The Monsters of Iwa

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Chapter 1

6 Years after the Kyuubi Attack

In a country known as the land of fire laid a village... it was not just any village but a village full of ninja known as shinobi and kunoichi. This village was known as the village hidden in the leaves or Konohagakure which most people knew it. This village was considered the biggest and most powerful, largest, and most prosperous in all the Elemental Nations. The village was known for its stern teaching and the belief in that teamwork is everything. But our story doesn't start their, no our story begins with a happy well known family, or so that is what it seems.

Within this family was four members and the children, one boy and one girl both, but this story is about it was about the certain individuals that the family contains. The father of this seemingly happy family was the leader of this village who was the Yondaime Hokage and his name is Minato Namikaze, who had earned the nickname the Yellow Flash due to his speed. He was a man who had bright, blue eyes and spiky, blond hair. Minato also had jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face. According to his teacher Jiraiya, Minato was considered to be very handsome.

The mother of this family was a beautiful woman, and her name was Kushina Namikaze and was a kunoichi that was feared throughout the village due to her very short temper. Due to this she had earned her the nickname the Red Devil, because of the way that her vibrant and unique red hair stood whenever she was angry. She had a slender, but feminine build, fair skin, violet eyes, fiery red hair, a common trait among the members of the Uzumaki clan, that fell down to her waist with strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left, keeping it out of her eyes.

The two kids were both six years old and both female, one of the girls had the red hair that her mother possessed and blue eyes her name was Narumi. The twin of the girl had blond hair just like her father, but had violet colored eyes and her name was Naruko.

The story doesn't revolve around these children either. No it was about a boy and his twin sister and they were both eight years old. The boy was named Naruto and you could tell he would be handsome and a heart breaker in the had a slim figure that had no amount of baby fat on it, all that you could see was the few small outlines of the tiny but compact muscles he contained. He had short blond hair with a red bang covering his left girl was very much like her brother she was beautiful girl and would become more every day her name was Kasumi. She had a small petite frame which was also showed no sign of baby fat and slight muscle like her brother. She also had short blond hair with a red bang that covered her right eye, both of the childrens eyes were the same as with azure blue on the outside and violet on the inside of the iris.

These were the forgotten children of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Namikaze, and their names were Naruto and Kasumi. These two children showed a cold and crude personality to almost everyone in Konoha, except to each other where they would show the most beautiful smiles people have ever seen.

Right now we find the boy and his sister looking outside their window from the two story house with the brother hugging his sister with their fingers interlocked a way of comforting each other, watching as their "parents" training their younger "sisters". They always asked their parents for training, but usually got brushed off for their sisters. Why you may ask yourself, because six years ago a masked man attacked their mother as she was giving birth to their sibling outside of the village.

The masked man was able to successfully remove the nine tails from their mother and set it on a rampage that started to destroy the village. Minato was able to take the nine tails to a secluded part outside of the village, and with the help of Kushina they were not only able to beat the man by sealing his chakra for a small amount of time. After the man had been drive away they had been able to divide and seal the nine tails chakra into the newborn girls and the soul back into Kushina making her stable enough to survive. Due to having it ripped out of her it had destroyed most of her chakra network ending her career as a kunoichi.

Narumi and Naruko were then presented to the village by their parents saying that they are the jailers and shall protect the village from harm, thus making them become worshiped by the villagers as heroes. The problem with this is that the eldest siblings were outcasts in their village as well as family becoming shunned for their sisters everyone all but forgot that the Hokage had two older children.

The brother and sister grew up in the shadows of their younger sisters. They were always forgotten in family activities such as vacations, parties, dinners and even their own birthdays. The parents merely thought of them as pests, and they were finally going to try one last time to gain recognition before giving up on them.

We can now find the Naruto and Kasumi going through the Namikaze family library that will certainly get them noticed inside their own home.

"Kasumi-chan have you found anything yet? I'm getting really bored looking for junk." Asked Naruto that was pilled under scrolls and trying to get up from underneath them, but failing miserably.

*Sigh* "No I haven't yet now get up from under the pile of scrolls and be helpful please." Kasumi told her brother and throwing a random scroll at her brother which comically hit him in the head, causing him to perform a face plant. While Kasumi was giggling at him, Naruto then opened up the scroll she had thrown at him labeled "Chakra Control Practice" and started reading said scroll.

"Kasumi-chan I found something it shows detailed descriptions of how climb trees and walk on water." Told a giddy Naruto while his sister was in the same state as him.

Then let's get going we can go to our favorite spot, because it will be perfect place to train in this stuff." Kasumi wisely told Naruto who only nodded in agreement to busy reading the scroll. She then grabbed his hand and interlocked their fingers before both of them started running to the "spot."

(At the secret spot)

Naruto and Kasumi arrived to the secret place that they were both thinking about. It was a lush green opening in the middle of the forest. It contained a small lake that had crystal clear water. Around the lake you could see vibrant and beautiful plants, along with animals running in the clearing or sleeping on the grass. When the duo arrived the animals all looked at them before going back to the activities they were conducting knowing that the two visitors wouldn't hurt them.

