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Original character, first person POV, past tense.

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Of Demons and Angels

The Beginning

When the teacher turned his attention on me and called my name, I couldn't help but grow stiff, everyone's eyes turning to my direction. I could only keep my gaze focused on him. I felt their stares weighing me down, judging my every trait: height, weight, hair, posture...

"Zephone… Gui-Guigas…" he stared at me for a moment. "Is that how you pronounce your name?"

I glanced nervously at my peers. Most of them were girls my age, between sixteen and eighteen, gorgeous to die for, their breasts small like peaches or big like juicy melons. I would have been in paradise, except that not one of them had talked to me that whole day when I enrolled at Kuoh Academy. Not going to lie, I couldn't bring myself to approach one, even less so when they traveled in herds and their friends giggled mercilessly at any vain attempt from other guys that made their fruitless efforts. On the bright side, guys lacked at this school. We were only four in my class.

"Not even close, sensei," I said, jumping to my feet. From his frown, I realized I should take down my pride a few notches. "Please, forgive me, sensei. My name is Zephon, Gygas." I looked around, trying hard not to linger on one girl's face more than it was necessary, even if I wanted to. So many to choose from. "Pleased to meet you," I said, trying to keep my smile as natural as I could, my face muscles flexing awkwardly from my scant smiles.

"Please, take your seat, Gygas-kun," the teacher said, looking back down to his sheet of paper. He went on naming the rest of my peers. My memory was something I prided myself in, but I lost all concentration when a sharp poke on my back made me pivot on my seat.

"Yo, Gygas," the guy said. I couldn't even see his eyes behind those big, square glasses of his. "What up with that name of yours? You out of some video game or somethin'?"

"It's not even Japanese, man," said the guy sitting right of him. His head was shaved clean. Just for a second, I wanted to kick it and see if it could fly on its own with its overgrown ears for wings. "Is it even from this planet?"

"Is your face from this planet? Because it looks alien to me," I shot back.

"Woah, chill dude," said the guy with the glasses. "No, on the contrary, you got a pretty bad-ass name."

"I second that," said the shaven head guy. "I wish my parents were that imaginative."

"Allow me to introduce myself," said the guy with glasses. "You may know me as Motohama." He pointed to his friend on his right. "And this knucklehead right here is Matsuda."

"Yeah, so hey, Gygas," said Matsuda. "We were thinking, well, I mean, you're kinda good looking, for a guy, yeah, so, we were thinking..."

"Oh my God, Matsuda, shut your hole. We were thinking if you would want to join forces with us and become popular with girls."

"Oh, man, no success all these freakin' long years and not a single breast groped…" Matsuda said, under his breath. I almost felt pity for him, and yet, it reminded me a bit of myself. Damn.

"You're not thinking of joining this group of losers, are you?" It was a girl, standing between Matsuda and Motohama's desks, her hair light brown, a pair braids dangling from each side of her face. She wore glasses as well. Her lewd smile did not give me a good feeling. "I mean, you're new and these two perverts are already trying to corrupt you as well."

"Aika, we would appreciate it if you did not try to undermine our every attempt to fulfill our carnal desires," said Motohama, poking his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

Aika pushed her glasses back as well. I felt as though she was reading me.

"That sweet accent, that cool name of yours, and being so…" she paused, pursing her lips. "Let's say well endowed," at this, Matsuda and Motohama had to clamp their mouths to keep from screaming. I glanced nervously at all sides, hoping that nobody else heard. It seemed, she did read me. "You've got good potential, you might even get to pick a girl, that is, of course, if you're not already taken." She winked.

"No, I'm not taken," I said, chuckling tautly, scratching the back of my head. "Gee, this is my first day at this school."

"Yeah, don't even think of joining the Perverted Duo, you'd kill any chances of getting a girlfriend. Their reputation is, like, their doom. That guy, over there." She pointed across the classroom, toward the only other guy in my class. To my surprise, he and the cute blonde girl behind him were exchanging glances between themselves and me. "Hyoudou, Issei," Aika kept going. "It befuddles me how he managed to be surrounded by girls, having been a member of the Perverted Trio."

"You're not alone on that…" said Motohama, glaring daggers at Issei.

Matsuda's vein on his shaven head threatened to pop. "Don't let that fool you, though, he likes to sleep with guys, too."

"Did he sleep with you guys, too, at some point?" Aika asked, her smile contorted with mockery and contempt.

