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Chapter 5

Today is Harry Potter's twelfth birthday. But there was no cake, no party, no celebration or tourney like he used to have in King's Landing. The lack of celebration wasn't due to any ignorance, it was simply because the wildlings don't celebrate birthdays. They don't think it is as important as someone's first kill or hunting something significant, which always means big. They treat you as adult if you act like one. Like you can provide food for yourself and protect yourself from the enemy.

He found out soon enough that the wildling children mainly grow up on their own. Their parents teach them how to fight and hunt. They'd take their children with them during hunting so that they could see and learn firsthand. As for the fighting, they learned from their parents if they were lucky. Most of them weren't lucky to have both their parents alive and some only had a spearwife for a mother. And less got to learn how to fight from them. So they practiced on their own.

Harry quickly adapted to the life and practiced with them. He didn't use legilimency during fight anymore. He didn't want to be dependent on that. Having an edge on a fight was good but he didn't like the idea of depending on something entirely. It was unlikely that he would've to face someone who's mind is protected in this world but isn't worth the risk, he decided. He was already at a disadvantage due to his use of mind magic too much and had to work very hard to cover it.

He had the complete memory of his dream life and the education he had there. He was a sorted into Gryffindor house and befriended Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger in his first year. He wasn't very studious and barely passed thanks to Hermione. But that changed after his meeting with Qurellmort. He wanted to be prepared for the inevitable return of Voldemort. He was only second to Hermione in some subjects after that and became the top student of their year. At first his friendship with Ron was greatly affected by that but he eventually came around.

Studying and researching became his habit there and wanted to continue that here too. But he didn't have anything to study here or there weren't much information that he could research. He wasn't idle though. He decided to write down everything he could remember from his dream life. Transfiguring parchments were easy enough as he mastered permanent transfiguration in the next year after his moving on to the new home. He wrote books about different subject separately as best he could remember and his life story as some kind of biography. He also wrote some of the children story books from the memory of both his lives. He was finished all these writing last year. Writing became his habit then, so he was writing journals about his real life from then.

When he started writing Egrey asked what he was doing. So he taught her how to write and read. The problem was, there wasn't any book in the village so he had to do a lot of hard work. He also tried to teach his friends but that was a disaster. At first everyone was interested to learn new things. But after a week there were only three student left, including Egrey. She wasn't interested at first too but when he told her about sending massages by ravens she was highly impressed and didn't object again. The other two was Khuka and Sobeg. He had grown quite attached to them and they stayed at first just for their friendship's sake. He gave the story books to his students for some reading practice and they quite liked that.

He mastered some more magic in these years. The most useful one was apparition and portkey creation. Now he could apparate to any locations or use portkey if the distance was too much to apparate. So he was all over the wildling territory. He explored even within the Hunted Forest and had some friendly chat with some giants. Unlike his dream life, they were actually quite intelligent and less aggressive. He didn't go beyond that at Egrey's insistence. She warned him that 'the others' lived there.

Of course he didn't take her words for it and narrowly avoided being killed by the whitewalkers. The rumors were actually true and they existed. But his initial assumption about them was far from truth. He already knew about their existence after hearing Egrey's story about seeing them. He believed her but she refused to tell him where she had seen it. He wouldn't read her mind because he promised he wouldn't do it without her permission. Unlike most of the wildlings he still valued his promises greatly. But unfortunately she knew that too.

He thought the whitewalkers were like inferies. Some mindless, slow moving things should be easy enough to kill. Imagine his surprise when he apparated to the farthest border of the hunted forest and found himself surrounded by them. Sensing the danger, he apparated a hundred feet away from them immediately. But they sensed him instantly and ran towards him in inhuman speed. So he apparated again and casted an incendio to one and burned it to ashes. Then the most unthinkable happened. All of them suddenly stopped and seemed to think for a moment. Then they scattered away from one another and tried to flank him. They had their weapons drawn now and actually dodged his second spell. By then he just freaked out and apparated as far as he could then not wasting a second, made a portkey and fled. He didn't returned to that area again.

He visited other wildling villages at regular basis and became a very familiar and popular figure on most of them. He also regularly visited Mance Ryder and kept track of the war about to happen between the night's watch and the wildling. He didn't like the idea of a war between them but could do nothing about it. He discovered that he could not apparate to the other side of the wall or portkey there. There was some kind of highly concentrated magic on the wall that prevented any kind of magical transportation across it. If he wanted any negotiation between them he had to either climb it manually or go around it or dig another tunnel. He tried to talk with some rangers but they were very violent against the wildlings. He didn't want to provoke the upcoming war any further.

He was sympathized with the wildlings in this but could understand the Night's Watch's position. The wildlings wanted to keep the wall between them and the whitewalkers when winter comes. And the Night's Watch swore an oath not to allow anything to cross the wall. However impossible it seems he had to do something about it soon enough, he thought grimly.

