Note: This is before the last couple of Originals episodes, so therefore Cami and Klaus have a different ending than they would've had if I'd seen it sooner. But then again I couldn't have because then that'd be time travelling. Anyway, it followed a different timeline so some things are different than how the storyline on tv is going.

It had been an overall productive and interesting week. Finn was put into another body by Freya's power; which unfortunately didn't stop him from giving his opinion anytime he felt the need to slightly out of earshot, and he was now taking orders to protect Hope, refusing to talk to him or anyone besides Freya. Over the past fifty years, all of his siblings and Mikael worked together to defeat Dahlia, making it impossible for Mikael to have any time to try and kill him. After the war was over Freya convinced him that killing the son that did so many terrible things did not matter. Whatever had happened was in the past, and it was best for him to live his life and be her father. Hope was grown now, had aged to a 20-year old and was a combination of all of his siblings personalities including his own and Hayley's. That certainly made things interesting. She'd had her fight with him over Jackson being her father. During the war, Jackson had died, and as much as that made him happy to know that Jackson wouldn't be in the compound any longer, no longer a threat to his brother's happiness or his own, he was devastated because Hope loved him as a second father. Elijah later confessed that Hayley was pregnant with Jackson's child. Losing her child's father was a blow, but Hayley was slowly getting over it, as it had been ten years ago now that Jackson had died, and luckily the hybrids that were created when she was married still had their powers. Elijah had become Hope's honorary second father, and the second child called him its father. When Hayley was pregnant with the child, they reconciled and became an item. Elijah swore to raise the child as his own, and did so. The child was named James, and by now had grown to a 20 year old as well.

But over the last five decades, what had affected him the most had been Aurora's death. He'd even seen it; her heart ripped out of her chest, while she stared at him from across the room in his own compound. Aurora had been his first love. The way she'd been able to control him, the way she made him feel had such power over him it had surprised him that it was still so strong a thousand years later. But when she died, he felt freed. They had not been one since the day he had to run.

Camille had fallen in love with a warlock from the edge of town, one that respected Klaus and his family. But the day that Klaus's feelings for Caroline came to light, it became clear Camille did not want to be a reminder of a woman she didn't feel she had any reason to resemble. Her emotions had begun to cloud her judgment, and she disliked that as well. He knew he didn't need to tell her his feelings for her were merely a replica of what he felt for Caroline. She'd married the warlock a year into falling for him, and now she was the mother of two witches, both helped him with the war against Dahlia. Rebekah had been put into her original body for a while, because having all that she desired would have to wait until she and the family she had wanted were safe from the witch that destroyed her family. Marcel fought by her side the entire time, making it clear that Marcel was actually the man Klaus would prefer with his little sister. Kol had come back five years into the war, looking rather like Stefan from Mystic Falls, and ensuring that Caroline was never far from his thoughts. Davina had fought with Klaus beside Kol, not caring that he was older, that he was in another body. That was a kind of love that never would die, he supposed.

Damon had called him five years ago, telling him that Caroline was alive, as Klaus had asked him to do so every ten years or so. Just to make sure the love of his life wasn't dead. When he'd asked why it took him so long to divulge this information, he'd explained everything that's happened with her, with Elena, Stefan. Himself. He supposed it was merely good fortune that Damon and Elena were now married and off on adventures by themselves as a married couple. Stefan had gotten himself into a deal with Caroline, and it had been a year later when they both turned their humanities back on, after that, Damon's information got a little hazy, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know the ending to that particular story. As soon as he could, Klaus had sent his deepest condolences to her, wishing she was well now. It didn't matter to him if she would accept his feelings for her as truth or not, he needed to let her know how sorry he was. It was the least he could do, not fighting for his right to tell her he was sorry for her father's passing as well when it had happened.

Esther was dead, having killed Dahlia along with herself, to end their war. He could not recall a single soul in his family feeling empathy for either of them. She as well as Dahlia had destroyed their family, taking them this long to make amends, and heal themselves. A consort of hers that had helped her pick herself back up from destitution had run away the instant she fell to the ground, not that he blamed the man. And now that Hope was grown and learned how to help for herself, fight her own battles, become a strong woman and knows that no matter what her family would stand by her side, there was finally peace in the Quarter. No one had any grudges against him that had them choosing sides, and Elijah kept his unwavering faith in his little brother. All that would make this place better would be the woman he never forgot coming back to him. He'd been thinking about her coming for years, more thoughts now than there were since he came back to this city. It felt as though, if Caroline wasn't going to come to him, he would go mad, or break his promise and go back to find her.

Klaus was reading a letter from Camille telling him about her daughters becoming successful in the businesses they owned; one with a significant other, the other by herself, and asked how things were going with him. There was a knock at the door on the first floor. He didn't realize the gate was closed. He didn't think he needed to hasten to open the door; it was probably more bad news he had to work through. Maybe more danger to Hope. He didn't need to take on the bad news as he was beginning to get used to the good coming more and more.

