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Chapter one: Since you stayed here

Not a day goes by; that was the name of the song that prayed heavily on her mind for the last three confusing days. Then there was the missing year that she had to contend with; the year that she alone remembered.

Somehow, she alone in the whole world had been cursed with the memory of one-tenth of the world being murdered. She remembered the reign of torture and the hellhole that everyone had been put through. However, when the Doctor had tuned himself into the psychic network and integrated with its matrices; time had reversed. She alone in the world remembered.

While the world had been free, the time reversal had changed everything. She and Ianto had been in a very strong and affirming relationship. In fact, Jackie thought that Ianto might have proposed to her in the future, but his emotions had been reversed back. Explaining to them what had happened; that a year had been erased from their lives had been hard for them to take in. at first, they thought she was crazy, but the fact that she was actually genuinely interested in Ianto, seemingly one day after Jack disappeared told them that something must have happened.

Ianto, he was easy to convince, all it took was one kiss and he was certain that she wanted to be with him. Jackie explained all that her head remembered about the year and all of them were so grateful that time had been reversed back to the present, even if they couldn't remember it.

Jackie had gone a dramatic change in this year. She had this electrical surge that would flow through her veins and she could use that current to destroy things. Her empathy level now enabled her to read snatches of peoples mind's on occasion. She couldn't fly, but when she fell off a small cliff, she was able to slow her speed down and hover above the ground before landing lightly on her feet. The downside was climbing back up the cliff again.

She didn't know what she was and nobody else in all of Torchwood could find any record of any species that was similar to her at all. She had demanded that her parents tell her everything. All her mother said was that a woman had run up to her in the streets, shoved her into her hands and told her to run. She had done that, but half a block away, she heard the gunshots. Once the police sirens were heard, she'd gone around the corner to find that the woman had been shot down in the street. She hadn't wanted to take her in, but her father had fallen in love with her and insisted on a playmate for Gwen, especially since her mother couldn't have any more children. And that was all they knew. Her mother said that she'd written her mother's name down somewhere in the baby box so she'd remember it, but their house had been destroyed, taking the secret with them. However, when time had been reversed, she hadn't even bothered looking again.

There was so much for them to do and so little time. Life resumed as normal, with or without Captain Jack Harkness.

"Ow!" Jackie yelped as she banged her head on the window. "Easy on the curves Owen!"

He let out a snort. "I agree." Gwen stated. "You're driving way too fast."

He shot her and incredulous look. "Are you serious?"

"You're speeding and this is a residential zone." Jackie pointed out.

"Ask this woman Gwen, if she's seen a blowfish driving a sports car." Owen asked as he began squealing to a stop.

Ianto reached out and steadied her as she flew forward. She flashed him a grateful smile. "Thank you."

"My pleasure." She leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. He arched his brow in approval. "Double pleasure."

As she planted a light kiss on his mouth, she heard Gwen ask. "Excuse me. Have you seen a Blowfish driving a sports car? Thank you."

Owen stepped on the gas and continued screeching down the road like a maniac, jostling the two of again. This time Ianto let out a groan. "Slow down a bit Owen."

"You two can carry on like that at the base," he retorted. "now until we catch this…thing. What is it we're chasing anyway Tosh?"

"The species is not on record." Tosh reported, somehow able to type in the car. "DNA type says some sort of land fish."

"All I'm saying is," Gwen tried again. "you are speeding and there are children."

"Well, if kids are out at midnight, they've got it coming." Owen stated.

Jackie glowered at him. "Someone run over you in a car as a child Owen?"

"Detecting high levels of algae." Tosh said, hoping to stop another argument between Jackie and Owen to break out.

"Who's afraid of the big scary fish, then?" Gwen teased causing Jackie to smile.

"Big fish with a gun." Owen reminded her.

"Special weapons?" Ianto asked as he loaded his gun. Jackie always had hers loaded and ready. The others weren't as comfortable with guns as she was. Especially since Owen watched pulp fiction and shared the scene where John Travolta's character accidentally shoot his friend Marvin.