He did all he could for his village in these years. He craved runes to keep every house of the village warm and warded against any potential enemy. It was an intent based ward and anyone with malicious intent towards them won't be able to come closer to it. He didn't know about any wards that would keep the whitewalkers away. He just hoped the intent based wards would be enough but wasn't very confident about it. He warded the other friendly villages with the same wards anyway and hoped for the best. At least it would keep them safe from the enemy tribes, he thought.

He also found out that most of the wildlings didn't have any decent weapons. Those who had were stolen from someone north. The weapons were actually good for killing, hunting and other stuff but wasn't any match for the castle forged weapons the southerners use. Of course he could make them even better than castle forged swords but suddenly didn't like the idea after seeing Sobeg's reaction to his first conjured sword. They weren't bloodthirsty but it was like giving out elder wands to every wizards and witches. He just shuddered to think what it would do to some already big mouthed and violent people. Even good people had found it hard not to boast about something like that.

He wanted to research more about the whitewalkers but couldn't find any information except the rumors that how terrifyingly scary they were. He searched for any book at all in all the likely places but found none. He thought that grand maester Pycelle's library must have something about this. He also heard from Mance Ryder that the Castle Black had a very big collection of books and scrolls. Some of them were really old and nobody actually read them. His plan was to infiltrate that library first after he completed his newest project.

He was currently working on animagus transformation. He couldn't make the necessary potions due to lack of the ingredients. So he had to it old fashion way. He meditated for two years to find his inner animal. Then it was all about practice. He was practicing for almost a year now and almost completed it. He learned to transform all the body parts separately and all that remained was, he had to try to do all of it at once. He promised Egrey and Val that he would do that in front of them for the first time so he was waiting for Egrey to return from the hunt. She didn't need to go hunting as he could do that very easily with the help of magic but she always insisted on going. She was gone over a month now and he was starting to worry. She had an emergency portkey with her and could return to the village if her life was in any danger, but being non-magical she couldn't activate the portkey with any keyword. It'd work only if she was badly injured, so he hoped she didn't need to use it.

In these years he became very adapted to magic and now he could do almost everything he could in his dream life. He didn't have the same level of magical power developed yet but he was physically stronger than he was ever before. It may be due to any lack of malnutrition like in his dreams. His constant practice of fighting without magic also helped. He could defeat anyone of his age and most of the others who were even older than him. For some reason he couldn't defeat Egrey without magic and she was always very smug about it.

He was tall for his age now and had a very strong build. He didn't know this but he looked like his father Robert when he hadn't gone all fat. He looked almost fourteen now and attracted a lot of female attentions. He didn't get the chance to have any girlfriend in his dream life due to the war. He dated Ginny Weasley for a brief period of time but that was it. After her death he didn't think about it much. So he was very unaware of the attentions he was getting. Egrey wasn't helping any and she just laughed at his thickness. He wanted to confront her what was that all about when he came back. He thought that, they might fancy him at first but immediately discarded the idea. He was only twelve and therefore too young for dating. He was blissfully unaware of his older and handsome looks so didn't have a clue of the sudden interests of the girls for him. At least Val wasn't acting weird, he thought fondly.

He first met Val when he was visiting Mance Ryder two years ago. He was leaving but decided to visit a nearby village. He heard about this village but didn't have the chance to visit it yet. It was slightly larger than his own but strategically weaker. Thanks to him, his village was nothing short of a fortress now and he was confident that they could hold off a small army long enough and without the wards. Upon entering the village he noticed some children were practicing sword fighting in some distance and approached them. He was very amazed at the speed and ferocity of a girl who easily defeated three opponents at once.

They stopped fighting when saw him and looked at him curiously. Of course his reputation about being able to do magic was spread all over the wildling population by then and they were very excited to see some magic after he introduced himself. He showed them some as he did whenever he had the chance. Egrey often teased him about being a show off but he couldn't help it. He loved the looks of wander and fascination in their faces. In his dream world people weren't this accepted to magic and he could vividly remember his nickname 'the freak'.

He noticed the girl who was fighting three at once keeping some distance from others. She looked about thirteen and was one of the prettiest girl he had ever seen. He approached her and unnecessarily introduced himself again. She told him her name was Val. He visited that village many times after that even when he didn't have any scheduled meeting with Mance Ryder.

His friendship with Val was limited to greetings first. She was interested in his magic like any other children but didn't show any of it. She was very guarded at first for some strange reason but eventually opened up to him. He found out the reason soon enough though and couldn't help but sympathized with her conditions. It was not very unlike his own when he lived with the Dersleys minus the abuse part. Her father died before she was born and her mother died during giving birth to her. Her mother was very popular in their village so she was immediately declared as cursed and the villagers accused her for being responsible for her parent's death. She grew up with her sister alone and recently been allowed to associate with the others due to her sister's relationship with Mance Ryder.

After they became friends, they often passed their time by swords fighting or exploring the forest or hunting together. He wasn't any match for her at fighting at first but improved very quickly. Now he could defeat her at least once out of three times. He didn't tell anyone except Egrey about his dreams and for some reason didn't tell her either. He tried to tell her but always decided against it at the last moments. She became a very good friend and didn't act like the other girls around him and for that he was very thankful. He was afraid what she might think if he tell her about his dreams. He knew it was very illogical and pointless but there was always the feeling of insecurity. He was determined that, the next time he will tell her about it.