"Ok so it says to accomplish tree running we will have to add chakra to our feet and get the correct amount or else it won't work." Naruto informed the two of them while looking at a 15 foot tall tree.

"3, 2, 1 GO!" both yelled at the same time and when they reached the tree they both had different reactions. Naruto hadn't added enough chakra to his feet, causing him to slip and fall onto his back. Kasumi had the opposite reaction and added to much chakra resulting in her launching off the tree landing on her brother.

The two of them then for the next two hours spent all the time climbing up the tree and getting it perfect. They then started learning the water walking technique which resulted in them gaining drenched clothes after learning and perfecting it after five hours.

"We finally did it sis now we can show them were not useless" Naruto told his sister while rubbing her head that was in his lap resting. Kasumi merely nodded before forcing herself up and grabbing her brother's hand interlocking their fingers as always before they both starting heading home with smiles on their faces ready to show their parents what they learned.

What they never saw were two beautiful women in the tree watching the two run off into the distance. One of them had snow white hair while the other possessed pitch black hair.

"Such loving smiles, it always surprises me that they can even show that expression anymore due to the lives they lived" spoke the white haired women that was sporting a smile on her face that was showing love and longing towards the two children that left.

"Don't worry sis they will soon be out children and they will never be sad again, but it is funny they act like lovers never leaving each other's side and walking holding hands. I wouldn't be surprised if something happened between the two of them in the near future." Spoke the black haired woman to her counterpart while also giggling into her hand. The white head merely shook her head but nodded at the same time. With that the two women turned around and faded into nothing as though they were a figment of someone's imagination.

(At the Namikaze Household)

Naruto and Kasumi arrived at their home and went searching for their parents. They found them Sitting in the shade eating lunch without them. They were used to this, but it still slightly hurt none the less. The duo made it over next to the family and talking their time to not startle them and get in trouble.

"Ano mom and dad Kasumi and I would like to show you something we have been working on all day." Naruto told the parents who sighed at just wanting to eat lunch but nodded and waved at them to begin. When Naruto and Kasumi started walking on the water and walking on trees the parents were experiencing shock and anger at the same time, while Naruko and Narumi in surprised that their big bro and sis did something that they couldn't yet.

*SLAP-SLAP* "WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO DO THESE THINGS?!" Yelled Minato and his wife that just smacked the kids who were now in shock on the floor. They were rubbing the red marks on their faces that were very likely to become bruises because of the bluish coloring.

"W-we just went into the family library and took a scroll and taught ourselves." Who spoke a shocked and angry Naruto due to him and his sister being hit for no apparent reason.

"AND WHO TOLD YOU TO TAKE SOMETHING? GO TO YOUR ROOM AND DON'T COME OUT!" Kushina yelled and tried to hit the kids again.

Though when she did something interesting happened when the slap hit Naruto's skin it instead felt like she hit a steel wall and it stung her hand. The looked at their children and got slightly freaked out because they could have sworn Naruto and Kasumi's eyes changed for a split second. The pupils of their eyes turned blood red and the sclera turned pitch black, and the soon to be bruises on their faces disappeared in a second ; if they would have looked closely they could have seen something trying to come out of the back of their shirts. Though these changed were only for a split second and they only thought it to be their imagination.

Naruto and Kasumi then gave their 'parents' an ice cold glare that they gave everyone else in the village making both Kushina and Minato flinch in shock form looking into their eyes. The twin's faces then changed into an emotionless mask and the tone they spoke in sounded dead.

"Very well Hokage-sama and Namikaze-sama we will now leave to our room for interrupting your lunch." Spoke Naruto in a tone that didn't have an ounce of emotion. The parents then adopted downhearted expressions on their faces for not being called mother or father. All the while Naruko and Natsumi kept quiet through the whole ordeal not knowing what to do in this situation.

Naruto and Kasumi then swiftly left both shaking with rage while Kasumi just grabbed her brother's hand into hers to calm the both of them down. When they arrived at their room they opened the door only to be bathed in a bright white light making both of them flash away while the door softly closed itself.

(An Unknown Location)

The twins opened their eyes after the bright white light blinded the both of them. They looked around to find out where they were but all they saw was nothing. They then both tensed when they saw two people start to form in front of them. They both then gawked when they saw the beautiful appearances of the women that stood before them. Then women just merely giggled at their silly looking faces.

"Don't fret little children we aren't here children we aren't going to hurt you quite opposite actually." The blacked haired woman said resulting in the twins relaxing.

"Now that we go that out of the way would you like to know who we are?" The white hared woman asked. The twins nodded and the got the answer of their lives.

"I'm kami and this is my sister the goddess of death" she spoke as it was the most normal thing in the world. Naruto and Kasumi's eyes widened to the eyes of dinner plates and comically fainted next to each other.

"Don't you think that was a little blunt?" asked the now known goddess of death with a sweat drop on her head looking towards her sister.

