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Chapter 3: Hello Again

The voyage's end was now drawing near. Ruby quickly checked the time above the exit to see that it was five minutes till 8:50. She estimated at least three minutes before their exact time of arrival and looked out the window to see the landing zone just a short distance away. It's long, circular, black marbled pavement was just one of several that scattered alongside the open platforms of Beacon's soil. She could see the large teal colored "D" on the landing zone and knew that it was her stop. The ship's landing gear were already activating as it softly vibrated the floor of the gallery creating a faint humming noise.

Ruby turned from the window towards the other students still occupying the other half of the room. The little excitement that she committed earlier had already been long forgotten by the start of the announcements; and the incoming freshmen were once again back to their usual excited selves as they chatted about.

With things now calming down, Ruby took the opportunity to closely examine the other students. Most of them preoccupied themselves by looking out the other windows and gazing at the sights below them. Others had been watching the float screens showing news of the recent Faunus civil rights movement that had been interrupted by the White Fang. The anchorwoman, reporting the news looked robotic when she was presenting the article and barely blinked while looking at the camera.

"This Saturday's Faunus Civil Rights protest turned dark when members of the White Fang disrupted the ceremony. The once peaceful organization has now disrupted several protest within the last two weeks and the authorities are doing everything in their power to stop this organization. They ask that the public need not worry as the situation is under control."

Ruby rolled her eyes at that statement. 'Yeah, they were very in control when they didn't protect the protesters.'

"Fucking pathetic."

Ruby's attention turned when she heard that, followed by a loud scoff by a girl watching the news with crossed arms, shaking her head. "They're just a bunch of animals who have to ruin everyone's day." She muttered with a hint of malice in her voice. Saying nothing more, the girl walked away without batting an eye at the float screen any further.

Ruby stared at her for a few seconds and shook her head with a small frown. A few years ago, she briefly learned about the White Fang from her Uncle. The only thing he truly ever said was that they took a left, instead of a right, and followed a dark path that lead to uncertainty and left it at that. For once in her life, her Uncles statements were not enough for Ruby and with her curiosity towards the Faunus already at large, she eventually went out of her way to understand what he meant. Through books, that were not racist and held actual facts, she learned of the origins of the White Fang and how their history drastically changed. Though their actions changed from passive to aggressive behavior and tactics, she couldn't help but feel a modicum of sympathy for them. Like her, they were subjugated for being different, only in their case, it was harsher and led them to retaliate in anger after the atrocious treatments they constantly received.

Being reminded of retaliation brought memories of that fateful day from Signal Academy into Ruby's mind. The day she was expelled. As weird, and possibly terrible as it was, she could relate to White Fang's reasons as the situation at that time wasn't too different from their own. She let her own anger and rage get the best of her after so much torment and harassment. She could still see the blood that she accidentally spilled from the boys that bullied her for years on her hands. Even if what she did was wrong, she felt truly happy for finally putting it to an end. But it sickened her to know that she secretly enjoyed punishing those who deserve it. Just as she had fun punishing those who made fun of her just a few minutes ago. She narrowed her eyes at the ground. Where it not for her Uncle Qrow's guidance, Ruby felt unsure of where her own path would have led after that dark day. Her mind always wondered, would she make a left or a right; unknowing of what's at the end of each path and how it would affect her.

Ruby left the sensitive topic at that and continued to observe the people around her. Reliving old, dark memories was not a good way to start off a new beginning. She once again glanced at a few strangers near her. There was no one that really stood out to her, nor was she was expecting one to. All of them just appeared to be regular people who hoped to be hunters for whatever their reasons were. She took a look at some of the weapons that were visibly noticeable among a few of them and it was indeed something she enjoyed seeing. It was as her uncle Qrow once said about meeting other warriors:

'Sometimes you don't have to talk to a person to understand them. Simply look at their weapon and it will tell you all that you need to know. Remember Ruby, a hunter's weapon is an extension of themselves. It is a part of them and it is their life.'

Ruby studied each of the different student's weapons with a keen eye. Her love of weapons was one of her greatest strengths and yet another one of her weaknesses. She noticed one student with an axe that appeared to have a shotgun barrel out of the handle, a simple yet effective weapon describing a close quarter specialist. She was willing to bet that this student and her sister, Yang, would get along just fine if they had met. Another student had a small tube-like shape at their side that was obviously a collapsible staff or something of a similar manner. It spoke of this person as more defensive yet capable of offensively countering. She turned to another student wearing thick leather gloves with a sword strapped to their waist. The sword was detailed with small designs capable of merging with dust making it an enchanted elemental weapon. The gloves the student wore were made of material that Ruby recognized to be resistant to heat which meant that the weapon must be a fire sword. There were several others with weaponry Ruby had to admire, some more complex than others.