Harold Baratheon and Cersei was his mother. He didn't tell anyone about one last secret and wasn't very inclined to do so in the recent future. He was actually the youngest prince of the seven kingdom. He didn't tell anyone because he didn't actually believe it anymore. He was NOT Harold Baratheon anymore, Cersei was NOT his mother. He was Harry Potter. He sometimes argued with himself. But deep down he knew the truth and didn't like it one bit.

Egrey was in trouble. She was hunting alone and came very far away from the village. Animals were very hard to find these day as the winter was coming closer. She was now very carefully approaching a stag and once again thought about her brother Harry. She was amazed to see him hunting with magic and couldn't help but feel all her skills useless. He just vanished in thin air with an almost inaudible crack after seeing the prey then reappeared instantly just in front of it. Then the rest of the work was too easy. She loved hunting very much and always insisted doing it old fashion way. She loved the thrill of stalking the unaware prey and sinking her arrow in it. Most of the times the prey won't die easily after the first shot if it was big enough and she had to track it down by the trail of its blood. She loved this part too.

She was almost within the shooting range then the stag snapped its head high and vanished from sight in an instant. She cursed her luck, it was a big one, actually one of the biggest she had ever seen. She was about to come out of the bush she was hiding under, then she heard that. Sounds of hooves. And many of them. So that alerted the stag, she thought. The sound was coming closer and she waited to see what it was. She was very surprised by the sight. She didn't expect to see so many crows this far north. She was about to follow them but suddenly her world went black. She wasn't careful enough and didn't notice the crow sneaking on behind her and knocked her unconscious from the back.

She woke up at the intense stinging on her cheek. Someone must've slapped her to wake her up, she thought. Then she noticed the cold she was feeling on the back for lying on the cold ground. She tried to stand up but was unsuccessful due to her bound hands and legs. She then stopped struggling and laid still on the frozen ground resignedly. Then the crows started asking her questions. Questions about Mance Ryder. She laughed openly at their stupidity. Did they really think they could capture the king beyond the wall with about twenty men? She told them that and laughed again at their uncomfortable expressions. One of them angrily suggested to kill her for her uselessness and others inclined to agree. The leader appointed the task to a young man and left the two of them alone to finish the job. "Don't take too long Snow." One of the crow winked at him suggestively and was the last to leave them. She closed her eyes, waiting for the sword to come. She thought resignedly about the uselessness of the necklace Harry had given her. She won't be seriously injured now but dead instantly. And nothing could raise the dead, even not with the miraculous healing magic of Harry's.

She was waiting for the blade to claim her life and waited and waited. The pain she expected never came. She opened her eyes and saw the crow swung his sword at her but it missed. She looked at him disbelievingly as he cut her lose and joined the others without a backwards glance.

She came out of her stupor quickly enough and immediately started towards the last known location of Mance Ryder. She reached the camp six days later and relieved to find him there. She told him all about her encounter with the crows. She was wondering for a while, why the crows wanted him so badly? From their attitude she didn't think it was because of him being the leader of the enemy. They seemed to hate him personally.

Mance Ryder was thinking the course of action when she voiced her question. He laughed at the question and told her the reason. He was a crow before and knew all about them. Their manpower, strategy, weapons, territory all of it. And they were not happy about a wildling knowing all those vital information.

Then she joined the raid to hunt down the crows who dared to come this far north of the wall.

Harry was really worried now. Egrey was gone for two months. Sometimes she took almost a month but never this late. Something must've happened. He was once again exploring the hunted forest for the last month for the warm cave Egrey told him about but had no luck so far. It had to be somewhere near the dark mountain he thought resignedly at last, just like many times before when he admitted defeat. He was very careful these days because the whitewalkers were seen more frequently on the outer border of the hunted forest.

He checked for Egrey's return twice everyday but she never came. He forgot to visit Val for some time due to his worry and decided a visit was in order. He once again portkeyed to his village to check if Egrey returned then apparated to Val's village directly. He found her sitting alone on a tree root just outside the village. She saw him approaching but didn't show any reaction.

"Sorry I couldn't come earlier but I was worried about Egrey. She didn't return from hunting for two months now." He told her.

"But she's never this late. Is she alright?" she exclaimed concernedly, earlier anger forgotten. She never had a friend before and due to her relation with Mance Ryder people seemed more afraid of her. So she was quite attached to her only friend and his sister. She was angry at first for not visiting her. But now she thought about it her own sister's visit was also due yesterday. She told Harry about it and he voiced his concern about her too. Then he proposed her to visit Mance Ryder for any news and she happily agreed.

