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-Potter Manor-

Harry stood at the doors to a manor house he had never been to, a home he never knew he had. In his own life he never took an inheritance test, the aftermath of breaking into Gringotts had been to much a strain on the Potter line's trust with the goblins. He reached a hand forward tentatively and pushed against the door. He wanted to make sure the place was safe before he brought Harriet. Magic flared around him in a brilliant swirl of vibrant colors, the ring on his finger shining with a brilliant red light the red slowly overcoming the swirl of colors coming from the door until Harry found himself bathed in red light. The doors to the house clicked open swinging in flawlessly as the shining light died in an instant. Harry drew his wand and stepped into the house torches and lamps blazed to life as he entered the building. The house was more inviting than he imagined, it was still grand and awe inspiring but the feel was more of a place for friends and family then a center of power. The walls were lined with all of the house colors pictures of past Lions and Badgers, Ravens and Snakes decorated the entry way no one overwhelming the others. The top of each of the four walls in the main entry were lined in a different house color, in each band portraits hung. The group roused slowly, the first one awake was a Slytherin.

"Who dares…" The man like all of the others was lanky, black haired, and an aura of power. "Ah the current Lord Potter."

Like wild fire the other portraits stirred and looked down at Harry. He spun in a slow circle as they all looked at him. Then one of the Hufflepuffs bowed, then another, then a Ravenclaw, the Gryffindors and Slytherins followed after.

"We welcome the Lord to his Hall, The Master of the House has returned." The same Slytherin that awoke the others spoke as Harry Bowed back to them. He felt power resonate in the very ground of the house. He felt for the first time in his whole life, complete, utterly whole in a way he never had before. He was home. A feeling he thought he knew in his own life, he thought he found that with GInny and the kids, with Ron and Hermione, but this feeling- this feeling of belonging of having not only his own past but the entire history of house Potter… it was electrifying.

"The Lordsyses Homes?" Harry looked down seeing a houself with a pillowcase wrapped around itself with the Potter P emblazoned on the front, the make shift garment was tied with what looked like an old bit of golden tassel from a curtain cord. "THE LORDSY POTTERS HOMES!"

Harry was shocked when what seemed like 15 houselfs appeared with puffs of smoke. All of them smiling and cheering. Harry didn't know what to say as the swarm of flappy eared bug eyed creatures swarmed him.

"Whereses The Lord Potters BEEN he's Lates for Supper, that's not proper." One elf scolded as another talked about how the lack of hunts had been detrimental to the gardens and woods. Another Still talked about the lack of Balls, each of them seemed completely focused on some aspect of society.

"ENOUGH!" Harry barked out causing all of the elves to stop what they were doing some of them on one leg or even one toe in the case of one caught post jump. The wizard looked around, the first one was the most dressed. Harry moved forward and looked down at the elf. "Are you the head elf?"

"Yes Lordsy Potters, I's be Pen, Potter Family Head elf." The elf's chest swelled with pride as he bowed to the Lord Potter. Harry smiled a little, he didn't have any elves in his old life, they could never afford one, to think he might have had this opportunity back in his old life. The house was utterly spotless as Pen gave him a tour of the house, the library, grounds, training salle, everything was almost to overwhelming for him to grasp. And everywhere he turned portraits and pictures hung everywhere, a family history he had no idea of. Harry found himself staring out at the grounds from the private study. He looked out the window wondering what was right for him to do here, was he interfering to much in what he was supposed to be doing? What was he supposed to be doing.

"You seem conflicted Harry Potter," the wizard turned his green eyes flashing in alert as he drew a wand training it on the sitting woman. Her blonde curly hair and smooth skin jogged his memory. "Put that down foolish boy, now come and join me for something to drink. You've been busy after all since you've gotten here."

"Rebecca…" Harry moved slowly and sat across from her taking the tea she poured for him. "So am I following whatever the plan is?"

"Plan?" Rebecca laughed the sound reminiscent of glass bells pure clean notes that echoed lightly around them. She shook her head the bouncy mess of curls on her head flying around as she got herself back under control."Why would you think there was a plan for this? You think there's a plan to drop people into other dimensions like this?"