From that point on, Motohama and Matsuda decided to sulk in their silence.

"Before I go," said Aika. "Look toward Issei."

I did as told.

"Notice, some of his girlfriends have already taken a liking for you. The cute blonde one is Asia. She is so innocent she didn't know what a condom was 'till a few weeks ago. Harm her and you'll wish you were dead." I looked at Aika with a weak smile and her tone livened up before continuing. "The blue-haired one is Xenovia, and she is clueless as hell. I'd say you're up for a good start! See ya later, Gygas-kun!"

With that friendly tone of hers, I could only agree. But when I turned to Issei, Asia and Xenovia, I didn't see a hint of warm friendliness or seducing gazes in any of them. What I saw were the gazes of someone sizing up their enemies…

I decided I would suck it up and approach at least one girl on my first day. Why is it that most girls travel in packs? Their mocking giggles and tendency to whisper in each other's ears can cause any guy to give it up and turn tail on them. Why do they have to make this simple task so insurmountably difficult?

I took the shade of a tree, facing the baseball court. I wolfed down on my ham sandwich and bit my red apple to its core. I sat against the rough bark of the tree, on its protruding roots, just watching the other students go about their day, mostly girls, walking from one spot to another, or sitting and chatting on the grass with one another. I caught Motohama and Matsuda in the distance, running for dear life from a pair of girls chasing after them with kendo shinai raised above their heads. I couldn't help but snicker at their terrible luck.

"Umm… hey, Gygas-kun?" a high-pitched, feminine voice said to my left side. I didn't even hear her approaching. I don't know why I didn't notice her before. She had been sitting right next to me during class the whole time. She probably heard everything Aika said…

"Oh, hey, didn't see you there!" I said, trying to regain composure from my fleeting surprise. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name during class, I got distracted."

"That's okay, my name's Ishida, Ryukaza. Pleased to meet you!" she said, smiling.

"Zephon, Gygas, but I guess you already knew that," I said, blushing a little. "Oh, my bad, please, sit with me." I patted the roots of the tree right next to me.

"I heard what you said during class," Ryukaza said, dusting off the spot and accommodating her skirt to keep her thighs from showing.

I stared at her firm, round breasts for a little while before what she said sank in. She heard, oh, crap! "Don't listen to anything Motohama or Matsuda have to say, I'm not interested in being their friend…"

"No, I mean, this is, too, my first day here," she said, turning away toward the baseball field in front. I could tell she was red as a beet. Probably because of Aika's assessment after 'reading' me. "To be honest, I don't want to be alone, and I'm sure I'll meet some great people along the way, but…"

"But…?" I couldn't help myself from prying.

"But I don't like it when I see lonely people," Ryukaza said, at last. "It makes me sad."

"Oh, no, you don't have to feel sorry for me, I can manage… Doesn't mean I don't want to be your friend! I'd love that!" I said rapidly, stumbling over my words, my face hot and flushing.

"There's a difference between being sorry for someone, and sad," she said calmly, looking ahead. "I don't like seeing lonely people, because I know, at least most of them, are sad, and that makes me sad, because I can understand their suffering, because I have been lonely, and I want to lend a helping hand." I was looking at her with wonder, at her auburn, sleek, flowing hair; at her small and rosy lips; at her gorgeous green eyes. She was definitely a keeper. She turned to face me. I whipped away toward the baseball field. "Besides, you're kinda hot."

I whirled back to face her, my heart racing. She was smirking. I couldn't believe it was actually happening. It was like a dream come true. Although, true to myself, I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit ashamed that I didn't approach her first. Afraid to ruin the moment, and sorely aware that I might ruin it anyways, I became speechless. Was that sensation I got what people refer to as having butterflies in their stomach? My thoughts bouncing around and stumbling over each other, I finally managed to speak.

"I definitely would love to get to know you better," I said, trying to wear a natural smile. Ryukaza giggled; it made me go crazy with emotion. "Want to go out on a date with me?"

"I'd love that, Gygas-kun!" Ryukaza said.

I phased out for a few seconds. How incredible, I finally had a girlfriend, well that is, if I didn't screw up the date. From that moment on, I vowed to treasure her until the end.

"So, how come you've been lonely before?" I asked, but I regretted it as soon as it left my lips. To my relief, she didn't seem upset.

