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Slinking along silently through the dark, she thought to herself 'Why does this sort of thing always happen? As soon as we get somewhere, talk about something that isn't Eyes Only or Manticore related, something manages to pop up that is. It happens all the time. Someone out there just doesn't want me to be happy.'

Realising that she had been standing at her target location for a few minutes doing nothing but staring blankly at the wall, thinking, she decided a bit of action was required. 'What's happening to me? Since when did I think this much about Logan and I not having time together? And since when did I care so much? Damn, I am turning sentimental.'

"Ok girl, lets focus on the job at hand." Sometimes a verbal reminder is the only way to get your head back in the game.

"And what job is that?" Came a smug reply from an overweight un-cleaned security guard.

'Brilliant! Next time save your thinking for the Space Needle, no more mid-mission philosophy.' Max berated herself for being so careless. There was however, still a job to do and an obnoxious over-weight miscreant to deal with.

Turning to face the security guard straight on, she regarded her situation. How many times had she done this sort of thing for Logan, and why did she keep doing it? She enjoyed getting out at night, with something more to do these days than just riding her bike around, which got expensive when it came time to put some fuel in it. Maybe it was because she felt so comfortable doing this sort of thing, after all she was made and trained for it. That thought didn't sit well, the fact she did this as a manner of keeping in touch with her inner-Manticore-soldier-self.

'No that isn't it. It can't be.'

A now very angry Max didn't even leave herself time for a smart comment, the security guard – of course – didn't know what hit him, assuring his colleges days later (when he finally remembered who he was) that there must have been a group of them and she was a mere decoy.

Standing over a now very unconscious body Max was fuming.

'How can I be doing this? I am turning back into the monster they created…'

"Shut up Max, just shut up." She was now half talking half yelling at herself, the anger quite apparent in her words.

"Great now I'm talking to myself. Well I suppose it beats all this absent minded thinking." She muttered whilst bending down to check out the security guard. She could hear a faint buzz, he had a radio strapped to his belt that suddenly came to life with a static encrusted questions. "Hey Bob, what's going on over there? Did you see anyone?"

'Can this night suck anymore?'

Trying her hand at a little vocal imitation, she picked up the radio and keyed the mic.

"Yeah what do'y want?" she drawled. Try as she might and even being a genetically engineered soldier, there was no way her angelic voice would pass as that belonging to the body laying next to her. She cursed again and took off for the building, contemplating turning back for a second, until she remembered Logan's words. "Little to no security, and what is there is made up of a couple of uneducated slack-jawed idiots."

'Well at least there is now only one uneducated slack-jawed idiot to deal with.'

On the other end of the radio sat Stan, a very solidly built man. Apparently Max's attempts at sounding like an idiot seemed to actually pass, of course it could have been due to the ridiculous amounts of static present on the radio. Stan sat and looked at the radio for a bit. 'Was that a woman's voice? I don't think so. Right what options do I have at this moment?' Stan considered his options. 'Is this Bob playing smarty-pants? The batteries are due for a change soon, maybe they're flat. 'Course we could be under attack from a covert team of operatives wanting to steal our… crappy T.V.?'

He chuckled slightly at his last thought then made his decision and sat down again. 'It's too damn late to play games with you now Bob, get stuffed.' With that he returned to his re-runs of Dragon Ball-Z.

Problem was Stan had no idea why they were guarding this place, sure it was a heritage building but it was in the middle of wilderness, where even the desperate of society didn't come from fear of the chemicals that went, missing, when the pulse hit. Of course, missing indicated that the companies didn't have a very good plan for mass disaster so when all the power went out, so did the chemicals. Out, into the surrounding landscape creating the wasteland it was today. Stan and Bob didn't mind, all they knew was the amount of money they were getting for sitting in a nice old building watching TV.

Logan on the other hand did have a slight problem. Sitting in his car, having long lost sight of Max as she disappeared into the black night, Logan kept his windows firmly closed and an emergency bottle of oxygen on stand by, just in case. What he had come looking for was something he had been researching for a long time, longer than he knew Max. There were strong rumours suggesting that in the heritage building was a store of weapons. Not your standard guns, but advanced weaponry that was so atrocious in the manner of execution that the second it had been designed, even before that, when the first person consider the possibility of this style weapon, it had been banned from ever being made by the Geneva Convention. Of course, the American government had to create a small stockpile of these weapons, just in case someone else had developed them. Problem was, as it always is, no one expected a massive electromagnetic pulse to hit the country. As with most modern technology of '08, hitting it with a huge dosage of electromagnetic radiation was a sure-fire way to kill it, and kill it quickly. So in this old building in a hidden basement, which of course Logan had heard about, sat the stockpile of these decommissioned defunct guns.