Having enough people watching, Ruby turned back to the window and saw how distant the city of Vale was now. It was now just a few small silhouetted dots and blocks. With her eyes turned in the direction of the fading city, she heard other students let out gasps with a few exclaiming loudly.

"Look at that!"

"Oh my god!"

"It's beautiful!"

Ruby naturally turned in the direction of the commotion and could see the cliff much clearer with a sea of forest moving more inland in the adjacent windows. She stood up and slowly walked up to the opposite side where she witnessed the massive blue lake at the bottom of the cliff with small terraces covering the steep incline. She watched, with silent amazement, as the few, thin waterfalls descended down into the lake creating small white mists that sparkled with the sunlight. Her eyes trailed upwards towards the forests that dotted the top of the cliff. Silently, Ruby felt more at east knowing that there would be places for her to escape every once and a while despite the clearings and open valleys separating each individual section.

Despite the beautiful scenery, most of the students were captivated by the now full view of Beacon Academy. Ruby felt a rush surge through her as she was now staring at the academy with wide eyes. It looked just like the pictures she viewed growing up. Huge buildings with several large towers spaced throughout, with the famous clock tower being the largest and center among all the others. It was easy to see the sizes of the school buildings despite the slight mist that was shrouding the surroundings making the school seem as if s it was in its own world.

Just as Ruby and the students were fully focused on the school, the news board and all the windows shut off and turned black. It was immediately replaced with a holographic projection of a familiar face that Ruby instantly recognized.

"Hello, and welcome to Beacon Academy. My name is Glynda Goodwitch." The holographic professor bowed to the students then crossed her hands over her skirt. "You are among the privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace. And as future hunters of Remnant, it your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now, it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to become the protectors of Remnant and all her people. This academy will become your home, and we shall be your caretakers. So I again, welcome you to Beacon Academy."

Ruby nodded her head to Goodwitch's words but couldn't help the sigh that escaped her lips. In all honesty she had enough of all the welcomes and instead began to think about her life at Beacon. She allowed a real smile to spread across her face again. It was still such a rare occurrence that even Yang gave up on trying take a picture of her smiling. Though the thoughts on her dream coming true were pleasant, she couldn't help but think of her mother again. The smile she wore now became a sad one, and she slowly looked up to see Goodwitch's hologram fading away as the windows opened up again. When Ruby looked outside, they were already beginning their descent as the cheers roared again. Ruby closed her eyes as she sighed once more and prepared herself for their incoming landing.

She, however, didn't notice the black haired boy, whom she remembered from the elevator, glancing at her again but with a small frown on his face before silently looking away.

As the ship finally landed, Ruby waited for the entire wave of students to leave the ship first before following after confirming herself to be the last one exiting. As ridiculous as it was, she always liked the term, 'save the best for last'. Besides that, she also didn't want to be among those who were pushing and shoving each other to get outside, like that blonde boy had been doing. After she exited the ship she turned to it and nodded, silently thanking the pilots for the lift. Ruby turned and walked down the pavement and, to her left, she stopped to see the blonde boy huddled over a trash can vomiting intensively. She stared at him for a few seconds before shrugging and walking away. 'Seems like some people aren't able to stand airship travel all that well. I wonder why… the ship was traveling at a rather steady pace with no rocking or turbulence. I do not see how anything that could have tricked the mind into having motion sickness… perhaps he is… afraid of heights? What am I thinking? I shouldn't waste valuable brain cells on this topic anymore. It isn't my problem but curse my overly curious mind.'

Her over thinking was sometimes another weakness.

It didn't take long for Ruby to join up with the other students that were slowly filing down the long concrete walkway, towards the school's entrance. She could already see a few girls hugging and squealing loudly which made Ruby cringe. A few men were hugging and high fiving each other while laughing and moving around wildly. 'Friends from previous schools reuniting I suppose.'

Ruby walked past the crowds of students all forming around the walkway. All five airships delivered their cargo of students on time and thus more than five hundred students all came pouring out.

'Maybe being last wasn't such a good idea.' Ruby mentally said as she tried her best to dodge and move past the crowd of students blocking some of her path. She nearly got ran over by a small group of students who were laughing and talking loudly, totally oblivious to what's around them. Ruby looked at the group and recognized a few of them to be her sister's friends. She knew that if Yang were next to her right now, she would already be racing to be with them, thus leaving her alone. Which would have been fine for Ruby. It meant more peace and quiet, which was something she desperately wanted to find soon.