He apparated them both directly to the camp. She didn't like the feeling of side along apparition but got used to it by now. They were surprised to find the camp in utter chaos. It looked like they just returned from a war. They quickly moved in between the soldiers and their scattered possessions towards the biggest tent. They didn't have to go that far as they attracted by a large gatherings. Harry froze to see only one prisoner bound and being questioned by Mance Ryder himself. It wasn't an unusual scene but he was surprised by the identity of the prisoner. He had a very good memory and instantly recognized the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark. He remembered his name as well, "Jon Snow." He loudly exclaimed.

Val quickly regained her composure after the familiar feeling of disorientation. She was just as surprised to see how busy the camp was and quickly followed Harry. He was still holding her hand and they squeezed between the gathering crowds and scanned for her sister first. She was her standing behind Mance Ryder and was about to run towards her but forced to stop. Harry was frozen in place and staring at the prisoner in shock. She was more surprised to hear him exclaim, "Jon Snow."

From the looks of it the prisoner was trying to convince Mance Ryder about something then he suddenly stopped and looked at Harry. Val saw the confusion on his eyes, then recognition and at last shock. He was clearly as shocked as Harry and was about to say something but Harry loudly interrupted, "Stop."

"Ah. Just the man I need right now." Mance Ryder said happily after seeing Harry.

Harry looked at him for the first time and saw Egrey standing beside him. Val saw fear in his eyes at first when he interrupted the crow then immediately replaced by relief and anger after seeing his sister. He made to say something but was interrupted by Mance Ryder, "Harry, I wanted to kill this man but Egrey said he wants to join us. I can't decide whether to believe him or not." He said suggestively.

"Harry?" The prisoner muttered confusedly. He was thinking something furiously.

Apparently Harry was thinking furiously too. Jon almost blurted out his real name in public. He was sure that Mance Ryder knew all about the seven kingdoms and would recognized the name instantly. At least his last name, he thought. He couldn't allow his name to be exposed. It wouldn't make any difference to most of the wildlings but he also didn't care much about them either. Those who mattered to him would definitely get hurt by the lies he told them.

Jon seemed to drawn the same conclusions and had a very different reaction. He understood that Harold must be here by his own free will and wanted to remain here. He didn't told the wildlings his real name for some reason and wanted it to remain the same way. The thought about all the happenings in the seven kingdoms and the sufferings and loss of his family. All could be avoided if he returned. He heard the prince was asking Mance to question him privately and broke out of his thought. He clearly understood his intentions to silence him may be permanently and screamed desperately, "HAROLD BARATHEON, MY PRINCEā€¦." He couldn't go any further as his ability to speak suddenly stopped.

Harry was talking to Mance then heard Jon screamed his real name. He fired a silencing charm at him quickly. But it was too late. There was a silence around the crowd as everyone clearly heard him. Most of them didn't have any idea of the meaning if his name but they were confused about the prince part. Harry wasn't looking at them as he had only eyes for the people he cared most. He saw confusion on Val's eyes and then hurt. She knew he didn't tell her everything and wasn't very surprised. But still felt hurt that he didn't tell her even his real name. Then he looked at the amused expression of Mance Ryder's face. The man had a twisted sense of humor and he wasn't very surprised at his reaction either. He was afraid to look at Egrey and saw what he feared most. Without any legilimency probe he could feel what she was thinking. She thought he trusted her as she did him and kept no secret from him. She wasn't in any way concerned about him being a prince. She was hurt that he kept lying to her which sounded so real at the time. Even now she couldn't believe that all he told her was just lies. She knew who Robert Baratheon was like everyone who went south of the wall and felt betrayed for the lack of trust.

He opened his mouth to say something but closed again. He was at loss for words. He thought furiously what he could do to make things right again. He briefly thought about obliviating everyone but immediately discarded the idea. He would never do that to a friend.

In all the confusion the silencing charm must've ware off because Jon spoke again, "Please come back to us prince. Come back where you belong. You could end this bloody war."

"What war?" he was confused now. All he knew the war hadn't started yet and it was not that bloody like Jon was suggesting.

"You don't know?" Jon was confused now. He thought about it and it made sense to him. "Of course you don't." he muttered.

Harry was getting angry now for the lack of information. He was already worried about Egrey's reaction and couldn't decide any course of action. Jon had to blurt out this? He thought angrily. And now he was stalling instead of answering him straightly. He swiftly entered his mind completely and searched for what he wasn't telling him. It wasn't hard because he seemed to be thinking about them right now. After seeing in his mind he wished he didn't know.

He saw Jon being summoned by master Aemon many times and read the letters from Rob Stark, Lady Catelyn, master Lwuin and many others bringing news about the happenings of the seven kingdoms. He also saw some conversations with new recruits. As he read the letters and heard the news, he felt the dread growing in him. He could easily fill in the blanks as what he saw through his mother's eyes. Now he knew how she was but still what he saw beyond shocked him. He didn't suspect once for the legitimacy of the news. He knew it was Cersei who sent a killer to a sick boy to hide her dirty little secrets. Then his father's death. He suspected there was more to it than meet the eyes. Then killing Lord Stark in public for treason of all things? How stupid people were? But starting a war for her personal gain and hatred? Was it really worth it? He thought in distress. He knew she was evil but had no idea about the extent she could go to have her way. Deny all he wanted but he knew she was her mother and only she was responsible for all the misery of so many people.