"Do you promise not to be afraid of me?" she asked, looking down.

What could it possibly be about? "Of course not, I swear it!"

"I have scared people off in the past, and they spread rumors about me, saying I was dangerous, like some kind of monster. That was one of the reasons my parents decided to send me here. The schools around Hiroshima would not accept me."

"That's ridiculous, why would anyone do such a vile thing to you?" I said, visibly outraged, my fist clenched.

"I don't blame them, I would've been scared, too," Ryukaza said, rather timidly. "But let's change topic. Where are you taking me tonight?"

I didn't respond, not immediately, at least. Far away, a hundred meters away, at the entrance of the school building, I saw the most beautiful hair I had seen in my entire life: crimson like a rose and bright like running blood, cascading down her shoulders and reaching her thighs. What took me aback, though, was that she was looking at me, at least toward our direction. She turned around and entered the building.

I felt as though we were being watched. And I was right on the money: I looked behind us, up the grassy slope toward the tracks, and spotted Xenovia and a tall, blond guy spying on us. The moment I saw them, they pretended not to see me and went on their way. What's with these guys? I turned back to Ryukaza, confused. What had she said?


The date exceeded my expectations. I couldn't feel more ecstatic than when holding her soft hands, or gazing into her olive-colored eyes.

We had gone for frozen yoghurt, where Ryukaza made for herself some crazy combinations of sweet vanilla, strawberry, banana and chocolate flavors, sprinkled with oats and nuts.

Later, we went shopping and walked down the open-air mall. At my insistence, I bought her a small chain-link necklace made of silver, holding a small yin-yang amulet.

"You will never be lonely anymore," I said, hanging it around her slim neck. "You can always count on me."

"Thank you so much, Gygas-kun!"

She hugged me so hard, she could've snapped one of my ribs. I swear I saw a hint of tears, threatening to leak out of her eyes, before she buried her face in my toned chest. For a second, the perverted part of me wished it were the other way around.

We walked down the mall, gazing into shops and sitting down on benches just to chat. I would hold her hand while we talked, and one time I placed my hand on her thigh. She liked it.

It was getting late. The sun plunged in the horizon, coloring the rooftops crimson and making the leaves of the trees glint with its brightness. We walked through the park, and it soon went dark. People were going home and the birds stopped twittering. This was the moment I was waiting for, with dreaded anticipation: my first kiss from a girl that wasn't either my mother or my aunt. Neither of us wanted it to be over, but the time to say farewell for the night had come.

We took a seat on one of the cold, metal benches scattered throughout the park and looked at each other.

"This was the most wonderful date anyone has ever taken me on," Ryukaza said. "Thank you, Gygas-kun. I can tell you genuinely care for me." It was an absolute truth.

"I didn't think I'd be this lucky to meet you, Ryu-chan," I said, gazing deeply into her eyes, glistening from the full moon hovering above us and the park lamplights. I caressed her silky, auburn hair and brushed strands behind her ears. Next, I held her hand with my left and stroked her cheek with my other. Without thinking about it and closing my eyes, we both leaned in at the same time and locked lips. A burning feeling settled in my stomach.

It was, for sure, one of the most powerful experiences in my life. We held each other close, tasting each other's lips and, getting bolder, I probed a little with my tongue inside her mouth, and hers greeted mine, all while holding her hand and stroking her sleek hair.

The moment we broke apart, I hungered for more, but that was for another day. We gazed into each other's eyes and all I saw in Ryukaza's was love.

"Star-crossed lovers, who would've thought one of you would be caught in the crossfire?" said a female, honeyed voice.

Ryukaza gasped. I leapt to my feet and whirled on the spot. It was a woman, with deep night-black hair, taller than even me, and incredibly busty. I couldn't believe my eyes; it had to be a dream. The woman wasn't even wearing clothes, except for a black corset bra, a thread-thin thong, which barely covered her vagina, and high-heeled boots. Nothing of this bizarre encounter shocked me more than the fact that wings sprang out of her back, their feathers black as shadows.

"Which one of you is hiding it? Or should I kill you both for it?" she demanded, drawing out a coiled whip out of thin air. She cracked it and lightning fingers sprouted from the end. The thunderclap it produced made me shudder to the marrow.

I backed away, my heart jolting to my throat, with nothing in my mind but to grab Ryukaza and run for dear life. "Ryu-chan, get behind me!"

