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Hey, this is a fic I wrote while taking a break from writing Unspeakable. It portrays Yamato as rather slutty, but it suits this fic immensely. Oh, and you'll see a lot of brotherly/sisterly stuff in this fic because I think Hikari and Taichi's relationship is neat. And there isn't any bashing of Sora because I don't like it very much.

Gunning Down Romance
Chapter 1:

He was always so pure, so light––everything Yagami Taichi was not. As the brunette watched his best friend from day to day, it was a wonder how someone so angelic looking and graceful could be such a a tramp. Taichi cringed at the negative thought of his best friend, but he wasn't a liar, and deeming Yamato at that was true.

As they say, the truth hurts. Taichi could only gap at the once composed best friend of his with complete ashamed and astonishment. The blonde strode across the cafeteria, vaguely acknowledging each person who called his name and the various girls who giggled perpetually. In his arm was a lunch tray with a meek sandwich and drink on it. No wonder he was so thin. Then, the graceful creature sat next to a beautiful girl, who he was supposedly seeing, and ignored the rest of the world.

Taichi sighed and set down his own sandwich that he had been currently eating until spotting Yamato. It always seemed so difficult to accomplish anything, even as simple as eating, when Yamato appeared. The friend of his was so perfect, everything he wasn't. Besides, Yamato hadn't called him in over a week, leaving the brunette feeling rather dejected and forgotten. Then again, this always happened whenever Yamato began seeing someone new. Although, as some would put it, he saw someone new in bed every week.

Hey Taichi. How's it going?

Taichi glanced up to find Sora taking a seat next to him. Immediately the cheerful front Taichi used was put on, causing him to force a warm smile and greet the red headed girl politely.

I see you've noticed Kana.

Taichi inquired, screwing his face tightly.

Sora motioned to the table Yamato was sitting at; more precisely, the girl on his lap, with beautiful long blue hair and eyes.

Oh. Yeah.

Hopefully there won't be a pregnancy scare like last time, said Sora, sighing as she took a bite of her lunch.

The two were silent for a few minutes, both lost in thought over Yamato, the friend that they have seemed to have lost to the world of lust and sex. It was only until Koushiro took a seat across from the two that the silence was broken.

Did you notice Yamato's new girl––

Taichi snapped. I've gotta get to class. Taichi stood and left the table before either Sora or Koushiro could apologize. They were always saying sorry for things that weren't a fault of theirs, and it was almost rather annoying. As Taichi walked through the mindless groups of people standing around, he could here someone greeting him, yet he didn't pay acknowledge them. He only kept walking.


––and then Miyako spit on him! Then Davis––

Hikari, can you keep quiet for a few minutes? I'm trying to do my homework, Taichi said, mentally cursing his parents for forcing the two siblings to share a room together, regardless of the fact that he was seventeen.

No you're not. The page is blank and you're just staring at it numbly.

It wouldn't be blank if you kept your mouth shut every once and a while.

You're sure grouchy tonight, Hikari said, her voice immediately softening, want to talk about it?

I'm sorry, but never mind. It's nothing, really.

Let me take a wild guess: Yamato has another new girlfriend? the younger girl interrogated.

Yes, but that isn't––

Don't even think about lying, Taichi! I know as well as you do that all of us Digidestined think he has a problem with sex. For goodness sake, Takeru even is beginning to worry about his brother. This is the fourth new girl in two and a half weeks. Hikari then sighed and tilted her head. You'd think he'd wait between each one for a little while.

Don't forget the one night stands, Taichi mumbled. Frowning, he said, We shouldn't be discussing him. He's our friend––

We're only concerned, Hikari pointed out. And we aren't the only ones. Us younger ones were talking about it today, in fact.

I hope you're not upsetting Takeru.

We aren't. He was the one who brought it up, she replied.

Taichi glanced at his sister, who was now opening her own homework up and looking through some papers. He turned to his homework, beginning to reminisce all of the times he and Yamato would do their homework together, before his best friend became neurotic for sexual pleasure.

A knock on the door interrupted the two siblings from their homework as their mother smiled warmly when she poked her head in. Taichi, honey, you have a visitor.

Taichi set down his pencil and followed his mother to the den. There he spotted a beautiful blonde at the door.

Hi Taichi.

H-hi Yamato. A familiar look in Yamato's gaze caused Taichi to tell his mother, We're going to take a walk around. I'll be back in less than an hour.

Once the two boys were outside, petty talk of how classes and the teachers and basically of everything in the world of schooling . It hadn't lasted very long, for other things were on both of the boys' minds.

So, how come you never said hi to me today?

When was this? Taichi asked, immediately scanning his mind for a time when they spoke to each other during the day, yet, there wasn't one that he could recall.

At lunch. You were passing the table I was sitting at and I said hi, but you just walked right past me without a moment's glance.

Well why haven't you made any attempt to chat with me for the past week? Taichi retorted, swallowing nervously and hugging his body very tightly.

I've been busy I guess, Yamato admitted.

Of course you have. Whatnot with the dumping of Ayaka and asking out of Kana.

You know about that? Yamato asked.

Of course. I'm supposedly your best friend. It's also quite easy to see that when your down each other's throats during school, and God who knows what goes on at night.

We have slept with each other yet, Yamato whispered. Taichi detected a hint of embarrassment in his voice. And you are my best friend, aren't you?

Taichi turned to Yamato, who seemed very childish-like in the chilling winter evening. Scarfed, almost frightened, it seemed. I hope I am, but with the way you've been treating both me and yourself is rather absurd.

What do you mean?

Well like I said, you haven't made any attempt to talk to me in a week, and you basically ignore me when you're with your other friends––

Not about that. About the way I treat myself. What did you mean by that? Yamato probed, hugging his own body and leaning closer to Taichi.

Taichi took a moment to allow his surroundings fill his mind, regardless if they were rather chilling and cold, with cars honking distantly. Swallowing, he blurted, You're going to get a STD one of these days. You realize this don't you? You've probably had sex more times than my parents have in a life time! How could you do this to yourself––

Don't fucking start! Yamato yelled, shoving Taichi away from him. You don't understand and it's not like you fucking care! You were one of those people a year ago. You wanted this body and so you took it. So don't be a hypocrite! I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow.

Yamato never gave Taichi a chance to say anything in reply because he quickly crossed the street and took off into the night.

But I'm not like them because I love you, Taichi whispered to himself. And then, he walked back home in attempt to get rid of the chilliness of the air and the further distance between him and his best friend.

End of Chapter 1

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