"So what the hell am I going in there for?" Max had asked him, in a playful aggressive manner. A manner that would have scared him a while ago but he felt as if he were coming to know Max a lot better these days. He still couldn't figure it out, he was sure he liked her, he enjoyed her company, he enjoyed having a genetically engineered killing machine at his disposal, especially since his accident.

Jumping back to the present, Logan considered his situation with Max and the conversation only a few hours ago, which had followed an exciting evening on Max's motorcycle.

'Now what's going to happen Cale? You can walk again, not very well but you know it's going to get there. What are you going to do about Max?'

"What am I going to do about Max?" He stated out loud this time, hoping it would make more sense, all it got him however, was more confused. He felt helpless sitting there, in the dark, not doing anything but waiting. 'I think I spend too much time waiting for things to happen.' He tried that one on, he didn't think it fit too well, maybe it's something else. 'Do I feel guilty about asking Max to risk her neck for me all the time?' Nope, he knew, that she knew, she didn't have to do it. She was a big girl anyway and this was a pretty much nothing mission in regards to physical exertion. Of course - as it always is - it was the scoop of a lifetime. The radioactive material in the weapons was still quite active and there were rumours of the guns being moved and repaired. Logan had to get solid proof that the guns existed so that he could do a convincing hack and stop them before they were repaired and used against someone.

Max was admiring the 16th century architecture of the building, and the size, this place was huge. The secret basement was hidden underneath the middle of the ballroom floor. Upon entering the room she suddenly had an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, it then hit her. This was nearly exactly the same room Logan and her had danced in that peculiar shared dream. Of course there were no lights on and it was all pretty dusty, yet it still made her shiver a little. She smiled, then slowly waltzed around the room with an imaginary partner, until she came to the middle. Bending down, she noticed the very slight seam in the floor.

"Well this looks like it to me." She stated to no one in particular as she jimmied the trap door open.

'What the hell am I doing? Waltzing around the room like an idiot.'

"Good thing no one is here." She declared haphazardly as the trap door finally opened revealing a staircase.

What she didn't notice was the sound of a truck pulling up outside.

Down in the basement Max had soon discovered the stockpile of guns and was happily taking photos with the digital camera Logan had given her. 'I think I need a picture of Logan, maybe I'll get one when I get back to the car.' The thought of Logan posing for a photo made her grin. 'Well I might have to sneak one then.'

At the front of the building Stan noticed the truck pulling up and went to investigate. On arriving at the door he noticed a group of very important and professional looking soldiers approaching, following a surly looking man. Behind the man and soldiers came a very nervous looking lab tech of some description carry some strange looking equipment. Stan put up his hands in a gesture of denial and spoke to the group. "Look, I'm going to have to ask you guys to leave, this is a restricted area." Just as he had finished his little speech, being amazed that his voice sounded so assertive given the situation, the man in the front of the group raised his gun and shot him.

"What did you do that for? We hired the security guards, there was no need to shoot him." The lab tech had made his way to the front and was addressing the surly man. The lab tech's voice was squeaking, he was extremely nervous about this whole situation.

The other man knew this and so took advantage of the situation.

"Look Roberts, he was here, anyone who is here knows too much about this place already, even if everything is hidden." He knew he didn't have to shoot him, but it was the kind of man he was. Angry and disgruntled with his life and the people around him., ever since his wife and child had been brutally taken from him, he felt that is how life should be for him now, brutal.

As soon as Max heard the gunshot she took off, not wanting to be trapped in this lions den. 'Damn, what is that? I mean I know it was a gunshot, but why? I hope Logan wasn't itching to use his legs and decided a little walk was in order.' Scolding herself again for letting her mind wander whilst doing a mission she ran up the stairs and started to close the trap door.

Problem was, the trap door was gas charged, so try as she might to hurry it along its way, it only slowly descended towards the floor. Considering what to do, she finally heard people talking in the next room, the main security office Logan had told her about.