"Not that I can see."

"Do we need special weapons?" Ianto questioned.

Owen snorted. "We got Jackie."

Ianto glowered at him. "She is not a weapon Owen."

"Sorry," Owen said sarcastically. "What are we gonna do when we catch it?"

"Jack would know." The words slipped out of Tosh's mouth before she could stop them.

"Yeah, well, Jack's not here, is he?" Owen stole the bitter words out of Jackie's mouth. "Jack's disappeared. Fat lot of good jack is."

Silence filled the car. Jackie was the only one who sat straight and rigid in their seat. Talking about Jack made her turn off her emotions. She hated it when his name was brought up. The mere thought of him made her furious.

"Blowfish!" Gwen shouted and everyone looked forward to see the red rear lights of the sports car are ahead of them.

"Hold on!" Owen shouted as he stepped harder on the gas.

Jackie groaned and leaned back in her seat with her eyes shut. "I always hate this part."

Ianto chuckled and held her hand. "I've got you."

"Don't let go."

"Not until it's over."

"Are you two seriously talking this way?" Owen demanded. There were several noisy moments of silence as Owen pursued the blowfish. "Hold the wheel."

Jackie's eyes flew open as Gwen warned him. "Don't you dare, Owen!"

Owen ignored her and shouted. "Hold the wheel!"

Jackie crawled into Ianto's lap and rolled down the window. "I'll get the tires. I'm a better shot than you are anyway. Hold onto me tight Ianto." She stuck her upper body of the window before sitting on the edge of the window. Ianto had a firm tight grip on her as she aimed and fired, hitting the tires with two shots. "Job well down." She swung herself back into Ianto's lap. "And I meant that in a very platonic way."

The car swerved and spun around the corner. Owen went squealing around the same corner to find the car deserted. Everyone jumped out and began approaching the car. "Where is it?" Gwen questioned. "Where's it gone?"

The sounds of gunshots went off inside a nearby house. "Go. Go. Go." Owen ordered.

They all ran inside to find that the blowfish has shot the husband and is holding the daughter hostage. "Gwen go left," Owen ordered as he knelt beside the man. "Tosh go right, Ianto and Jackie take centre. Positions.

Gwen pushed the man's wife out of the way and aims her gun at the blowfish. Jackie reaches out and starts reading the blowfish's thoughts, which at the moment are very scrambled. "Massive levels of adrenalin, mixed with approximately three grams of cocaine." Tosh explains. "This fish is wired."

"So, this is Team Torchwood." The fish sneers. "The teacher's pets, but teacher's gone, hasn't he? Leaving the kiddy kids all alone."

Jackie groaned sarcastically. "Just what I needed to hear and mad fish making predictions about us."

"And look at you, trying so hard to be all grown up." He turned towards Owen. "The doctor, with his hands full of blood." He then turns to Gwen. "The carer, with her oh-so-beating heart." He then turned his gaze over to Tosh. "The technician, with her cold devices," and he addressed Ianto. "which leaves me with the office boy, promoted beyond his measure. All of you, lost without your master. All of you, pretending to be so brave. All of you, so scared."

As the blowfish let out a sick laugh before kissed his hostage's forehead, Jackie questioned as she moved towards Ianto, so she could get into a better position to shoot him. "I noticed how you avoided describing me." The fish looked at her indignantly. "Let's hear it?" He offered her no explanation. Jackie could feel him slowly relaxing. "Or is it…that the mere thought of talking to me makes you want to slice yourself into sushi because you know…I'm the one to be reckoned with?"

He snorted. "You? You're the freak of nature." He sniffed noisily. "Half-human, half-alien. You're nothing."

Jackie rolled her eyes. "The only one with enough guts to do this." She brought her gun up and shot the blowfish right between the eyes. Water and black, gunk and blood flew backwards, splattering the wall and curtain. The girl broke free and ran towards her mother. She froze, looking down at the blowfish's body, a cold feeling washing down her spine before demanding. "Who…fired…the…second…shot? Because…it wasn't me."