The opening of the gate brought him better news than he thought would come. The one woman he'd ever truly given his heart to, who was deserving of his love no matter what any other person thought, and who had proved to him his intuition about her was correct the last day they saw each other. Her smile showed she wasn't here for any other reason than to be here, with him. Even though fifty years had passed since he'd offered her everything he had, he had not lost faith that she would come, nor had he ever forgotten her. He wanted to be the one that deserved her, and he wanted her to see that he was indeed the best man for her heart. It appeared it only took fifty years for her to tie up loose ends.

"Caroline." He greeted with a smile, as her smile just took his breath away.

"Hi." She greeted in reply, her smile bigger. Klaus moved out of the way nervously and she stepped through into the compound as nervously as he.

"Klaus?" Elijah asked. Hayley joined him and as usual, Hope was attached to her hip. James was behind them, Caroline saw him in shadow. Caroline looked up at Elijah and smiled.

"Hi Elijah." She greeted. Hayley smiled at her and Hope looked at the lot of them.

"Hey Caroline." Hayley greeted with a smile. Caroline nodded to her, not sure what to make of her greeting. She looked to Hope and then at Klaus, who was just staring at her.

"So this is Hope?" Caroline asked. Hope came down within a second and Klaus chuckled at his daughter's excitement. Elijah and Hayley joined her in their own pace.

"Yes, this is Hope." Klaus replied with a huge smile. Caroline looked at him as he watched her, Hope waiting patiently. "How did you know about her?" He asked. She shrugged.

"When the most powerful creature on the planet ends up having a kid and he's been around for a thousand years, that kind of news gets around." She replied. Klaus's eyebrows rose and he smirked. "I learned about her maybe twenty years ago." She added. Klaus nodded and gestured to Hope. Caroline looked at her.

"Hi" Hope greeted with a grin. Caroline smiled back at her.

"Hi." Caroline greeted in reply. "I'm Caroline." She added nervously and Hope hugged her. Caroline laughed and hugged her back, Klaus barely able to keep his grin in check.

"I think the rest of the questions needed to be asked can wait until later." Klaus pressured Hope, and she nodded, hugging her father and then walking back up the stairs, Elijah and Hayley trailing after her, joining James again. Caroline looked to Klaus and just stared for a minute.

"Sorry" She laughed when Klaus stared back at her, a smile developing again. "uh, well I came here on a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, so" she said, picking her arms up absentmindedly. She tried to read Klaus's eyes and he merely continued staring. "I don't have a place to stay." She finished in a small voice.

"You can stay here in you'd like, I'd be more than happy to give you a room." Klaus replied.

"You're not just going to put me up in your room?" Caroline asked

"Well if you want to be put up in my room all you have to do is ask, but since you hadn't I was expecting you wanted your own." He said simply. Caroline stared at him again, impressed that he knew her so well after all these years.

"Yeah, thank you." Caroline replied. He gestured for her to go ahead of him and she did, but soon after they were walking side by side as they'd done before, as if fifty years had not passed. They talked about nothing and laughed, and then they got to the room Klaus wanted Caroline to have. She came into the room by herself and took in her surroundings, seeing what she should organize and redecorate. Klaus only stood there in her doorway, his hands behind his back.

"Could I ask you a question?" Klaus asked. Caroline turned around with her doe eyes, signaling that she was alright with it. Klaus looked at her seriously. "Does this feel right to you?" He asked. And they both knew it wasn't just her room. It was Caroline being here with him, Caroline being in New Orleans to begin with. Her accepting his offer, and most of all her spending the rest of her immortal life with him. Being his last love, as well as him being hers. She smiled genuinely and he saw again that she had no ulterior motives to be here. She was completely open to him.

"Yes, yes it does." She replied. She walked to him and took his face in her two hands, his hand coming up to her face as well to caress her cheek. They kissed once, and opened their eyes to each other, smiling again. They kissed one more time and Caroline turned into her room to do what she did best. Klaus stayed where he was for another moment, watching Caroline take the room in as seriously as he would take a threat upon Hope's life. That at least, had not changed. He turned and walked away. His undead heart had been telling him the truth. The love of his life was here now. With Caroline here, he felt that no matter what he'd finally always have someone by his side, whether he was right or wrong, whether he was being accused of horrible things or being mercilessly mocked. He smiled to himself and disappeared back into his room, going to write Camille about Caroline showing up.

As he wrote, he remembered the time Camille had come to tell him she was in love with another man. They hadn't had much of a relationship. She had become his human best friend in a matter of months, and as Hope grew she saw Camille as an honorary aunt. Kol had gotten his Stefan-body, although this man was named Paul Avery. Klaus didn't learn this until a while later. The man had been killed but Freya had helped Davina bring the man back to life. When Kol had come back he visited Klaus and Camille while they were talking.

"Oh good, the replacement's here. Mind if I have a word, brother?" Kol asked. Camille looked at him.

