Hello everyone, I hope you like this fanfic. This will be the sequel too "Naruto The New Mandarin".

Chapter 1


Naruto's eyes open slowly only seeing a blurry vision. Naruto saw figures talking too each other. Came the words of Naruto who was inside a lab of sorts.

"Are you sure this is even right?!" Came a voice inside the room, Naruto's vision was completely blurry.

Naruto fingers begin twitching as he felt he was wearing something. Naruto's hands slowly turn into fists as he felt very odd for some reason like his entire body itself is different.

"Sir, with all due respect... We don't even know what he'll do once he wakes up. He could be an enemy, or a spy as well. Why did you even give him that armor for?! It makes no sense!" Came another voice but louder due too none of this even closely making sense, Naruto's vision starts too clear. He's met with seeing multiple people in the room. Each one was wearing a different armor of some kind? The first one was wearing a dark purple version of the Mark IV armor, it also has green color markings on it. Not only him but two more wear the sane thing, one has a tan coloring with a silver trim while the other has white armor. The final one in armor has a Marv IV armor that was white and a Mark VI Eva helmet along with a Mark VI CQB shoulder armor with the color brown. Two other men were in the room, one was a dark skinned man while the other was an older man wearing glasses and has a goatee on his face.

"North does have a valid point, he came out of nowhere... Why give him armor?" The white one said while the two white ones look at Naruto.

"Whatever happened was beyond this generations understanding. The power output was so strong it caused an EMP effect, the armor has a built in shocker." after the Director said that, Naruto's body starts too move as he can clearly see that he's staring through a visor of sorts. Naruto's right hand opens as it starts moving making crack sounds. The purple one noticed it as he approached Naruto slowly gaining there attention.

"Hey guys, I think he's starting too wake up?" He said too them as he bends down getting closer too Naruto.

"North, Its best not too approach him." The counselor man said too him.

"Ya-" he was cut off by Naruto's right hand suddenly shot up grabbing North Dakota by his neck forcing him too lean closer as he looks at North.

"You should have listened..." With that said he lifted North over himself and throws him straight at the wall and hits it then slides down the wall. Naruto immediately gets up off the table as he cracks his neck.

"Get out of my way or else..." After saying that, Agent Maine was the first too charge at Naruto as he pulls his right fist back and swings straight for Naruto who caught his fist with his right hand and uses the momentum by grabbing his right arm while proceeding too swing until he stopped throwing him straight at Agent Wyoming and sends both hitting the ground.

"Director, I think its best we leave the room." The counselor said but the man just shakes his head wanting too see this.

"Ow..." Was all Wyoming said as he stands up along with a very annoyed Maine. Maine was the first too charge with Naruto doing the same as the two tackle each other making a gust of wind happen as the two are using full worse against each other both equally matched in strength.

"Your actually strong but..." He stopped seeing Wyoming also charging at him as he immediately grabs Maine by his throat with his left hand while his right hand shoots out grabbing Wyoming by his throat as well and proceeds too lift the two as there armor starts too freeze.

"You two are no match for-" he was cut off as he felt someone try and tackle him, with the combined wait of the two as well as Naruto. He doesn't budge and turns slowly seeing North who begins regretting his choice.

"Oh shit..." Was all North said since he already regrets it.


Agent Flordia and Wash were walking side by side towards the room where the new guy is located at.

"So are you sure of was a good idea too give a newbie armor-" Wash was cut off as North goes flying through the window past the two who could only look seeing North laying on the ground in pain.

"What the?" Was all Flordia said and once the two turn there met with both Maine and Wyoming slamming into the two Freelancers knocking all four on too of North.

"Get off me!" Wash yelled trying too lift Maine odd his body but stopped seeing the man exit wearing a black version of the Hayabusa armor with blood red shoulder armor. Naruto is suddenly electrocuted gaining a hell but he places his right hand on his chest freezing whatever was shocking him. After he was done being electrocuted, Naruto looks down at the broken glass seeing the reflection showing him wearing armor.

"Interesting... Very interesting..." Was all Naruto said before he starts running down the hallway soon followed by an angry Maine. They soon heard the alarm go off while they were he running. He stopped at a corner and looks seeing soldiers run by wearing the same armor and from seeing that his entire form changes too now be looking exactly like they do just as the freelancers past Naruto in a hurry while Wash stops looking at Naruto.

"You seen Agent China running around here?!" He asked in a hurry which Naruto nods.

"He just ran past me in a hurry, what's wrong with him?" After asking that, he just shrugs.

"Sorry, that's hush hush." After saying that he starts running again leaving Naruto who walks back where he came, as he walks out from the corner he sees both men he saw in the room walking towards him.

"Soldier, do you not here the-" the director was cut off as he was grabbed by the throat and lifted high. The counselor is wide eyed at seeing this.

"What are you doing?!" He said until he saw the form of the soldier change showing Naruto wearing his armor.

"Now lets talk, WHERE THE FUCK AM I, AND WHY AM I WEARING THIS ARMOR, AND WHO ARE YOU!" He demanded which the director could only nod knowing full well this is no time too lie too this "being".

"Of... Of course, I'll tell you everything you need too know concerning your questions..." After saying that he lets down the director slowly.

"You appeared from somewhere, when you appraised there was an unknown energy being picked up and created an EMP wave. The armor was meant too restrain you but your "abilities" were never expected. Right now you are on the "Mother of Invention" a UNSC Frogate, we are currently in space. I am the director of Project Freelancer-" he was cut off by Naruto.

"Project what?" Once said the Counselor begins talking.

"A special operations program, all we can tell you right now is that this program was created too win the war with the Covenant." When he said the last word, Naruto was clearly confused.

"Covenant?" When he said that in confusion, the two look at each other.

"This may take a while, follow us too the classroom so we can explain more of what is happening and in return you tell us who you are, understand?" When the Director said that, Naruto just gives a nod and starts following the two.