"Hey, kids." She knew that voice. Her heart sunk to her stomach at that arrogant voice. "Did you miss me?"

Jackie turned around, her arm hanging limply by her side. "Not at all," she said dryly. "Captain."

Jack let out a laugh as he put his pistol back in its holster, then he began to approach her. Everyone looked to Jackie as he stood there looking down at her. "Hello Jackie," he flashed that crooked smile at her. "I missed you."

She simply looked at him for a moment. When he reached out to touch her cheek, she stepped away from him and returned her gun to its holster. "Not enough apparently to send me or any of us a message." She cleared her throat and resumed her soldier stance as she called it. It's what happened to her body when all emotions for her ceased to exist. But she was an angry and hurt soldier nonetheless. "Gwen, since there isn't enough room in the SUV, I'll catch a ride in a taxi. I'll meet you all back at the base with those burgers I promised, that is if anyone's hungry. I lost my appetite."

Gwen nodded. "Alright. We'll be a few minutes."

"Jackie," Jack called after her. "wait a minute. I want to talk to you."

"Well, I don't want to talk to you." She said as she smoothed her jacket down around her hips without glancing back at him.

"Jackie please." He reached out and grabbed her arm. That was when he made his biggest mistake. Touching her; she froze as her body responded to his touch. Why wouldn't it? After all, he was the first man that she had loved. Nevertheless, that was a long time ago; a very long time ago and nothing he could say to her could repair the turmoil inside her.

Jackie jerked her arm free of his grip, grabbed a nearby glass vase of flowers, pulled the flowers out, and smashed the vase upside Jack's head! Everyone let out a startled sound of disbelief. Jack let out a cry and grabbed the side of his head as a small stream of blood began streaming down his face

"Someone," she shouted at the top of her lungs. "better take my gun away from me before I shoot him myself!"

"Jackie," Ianto said soothingly. "easy, calm down."

She inhaled sharply, regaining control of herself. "Sorry," she bit out. "but I really, do not want to talk to you right now." She spat out. "Now, excuse me." she started to walk away, but stopped, turned on her heel and added. "I should say I'm sorry for that, but I'm not, especially when I know that cut is going to be healed in a matter of moments. But you deserved it Jack, and everyone here knows that I'm right."

And this time, she did walk out of the house without another word. She flagged down a taxi and sat there in frozen, angry silence on the route back. It wasn't until she handed the taxi man his money, that she realized that tears had been rolling down her cheeks. Angry with herself, she wiped them away.

An hour later,

Well, in spite of her claims that she wasn't hungry, she wound up polishing off two burgers before everyone arrived back at the hub. She then sat down and began to type her report while listening to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. She hummed along casually as everyone else came back in. everyone, like her, was deliberately avoiding all eye contact with Jack and acted as if he was invisible.

After all, he just took off and dumped them without a word. Why wouldn't they be hurt? Jack looked towards her and she looked down at her keyboard. She had wasted so much time with him when she would have been with Ianto. She had stupidly gone for the 'bad boy' the first time around and had almost missed the perfect man.

"Are you sure no more like him came through?" Gwen questioned Tosh as she peered at Tosh's screen.

"Cross-referencing with the rift activity monitor," Tosh affirmed. "doesn't look like it."

"The car's been impounded," Ianto informed them. "I'll get it back to the owner in the morning."

"How you doing Owen?" Gwen questioned.

"Bio-profile's onscreen now." Owen said as he handed Tosh a test tube before heading back to the autopsy room. "Nothing in his genetic make-up liable to contaminate the city.

"Okay." Gwen asked. "Tosh, can you add that to the species database?"