Egrey was feeling hurt that Harry could lie to her about so many things. After losing her parents she was all alone in the world. She always felt an emptiness after that. But after meeting Harry she found a new family. She got the little brother she always wanted. She was happy again and had new purpose of life. But now she realized he didn't even told her his real name. He told her so many lies and she believed it all. It looked like he was a very good liar and even better actor. She thought bitterly. She didn't care about him being a prince at all. She wasn't even sure why she was feeling so hurt. Like she cared about anything she was hearing now!

She was as confused as Harry when Jon Snow, the man speared her life spoke about some bloody war. Then she recognized the signs of Harry reading his mind, as both of them stared at each other and none of them was blinking. What she saw next really broke her heart. She forgot about everything else as she saw in horror. Harry suddenly sunk on his knees then covered his face with both of his hands. After that he fell to the ground face forwards, his shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

In the last seven years she knew Harry, she never saw him displaying any tiny sign of weakness even in privet. She still cared about him very much and seeing him sobbing in front of everyone she forgot all her anger instantly. She ran towards him and forcefully pulled him from the ground to cover him with a hug. Instead of being reassured he sobbed even harder. She didn't say anything and with the help of Val almost carried him towards a nearby tent. Earlier she tried to spear the crow's life, but he must've done something to hurt Harry so much. She'll deal with him later. And not very kindly like she intended at first, she thought with a dangerous gleam on her eyes.

Jon was just looking at the breakdown in confusion and after he was carried away he wondered aloud, "So he knew everything after all." That seemed to break everyone out of their stupor.

Val grew up being ridiculed by others for being evil or some bad luck. She didn't want to show them that they hurt them, so she never showed them any emotion. She became cold and distant. She hated those who had no emotional strength. Those who are strong never shows their emotions, her sister used to say to her when she was younger. So she was very surprised at her current feelings. Anger. And it wasn't even directed to Harry who broke down crying in front of everyone. It was for the crow who was clearly responsible for this.

How could she hate the only real friend she had? She thought as she looked at him sleeping peacefully at Egrey's lap. Dried tear marks still on his cheeks. She knew he was NOT weak in any way. And that crow will pay for this, she thought viciously.

Mance ryder was really concerned. He found it hormonus that his wizard was actually a prince of the seven kingdom. He wasn't concerned about him being on the enemy team. If he wanted to leave them then he could do it years ago. He was a wildling and a free man to heart. He knew about his mind reading ability now and was waiting for him too spill all the dirty little secrets of the crow. But he wasn't expecting him to break down crying. What did the crow do? He must've done something, he thought furiously. May be the crow is more than he looks. He quite liked the kid and felt angry at the crow for what he did. But he didn't do anything to him for now. He will talk to Harry and then decide the fate of the crow.

Jon Snow knew he was in trouble. It was all his fault actually. He was the one who couldn't kill the wildling and let her go. What good that did to him? Got three of his brothers killed and got himself captured. After that all the excitement with the prince business. What he first noticed in the boy after hearing his name was the eyes. Lannister green eyes. Then looked for blond hair but saw the black mess. He instantly made connection to King Robert. Then he remembered about the lost prince when he joined the Night's Watch. The boy looked slightly older but could it be? He wondered. But how he knew his name then? He remembered too well that, they talked once when he was in Winterfell. He was asking why he wasn't in the feast before and he was desperately trying to avoid the awkward subject.

But what he couldn't understand was, why the boy suddenly broke down? He did know of what the Lannisters did before, then why this act now? And there was something else wrong. After that they removed the prince all the wildlings gone quite. They were shouting for his blood before but waiting for their leader's decision. Now they had their weapons drawn and slowly advancing him, leader forgotten. Did he do something? He thought desperately. Whatever they thought he did, he had to convince them that he didn't do it. But they didn't seem in any condition to see reasons. Then Mance Ryder stepped in and saved him for now. He could see the man wasn't happy about saving him but did it for some reason anyway. He had to speak with the prince. He seem to carry some authority in the wildlings and was his only chance.

Harry slept through that day and all night. When he woke up, he was on an unfamiliar bed. He was trying to think how he got here then he remembered. He silently sat on his bed thinking what to do. Jon was right. He could end this bloody war. He knew it was highly possible that both his brothers and his sister were not the King's children. But there was no doubt he was the son of the king, for the obvious resemblance he saw in Jon's eyes. He knew Lord Stark was an honorable man but must've forced to confess the crime he didn't do. His daughters were with him in the king's landing after all. When he thought about Bran and Rickon a single tear tracked down his eye. Somehow their death must be connected to his mother, he thought. Then he thought about Arya. Is she alive? Or she was also dead like her brothers and lying in some unnamed grave. It was most likely the latter, he thought miserably.

What he could do? Kill his own mother and brother? He knew his brother was equally guilty of some of the crimes. Then what, claim the seven kingdom? What about Tommen and Myrcella? What to do with them? He knew it would probably solve some of the problems but he also knew he couldn't do it. For the first time in his life he wished there was someone make the decisions for him. If that someone was Dumbledore then be it, he thought resignedly.

