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I kinda stopped this story because I had no clue where this was going, but I at least know how the Grand Magic Games is gonna pan out. Shit will definitely happen...

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Honestly, the first day made Naruto happy. He got to reunite with his friends and do a shit ton of badass stuff all at once. That was his life in a nutshell right? Badass stuff and hanging out with friends...

But business had to interrupt him from his drinking contest, which sucked. He dreaded having to do his adult responsibilities, but even he knew that he needed to be mature every once in a while.

A few hundred years of being an adult really made one miss the good old days of no responsibility.

Not that Naruto had any responsibility to begin with.

Well... actually he was wrong. There was a responsibility that he valued very seriously.

"Yes Wendy! YOU GO GIRL!"

The older brother role he had for cute little Wendy!

Gray had a little too much to drink the previous night, and was currently locked in his hotel room sitting in the dark. That left a space open, which Wendy happily filled.

"Oh my!" the announcer said, his voice amplified by the speakers all around the stadium. "Little Wendy just blew another contestant away with a gust of wind! How brutal of such a young girl!"

"YES!" Naruto roared in excitement.

The ability to cure her own motion sickness and blow other people off the train they were on proved to be invaluable for the girl as she literally blew her way past the competition.

"To all those tuning in, this game is Chariot! Throughout the city is a massive train-like vehicle! The contestants start all the way at the end and must get to the front of the train, which will pass the stadium—the final destination. But beware! Because they must start over from the beginning if they fall off! And not only that, only the absolute front of the train will pass close enough to the stadium, and only for a little bit! If they miss the stadium they must wait for an entire rotation!"

"Sky Dragon's Roar!"

"There goes Risley of Mermaid Heel! Wendy was in front of her and decided to turn around just to eliminate the competition! Such tenacity!"


Wendy caught up with Yuuka of Lamia Scale using her Vernier, and grabbed him by the back of his blue ponytail, yanking him by his hair and sending him to the ground.

"Ruthless!" the commentator praised. "Wendy is now in third place! No wait! She just blew Ichiya's parfum back at him! Ichiya is disoriented! Wendy Marvell is in second placeshe's just a kid!"

"Oh, but it looks like Bacchus is approaching!" the other commentator (he forgot their names, because only Jenny mattered) noted. "What is little Wendy gonna do?"

Naruto smirked.

"She's reaching into her bag... is that a flask? She's bribing Bacchus!"

"I taught her that!" Naruto said to Mira excitedly, like a little kid. "She's so smart!"

Mirajane smiled at his joy. "You taught her well."

"Hell yeah I did!"

"Bacchus is fighting Kurohebi at Wendy's order! He really is obsessed with alcohol! And while they're fighting she's pulling ahead!"

The stadium took their eyes of the telescreen to watch as Wendy ran inside of the stadium and past the finish line.

"And in first place! The reserve member of Fairy Tail A Team... Wendy Marvell!"

The young Dragon Slayer looked around wide eyed as the entire stadium cheered her on, fans or not. She was incredible young, the youngest participant in the tournament by far, and to do as good as she did was amazing.

"That girl has a bright future ahead of her!"

Laxus sighed. "Gajeel got beat by a girl more than half his age... why did we choose him when we all know he'll get sick?"

Jellal, or Mystogan, shrugged. "Well flight is banned, so no Mira. I went yesterday—"

Naruto snorted.

"—and I don't feel like participating. Naruto can't compete against Wendy, and you didn't want to go either." Jellal sent Naruto a glare. He hadn't contacted Ultear yet, but he definitely had a few choice words to give his friend—despite the fact she saved his cover from being blown.

Naruto snapped his fingers, and Wendy appeared next to him in a flash.

"Naru—" she was cut off as Naruto grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

"You did great!" the redhead cried as he squeezed his 'sister' tightly. "You're so fucking cute!"

She let out a weak noise as a response.

"You're crushing her," Mira said with a big smile. "Good job Wendy! We're all so proud of you!"

"Really?" Wendy said with wide eyes as Naruto let her go. "Even Laxus?"

Laxus noticed how Naruto was glaring at him, and offered the young girl a small smile. "You did good, kid."

Wendy beamed.

And was then grabbed by her brother again.

"You're so adorable!"

"Mimic magic?" Laxus pondered as they watched Kurohebi of Raven Tail fight. "Can he mimic the Lacrima inside of me?"

