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Chapter 9 – Spilt Cordial

Logan was becoming more and more nervous as the minutes ticked by. Since Max had left his apartment the intoxicating scent she was emanating had started to wear off, and Logan was tensing.

'What do I do when she gets back? What is going to happen afterwards?' Logan's face was quite twisted as he sat on his couch considering all these points.

'She'll probably be disappointed with my performance, and me. She'll probably just be disappointed that we ended up having sex.' Logan's panic and worry had turned into self-conscious anxiousness. He then noticed that he had been sitting there for quite some time waiting for Max to come back, and he realised that it was the first time he had ever dreaded seeing her. 'That's a new one. I wonder what's taking her so long anyway.' Logan started to worry a little so he got up and headed towards the elevator.

The pizza deliveryman was very pleasantly surprised with what hit him when he got into the elevator, and the pizza he was carrying was soon forgotten.

Logan was impatiently waiting for the lift to arrive, becoming more and more concerned with how long Max was taking. Thoughts of her being captured and dragged away by Lydecker kept springing to mind uninvited. Logan had noticed that the lift had arrived on his level. As the doors opened he was hit with the invigorating and enthralling aroma of Max, but she wasn't in the lift. All that was there was a pizza box. He assumed that Max's fragrance was still lingering from when she was in there earlier, so he stepped in and pushed the button for the car park, not really thinking too much about the pizza on the floor as other things were going through his mind at an incredible rate.

The pizza man stepped out on the ninth floor in a dreamy state. He knew he was supposed to be here for some purpose, but had completely forgotten everything when he had stepped in the elevator, and had that wonderful musk fill his senses.

Just as the elevator doors closed at the penthouse Max burst through the stairwell door to the side, panting slightly. She had decided to take the stairs after travelling one floor in the elevator, as they would have been quicker, and being in the confined space of the elevator was driving her insane. Problem was when she started up the stairwell there were numerous obstacles in the way. All the doors that gave access to the floor sections had been locked, and one set of stairs only goes up 6 floors before you have to walk down the length of the hall to the other end to take the next set up. It caused a major slow down. She was still furious with whoever had decided to lock all the doors, as going this way was usually much quicker than taking the lift for her, but only because she could jump several flights of stairs at a time and run very fast. She had started off picking the locks quickly to each door, but after doing that a few times her patience had run out. So she just ended up charging at each door and breaking through it. Max was still desperate to get back to Logan, she had never felt it this strong before and she only had a few mild ideas as to why she would be now. At first she put it down to the fact that her and Logan had already been getting pretty physical today, and so it was just building up. Then she realised that it was only this strong a sensation when she was thinking about Logan. Max knew after a while why she was feeling like this, since she had just walked back into Logan's apartment. It was because he made her feel safe, and they knew each other long before this had come along. Not like with all the other men she had been with, who she only met as a result of being in heat. With Logan it was the other way around. She had known him for a good time before hand, and they had started to get really close in the last couple of days, even before she was in heat. Max could smell Logan everywhere and in everything around the apartment, and so she was pining to see him again. She went on the prowl, looking and sniffing the air delicately. After a while Max knew that Logan wasn't in the apartment any more, which confused her and made her a little worried. 'He has probably left because he doesn't want to do this with me.' Max considered sadly. She had thought Logan was happy with the situation, since he sounded pretty happy to Max when she finally told him what she wanted to do about it. Her prowl had turned to a slow walk, with her head slightly bowed. As a last hope, she walked into Logan's room, and suddenly felt very giddy and anxious. Hundreds of candles were burning and there was the slight scent of something Max didn't really know hanging in the air. Max noticed the red cordial sitting on the bedside table and smiled. It all seemed perfect, so much more than she could have hoped for. There was still a problem, however. Where was Logan?

Logan arrived at the car park, a goofy dazed look on his face due to the perfume still wafting around in the elevator. With a broad grin on his face he stepped out of the elevator and looked around for Max. He immediately noticed the man lying unconscious against a largely dented car and the baseball bat on the ground a fair distance away from him. Logan could tell that Max had been here, but it still didn't explain where she was now. He dismissed the idea that it was the work of Lydecker, since he was hardly the type to leave witnesses lying around. He then walked over to his car and noticed that Max's bike was still sitting in the back, so she obviously hadn't gone anywhere, well… far at least. Logan headed back to the elevator, knowing that he should be more worried than he was, but he couldn't help it. As the doors closed again his grin increased with the smell that enveloped him. He was going back to his apartment with the intention of calling some people, checking the security system to see if something serious had happened in the parking lot, and to get his keys. He considered paging Max but knew that her pager was still sitting on his table, where she had left it earlier. So he waited patiently for the lift to return to his floor, not really wanting to have to get out at the other end.

