think I cracked the dress I was going to use for the school dance out early for you." She whined at him playfully, a smirk hidden under her betrayed expression. The young woman sat pleased at the boy's expression, a more sincere embarrassed flush danced around his cheeks. One of her favourite pastimes had to be teasing people. It was just too easy sometimes. "So what are you going to order?" She asked with a wink, "I'm still on the menu."

The knight before her sighed at her antics, the blush refusing to leave his cheeks. "I'll just have the burger." He answered casually. No doubt still feeling the effects of nearly vomiting and getting knocked out several times in quick succession. Yang tilted her head at the answer, but said nothing.

Picking up the menu she took a look at the myriad of expensive foods. True to his word there was a burger. "You must have a great sense of judgement if you can order something without looking at the menu." She mused. "It's almost as if you've been here before."

Jaune froze for a split second, but it was still enough for Yang to gauge his reaction. "I have no idea what you're talking about." His voice was shaky. Obviously the blond student hadn't expected the sudden accusation. "I just noticed that someone was having a burger in such a classy establishment on the way in. There must've been a reason right?" The newly avid reader smiled cryptically at the male,

"Here are your drinks, are you ready to order?" Spoke up a waiter. The poor man seemed to have been waiting for a few minutes.

Yang gave the waiter a grin, "I'll have what he's having." Her gaze turned back to her date, grin not faltering one bit. "After all, he has more experience in fine dining."

Jaune felt copious amounts of sweat trickle down as he walked down the street. Under normal circumstances he would be fine. The night air in Vale was exceptionally crisp, usually accompanied by a faint breeze from the ocean. However, these were certainly not normal circumstances. Not when you had Yang hanging off your arm. He had no clue what she was planning, but it wouldn't be good.

"So where's our last stop Yang?" He asked as the two continued their stroll, arm in arm. The knight nearly flinched backward as the young woman shrugged, briefly pushing her ample assets against his arm. It didn't help that she was wearing a surprisingly modest dress that felt very thin.

"Dunno. I was thinking we could just check out the sights." She admitted in a calmer fashion than he was used to from Yang. Thinking nothing of it, the Arc male kept his eye out for dark alleyways. Last time he was out in Vale at night it didn't exactly go well. "Do you have anything in particular you wanted to do?"

Jaune picked at his mind for something that would be available at this time of day that Yang would enjoy. I was a date after all, might as well let her have some fun. He sighed, "Know any good clubs?"

Yang grinned, "I'm upset that you felt the need to ask."

"Strawberry Sunrise. No ice. Oh, and one of those little umbrellas." The bartender gave her a look, giving Jaune the feeling that maybe coming here was a bad idea.

"Blondie, you'd better not be here to destroy the club again." Groaned the barkeep. He was a large man, easily a head taller than him, and was fairly bulky. Definitely looked like someone you didn't want to mess with, so why was Yang messing with him? And what did he mean by again?

The blonde woman laughed, waving it off. "Not today Junior. I'm here with a date." She gestured at him as she leant on the counter. Jaune waved awkwardly at the larger man. It was weird having to look up to talk to someone.

"The name's Jaune Arc, short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Ladies love it." If he was going to give the barkeep a bad impression, might as well hit it home. To his surprise the black haired man laughed,

Unfortunately it wasn't for the best of reasons. "This is your date blondie? You've got a strange taste." Yang poked her tongue out at him as she received her drink, fiddling with the umbrella idly.

"I think his social awkwardness is cute." Jaune gave her a blank look, "He's a pretty good guy to boot, ain't that right Vomit Boy?" He coughed as she punched his shoulder playfully. There was nothing gentle about the blonde boxer. But she did look rather beautiful...

"Any reason why Casanova here is wearing uniform while you're wearing… that?" Questioned the older man as he wiped the bar, asking something that had been on his mind for a while too. The knight turned his attention to the counter when Junior gave him a look. There was something about the way the bar sparkled that made him think today had been a relatively slow day.

Yang laughed nervously, "No reason. I just like a guy in uniform." She sent a wink his way that just flew over his head. That had reminded him, when did Yang take the time to change? She was wearing her combat clothes back on the airship, so it had to be between then and the restaurant. "Anything you want to drink?" Jaune blinked, taking a moment to register the question.

"Uh, water-"

"He'll have what I'm having Junior." The blond student gave her a look, was she serious? The girl took a sip of her drink, oblivious to his stare.

"Aren't we underage?"

Yang shrugged, "'Old enough to kill Grimm, old enough to drink.' That's what Uncle Qrow once told me." Jaune raised a brow at the lie. He turned to the bartender and Junior returned his gaze with a sigh,

"If I deny her she'll just destroy the club." Jaune groaned along with the man, of course she would. It just surprised him that she hadn't been called to court by the owner. He watched as the man slid a drink over the bar to him. He kept an eye on the red and yellow drink, not daring to touch it as if it would jump out and attack him. "Good luck kid." Laughed Junior gruffly.

Yang have him a smirk as she tapped his glass with her own. "Cheers."

Yang groaned as she dragged Jaune out of the airship, how did he get heavier over the course of their date? Mental note, never bring Jaune out drinking again. Never had she seen such a confused drunk. It was almost as if he didn't even know what kind of drunk he was supposed to be. One moment he was flirty, then fight-y, then dead inside. And it was just his first drink. She had barely finished drinking her own when he threw a punch at her before collapsing into a bear hug.

Unfortunately, out of the various drunk styles he went through, the drunk that would not stop spilling secrets was not one of them.

At least he hadn't thrown up, so that was a win in her books. And there was the fact he had called her dress beautiful, but he was drunk so that didn't count. "Yang where have you been?!" Cried a voice, cutting her from her thoughts. Ruby? "I've been trying to contact you for an hour." The busty woman turned her eyes from the unconscious blond to face her sister. What could've possibly happened to warrant worry from Ruby while she was gone?"

To her surprise, Beacon was half destroyed, students were panicking everywhere and Ozpin was currently being held up from the collar by a woman that barely reached his torso. He was practically kneeling as she held him up. "Tell me where my son is or I will break it." She threatened, waving a mug of coffee dangerously.

"ANYTHING BUT THAT!" Cried the Headmaster uncharacteristically. Never had she seen him break down like that before, though the time Goodwitch lowered the coffee budget came close. "I swear I don't know where Mr Arc went." Yang turned to the unconscious Arc next to her.


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