"Doubt it," Naruto said as he lounged on the couch (which they still had no idea the origins of) Team B had. "I doubt he can copy Mira as well, I'd like to see him let a demon into his body."

"I have a lost magic as well," Jellal added. "Mine involved a ritual to make it work, so I doubt he can copy mine either."

Gajeel laid on the floor with a blanket pulled over him, shivering—he was still a bit sick from Chariot.

"I doubt he has a deck of cards," Cana, the reserve member, said with a smirk as she shuffled her deck.

"Raven Tail is looking quite small," Mira noted as she looked at the rival guild. "That Flare girl isn't here."

Naruto groaned.

"That girl gave me so much trouble..." he muttered tiredly. "I had to lose a drinking contest because of her."

Cana looked at him, horrified. "You killed her!?" she yelled in shock.

"What?" he asked in confusion. "Why would I kill her?"

She shrugged. "It's just... that's kinda your thing... being unnecessarily violent for no good reason."

Naruto actually looked offended. "I did not kill her, I saved her," he explained. "Her boss wasn't happy that she lost to Lucy, and was about to end her before I came. I saved her and healed her wounds... but that bitch kept burning me!"

"What happened to her?" Jellal asked.

The redhead shrugged. "I healed her and let her go. She was like a fucking deer being released into the wild, she looked around all wide eyed before prancing away on all four limbs."

They stared at him.

"Okay," he relented after a minute, "she walked on two feet, but it was a strange walk!"

Elfman was going against Bacchus. While Naruto wanted to watch the fight, he had other things to do.

He had people to kill.

He wanted to teleport Wendy to her side, since she had to walk from Team B to her actual team, but the girl insisted he saved his energy. The walk should have only taken a maximum of ten minutes, and that included a bathroom trip.

Wendy still wasn't there after fifteen.

Time for a hunt.

Yes... he was overprotective... but she's cute.

He could feel her energy, along with Carla's, with three unknown people. Her energy was weak, she was unconscious, and by the positioning they were carrying her.

Somebody was trying to kidnap his baby sister.

"Hello," Naruto said as he flashed to Wendy. He appeared behind the group of disguised men, they were wearing red coats with metal masks.

The group froze, and slowly turned around.

"My sister is too young for boys," he growled out, his eyes narrowing.

Instantly, one of them pulled out two revolvers and started firing. Naruto stood there as the bullets flew towards him, but were stopped in front of him before they could hit.

The kidnappers stared as the bullets hovered in the air.

"You fucked up," Naruto said simply as the he let the bullets fall to the ground. "You really, really fucked up."

One of the men pulled out a... blowgun?

Naruto rose an eyebrow as a powder was blown into his face.


"So," he started casually, "what kind of poison is that?"

They stared in shock.

"It's suppose to be a poison made of an ancient fungus..." one of them explained. "They said it's strong enough to affect a dragon..."

"You were trying to defeat me with a mushroom?" Naruto waved his finger at them. "Hate to break it to you, but I'm not into magic mushrooms. Sakura beat all drugs out of me."

"Can we talk instead?" one of them asked meekly.

Wendy and Carla disappeared in a red flash.

"No." Naruto's eyes turned red. "I'm gonna make you squeal."

"Oh SHI—" Naruto's entire body jerked as he... sneezed.

He groaned as he wiped his nose.

"Stupid kidnappers and their mushrooms," he complained quietly, "how does any sane person think that'll work? It's a fucking mushroom!"

His team looked at him.

"Hi guys!" Naruto said cheerily. "I'm back, and sexier than ever!"

Mira giggled. "I'm sure you are."

"What were you doing?" Cana asked. "You missed Elfman beat that asshole, Bacchus."

"And you missed me fight Jenny," Mirajane said with a pout.

"What!?" Naruto roared. "NO! Are you kidding me!? Please tell me you're joking!"

She shook her head. "We had a swimsuit battle, Naruto... a swimsuit battle..."

Naruto cried manly (in his own opinion) tears as he held his head in his hands.

"So why were you gone?"

He shrugged. "Nothing to important. I was just... talking to some... friends. Yeah... friends is a good way to describe them."

He spent some quality time with those people...

"Does that explain the blood on your coat," Gajeel said blandly. "Because I can smell it pretty damn clearly."

Naruto frowned at his coat. "Was I really that sloppy? Maybe the magic mushrooms did get to me after all..."