"Who are you?" She asked in surprise. Kol smiled

"The one and only Kol Mikaelson, come back to look after my siblings and have Davina all to myself again." He replied, making her laugh. Then Camille turned to Klaus

"What does Kol mean by 'replacement'?" Camille asked. Klaus looked at her, wanting to defend himself yet not knowing what words wouldn't hurt either of them.

"Oh, dya mind if I tell her?" Kol asked excitedly

"How in the bloody hell did you know anyway?" Klaus spat at him. Kol shrugged.

"When our dear older sister and Davina brought me back, they brought some memories with. Caroline's." He replied. Klaus was made speechless, a hundred questions running through his head. How on earth did he get Caroline's memories into his thick skull? What were her memories and how did they pertain to him? Yet he didn't ask a single one, not wanting Camille to be hurt by this conversation.

"Who is Caroline?" Camille asked.

"Caroline's a vampire I know back in Mystic Falls." Klaus replied before Kol could open his mouth. "We had a history. Have, one, I still believe." He added. Kol nodded without needing to be asked the question and soon Klaus felt excited.

"What kind of a history?" Camille asked, Klaus looked away, refusing to believe Camille couldn't figure it out. She wanted him to say it out loud; by the look on her face she wanted a confession. "I'm sorry, love." He admitted. That's all she needed before she stood up. She turned to Kol and with wide-eyed rage asked

"What kind of history did they have, Kol?" Camille asked.

"I wanted her to come to New Orleans." Klaus said. She looked at him.

"I don't remember asking you." She stated. Klaus looked away again.

"Well dearie I don't believe I could provide with the answers, I wasn't alive when Klaus asked Caroline to do that." Kol said.

"But you were on the other side, couldn't you have seen what Klaus was saying? Besides you just said you were brought back with Caroline's memories in your head." Camille asked. Kol looked at her, impressed. "Perceptive and a listener. Alright." Kol made his stance relaxed and looked at Klaus. Klaus refused to look at him and Kol turned back to Camille. "I believe my brother had told her, 'I intend to be your last love.'. I'm paraphrasing of course as to not confuse you much." Kol said. Camille looked away and Klaus knew he would pay for not ever telling her. But then, maybe the punishment wouldn't be too severe, if she was in love with someone else.

"When did he meet her?" Camille asked.

"It was before you, dearie. But I suspect his feelings for her haven't changed." Kol told her. Camille looked at Klaus, and when he would only stare back at her, willing her to know how sorry he was, she just turned around and left, shaking her head hard. Kol looked back at his brother and Klaus glared at him.

"Would you mind telling me why exactly it is you felt the need to do that?" Klaus demanded.

"Relax, dear brother, I'm sure her hearing from us instead of the actual blonde is better." Kol replied. Klaus looked at him in surprise.

"Are you saying Caroline is coming to New Orleans soon?" He asked, and for the first time in a long time, he felt hope. Kol smiled.

"I was on the other side for a bit. Well, not an actual other side but one another witch created in order for their ancestors to not get sucked into the vortex or whatever that was. But the point is, I was in Mystic Falls for a little bit, and that doppelganger Elena was asking Caroline what she was going to do now, I didn't know what she meant nor could I find out. But Caroline had 'going to New Orleans' in her mind, and she said she was tying up loose ends now." Kol said.

And now Caroline was here. She was here, she was here, she's here. Camille had forgiven Klaus after a week, and agreed to be his friend even if his heart belonged to someone else. That had proved that she had feelings for him she didn't want to hide, but it didn't make a difference now. He knew that if Kol hadn't stepped in right then, he would've spent Camille's life with her. Truthfully he would be waiting for Caroline still, but he supposed she wouldn't be coming until she had nothing left and saw she had something waiting for her. Now Camille was in love with another man still, was a mother which she couldn't have been with him, had a family. And Caroline was here, for him.

Caroline looked around her room, and liked the colors of her bed, the wispy white sheets, wooden frame around it. This was a nice place to be. And it was so weird that she had come on the first plane ride she could for Klaus. This guy who killed her ex's mother, her best friend's aunt, tried to kill so many of them. And yet he was his best self around her, she thought. He was the biggest bad guy she'd ever met, but if she asked him to do something, he would never let her down. He'd never hurt her before, in comparison to other people. And one of the first times they'd talked he said she was beautiful, and strong. No one else had ever told her those things. How could she ever forget about it?

The sequel to this chapter is currently being written. However I've run into a slight imagination block; obviously Hope is a grown woman now, and Klaus and Hope have had plenty of conversation, maybe she's one of his best friends and he hers. But Klaus would have nicknames for her, but 'princess' is too cheesy and she's too old for that nickname and 'daughter' is too formal. He is still but he is still her father. So what would you think a good nickname for the Big Bad Original Hybrid's daughter would be?

So the next chapter, Klaus and Hope talk about Caroline. Caroline and Klaus talk about what's happened since MF, Klaus and Caroline learn there's trouble in the Quarter, Freya tells them about a witch bomb that destroyed a married witch couple. Caroline and Klaus go and find an employee by coincidence of the man that talked to Freya first. They go back home and Caroline wants to take her mind off what happened.