"Right men, you know there shouldn't be anyone here, no one knows about it. I do, however, not want you to lapse into a state of relax, you are here for a purpose. Do not forget that."

Hearing the movement of feet, Max decided it was high time to get moving. She knew she had at least 20 seconds before anyone reached the room she was in, but she didn't want to risk it. Running towards the window she had climbed in, she surveyed the small patch of land she could see around the window.

She was standing in the window frame and about the jump to the ground when she heard the crunch of heavy boots on the pavement surrounding the building. Looking down she saw two heavily armed soldiers coming around the corner. Deciding she wasn't in the mood to be shot at, she scaled the drainage pipe that always seemed to be placed next to the windows in these old 16th century buildings.

Upon reaching the top of the 5 story building she surveyed the ground below her. There were a lot of soldiers around. Immediately she panicked, thinking that Lydecker had tracked her down, then she noticed that the emblems on the soldiers shoulder pads were not Manticore, but resembled the Military Special Ops. 'Oh, that's right, they are probably here for the guns, thanks a lot Logan, yet again your source screwed up and I am facing something more challenging than what I had planned for. If I knew I had to deal with this lot, I would have insisted upon a bath first. Oh well, lets get out of here before someone sees me and so I can kick your arse.'

Just as she was beginning her decent down the other side of the building when the roof door opened and three soldiers moved smoothly out into the dark morning air. Max heard this and looked in the direction of the door, seeing the soldiers split up and move towards the corners of the rooftop. She knew they couldn't see her, it was 4a.m. and still very dark only she had genetically enhanced sight. 'Well I'd love to stay and chat boys, but I've got to be off now.' She waved to them playfully and turned to slip down the drainpipe.

What she didn't realise was that these soldiers, while being created in the normal manner, were not entirely normal. All had electronic equipment and night vision. One of the soldiers couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted a girl standing on the edge of the building smiling and waving at him. It took a while to register the fact, but as soon as he did, he didn't hesitate to level his gun and start shooting.

Max noticed the soldier's sudden change of stance and the movement of the gun, swinging around in her direction. Being half way over the edge of the building she knew going back up wasn't an option and if she hung around on this drainpipe any longer the soldiers on the ground would be alerted to the fact there was a girl hanging off the side of the building. Without a further thought she let go of the drain pipe, leant back and pushed off, bringing her knees momentarily to her chest then letting them out again, completing a very nice back flip with tuck. The mid air acrobatics would have been suicide to anyone else. Of course, Max isn't anyone else and as she continued her very fast journey from the 5th floor to ground level she could feel her muscles relaxing and her senses heightening. She was pumping with adrenaline. With a normal person when they are full of adrenaline they acquire a boost in strength, however the other sense seem to dull quite a bit, only being able to focus on the task at hand and the whole world seems to shoot by a lot faster. With Max, as with the other X5's, her adrenaline was designed in a unique manner. Her strength and speed would increase dramatically, all her sense were heightened to such an extent she could see almost everything as if it were daylight and hear the sounds of all the soldiers in the compound and even faintly the noise of Logan's car running off in the distance. She could also smell everything more, the sweat of the soldiers the blood of the shot security guard and the vague stench of over cooked meat. This momentary amplification of the senses were designed to last as long as the adrenaline was cursing through their bodies. They could have easily designed them to have these features all the time but decided it would make normal movement and daily activities impossible. 'Thanks for all this feline DNA Manticore' Max thought to herself as she landed unharmed and breaking a part of the concrete walkway. Getting up from the crouched position she had landed in, she started to run, and run fast. By the time the soldiers on the roof had made it to the edge, they could only vaguely make out – with the aid of their night vision – the movement in the distance. They shot wildly not expecting to hit anything but trying all the same.

Max could tell the soldiers had reached the edge of the building as she noticed their running footsteps had stopped, she knew the shooting was about to start. 'Run Max run' she encouraged herself. Not really expecting to have any trouble since she was already a few hundred meters away from the building by the time the shooting had started. She slowed a little as she felt she had no real need to run fast anymore, she had left them ages back and by the time they figured anything out she would be long gone. It was still around a mile back to the car so she settled into a comfortable jog.