"Magic mushrooms?"

"And the next fight is a great one! The fans have voted, and there was an anomaly! Usually the two highest voted contestants will fight, but this year we have a tie for second place! So we will have a three way battle!"

Naruto rose an eyebrow. It was probably just the king playing puppet master and wanted an excuse to make the public feel good about themselves. How did the people vote anyways? Did they send in letters or something?

"The number one pick in the nation is... NARUTO NAMIKAZE OF FAIRY TAIL!"

The crowd erupted into applause.

"Well," Naruto shrugged, "can't explain! You guys don't want me to drop any more points, so I won't! No need to worry!"

He wisely got the hell out of there before they could question him magic mushrooms and his free time.


The applause increased tenfold.

"Look at how stoic the three are, they have been looking at each other for minutes!"

"They are gauging each other silently, no doubt."

Naruto, still in his Akatsuki garb, slowly pulled his hat off so it hung around his neck and down his back. He lazily rose his hand and ran it through his red hair as he looked at his competition seriously.

"Hn," he suddenly smirked. "Perfect... this couldn't be better."

Kagura and Yukino looked at him, silently demanding answers.

"The running theme today had been making bets," he explained. "And I lucked out by having two competitors like you to make a deal with... thank you fate, for you have finally not fucked me."

"What are you saying?" Yukino asked softly but pointedly.

Naruto's smile turned feral.

"You guys want to make bets?"

"I do not take part it those kind of things," Kagura said. "I take all bets seriously and will not partake in anything trivial."

"If you want it to be serious," Naruto tilted his head slightly, "then name your price, ladies."

Yukino responded first, "Our lives," she said seriously.

The mirth was suddenly eliminated from the stadium.

Kagura's eyes sharpened. "Very well," she agreed.

Naruto chuckled, seemingly amused. "You got style, kid. I agree to your deal." He then turned and looked at Kagura with a vicious smile. "And you?"

She closed her eyes and thought for a moment, before looking at the both of them sharply.

"You're power," she said. "If I win, I want your power."

"So you want my keys." Yukino stated more than asked, to which Kagura nodded slowly .

"What about me?" Naruto asked. "My power is a bit more complex."

"I want power," she said. "All the power you have."

"Like money power? Or the rights to my movies for political or social power? I really don't have much material things other than cash and booze. I mean, I have sisters that are powerful, but I doubt you're that freaky."

"You eyes," Kagura elaborated after a moment. "I noticed that your eyes change, and when they do they release a different feeling power and different techniques. If I win, you must give them to me... they are your power, aren't they? And then you will teach me how to use them, that is my second clause. If I win, you will give me what makes you a god... Draco."

Yukino's eyes widened slightly.

The tense silence only got tenser...

And then Naruto laughed.

"Oh Kagura," he said, amused. "By the time you mortals realized what I was, my stint as a god was already over." He smiled, looking feral. "This is all human. While yes, my eyes do indeed hold a great power, they aren't what makes me 'Draco'."

He closed his eyes and took a breath.

"Perhaps you will see the reason I am known as a legend if I win, for my bet is..."

He paused, just to build anticipation.

"...to make you movie stars!"

The entire stadium, and most likely continent, face faulted.

"Movie... stars..." Yukino muttered.

"Building Ikaruga's rep was tough since she was so unknown to the common populace, she's famous now, but I didn't like how people disrespected my creative decision! I figured instead of spending time and money marketing a person to make them famous, why not get a famous person to begin with! So I want you guys to star in my Icha Icha reboot movies!"

Both of them stared.

"I already got Jenny," Naruto rambled on, "but I have to go big or go home with the reboot. If I got you guys to go with Ikaruga and Jenny then we can start filming as early as next week!"

"Oh my!" the announcer roared. "The rumors of a reboot IS true!"

The crowd erupted into thunderous cheers.

"Thank you!" Naruto yelled to the crowd as he took an exaggerated bow. "Thank you very much!"

"If Yukino wins, Naruto and Kagura dies. If Kagura wins, she will get Yukino's keys and Naruto's... eyes? And if Naruto wins, Icha Icha will be REBORN!"

"Do you take anything seriously?" Kagura asked him blandly.

"I don't think he does," Yukino replied, equally as dull. They both looked at each other and nodded slightly.

