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Gunning Down Romance
Chapter 5: A Young Couple

A few weeks went by since the evening Yamato tried to give Taichi a blow job during Tomb Raider. A month and a half, to be precise. Much more smoothly running dates went by, and the two males seemed more comfortable around each other. They were, as most would observe, acting like a young couple falling in love with each other. Kisses here, snuggles there; each satisfied with physical contact, as well as the pure feeling of warmth the other could provide.

At least, that's what Taichi had hoped. He wasn't quite sure how Yamato exactly felt. Yamato had never had a relationship lasting longer than two weeks with sex during the first few dates.

It was a Saturday morning when Yamato came waltzing into the cafe where Taichi was awaiting him for a coffee with a newspaper in hand. He slid easily into the chair and continued to gaze at the paper in grasp.

No hello? Taichi asked, wondering what on earth could be so interesting.

Good morning, Taichi. Without a glance, he said, I need a job.

What on earth for? You're father has a great job.

Yamato seemed to dismiss the statement. What do you think about fast food? Or perhaps I should work in retail; I'm rather good with stylish things.

That you are, Taichi said, looking upon his boyfriend with the perfectly sculptured hair and stylish outsit.

It was then that Yamato finally glanced up. Sorry sweetheart, it's just that I really want to find the perfect job for me.

Taichi sat thoughtfully, and finally settled on saying, Well, if I know you well, you don't want to be working in fast food. You'd probably become anorexic due to the disgusting food.

Taichi, don't make fun of anorexics, please.

I'm not. I'm just saying that the food is so repulsing at those places that you would just not eat for hours on end, that's all.

Then why do you indulge at those places?

Because they're cheap and fast food. Taichi grinned. Besides, I do so much activities that I work it off fast.

Are you saying I'm fat?

Taichi rolled his eyes. No. Now what would you like to drink?

Skim milk latte. No foam.

Taichi puzzled at his boyfriend, who sat skimming the newspaper for a job, as he walked towards the counter. He paid for Yamato's latte and got himself a hot chocolate. As he brought it back to the table, he found Yamato's newspaper neatly folded and with a content expression on his face.

Thank you, he said, as Taichi sat and handed him the latte. I think I've settled on sending applications to a few retail stores and one to here.

Yeah? I saw the Help Wanted sign in the window. I suppose I should get myself to find a job.

Yamato shrugged. If you feel like it, than you will send some resumes in.

Taichi smiled. Oh! I wanted to tell you: my parents are going out for the evening to a hotel and Hikari will be with Miyako. I was wondering–– At this point, Taichi rubbed his foot along Yamato's leg, ––if you would like to spend the night?

Yamato raised an eyebrow. I would love to. Do you need me to pick up anything for tonight?

Taichi shook his head. There's no need to pick up any. Any meaning condoms, of course.

Yamato said simply, not pushing the subject any further. Taichi noticed that whenever sex was mentioned, they both sort of shrugged it off and Yamato became rather emotionless. Then again, he was almost always without expression. At least that's how he acted in public.

All right. Taichi was amazed by the way time was moving so fast. Two months ago, Taichi was taking a walk with him and he admitted to Taichi that he lied and wanted to be in a relationship with him.


A few hours later, Yamato was placing his overnight bag –– which was rather stuffed for just one night's sleep away from home –– into Taichi's bedroom.

I thought we could watch a movie, Taichi said, as he slipped one into the DVD machine and turned it on.

Oh? Which one would that be?

I don't know. I grabbed the first thing I saw.

Yamato sniggered and patted the cushion next to him. When Taichi sat down, Yamato stole the remote from him and turned off the television. Why don't we just skip it?

Taichi paused for a moment, a smile flickering his face. I think that's a good idea.

The two males fell into a passionate make out session. Passionate, yet slow. The kisses were unambiguous and not randomly over the body. Each motion definite and beautiful. Something Taichi would always treasure.

After a while, Taichi pulled back and Yamato cuddled up to his chest. As Taichi stroked his hair, he said, I'm very happy, you know. Never been so happy in my life, actually.

I know, Yamato said. A moment of silence passed before Yamato said, You're the only one I've ever let stroke my hair.

Taichi smiled. I guess that makes me the special one?

You are special, Yamato said, leaning up and placing a soft kiss on Taichi's lips.

Taichi smiled lazily. I love you.

Yamato's eyes widened slightly, and for once in his life it seemed, he hadn't anything to say to that. I... um...

Don't say anything, okay? I don't want you to feel obliged to saying it back. You will when the time is ready. Taichi leaned and planted a kiss on Yamato's forehead.

Thank you, was all Yamato said.

And that was the last thing either of them said, for they were so content, they fell asleep there.


Taichi stretched and yawned, feeling confused as to why there was a lack of body on top of him. He opened his eyes to see Yamato in the kitchen frying something.

What are you making?

Yamato didn't turn, but replied,

Taichi yawned again and watched his boyfriend use his magical fingers to cook what would be a delicious meal. Of course, Taichi's theory was proven right as he ate his first bite.

It's yummy. Thank you.

Yamato shrugged. It's something.

They ate in silence, which was why he heard the door clicking.

Hikari must be home, Taichi said, not really caring if she saw Yamato.

Taichi was wrong. His parents entered the house and hid no surprise to Yamato's presence.

I was bored because Hikari left, Taichi explained.

His parents seemed to appreciate the explanation, for they went to their bedroom and shut the door.

Do your parents know?

Know what? Taichi asked, removing his and Yamato's plate to the dishwasher.

That you're gay and dating me.

Taichi admitted. But Hikari does.

Yamato nodded. My dad knows.

Taichi hadn't meant to sound irritated, but somehow his tone as if he were.

He just does. Do you have a problem with that?

Taichi shook his head. No, I don't. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like an ass.

Yamato shrugged. It's okay. He glanced at the clock and said, Speaking of my father, I should really be going.

I just have some stuff to do, he said, as he stood and began collecting his things, although the only things that were out were his hair gel and comb. I'll call you tonight.

Taichi followed him to the door and kissed him goodbye. He couldn't be happier. He resided that these last few months of his school life would be the best in the world.

End of Chapter

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