"Maybe" Kami replied rubbing the back of her head with an embarrassed face.

Once the twins woke up again they then immediately looked at their feet with downcast expressions. They then asked a question that instantly broke the two goddesses' hearts.

"Why would you want to see us we are just nobody's?" The two kids were then hugged by the two women and started to shake before crying into their shoulders.

"You two are the most precious things in this world and were given a crappy hand." Kami spoke while rubbing Kasumi's head.

"And we have a question that we would like to ask the both of you" The Shinigami spoke and sitting down with Naruto in her lap. The two children looked up towards the two women wondering what their question was going to be,

"Would you two like to become our children?" asked the two goddesses' at the same time with a sliver of hope in their voices. Naruto and Kasumi immediately looked at the two women while having more tears collect in their eyes. They both looked at each other and smiled before hugging the women tighter.

"We would love too." The twins said at the exact same time. Both woman gained huge smiles on their faces placed kisses on the twin's heads. They then got up and straightened their clothes out.

"If that's the case then we can't have our children in a village that doesn't want them." stated Kami or newly named kaa-chan by her kids. Gaining a yes from everyone next to her.

"Then once we leave we can unlock your hidden power that was trying to escape earlier this afternoon, during the fight with your former parents." The Shinigami stated or newly named kaa-san by her new kids. While she stated this they were just staring at her with faces full of curiosity.

"What do you mean kaa-san? What tried to come out earlier this afternoon?" Naruto questioned while his sister just nodded next to him.

"Now-now kids let's leave the village and then we will explain everything." Kami told them who just nodded knowing they will be told later in the night.

"Now that we have that out of the way we should leave as soon as possible do you kids know when you can be ready?" Question the Shinigami.

Naruto and Kasumi both talked to each other before turning and facing their new mothers.

"We can honestly leave tonight, we don't really have a lot of things just a small amount of clothes." Responded Kasumi while Naruto agreed.

The two women frowned after learning this, but it did make it easier for them to leave the village as soon as possible and start training them to become stronger in learning there dormant abilities. With that said the twins and women teleported back into the plain looking room that was Naruto and Kasumi's and started getting ready for tonight.

(Nighttime in Konoha)

They were finally ready they were going to finally leave, and they were more than eager to leave. Naruto and Kasumi both looked around their room again to make sure they got everything they needed. They turned to their mother and nodded.

"You guys finally ready?" Kami asked to two children.

"Yes kaa-chan, we got all our clothes packed and we with your guys help earlier we copied every single thing in the family library." Kasumi responded then looked to her brother that had a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Is something bothering you bro?"

"No I'm just wondering when they will notice we left, I wish I could have been able to see their faces." Naruto responded his sister and hugged her while both of them giggled at the thought. With everything done the Goddesses' both grabbed their children's shoulders and teleported them into the cave to master their abilities. With them gone the leaf just lost 'The Centipede' and the 'One-eyed Owl' names that would later strike fear into anyone who heard it.

(2 Hours Later)

The two younger siblings Naruko and Natsumi were talking with each other trying to think of ways to make it up their elder siblings for what happened earlier that day.

"Maybe we can get mom to cook them any food they want, does that sound good?" Naruko asked her sister. Who just shook her head side to side negatively.

"No I'm pretty sure they can already cook without our help just fine… I know what about we show them how to do the stuff mom and dad taught us?" Kasumi said while Naruko nodded and both went to their brother and sisters room. As they were walking they were surprised to see how far Naruto and Kasumi's room was from everyone else's. They finally arrived at the room, after a quick argument on who would knock resulting in Natsumi loosing and having to do it.

*Knock-Knock*… no answer.

"Do you think that they are asleep?"

"No they are probably still mad at us and don't want to talk."

With that said the twins knocked one more time and opened the door into the elder sibling's room. They were surprised that there was nobody inside and got worried. After looking around they found a letter with containing one simple word.


After reading the one powerful word both of the girls screamed.

(Minutes Earlier with Minato and Kushina)

Minato and Kushina were getting ready for bed unaware of what had happened earlier that night. Minato was washing his face and Kushina was brushing her hair.

*Sigh* "Minato do you think that we were too hard on Naruto and Kasumi earlier?" questioned Kushina who stopped straightening her hair and was now staring off into space. Minato then came up behind her and simply hugged her.

"I think that we did go a little over bored, but we were just scared that they could have gotten hurt trying do those things." Minato replied to his wife who relaxed into his arms.

"Tell you what. Tomorrow morning when they wake up we will apologize and we can do anything they want." Kushina just nodded at her husband's plan and was just about to go to bed before they both heard ear splitting screams on the other side of the house.

They ran as fast as they could and were surprised that they arrived to the boring room of Naruto and Kasumi. They then saw their youngest children on the floor crying holding a piece of paper. Minato read the paper out loud next to his wife and both gained horrified expressions. He then went straight to the Hokage tower to immediately start looking for the runaway twins. Too bad they would never find them or hear from them again for the next couple of years.

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