"Yes!" Naruto roared. "Get that chemistry! It's crucial! You guys need to get along if you have to act together... well first you guys need to gain emotion, but I'm sure I can find some if I dig deep enough."

"I doubt it," Kagura retorted.

Naruto laughed again as he reached into his coat and pulled out one of his iconic kunai. He tossed it in the air, keeping his eyes on his foes, and grabbed the blade by the hilt mid spin.

"Now... shall we dance?"

Yukino whipped out two keys, one gold one silver, and glowed as she channeled her magic.

"Open! Gate of Scales, Libra! Gate of the Black Swan, Deneb!"

In a flash of light there were two more people in the arena. One of them was an exotic looking girl who dressed like she was trying out for Icha Icha. The other one was a sickly looking guy with long black hair and black wings attached to his arms, he looked like a mix of Alzack and Gekkou Hayate.

Kagura practically vanished, and Naruto rose his kunai in a hammer grip to block as she appeared in front of him. There was a massive shock wave as her sheathed sword collided with his kunai.

He could feel the energy coursing through the blade, no wonder she kept it sheathed.

"Deneb!" Yukino called to the male spirit. "Protect me, do not attack them!"

"I'm gonna attack them!" Deneb decided as lightening sparked between his fingers.

The spirit fired a lightening bolt, making Naruto and Kagura separate. Naruto ducked underneath another swing as Kagura appeared behind him. He placed his hand on the ground and kicked his feet upwards, only for Kagura to block with her arm.

The both of them were pulled down as Libra glowed. Kagura gritted her teeth as Libra's Gravity Magic took affect. Naruto's attention focused onto the Celestial spirits and he rushed towards them, not affected by the magic at all.

Deneb fired another stream of lightening, but Naruto slashed through it. The redhead jumped into the air and span into an axe kick towards the spirit, Deneb jumped to the side as the ground where he once stood erupted into rubble.

Naruto threw his kunai at Deneb, who dodged the exact same way as before. His eyes widened as Naruto appeared behind him and punched him in the back of the head. Deneb spread his wings and used the momentum from the hit to fly into the air.

The Red Devil weaved through hand seals and cocked his head back. Out of his mouth a giant torrent of fire emerged, it traced onto Deneb and followed him throughout the air.

After a few moments the fireball bursted into a bunch of smaller, faster fireballs. Deneb desperately tried to fly away, but they followed him through the air. One of them clipped him in the right wing and stopped his flight—making him tumble towards the ground.

Naruto jumped in the air, fist ready. But before he got close the gravity around him shifted to the side and sent him flying towards the crowd.

His Rinnegan flared.

"Shinra Tensei!" he yelled as he held his palm out towards the sky. The attack pushed him out of Libra's range of gravity and right towards Kagura.

He formed a Rasengan and met Kagura's upward slash head on. The attacks held each other to a stand still as Kagura's face scrunched up in concentration.

The continuity of the Rasengan failed and created an explosion that sent to two contestants flying away. Yukino took the moment to dismiss Deneb and pull out another Celestial Spirit Key,


Naruto rose an eyebrow as a giant, two headed fish-eel thing rushed him.

"Not as weird as Samehada," he muttered as he jumped out of the way of the spirit's jaw. He jumped on top of the massive serpent and ran up its body—Kagura was doing the same on the other head of the fish as well.

They met on the middle of the eel, where black side met white side, and clashed. Naruto smiled as Kagura's arm wavered as he pushed forwards with his kunai, but a blast of Gravity Magic sent them straight up into the air before anything more could happen.

Libra used her powers to cause gravity to close in on them on all sides, sort of like a reversed Chibaku Tensei. Instead of squishing them, however, as Kagura was using Gravity Magic of her own to stay in control and Naruto has no visuals signs on how he wasn't being squished.

Kagura slashed and stabbed at him in a flurry that most people couldn't follow, but he dodged easily. He span throughout the little playground Libra had made, using the lack of gravity to weave throughout the air effortlessly.

Pisces corrected itself and tried to close in on them with a pincer maneuver, however both of them noticed and dropped out of the spear, making the two heads of the fish smash into each other

Naruto landed to the ground and had to flip away immediately to dodge Kagura again. He smirked as he landed on his feet and weaved through hand seals.

"Yoton! Flower-Fruit Mountain!"

Despite the name (Roshi made it, and he wasn't going to change it), the viciousness of the technique was sensed by Kagura and Yukino. They started to back away from Naruto as he exploded into lava like he was a volcano.