Max could feel the adrenaline slowly draining from her system. Suddenly she heard an engine start and then another, she looked back towards the compound and saw two motorbikes starting up. "This is just great, motor bikes." Max said in a defeated tone. 'Oh well guess I better hurry up then' she thought as she once again ran with phenomenal speed. 'I can't believe Logan did this to me again. I am going to kick his arse when I get back to the car. "No security", good one.' Max again was developing a slight rage due to this mission and Logan's lack of planning. Only a few hours ago, he stood in front of her, then they were on her bike. Problem was the bike ride ended and when she went up to have a drink, things got uncomfortable.

"So, what has Logan Cale man of mystery got planned now that he can walk again?"

"Oh, I don't know. What ever he wants." Logan replied grinning like a mad man, he couldn't believe how happy he was, all he could do was walk again – and not very well – he didn't ever remember being this happy before the accident. Of course he hadn't known Max before the accident, so that could explain some things. He also had just been driving her bike around, with her on the back. He still couldn't quite believe it, she wanted him to drive, her baby, and she trusted him enough to sit behind him. That thought would bring a smile to his face for many years he was certain.

"Really? And what does he want?" Max asked mischievously pouting at him.

"I can think of a few things…" He let that one trail off as he went into the kitchen to fix a drink.

'God man, what are you saying, this is Max remember. I know I didn't actually say anything but the implications were as blunt as a bus through a plate glass window.'

'Whoa girl, slow down a little. What are you doing with him now? You don't know do you? Maybe I should just leave, before I say something or do something he and I regret.' As Max turned to leave she heard Logan speaking again, just the mere sound of his voice caused her the recoil from the door and turn to face him. 'God I'm in trouble.'

"Max? You going somewhere?" Logan asked, returning from the kitchen with two glasses of something a very bright red colour.

"Um… No, well kinda I was thinking it's late and…" Max stumbled her way through the excuse before Logan cut in.

"You were thinking of leaving? Because it's late, you don't sleep, I'm not tired, hey maybe all this revved up Manticore blood of yours is doing more than just make me walk again, you are rubbing off on me." He added to try and lighten the mood but still not able to fully shake the slight hurt in his voice. "At least have a drink, freshly mixed red cordial.

"Red cordial? Are you serious, what happened to all the Pre-Pulse wines and exotic fruit drinks?" Max asked playfully trying to regain some form of composure and cheer him up a little, she had picked the slight change in his voice when he caught her trying to leave. She also enjoyed having a go at Logan when he appeared to slip to the levels of the average poor person.

"Are you saying you've actually had red cordial? I know I haven't for a long time." Logan asked her.

"Well, no but it's a kids drink isn't it?" She asked seriously, trying not to sound to naïve, like she had been brought up away from society. She hated when things that seemed so obvious to other people took her by surprise.

"And milk isn't?" Logan retorted, then noticing the look on Max's face decided on a different direction.

"It might be, but I like it and that's all the counts." Max smiled at him and took a sip.

"Wow, it's so sweet. Must be made of sugar with some red food dye thrown in."

"Not too far off. Now I'm going to have to watch you, people have been known to have some serious side effects after having red cordial." He stated in a far too serious manner. Max was a little worried, considering it was her first time at red cordial, maybe it would affect her in some way.

"What sort of side effects?" Max asked, as she looked at Logan. She was worried and concerned that Logan had quite obviously put her in danger with something she didn't know anything about.

He could see she was worried and tried to correct his last statement but still wanted to play with her a little more, just for the sake of seeing her pout. He was starting to believe that sub-consciously he did things on purpose to get her a little miffed, just to see her pout, god he loved that look on her face. He decided however that this wasn't a nice thing to be doing to such a lovely girl.

'Quick Logan, say something, she is getting quite anxious, you just staring at her like that isn't going to help anything.' His inner voice reminded him that whilst thinking – contrary to popular belief – time still did go by.

'Yeah but it sure is nice.' He explained to his inner voice. He then realised what he was saying to himself.

'My god, did I just say something, which was a form of admission to my feelings for this girl?' He was still standing there looking at Max, his face had turned a little worried at his internal struggle and Max picked up on this.

'Oh damn, he has just realised that this red cordial is going to have some serious side effects with my screwed DNA. What do I do?' Max was really panicking and it was quite evident on her face, especially in her eyes.

"Max, don't worry, really it's nothing. It's just that as kids when you drink quite a bit of red cordial you get full of sugar and go completely nuts. This was referred to by the parents as 'having a serious side effect', just us kids going nutty and stuff. Nothing serious. Sorry I scared you Max." Logan ended that quietly, hoping that Max would forgive him, by means of a smart remark or even better would be one of her smiles.


