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***Warning: Swearing.


"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, mom."

"Absolutely sure?"

"Yes mom."

"And you won't be needing us while we are in there?"

"No, mom."

"Will you really be fine?"

"Mom, it's just two days. I'm seventeen-years-old and I can take care of myself. Have a little faith in me, will you?"

"Okay, okay. We'll leave now so remember not to destroy the house. If you do, well, this would be the last time we leave without you."

Ughh... then I would have to see Mike again. What did I ever do to deserve such a terrible cousin? He is the same age as me and I swear, his life mission is to make my life like living hell.

"Don't worry! Both me and the house will be just fine. You should leave if you don't want to be late. Aunt Emma is probably already there waiting for you..."

"You're right, Lily. We should go now Vanessa," my dad comes to the room, "but I have to say, Mike will be very disappointed that you are not coming with us." he says with a pointed look.

Oh, I'm sure he will...

"Yeah, yeah. Bye bye! See you soon." I say to my parents while giving them both a big hug, before they start to regret their decision.

"Bye, honey! Have a nice weekend!" is the last thing they say before the door closes and I'm left alone. I press my ear against the door and listen to their fading steps. Wait for it... Wait for it... No foot steps can be heard anymore.


I start dancing the Carlton dance, because why not? I'm so good at it! Or I think I am... Anyway! I'm just so happy to be finally allowed to stay at home. This continues about fourteen minutes before I finally get tired and stop. Maybe I should go and see how my best friend is doing today. What's his name?


Grinning like a mad man, I march to kitchen, grab some sweets, chips, coca cola and hot dogs with me and then head to the living room. I set my 'healthy food' on the little table in front of our sofa. Hey, maybe I should change into something more comfortable than these jeans.

With that I go upstairs to my room, open the dresser and change into grey sweatpants and white T-shirt which says; "Zombies hate fast food." So true...

It's not long before I'm already watching The Vampire Diaries from Netflix.

"Well, hello Damon..."

It's already dark outside and I'm still watching the show, but suddenly I hear a big thump noise from the hall. I put pause on the show and frown a little. Was that just my imagination?

Apparently not, because then I could hear some groans, moans and whines coming from there. What the hell?! Has someone broke into our house? Oh no, please no!

I have no idea about what I should do. They could be some ax murderers and in all honesty, I'm a chicken. I have never been a brave girl. Even in school when I see that someone gets bullied, I do nothing. I have no guts, because I fear that then I would get bullied too. Is this some kind of punishment for that? If I survive this, then I promise to do something about it later! I'm too young to die!

Okay. Maybe I should go and take a look before I start to panic. But when I start to stand up, I realize that I'm shaking. Badly. Or I could just hide like the chicken I am... Yes, who am I kidding? I can't go in there!

"Bombur! I can't breathe! Get out of my back!"

"Oi! Get your foot out of my mouth!"

"Where are we?"

"What is this place?!"


Just as I was making a run for the stairs and into my room, I stopped when I heard the name 'Gandalf'. Now don't get me wrong, I am no big fan of Tolkien, but, I do have seen the Lord of the Rings. I know who Gandalf is.

Well, now I sure as hell know that they are psychopaths! Gotta get moving!

But for some reason, my legs don't move. I try to go to the stairs, but they don't listen to me. Wait, could it be?

I try to turn around so I'm heading for the psychos in the hall. Of course now they work! That's it! I'm self-descrutive!

"Wizard! Where have you taken us?! This doesn't look like the Lonely Mountain!"

"I told you this was a bad idea, Thorin! But no, you didn't want to listen so now we all are paying the price!"

"Do not blame me for this! This was your magic not mine!"

Wow, they are even more stranger than I first thought! So why am I going in their direction?!

Before I even knew what I was doing, I peeked behind the wall into the hall, and almost gasped. There was more than ten men in there, all standing or trying to, and they were looking between a man with black hair and a grumpy face and... Gandalf...

Wow! He looks exactly like the Gandalf the Grey from the LotR! My eyes were wide open and I just stared at him with my mouth open. Maybe I even drooled, but that's not the point! The point was that some really good cosplayer broke into our house with his strange group of men! They even had a very sharp and real looking weapons!

And of course, I was stupid enough to not notice that anyone who looked in my direction now, could see me. That's why one of them did see me,

"Hey! Who's that?" was heard and before I knew it, everyone was looking straight at me.

Now is the time to get the hell out of here...

"Aaaaagggggghhhhh!" I screamed and ran for the stairs. After three seconds I could hear them shouting,


"Don't let her go!"

"Get her!"

Well shit!

I had to go through the living room to get to the stairs so I headed for there first. I could hear the thundering steps when they started chasing me. I managed to reach the living room and I could see the stairs. Don't ask me what I was going to do when I would be in upstairs, because I don't know. Maybe I could lock myself to the bathroom...

Unfortunately, for me, I somehow managed to trip on the mat of the living room and therefore I was down. I moaned and tried to get up quickly, but then someone fell on top of me. And before any of us knew it, we were lying on top of each other and I was in the very bottom.

I couldn't breath or think. My lungs were killing me!

And so I, Lily Walker, fainted from the lack of air while the men on top of me didn't even know where I was nor did they even see me under their heavy bodies.

This is not how my weekend was supposed to go...

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