"Libra!" Yukino yelled as she dismissed Pisces. The Celestial Spirit's eyes glowed gold as a goldish aura surrounded her and her master. Kagura used her own Gravity Magic as well and braced herself as an ocean of lava rushed them.

Naruto jumped in the air and watched in satisfaction as they struggled to defend from his attack.

"Wild Water Wave!" he yelled as a violent stream of water exited his mouth. Steam rose as the lava solidified, Naruto landed in a crouch and waited.

"What's happening!?" the commentator roared. "Did Naruto finish them off with his astonishing attack!?"

The steam cleared, and Naruto was the only one visible. The stadium was now completely covered by uneven dark gray of the solidified lava—the brittle stone still releasing heat into the crowd.

Suddenly, there was a crack in the stone. Kagura erupted from the ground and landed, before falling onto her knees—her breathing slightly labored and her clothes torn.

There was an eruption of golden energy a few meters away as well; Libra dragged her master out before vanishing back into the spirit realm. Yukino was burned, nothing permanent, but enough to cause serious pain. She laid on the hardened magma, panting heavily as she tried desperately to regain her composure.

"Impressive," Naruto said with a dangerous grin. "I haven't had a good dance since I fought Acnologia! I never knew a person like you existed, Kagura. Such power at such a young age—I'm not as talented with a sword and I've had hundreds of years to practice!"

Kagura used her sword to support herself as she stood up.

Naruto's grin rose as she got up. "You haven't showed your true potential yet, but please do. I want to dance more."

Kagura clenched her jaw as she grabbed the hilt of her sword.

"Archenemy..." she muttered, "The Blade of Resentment..." She locked eyes with Naruto, her gaze hard. "I have been saving the blade for Jellal Fernandes... his blood will be the only one to stain my blade."

Naruto's grin fell.

He sighed. "If you won't dance with me, then I'll make you dance..."

He brought his thumb to his mouth and pricked the tip, drawing a little bit of blood. He weaved through hand seals and smirked at Kagura as he placed his palms on the ground.

"This is my playground now," he said as strange markings appeared on the ground, covering the entire stadium.

Kagura's eyes widened as Naruto appeared behind her, kicking her in the side. Her body was thrown away like a rag doll—she flew into the ground and painfully created a crater.

She stood up and watched as Naruto vanished in a flash of red, she gasped as he appeared in front of her and punched her in the head. She groaned as she slowly stood up and barely managed to flare her Gravity Magic as Naruto appeared by her side—sending him flying away.

Kagura suddenly felt a pull as she was ripped from her spot. She was hit again and sent across the stadium, and then frantically looked around the stadium for Naruto.

"Not only can Naruto teleport himself!" she heard, "He can teleport others! This is truly his playground!"

"And they say you can't teach old dogs new tricks." She could feel Naruto's hot breath as he whispered in her ear. She whipped around and slashed her sword, but he was gone.

"You placed a rune," she said shakily. "I can't see it anymore, but it's there."

"True," Naruto said as he appeared next to her and sent her flying with a punch to the side. "But what can you do about it other than draw you sword?"

"You're gonna regret this!" she yelled in anger as she started to pull on Archenemy's hilt, "You will feel the power of my blade!"

"He's mine!" another voice yelled.

"Yukino's up!"

"The Forbidden Thirteenth Gate!" Yukino roared in fury. "Ophiuchus! I summon you!"

A malicious energy rose from her key, traveling into the air and making the sky glow black. Clouds started to fester above the stadium, and there was an inhuman noise that stood out even among the booming thunder.

Giant, glowing red eyes shined through the clouds. The spirit revealed only it's head, which was easily bigger than the entire stadium.

It was a giant snake that easily put Manda to shame—it was part mechanical and part organic like one of his Rinnegan creations. It's body started to form, revealing it to be possibly miles long.

Naruto laughed and held his arms in the air.

"Can you tango!?" he yelled to the sky.

Yukino's eyes were full of fury. "Ophiuchus... destroy!"

Ophiuchus opened it's giant jaws and started to channel a monolithic amount of energy—on par with Acnologia's roar.

Kagura drew probably an inch of her sword, glowing energy started to shine from her blade as shockwaves of power started to pulse from it. She completely ignored Yukino, her attention only on the man in front of her.

"I see! You guys want to salsa instead!"