He had his hands on his head and thinking desperately then someone gently placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked up and saw it was Egrey. He could tell, she wasn't angry at him anymore. He could also see Val was standing on the doorway looking at him, concern written on her face. He couldn't help it. He just laughed. And laughed he did. He laughed uproariously until he couldn't breathe anymore. In his dream life his greatest wish was to have a family, any family at all. But he actually had a family. Father, mother, brothers and a sister. But most of them turned out so evil minded that he had to escape form them and found friends and family who actually loved him and cared about him. And now the real family he abandoned was still hunting him so far away. Why couldn't he catch a breath? Why fate was so cruel at him? He found it all hormonous. He saw Egrey and Val both were looking at him like he was insane. May be he was insane right now, he thought.

Egrey asked gently if he wanted to talk about what happened. He knew they deserved to know the whole truth now but didn't want to talk about it more than once. So after Mance Ryder and his wife joined them he told them everything, holding nothing back. About two hours later when he was finished Val had him in a tight hug, Egrey was holding his hand comfortingly and Mance Ryder was thinking something. Egrey knew most of it but didn't interrupt him. She could see he was relaxing by unloading everything he had suppressed for so long.

"What do you want to do now?" Mance got straight to the point.

"I don't know. I don't want anything to do with them, they are nobody to me." He sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

"I can see that." Mance said with a snort.

"What can I do? Maybe they are still my family but I am responsible for any of this. Why should I clear the mess they made?" He shot back angrily.

"Are you sure? Think boy, if you didn't run away from them and told your father the truth then all of this wouldn't happen." Mance said slyly.

"Who would believe a five year old over the queen? And father would've kill them all if somehow I could convince him." He answered frustratingly.

"So you still care about them." It was not a question.

"No I don't." he said heatedly.

"Then you ran away from your problem like a coward?"

"ENOUGH." Egrey and Val both stood up angrily, glaring at the king beyond the wall. But he wasn't angry at all. He had a satisfied smile on his face.

Harry was now desperate to change the subject.

"What should I do now?" he asked no one in general.

"You should forget about it like it never happened." Val quickly answered. She was afraid he would go away from them to those awful people. She was quite relived to see the approving nod from Egrey. But it was short lived because Mance Ryder spoke again.

"You can't forget things just like that." He obviously didn't know about obliviation charm, harry thought.

"What do you propose then?" he asked. He was truly curious about what solution Mance was thinking. He knew he was a very cunning man. May be he had a good solution after all.

"You go to the king's landing and make things right."

There was a silence in the room. It stretched for a long minute then the females of the tent exploded in angry protests. Mance Ryder was just holding a hand in front of him, signaling them to stop.

"I'm not finished yet. He won't be able to live peacefully if he didn't do anything. I know it. I was on the other side as well. I was quite happy with the life of a crow." At their disbelieving faces he chuckled.

"Yes I was happy. I was a kid when I was taken by them and grew up with them. May be they manipulated me to like them but the truth is I liked it with them. It was like having a very big family. They will always look out for their brothers no matter what."

"So what changed?" Harry asked. He heard about the stories but it was the first time he was hearing it directly from him.

"That dead things happened. Oh I know what that you did to Craster Harry and believe me I am very happy about it. I wanted to kill him long ago but he was providing important information. But the main reason was the crows were protecting them." At their disbelieving looks he laughed again.

"Oh yes. I was curious what happened to Craster's boys as well. One day we were staying there for the night and a pregnant girl was about to deliver her baby. It was a boy and after the boy was born I saw Craster took him and went outside. So I followed him. What I saw I won't forget for the rest of my life." He shuddered. Everyone else in the room knew about this and they were all horrified by the truth even now. He continued.

"I confronted the lord commander about it but found out he already knew about it. I knew about the stories about the 'others' and also knew the winter was coming. I did what had to do then. If we can't get to the safety of the wall we'll all die and become those things. The more people in this side of the wall means the more of them."

There was a long silence after this.

"What's it to do with Harry?" Val asked at last. It was the question everyone was thinking about.

"I know he can help us fight but he is just one man. May be he can make a difference here but he can also make a difference on the other side as well. If he can convince them about the real danger then this war may also be avoided."

So THAT was the real reason, harry thought. He was a little puzzled about Mance Ryder's suggestions. He obviously didn't realized the full extent of his power but knew enough to not let him go. He was a huge advantage for any side but he was just one man. It was true actually, he firsthand saw what those things could do and knew he wouldn't be enough if they attack all out. He may save himself and some people with him even then but the rest of them will die and add to the enemy.

Mance Ryder was right, he thought again. It was a war between the livings and the dead. And if they can avoid a war or two between the livings then they have a good chance of winning. His respect for the man grew more. He realized that, he had to go, even if he didn't like it. For the greater good, he mentally scoffed. At least he wasn't sacrificing someone else for it, he tried to reason with himself. He didn't like his old headmaster for what he did to him for the greater good but here he was doing that to himself. Sacrificing his own happiness for the other people. May be it was his saving people thing like Hermione used to say.