"Already done." Jackie stated as she hit the enter key. "And I've already placed a call to the owner, told him I'd get it down to him in an hour and that I was just waiting to be relieved at my post. I've made arrangements with the police to have the care released to my care. His sister is getting married tomorrow, he's on leave and he needs the car to surprise her tomorrow."

Gwen studied her for a moment. "Good then. I'm glad we found the car in time." Ianto started to approach her, but Gwen stopped him. "Sorry. Can you deal with the body when it's cold?"

"My pleasure." Ianto said with a serious face. "And I'll be making sushi."

Jackie shook her head and let out a short laugh, smiling at Ianto. He glanced up at her and grinned at her, making her smile brighter. "No," Gwen said quickly as she gently slapped his shoulder. "the morgue will do fine, thank you."

"Got pretty organized without me." Jack said from his corner where he stood with his hands on his hips watching everyone mill around without him giving orders. She couldn't tell if he was impressed, or if he missed being the boss. The moment that thought crossed her mind, she knew which it was. He missed being the boss.

"Yeah," Gwen said in a pointed tone. "well we had to."

"I mean," Jack questioned as he looked around the base. "did you decorate in here?"

You'd never recognize the room; the pictures all have different frames now. Everyone in the room paused and looked towards Jackie's speaker. She exhaled and shook her head. Again, the mental telepathy had caused her head to control the music. For she had been listening to Swan Lake a mere moment ago. And all the chairs are rearranged now; somehow, I've thrown out every souvenir. Yes, there've been changes made since you stayed here.

"Sorry." Jackie exhaled and reached for her speaker. "I must have mentally changed it again."

"Leave it." Tosh said quietly. "It seems right for this moment."

Jackie shrugged and turned to face him. "It does seem proper, doesn't it?"

Gwen was the first to react. The lyrics just hit all of them perfectly for that moment. She spun around and pushed Jack in the chest, slamming him against the glass door of his office. "You left us, Jack!"

Jack glanced down at his feet and he exhaled deeply. "I know. I'm sorry."

"Sorry," Jackie said in a cold, controlled voice. "doesn't quite cover what you what you put everyone through."

"We knew nothing, Jack." Gwen snapped.

"Where were you?" Tosh questioned softly.

Jack was silent for a long moment. He looked down at the ground, let out a soft snort before looking up with that winning smile of his "I found my Doctor.

Owen's brow rose slightly. "Did he fix you?"

"What's to fix?" Jack asked with a shrug. "You don't mess with this level of perfection.

"Maybe inject a bit of common sense and decency into that head of yours." At Jack's look, she groaned and turned to Ianto. "Did I say that out loud?"

He nodded. "Yep." The same address, well, more or less. More happens, less matters, I guess. "Are you going back to him?" Ianto questioned.

Jack's gaze strayed over towards her. "I came back for you." You'd never recognize my life; I play a much more careful game now. Jack exhaled before addressing the entire team. "All of you." However, he glanced up and tried to read her, when she didn't respond. "And there's also something I have to make amends for."

She rolled her eyes and reached for her purse. And when I cry it's not the same now; somehow, I never waste a single tear. Yes, there've been changes made since you've stayed here. She mentally turned her speaker off. "I'm going to return that car." She turned and headed to the door. "Burgers are on the oven keeping warm. I'll be back in a bit."

"Jackie," Ianto called after her. "do you want me to come with you?"

She hesitated and turned towards him. "Not this time Ianto. I just need a few more minutes of silence to collect myself."

"Jackie," Jack called after her. "we need to talk."

She stopped and turned towards him. "Yes, I agree there, we do. But do we have to talk this minute? No! As the song suggested, things have changed since you've been gone. I've changed Jack and I need time to adjust to this whole thing. We'll talk in a few days." He opened his mouth and she cut him off. "This isn't a request. I cannot talk to you right now."

Pride surged through her as she spun on her heel and walked out of the hub. She'd stood up to him and won. Now, she was on equal terms with him. She had her own opinions and thoughts now. To her relief, her life no longer revolved around Captain Jack Harkness.