"Logan, how could you do that too me?!" Max half yelled at him, Logan could tell she was really pissed but there was also something else, she was hurt. He couldn't believe he was so stupid to do that to Max.

"First you say it might have some serious effect on me, then when I ask you about it you just stand there and look at me for ages not saying anything!" The volume was steadily increasing, and by the end of this comment Max was shouting, something she hadn't done since Manticore, that upset her.

She then finished by saying in almost a whisper, her voice full of hurt and pain. "I thought you cared about me."

'Oh god, did I just say that?' She had finally told him that she cared, in a manner of speaking, she assumed he was smart enough to figure that out since she was so upset by the fact that he didn't seem to care about her.

This last statement took Logan completely off guard.

'What have I done, all the nights of cooking, paging her for no apparent reason, I was finally getting to see the real her, and was getting her to open up. Now in one swift and very stupid move, I've destroyed the relationship we had. Damn I'm an idiot.' Without actually thinking about what he was going to say, he realised it had already been said.

"Max, I'm so sorry. I do care about you. A lot."

Max had been ready to hear what he had to say, then disregard it, and leave swiftly. She was very angry with Logan, and hurt. But hearing him say that he cared for her, and a lot – that was very unexpected but delightful if not a little scary – melted through her established bitch armour and also managed to warm her up at the same time. She also slipped and looked at his eyes, she saw the sincerity and angst, knowing he had hurt her, the eyes seen by millions yet only really seen by her, she knew it too. That always made her feel good but that's not what she wanted at the moment, she was desperately trying to hold onto the quickly diminishing anger she held for Logan at that moment.

She failed.

So there they stood, in his kitchen at 2:30 in the morning. Neither one of them saying anything, just standing there embarrassed by each others presence and the knowledge that there would be repercussions to what was confessed tonight. Logan was sitting on the kitchen bench, Max leaning against the counter, not 3 feet away, they were sipping the red cordial they had, each one trying desperately not to look at the other. When they had finished their red cordial, they just stayed where they were, this sitting in uncomfortable silence was becoming unbearable.

"So…" they both said in unison. Another few minutes of sitting in silence waiting for the other one the say something followed.

"So…" another long silence.

'Oh god, what do I do now? I can't just leave without saying something else. Should I say something, should I just jump him, no that would be a little too forward. I need to know how he really feels. I think…' Max's thoughts trailed off, not really knowing where she was going, but not liking the sentimentality it was implying. She was really scared now, this was completely foreign territory, no training she ever had has prepared her for something like this, she was really really scared.

'Well this is a dilly of a pickle you've got yourself into now Logan. You finally told her that you like her, well cared for her, it's the same thing isn't it? Thing is, you said you cared a lot, which generally means more than friends. I wonder what she is thinking, I know, she is going to run again, something needs to be said. I have to tell her that I want her to stay for the night. Not in a smutty way, just so we can talk, we really need to talk properly about this.' Logan still had a stunned expression on his face, at what he had heard and especially what he had said.

When both of them seemed to have worked up the courage to say something, the phone rang.

'Thank god' they both thought in unanimity, they knew it wasn't a good thing, they needed to talk but it was a much easier way out for the moment. Anyway talking was something that could be done later. They both agreed with themselves that they were definitely going to have to talk about this.

Wrenched from his thoughts, he saw a small convoy of military vehicles moving into the compound.

"Oh no, this isn't good, Max is going to be angry with me again." Logan said to himself. 'Well at least you will probable get to see her pouting at you again.' That thought made him smile a little, then he realised that this rogue section of conscious was going to get him into serious trouble one of these days.

When he was sure they were in, he started the car, he didn't go anywhere, he just started it, to be ready.

Back in the compound Max was making some incredible speeds towards Logan's car, however the bikes were still going faster than she was. It was only a matter of 30 seconds for them to catch up to her.

Thinking quickly – which is the only way to think when you are full of adrenaline and your brain has be genetically tweaked to deal with situations exactly like this – she waited until they were about 20 feet behind her, then without turning around, she stopped her amazing speed, on the spot and jumped into the air, so her body was at about shoulder height. Her figure flattened out, so she was in the air horizontal facing the ground and her legs went out, into the splits. Knowing she was on the money when she was catapulted forward at a great speed since both motorbike riders' heads had conveniently come into contact with the heels of her feet.