He looked at Egrey and Val. They were waiting for his response anxiously. He could see that, they didn't want him to go. They wanted him to stay with them no matter what. But when did he care about that. He had some of his friends left in his dream world but he willingly sacrificed himself without even a farewell. So he told them of his wish.

Both of them begged him to stay. He tried to reason with them but they weren't willing to listen any reason. When they understood he wasn't going to listen to them, both of them told him that they were coming with him. But he wasn't sure about that either. He practically knew about nothing about the life in Westeros. He would've to exploit all his skills to fend for himself. How would he manage to take care of them? They were safe where they were for now, he decided. Winter is surly coming but it wasn't the next day or even the next year. They should've at least five or six years before that. It should be enough time for him to solve all the problems and come back to them. But first he had works to do.

Seven months passed after the capture of Jon Snow and now he was in front of the clearing before the wall, about to come out on the open so someone could see him and open the gate for him. Harry was slightly behind him, watching. He dropped him off by apparition a while ago and then obliviated him. He would now remember being captured and a prisoner for the last few months. He got a chance to escape and here he was now. He had to argue pretty hard to keep the man safe from the girl's ire. The Starks had suffered enough and he didn't want to be the cause to add more.

Jon didn't even moved twenty paces, a loud horn sounded. Then he calmly walked up to the gate and waited. The huge gate slowly pulled up and stopped about at five feet height. It was an impressive gate, about thirty feet high and made of heavy iron. It was obviously very heavy and seemed to be pulled by some pulley. He saw as Jon passed, the gate slammed heavily on to the ground immediately.

A lot of things happened in the last seven months. Harry didn't want to risk anything. He was concerned that if something happened and he couldn't return to them in time. He started working the next day after a long discussion with Mance Ryder. They rebuilt a village not very far from the wall, so when time comes people can take shelter here. He ordered all able men and women to bring any stone and wood there for the construction. There was a huge pile collected in a week. In this time he built an outline of a large fortress. He wasn't sure if he could finish this soon enough but knew any smaller size won't do any good as he had a vague idea of the number of the wildlings. He concentrated on the storage first. They need all the food they can get for the approaching great winter and decided half of all the hunts should be stored here from now on.

He dug a huge crater on the ground magically. It was about a hundred meter on both length and width and about ten meter deep. It took a week to finish building the store room alone. Then another two days to draw all the necessary runes. Then he had to build living space for at least ten thousand people. For the next three months he built eighty large houses. Each house was built for twenty families. So there should be about eight thousand live there perfectly. Another month passed to draw all the necessary runes to protect he houses.

Only forty people were helping him in this enormous job but he managed pretty well. In this time the remaining others worked on the outer wall. The two group was done about the same time. He was not very satisfied with the outer wall but it had to do for now. It was about twenty feet high but not any means impressive. It was made of woods and only about two feet thick. Without his runes work it would be a child's play to breach. When he finished his work on the wall it still looked unimpressive, but it was now harder than stone, fireproof, impervious to climbing, immune to any insects or parasites and contained a lot of one way windows. He discussed about the two walls security with Mance Ryder and he approved. If somehow the outer wall was breached then the inner wall will defend them. It was smaller and about twelve feet high and fifty meter away from the first wall. He also craved the same runes as the outer wall on it.

He also cut down all the trees around the newly formed village and stored all the woods. It would do them only good if they could see the enemy before they could come anywhere near them. It also helps that the enemy won't have any cover from their arrows when they attack.

He felt very satisfied at his work when he looked back for the last time at the village. It was no longer a village but a very strong fortress. All the houses were fireproof, cold proof and had all the necessary requirement needed for twenty family to live there comfortably. More can live there if need arise. The main gates were as secure as the solid walls around the village. He had warded the whole village with the regular intent based wards. He knew it was enough to defend them against a fairly large army but also placed an ultimate security if the whitewalkers did attack them. He couldn't figure out a way to stop them but was positive that at least one thing that would work. The filledius charm. It was extremely draining so he couldn't do it to the whole village in the short period of time. But he added that to the store room and some houses that he made bigger inside. He made a lot of secret keepers so they could tell everyone else about the locations.

It was a very busy and exhausted six months but he enjoyed it greatly. He loved building and the company was also good. Egrey and Val weren't talking to him at first after he refused to take them with him. He was doing his job just fine but they couldn't stay away for long after seeing how sad and lonely he was. They always cheered him up after the long days and but regularly bugged him about taking them with him.

After Jon's departure he decided to try for the final stage of his animagus transformation. In his dream life he too the animagus revealing potion and knew what his animagus form looked like. It was some kind of hawk. It was golden in color and was large even for the species. Here at his meditative stance he could see that he no longer had the same form. He did extensive researches about all kind of hawks and knew he was still that predatory bird. But his color changed. He was snow white now with blackish ting at the tip of the wings looked almost gray. It had the same brilliant green eyes but the most significant change was the size. He wasn't aware of it until he fully transformed.