"That's cute," the woman said, lashing at me. The tip of the whip barely touched me. An excruciating pain shot through my upper chest. I cried out and covered the spot with my hand. It seared my skin like a firebrand.

"Run, Ryu-chan, go now!" I shouted.

"Gygas-kun…" Ryukaza whimpered behind me. It drove me crazy, knowing that we would both die here.

"I said RUN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Don't look back!" Reluctantly, she turned on the spot and ran as fast as she could, as fast as that uniform's skirt of hers would allow her, without tangling and tripping her over.

"I'll take a wild guess and say she's the one carrying it," said the woman to herself.

"For fuck's sake! What is it that you want?!" I yelled back at her.

"Out of my way!" she said, flicking her wrist. The whip went flying at me. I braced myself. It coiled around my chest, like a deadly snake. She pulled it back and it hurled me to the side, sending powerful currents of electricity into my body, lancing up with sharp pain, as though being stabbed by multiple knives.

I screamed like I hadn't in my life, writhing on the ground like a worm.

"Gygas-kun!" Ryukaza had stopped running when she heard me screaming.

I wanted to yell at her, to insult her for being so foolish and making my feeble attempts to save her life be in vain. Most of all, I wanted her to see the light of day yet again. But my parched tongue would not move.

The woman rose into the air and swooped down at Ryukaza. She squealed and, to my incredible astonishment, a massive spear of lightning sprang from her fingertips, hurled at the stunned winged woman like a javelin.

I clambered to my feet, but lost balance at once. The winged woman dashed to the side, and out of the spear's way. Ryukaza's knees looked like they were going to buckle at any second.

The fury mounted up within me. It gave me strength to rise back up and keep my balance. But by then, I knew I was too late.

And yet, I flew at them. From the sides, I caught vague glimpses of several figures joining in. I ignored them, for all I cared about was nearly gone. The winged woman cracked her whip at Ryukaza and it coiled around her. With her other hand, the woman drew a spike of light out of thin air. Helpless, hopeless, Ryukaza stood there, trapped, like a deer before headlights, as the woman drove the spike of light into her bosom.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, wanting nothing more than to kill that woman. In less than a second, I went from flying with my feet, to flying with wings, rising from the ground and into the air.

She withdrew the spike from Ryukaza's chest, where the blood clotted at once, and after it, a thin, rod-like metal object came slithering out.

The moment I reached her, still holding Ryukaza under her whip's grip, the woman faced me and pointed the rod-like object at me. A massive spear of lightning sprang from its tip and pierced right through my torso. My newly born wings faltered and I went skidding down on the gravel.

As if from faraway, I could still hear shouts, like someone issuing orders to soldiers. A symbol shimmered out of thin air right under the winged woman's feet, still holding Ryukaza's lifeless body tight. And just like that, she vanished. I just lay on the earth, my blood already clotted from the spear's heat, my whole body going into shock, convulsing, my breaths faltering, and my vision beginning to black out. They say hearing is the last sense to go before you die…

"Too late, she's gone!" a female voice said. "And she took Heaven Rend with her, too!"

"Gygas-kun!" I heard another female voice, calling that name I was about to forget. A gorgeous girl with blonde hair appeared out of the edges of my darkened vision, strands of hair tickling at my face. Asia? It was a nice sight before dying. A green glow issued from somewhere down below me.

"Even your Twilight Healing is far from saving him," said the first female voice.

"Is he an angel?" said a male voice. He sounded shocked.

"Oh, my, he's a nephilim: half human and half angel, but see, he has no halo," said another girl. "No wonder we all felt something coming from him. Combined with that girl's Sacred Gear, it was an even stronger signal."

"Rias-senpai, please, help him!" Asia pleaded, looking back.

"He will want to exact revenge, but he will have to train first, and grow stronger before he can face Eruka again," said Rias, still out of my sight.

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" the male voice asked.

"Don't get jealous, Issei-senpai," said a new, almost expressionless, female voice. Issei, you asshole.

"All right," said Rias, and she stood above me. I could barely see her white underpants. The redhead girl from before... Deep blue eyes, cascading crimson hair, incredibly busty and delightfully looking, I might just have arrived at the gates of heaven, if such a thing existed. "Zephon, Gygas, I, Rias of the Gremory Clan, command you to live. Live, for me…"

And so, I died.

Gygas is resurrected as part human, part angel, and part demon. Soon.