CHAPTER 1: Prologue
Elizabeth Wakefield jerked up from her bed and quickly ran towards the bathroom and bumped into Jessica. She knelt down and vomited. She has been feeling like this for two days and she couldn't help explain what was happening to her.

While Liz was vomiting, Jessica stood there and watched in shock.

"What the heck?" Jessica screamed with shock. " Liz, are you okay?"

Elizabeth waited a few seconds, making sure that nothing else will be coming out of her mouth.

"Actually no." She finally answered. She took several deep breaths.

"Well then, what's wrong?" Jess asked.

" I don't know. I've been vomiting all the time."

" Maybe we should tell mom." Jessica suggested.

" No! This is nothing." Liz assured her sister. " I'll be fine."

Liz posed a fake smile and walked back to her bed. The truth was, she did not believe what she just said.

Meanwhile, Jessica ran down to the den and watched TV, hoping that what she was scared about wasn't true. She had known this for two months, and yet she is still hoping that what she is thinking was wrong.

If were it was true, she is definitely sure who the father is.

"Hey Jeremy." Jessica greeted with a huge smile on her face. "Are you ready to go?"

Jeremy nodded as he tucked his arm around Jess' arm. They slowly walked farther from the door of the gym, where their prom night took place. In order to have a memorable evening, they both decided to share an intimate night with each other, since Jeremy would be leaving for Alabama right after graduation.

"I reserved room 216 of the Sweet Valley Motel just for us" Jeremy said. " Everything is there, except you."

Jessica smiled. She couldn't believe she is going to do it with Jeremy. Although she wasn't ready for this, she will still do it… for Jeremy. She couldn't believe that in 2 months, they'll be off to college and go their separate ways. She and Jeremy will have to break up, since they both know that long distance relationships never work.

Soon after they left the school, they drank champagne, and shared the best night that they both could have. They were having so much fun that soon, it was morning.

Jessica woke up without the presence of Jeremy beside her. Instead, she saw him sitting in a chair and looking at her. "What?" Jessica asked.

"Oh nothing, you just look so beautiful when you're sleeping." Jeremy complimented. Jessica just rolled her eyes and stood up next to him, and kissed him. "I love You!" They both said at the same time. They laughed really hard, and jumped into the bed again.