Egrey, Val and her sister, Mance Ryder and his other friends from the village were all waiting to see him transform. They all knew about wargs who could control animals and birds but they never heard of someone changing into some animal or bird in his case. He was just as excited as they were. He didn't have time to complete his transformation before due to the war so it was the first time he was going to try it. He always loved flying and wasn't surprised that his form was a bird.

He told them what he was about to become into and concentrated. There was a sudden grasps from the crowd and he opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was his eyesight. He never had a problem with that like in his dreams, may be because of his proper nutrition. But now he could see even more clearly. He could see every tiny little details of thing he never noticed before. For some reason he looked at the birds very high in the air hungrily and took flight.

It was amazing. He flied on a broom before but nothing could be compared to this feeling. He could maneuver in the air even more sharply and could control every millimeters of his movements. He flew high and high, even higher than the birds on the sky. He could still see people on the ground and what they were doing. He resisted the urge to pounce as he stalked some unsuspected birds from above. He could clearly see the anxious, excited and dreamy looks he was getting so he flew down quickly and then transformed.

"So you are some big bird, aren't you?" Sobeg and some of his other friends were snickering about something.

"Give him a break, he's still very cute." It was Val who defended him. But he didn't like what reactions he was getting. He could see his sister was also looking at him like some adorable puppy. Then he saw all the other females were looking at him with the same expression and males looked amused. He knew something was very wrong and took a peak at Sobeg's eye, as he seemed most loud.

He totally forgot about his previous indignation and looked at his form in awe. It was a native bird lived in African and Indian forest. White wasn't their color but he was sure it was the same. He wasn't big anymore like he told them he would be but only about thirty centimeters. He looked absolutely gorgeous and adorable, there was no wander the looks he was getting. But sometimes appearances could be deceiving after all, he mused.

Its native name was Shikre and it was indeed a hawk. The amazing thing was their powers. They were extremely strong birds and was one of the kings of the sky. Their main food is other smaller birds which they catch in the sky and they also hunted the birds even larger than them. They also eat other insects like most birds and if rumors are true even small snakes weren't safe from them. They were said to be the nightmares for the people who breed pigeons. He told them this information and they listened in awe. He also liked the color better because it reminded him of his friend Headwig.

The farewell wasn't good though. He didn't see Egrey of Val that day at first and wasn't willing to go without having a chance to say goodbye. He looked back again for any sign of them. There they are, he saw them at last. But what are they doing? He thought. They were both carrying a huge sack each and dumped them in front of him. Val was exhausted from the heavy work and breathing hard. So Egrey answered the unspoken question, "We were collecting all the things you might need and packing them for you."

He didn't want to argue with them this time and more importantly didn't want to hurt them anymore. He could see they put a lot of effort on it. And besides he had no problem with extra things, he had magic. So he just casually shrunk the two sacks and put them in his pocket. None of them cried but all three of them had something in their eyes at the same time. They both hugged him tightly and after once again getting rejected made him promise to come back as soon as possible. Then vanished with a near silent pop.

Despite leaving the people he considered family he felt very excited. He was in a castle in his first five years of life then the rest with the wildlings. He actually never gone to a city on his own. He knew very little about their culture and how they lived. They won't recognize him anymore and so he can become one of them. It was just the thing he wanted all his life, to be ordinary. He may have problems but decided to keep his powers a secret. He was trained to fight without magic for more than seven years and was confident that he would do well. Unlike many he knew it will be in his best interest if he avoid fighting altogether but he was Harry Potter. When that did stopped him to get into fighting?

He apparated in the forest at the edge of the clearing before the wall. Then he transformed into his animagus form and took flight. He was on top of the wall in no time then across it. He didn't immediately transform but flied south. He knew the bird was native to hot weather but clearly enjoying the cold wind. He thought it must be something to do with the color. He flied all the way to Winerfell. It was dark now and decided to take a break. Not that he needed it, he wanted to see how people here were doing. He was about to fly down the castle then saw a distant light. He was curious about it and decided to check it out.

As he neared the place he recognized it. It was the small forest near the castle where he was kidnapped about eight years ago. He flew down and when he got close enough he saw who was there. It was Theon Grayjoy. His blood boiled in anger when he saw him but quickly calmed himself. It was the treacherous bastard who killed Bran and Rickkon, but he need information first. Grayjoy seemed to be coming from the Godswood. Was he praying there or something else? He wondered.

He silently flew down on the ground behind him and transformed back to human form. After a full body bind and full Legilimency attack he was both worried and relieved. Relieved because the Stark brothers were actually alive and worried about their safety. When he saw Grayjoy lying on the cold ground he still felt disgusted. The man not only betrayed the people who raise them like their own but also killed some innocent people and children. He left him there on the cold to slowly die and made a portkey directly for the king's landing. War had taught him that, there was always loop holes in the laws and that only aid to the rich and the guilty people. Besides he decided to show mercy who truly deserved.

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