Somewhere in the distance she heard a Hummer starting.

She quickly rolled out of her 'superman' flight, got up and ran back to the bike riders both of which were recovering from their encounter with Max's heel's. She ran over to the closest soldier, ripped his helmet off and squarely punched him in the face, knocking him out. The other soldier had already removed his helmet and was coming over the Max with a large blade drawn.

'At least he doesn't have a gun, I hate those things' Max thought.

"You ready to dance girly?" The soldier sneered, and with obvious hope, he was huge, stood at well over six foot and was about 3 foot wide at the shoulders.

"Dance? With you, nah thanks I'd like to keep my feet and you look the clumsy type. I mean you can't even stay on your bike can you?" She said in an innocent tone, which she knew always pissed her opponents off.

"You are dead girl." The soldier snarled as he lunged at Max.

She deftly stepped out of the way, stuck her leg out and shoved him in the back, he feel very hard.

"Had enough dancing for one night? I mean you really are clumsy, you can't even stand properly with out falling over." She added with a sarcastic smirk. She then noticed that the Hummer she heard starting was racing towards them with at least 4 armed soldiers in it. At the same time, the soldier got up off the ground and started towards her again.

"Stay still this time girly."

"You really are thick aren't you, but if you want me to stay still I will." She confronted him, knowing this had to be over quick.

He ran towards he with the knife in front of him and a manic look on his face. When he was about 3 feet away, Max spun around and jumped up, her left leg hit the knife out of his hand, then she followed through with the right leg and hit him square in the head, with this hit she noticed a lot of blood splatter on his face. 'Whoops, maybe a little too hard there Max.' she thought to herself. 'Well at least he is down and I can get going again.'

She turned and shot off in the direction of Logan's car again, this time with bullets being shot by the approaching Hummer bouncing off the ground around her feet. 'These guys are pretty good, well there's the wall, I think they will have a little trouble getting through that.' She thought as she approached the 15 foot high solid stone wall that surrounded the grounds and enclosed the building.

With one swift jump she was up and over the wall, of course she couldn't see what was on the other side but she new it was where Logan's car was, her memory was good.

Splash, she had managed to land in a puddle of filthy muddy water. 'He always parks next to puddles doesn't he?' She thought to herself sarcastically. 'That's it, I am so pissed at Logan right now.' Then she looked up and saw him sitting in the car, face full of concern for her. 'Great, for the second time tonight he has smothered my anger.' 'But he's so cute when he is concerned. Damn, did I just think that, I really need to get myself into order.' She got up and raced around to the passenger door and leapt in, Logan immediately sped off.

Max looked down and realised she was covered in chemicals of some description. 'Great there go my clothes.'

She was steadily becoming angry with Logan again, and this time she wasn't going to let him win by looking at him. She just sat there and mulled over the loss of her favourite cat-suit and was getting angrier at Logan. This whole mission had been a complete bust. No security, then a damn platoon of specially trained operatives come in, just great.

'Now all my clothes are ruined.' She was getting really pissed now.

"Ma…" Logan began.

"Don't you dare try Logan." Max spat.

They just sat there in silence Max covered in chemicals Logan feeling incredibly pathetic again. He couldn't believe he did this to her again, he was angry with himself. He looked at her in a desperate attempt to see if she was really angry, that meant looking at her face and into those deep brown eyes.

As he looked over he noticed her head turned and leaning against the window. 'That's understandable I wouldn't want to talk to me either, ever again most likely. God I'm an idiot.' Logan couldn't believe how many stupid things he had done tonight, the red cordial, then leaving the do the Eyes Only mission when something more important needed to be dealt with, and now this. Here she was again, covered in filth after another Eyes Only mission went completely sideways. He was starting to feel sad, he had a horrible feeling that she wasn't going to want to see him after this, he knew he deserved it but he couldn't handle the thought of it.

He looked over at Max again and noticed she had slumped more against the window.

"Max? Are you alright?" He asked a slight panic in his voice.

'There is nothing ever wrong with Max, she is always fine. This isn't good.' Logan was starting to panic a lot more now.

It was then he noticed the large pool of blood around her feet, she was bleeding heavily from her lower leg.

"Max! Can you hear me? Wake up Max." Logan was beside himself now, she wasn't responding, she just sat there unconscious, hunched against the window.