"Then what am I suppo…" Harry was cut off by the woman holding up a hand.

"Harry this is the last time you're going to be seeing me, or anyone like me, I've come to say that you're doing well for yourself, as for what you should be doing that's entirely up to you, change the future before you more then you already have, or let it follow its own course. There's no grand mission here for you Harry Potter, Hardin Potter, whoever you want to be or become. You can do whatever you want, or do nothing, This world can survive without you. There's no right or wrong answer for you." Harry considered what was happening and nodded his head as he sipped his tea.

"Can I ask a question though?" Harry waited for a nod from the woman before continuing. "Phineas Black, the tailor… my 'uncle', he knew me… how?"

"The world likes things to make sense Harry, the Natural world, the muggle sciences, the laws of magic.. All of them are the same, everything balances out and everything fits. The world adapted to your existence. You had to have had a past since you're an adult, adults just don't appear out of thin air after all. Phineas Black the Second was the world's way to shoehorn you into fitting. The longer you live in this plane the more you will get acclimated to it, memories that you don't have will fill in, childhood memories will appear in this world and you're old ones will disappear. Given enough time… the world you knew…"

"No." Harry cut in his eyes hard as he looked at the woman. "You are not taking my past from me. I can never, will never forget who I was who they were."

"You can't stop it, the longer you live the less Harry will exist and the more Hardin will become who you are." Harry looked at her in horror. Loose himself? The memories of Hermione and Ron, of the trials and tribulations, the hell he went through to become who he was today. His marriage to Gin and the children… he'd have to find a way to save it. Damn what they told him.

"I will find a way. Even if I have to write it all in a journal to keep it alive, I will never forget who I am." Harry saw the sadness in Rebecca's eyes as she looked down into her cup of tea.

"The less you interfere with this world the less you change the way that world is supposed to go the more of yourself will remain." Harry looked hard at her was that the trade? To lose himself for saving others? Saving others… he could save Sirius, Remus… Tonks, Fred… the hundreds of muggles and magicians that died. He had a chance to stop that from happening… to make it so that for once He was able to stop people… Digory… he could save Cedric this year… but if he was to do so what would the cost of it be?

-The Burrow-

Arthur Weasley loved his wife, she was the center of his family and of his world, she was a caring and loving woman whose heart knew no bounds. He worshiped her and not because of the love potion he knew she slipped him every once in awhile, it was never a strong one, usually just enough to make for an interesting night once the littles were all tucked in. She was an honestly good witch who loved her family with everything she had. But for once in his life he was ready to strangle the bloody woman. The Weasley Patriarch leaned a hand against a wall of his living room rubbing his eyes with his hand. Albus Dumbledore had fluid in not but five minutes ago, it was the morning after the summons and until he saw the look in the wizard's eyes Arthur assumed the Headmaster was there for a recap of the night from another point of view. THen Albus told the heads of the Weasley Clan his fear for their safety.

"How could you Molly," Arthur sighed through clenched teeth as he turned to face his now pale faced wife. "Really a love potion on a minor? What were you thinking?"

"I just wanted Harriet to be happy, she and Ronnie are close friends, I thought a small push into each other's arms and they'd realize their love for each other, it worked for you and I after all." Molly's eyes went wide and she looked down wincing at what she said.

"What was that Molly…" Arthur turned at his wife's words, had she dosed him before their marriage? While he was courting her? Before he was? If so how much of what did she use on him. Arthur shook his head filing this conversation for later as he turned back to the headmaster. "How do we fix this?"

"I'm afraid I don't know if you can Arthur…" Dumbledore sighed as he sipped the tea that Molly had made for him. "The Lord Potter has very specific and New World views on love potions. I was most surprised when he mentioned your wife by name along with the love potion, I talked to the healer after he left with Harriet according to her he was normal as could be given the situation until the love potion in question was mentioned. She stated that Hardin was able to correctly guess that the potion was a Ashwinder Egg and Moonstone compound for the active ingredients and then he became rigid and curt leaving immediately where he spoke with me."