Max had ended up on Logan's bed, with his pillow firmly placed over her face, and inhaling deeply. She couldn't seem to get enough of his smell. Max heard the elevator arrive, and she quickly got off the bed and straightened the sheets out a bit. 'God, I've already messed the bed up.' Max thought angrily as she tried and tried again to get it neat. After a few seconds she realised what she had said, and got very nervous and embarrassed.

Logan stepped out of the elevator and through his front door and knew that Max was back in the apartment, since her wonderful smell had just increased. When Logan had closed the door he turned around and found Max standing at the end of the hall . She was looking uneasy and shyly at the ground around his feet.

"Hey," Max said quietly.

"Hey yourself. Where did you go?" Logan asked, smiling broadly at her.

"Oh, I took the stairs," Max replied meekly once more. She hadn't looked at Logan and so was doing pretty well at resisting the urge to charge him. Before Logan could speak again, Max did.

"Logan, are you sure you want to do this? Because we don't have to," Max said, trying to sound reassuring in that she could actually stop herself. Logan smiled again.

"Hey, I thought the guy gets to ask that question," he replied light-heartedly, as he slowly made his way over to Max. She had now dropped her head so she could look at her own toes, and tried not to noticed Logan's scent wafting over to her, and the intense sensation of his body heat that she could feel radiating from him. Logan placed his hands on Max's arms, and held her there.

"Max, I'm fine with it. But it's not up to me, it's your decision," Logan said warmly, then he bent in and kissed her forehead. Max felt very comforted by his words and the sincerity in his voice.

"Okay, but we are a couple now. Since the other night, because that was our first real date," Max said defiantly as she looked at Logan. She couldn't help the sultry undertone that slipped in because she had just seen him standing there and the heat had risen in her again.

"If we must," Logan said in a mock whine, making quite a production out of it. Of course there was nothing else in the world that he wanted. They stood there for a little while. Just as each of them were about to say 'So', Max changed her mind, and let herself relax a little. This meant the desire became stronger and started to take control of her body. Max leapt into Logan's awaiting arms; her legs coming up so he had them supported under the knees with one arm, the other arm was around her upper back. Max had her arms firmly wrapped around Logan's neck and began kissing him. They were in that position for a while, then Max pulled back a little and looked at Logan nervously.

"You okay?" Logan asked, a little concerned with the way Max was looking. In response Max nodded timidly and Logan noticed her cheeks reddening.

"Can we… um… go to your room now?" Max asked quietly. Logan had never seen her this shy and introverted before, and he found it incredibly cute. He kissed her on the nose and started to walk slowly to his bedroom, with Max smiling up at him. Max was feeling more and more desperate as they walked towards Logan's room, but somehow it felt different, and she seemed to be enjoying it this time for a change. They entered the room with Max already having removed Logan's shirt and was kissing his chest and neck; she was nearly completely gone to her lust. She managed to stop herself, and looked at Logan and smiled.

"This is perfect Logan. Thank you so much," Max said glancing around the room and as she noticed the red cordial sitting at the side of the bed she smiled inwardly. 'You've been here since the beginning haven't you?' she thought happily. She looked back to Logan and his sparkling eyes, a broad smile playing across her face.

"It's not much, but I'm glad you like it," Logan responded, smiling affectionately at Max. He walked them over to the bed and placed her on it. Before he had a chance to do anything else Max grabbed his head and pulled him down to her. Logan was taken so much by surprise that he half fell towards Max, losing control of his arms as they flailed frantically to keep balance. With his wild swinging motions he managed to knock the tray the red cordial was sitting on, which sent the brightly coloured liquid all over them.

"Oops, looks like I've spilt something," Logan said playfully, not thinking about the now very stained sheets. Max looked at him and smiled mischievously.

"Now you'll taste even better," And with the she licked a splattering of red cordial off his cheek, before pulling his mouth to hers. Lips and teeth clashed as they let themselves go to their want; both of them glad they were with each other.

Both of them happy.