Author's note: I am so excited to be starting this new adventure! Be warned, while my life is slowing down, it's still pretty busy and while I will try to update regularly, I might not get to all the time. However, I'm hoping to be posting the first real chapter of this before the weekend's over... Once I decide which one it is and edit it, etc. ;) Anyways, enjoy! I'm hoping to surprise you guys with some plot twists and turns later on!

Out in the forest, a woman sprinted between the Austrian trees. Leaves whipped her in the face, scratched at her skin, and tugged at her clothes. But she didn't feel any of that pain. All she thought about was the sound of a crashing behind her, someone much bigger and less agile than she was. She couldn't be bothered to be intimidated by him. She'd learned to have no fear a long, long time before this. At least no fear of someone like him.

She came to a clearing, hopped over a fallen tree, and stood back in the shadows. Another figure slid to a halt just paces in front of her, a fully-woged Löwen. He sniffed around, knowing full well that she was nearby. His beady eyes looked around for her, as her scent wafted through his scent glands, tantalizing him. Drool dripped off his large canine teeth at the thought of tearing into the flesh of a Grimm.

His head snapped towards where he heard a twig breaking. "Stupid Grimm," he mumbled. He thought she was careless. She was giving herself away by loudly coming towards him. What he didn't realize, is that the figure coming towards him came from behind him, the direction they had came from instead of the direction where they were going. He also missed that she shimmered slightly, like she was just a hologram of the person he was after, which she was.

He spun around to face the apparition of the Grimm when he heard her voice. "What do you want, Löwen?" she growled. He growled back, trying to maintain his appearance of being stronger.

"I want to send a message to the King," his response came from behind gritted teeth. He was having trouble reining himself in; he wanted to lunge forward and rip the honorary Royal in front of him to shreds. The woman didn't shake in fear though. She just disappeared.

It threw him off-guard, no doubt. It made him completely missed the attack coming at him from behind. The real, physical Grimm had run from her hiding spot in the shadows, and straight for his back. Before she reached him, she had pulled out a long dagger. She lept up, and grabbed his shoulders as if she were going to leapfrog over him. But instead, she hit a pressure point in the nerve of the Löwen's neck, dropping him instantly to the forest floor. There she rolled him over so he was lying on his back, and slit his throat. As the blood gurgled out, and flowed in channels down his neck, she searched him. With black leather gloves on, she took his wallet, his pocketknife, and a small, folded piece of paper. She opened it up delicately, as it looked like it must have been a decade old, to see a Wanted poster. Beneath the line of text, offering a reward of almost a million U.S. dollars was the picture of a face she hadn't seen in a very long time.

For once, fear started to dwell in her gut. She knew of the fragile situation overseas. Even as restricted as her reach was because of the Royal family, she monitored the situation. After all, she had to make sure her baby brother was safe. But if a Löwen bounty hunter, a low ranking one at that, had gotten wind of that reward, the entire state of Oregon would be crawling with people out to get him.

If only the Grimm standing in a forest 5,000 miles away from her original home, could get back to Portland.