Author's Note: I have 50+ drabbles/short works saved onto my external hard drive. I think it's about time I share some of them with you lovely people! Fair warning... this one is a bit kinky. Inspired by 'I Wanna Be Yours' by Arctic Monkeys. Give it a listen to get the full effect.

~Craft Rose


His voice is wrecked with fire whiskey and angst, and the sound of it paralyzes her, as he moves closer. Hermione blinks at him, distantly aware that she is backed into a corner now, and that his hands are flattened on either side of her, directly onto the wall. In the background, there is a faint hiss and click, as the door locks shut. The mild disturbance takes her attention for only a moment, before she is forced to look upon those slate grey eyes.

Just one look, and it is clear to her, that Malfoy is nowhere in sight.

Somewhere between this second and the next, his lips come crashing down on hers, and she breathes in, threading her fingers through his soft, blonde hair, as his thumbs graze the length of her throat, harshly.

Choke me, Draco. Make me yours.