"How can we even be sure he is who he says he is?" Molly spoke up a bit of an edge in her voice as she looked up.

"He had the Potter Ring Molly." Arthur felt his voice rise along with his frustration at his wife. "You can't just simply drink a polyjuice or cast a transfiguration on yourself to get your hands on one, there's too many levels of detection and spellcraft to a house ring, especially one like the Potter House. More than that Molly the way he moved, he talked, he's not just a person of the street. He reminded me of a Hippogriff, he walked with a power you sensed an air of civility that hid something much more dangerous."

"All the more reason not to trust Harriet with a strange man who might be dangerous." She looked shocked at the horse bark of laughter from her husband.

"You think that someone who wasn't dangerous could protect her? Give her the help she needs?"

"We aren't at war anymore Arthur…" Arthur slammed his hand against the wall at his wife's words. She shrunk at the look from his eyes as he raised his voice.

"THREE YEARS MOLLY, THREE YEARS THE GIRL HAS BEEN ATTACKED," Arthur took a breath as he continued. His wife wanted to believe everyting from their time as young parents when it was just them and the boys was over the fear of them seeing Bill when they put him on the express for his first year. Arthur understood, he even wanted to go with what she was saying but he couldn't, not after everything he knew. "Every Year since her introduction to our world, first the troll and the Defense professor, then the Chamber of Secrets in her second year, and this past year she was almost given the Kiss by a dementor while protecting her Godfather, who might truly be an innocent man after all. We might not be at war anymore Molly, but that doesn't mean that everything is better now. Harriet will be safe with the man, from what I saw of him his only goal was finding and protecting her. Besides, you think the Headmaster would let him take her if he was a danger to her?"

Dumbledore nodded his head in agreement to the last bit, Molly looked like she wanted to continue the discussion but simply nodded her head. Dumbledore waited a return from Highwood's Headmaster William Berdai, they hadn't talked in a number of years but there was a certain level of professional courtesy involved in these kinds of things. Before too long Dumbledore would have at least some information on the man that had wizarding Britain's movers and shakers on edge.

"I think we should let the Lord Potter have the benefit of the doubt for the moment Molly, he seemed to me a man who was worried about his only family, is he dangerous, I think to those that would attempt to hurt that family, yes very much so. Harriet held his arm closely as they left, he used his cloak to cover her and hold her close when the press found its way into the scene, He apparated them away quickly." Dumbledore steered the conversation away from their current subject and did his best to move on to lighter topics for now.

-Residence of Madam Jacqueline Markova-

Jacqueline Markova slowly twirled the wine glass in her hands the deep burgundy liquid leaving trails that caught the light of the fire in her heart. She had eyes and ears everywhere, well everywhere that mattered at least. She thought of the actions of the man who disrupted the gamot and compared him to the man who tore apart her own guard. He was a man of many faced apparently, she still didn't know why he required the fake memories implanted in key persons, or a full background made up but he paid for it in gold. His offer was still open to her, she had the beginning of a response written out. Well the Lord's name at least. He offered her a position within his House, for her and her men. They would become legal her men forming house guards while she would be the House's Seer. The opportunity would put her higher than she could get in years on her own, but at what cost… the cards showed her nothing when it came to a good decision to make, both were dangerous, both were lucrative, both were filled with chance.

"Choices, Choices…" Jacqueline set the glass down and picked up the cards one more time slowly shuffling the cards in her hands, a group of them slipped from her fingers and splashed onto the table top flipping and spinning in a flash of blue light. The Tower and the Sun strung together in a nebulous web of readings. On top of the pile was the Ace of Cups… Well that answered that question. The Gypsy camp leader downed her wine and moved over to her desk stroking her owl's crest the monstrous Eagle Owl ruffled her feathers and nipped her witch's hand lightly. "Come now Cher, I have a message for you to deliver. And be polite he is our new Lord."

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