Naruto placed his hand on the ground and channeled his energy into the entire stadium. The barriers meant to protect the spectators wouldn't hold against what was coming. The attacks could probably destroy the city normally, but it was concentrated, making it even more dangerous—especially for the fans.

Yukino pointed at Naruto.

"Roar Ophiuchus! Roar!" she yelled as Kagura slashed her unsheathed sword.

And it did roar.

"Beautiful!" Naruto's voice yelled throughout the smoke.

Kagura's eyes widened and Yukino, who was on all fours, had her jaw drop.

The smoke cleared, and Naruto stood there unharmed—the only sign he was hit at all was that his cloak had some damage. He was grinning like a madman as his purple, rippled eyes glowed with power as he finished absorbing the last of the attack.

"Such energy!" he exclaimed happily. "Too much energy! I could barely absorb it all!"

Kagura's felt fear fill her for the first time since she was separated from her brother. Yukino tried to raise Ophiuchus' key, but it fell from her fingers as she lost consciousness—making the spirit disappear.

"Kagura!" Naruto roared. "I had to defeat a man who had these eyes in order to obtain them! Do you see the power they have!?" He leveled his hands towards her. "If you want these eyes so much, you must be able to beat them!"

Naruto fired his attack, a small beam of energy that traveled at a painfully slow rate. There was an overwhelming pressure filling the stadium as Naruto's attack could be felt from across the country. Light started to bend around the beam, and the rocks around it started to float in the air as it got close.

Not even physics could tame his attack.

Kagura dropped her sword onto the ground and closed her eyes in defeat.

"I... I..."

She felt tears fill her eyes as the beam got closer.

"I give up!"

She waited... and waited... and after a few excruciating seconds opened her eyes.

The attack was stopped a meter away from her body. She could feel the power of the attack in her very soul as she stared in shock and fear.

"Say that again?" she could hear Naruto ask.

"I..." she swallowed any pride she had left, "I give up! I forfeit! Please... I'm not ready to die!"

The attack suddenly vanished, and Naruto was left standing there with a happy smile on his face—like he didn't just have a death battle.

"That was nice," he said in a cheerful tone. "You can truly dance, Kagura-chan. We should do this again some day."

She stared. "W-why?"

"Why what?" he said with a raised eyebrow."You gave up... it's against the tournament rules to attack when your enemy gives up. I would be disqualified and Laxus will get mad at me if I dropped even more points."

Kagura suddenly remembered that she was indeed in the middle of the Grand Magic Games. She had completely forgotten about that...

In a flash of yellow Naruto was holding Yukino.

"Now that I think about it," he said as he studied Yukino's sleeping face. "She's pretty young... eighteen is a bit too young for my kind of movies. She's pretty strong for her age, but I doubt she can handle Icha Icha..."

Kagura stared, unable to comprehend how he was perfectly calm.

Naruto smiled at her. "You do know that I won the bets as well? You don't get my eyes and you, my sweet, are now apart of the cast for the Icha Icha reboot!"

"T-the match is o-over!" the announcer took heavy breaths in order to compose himself. "Okay... Yukino is unable to continue and Kagura has forfeited! So the winner is Naruto of Fairy Tail!"

Naruto tilted his head towards the silent crowd. It took a few moments, but the crowd erupted into thunderous applause that was absolutely deafening.

"Naruto! The King of Fiore has told me to send his regards!"

Naruto raised his hand to wave to the crowd as he walked over to Kagura.

"Remember to smile and wave," he said as he offered his hand to her. "The photographers are taking pictures."

Kagura stared, and slowly grabbed his hand—the noise increasing as he helped her up.

She felt her legs give out as she fully stood up, and felt Naruto grab hold of her. Naruto stood there, smiling as he held Yukino against his chest with one arm and with his other arm around Kagura's waist to support her.

"Hey," he whispered to Yukino, channeling some healing chakra into her to wake her up. "The whole world is watching you sleep right now, you shouldn't drool."

Yukino slowly opened her eyes, only for them to widened as she looked at Naruto's face. She had no energy, however, and couldn't move her body despite wanting to.

"Just calm down and smile for the cameras," Naruto said to her as she groggily looked around. "Oh my... that's the face you want all over the news?"

Yukino ignored her headache and smiled weakly—not fully understanding what was happening.

"And the second day of the Grand Magic Games is over! What a climatic finish to an extraordinary day!"