When she finally reached the intersection of the walkway, Ruby tried to see which path would allow her to get to a secluded area with the most trees to hide herself in until orientation. As she pondered this, she failed to notice a boy sprinting full speed past her where he accidentally shoved Ruby forward, without stopping to apologize. The force of the impact caused Ruby to lose her balance as she was about to fall onto a cart carrying a number of white suitcases. Quickly thinking, Ruby used the strength of her legs to launch herself into the air where she front-flipped over the cart and landed safely. When she took a step back to try and regain her balance after her shaky landing, as luck would have it, she bumped right into a person behind her.

When they collided, Ruby was sent reeling, and tripped over the pile of suitcases she tried so hard to avoid while the person she bumped into, a girl dressed in all white, fell onto her own backside. Shaking her head slightly, Ruby stood up, and looked to see what happened from her fall. She saw several of the suitcases strewn about, one of which had been opened during her fall, with several small bottles spilling out and scattered. She turned to apologize to the girl, the bags presumably belonged to, only to have said girl right in her face and screeching in a high pitched voice.

"What in the world do you think you're doing?"

Ruby raised an eyebrow and cleared her voice as she got a good look at the girl. She was wearing a pale blue bolero jacket over a similarly colored thigh-length dress with a piece of black lace making up the neckline of the dress. The inside of the bolero was red and the sleeves were blue as they get closer to her wrists. The back of the bolero displayed, what Ruby recognized from the small glimpse that she got, the Schnee Crest which bears a resemblance to a snowflake. The now identified Schnee girl had and an apple-shaped necklace along with a pair of thin, rectangular earrings and a pair of white, heeled wedge boots that went up her mid-calf. The Schnee girl had snow white hair, done in an off-set ponytail that swayed to the sides as she shook her head in frustration. Her pale skinned face looked red at the moment as she was fuming.

"I… deeply apologize, this was-"

"Apologize? Do you think apologizing would make up for this?! Do you have any idea of the catastrophic damage you could have caused?! Are you an idiot?!" The girl in white was now shaking with rage.

Ruby took a step back to stop feeling the girl's breath on her face. "Damage? First of all, what is in those suitcases that could cause 'catastrophic' damage and why would you bring it to school? No less in the general public."

The girl in white stumbled her words a bit as she stared at Ruby. The expression on her face was so cold and distant that when the girl stared into those silver eyes, she couldn't see anything but emptiness. However, the momentary stumble was gone as the girl firmly placed her fists on her sides.

"It's Dust! You know what Dust is right? Dust, mined and purified from the Schnee Quarry. You know, Fire, Water, Lightning, Energy? Dust?"

Ruby was now visibly getting annoyed which was rare. She did not appreciate the way this girl was speaking with her snarky attitude, the obvious arrogance, the insults along with the disdain dripping from every word, making for a very annoying way of speaking.

"Of course I know about Dust. There's no one in this world that's above the age of four that doesn't know."

The Schnee girl crossed her arms and tilted her head a little to the left. "Well, if you know about it, then why did you not watch where you were going!? Do you need glasses or something and what's a little girl like you doing here anyways? Aren't you a little young to be at Beacon? Because you know this is a school to fight monsters right? We are not here to play games!"

That last comment did not sit well with Ruby. Although she didn't look terribly angry, inside her blood was boiling as she did not appreciate the fact that this girl was stomping on her achievements, or insulting her person based on her age alone. Without hesitation or warning, Ruby got right into the girl's face causing her to slightly jump.

"Listen here girl because I am only going to say it once. First, how was I supposed to know that you brought multiple cases of Dust to a school? Do you think I would invade personal privacy to see what you have in your case when I don't care about it whatsoever? Second, what reason could you possibly have to bring a lot of the most powerful energy source in our world to a school? You're practically causing more risk in having a large abundance parked here in the middle of the open. Three, the reason I'm here, is because Professor Ozpin, personally, invited me here. Now I do not care whether you believe me or not as I am merely answering your questions. And four, yes, I am younger than you little Miss. Albino Princess. However, who are you judge my being here? You don't even know me so you have no right to judge me." Ruby was now glaring into the girl's icy blue eyes.

"It's heiress actually." A voice spoke up, calmly interrupting the two.

Ruby's ears perked at the sound of the voice and when she turned to see who it belonged to, she was a bit surprised to see not one, but two familiar faces.

"She's right. And instead of calling her Albino, I think you would be better off calling her Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust company, one of, if not, the largest producers of energy propellant in the world." Said another voice.

The two girls looked at the two newcomers. At least newcomers for the girl known as Weiss but familiar faces for Ruby. It was the girl with long black hair and the Faunus boy with spiked up hair that Ruby had met in the entrance of the bookstore a few days ago. Her curiosity of them here would have to wait as she noted Weiss gaining a smug look on her face.

"Finally, some recognition!" a snide smile spread across her face as she turned to Ruby. Ruby studied her options carefully in her mind. She heard of a Weiss Schnee and the Schnee dust company as she researched them a while back. And the things she discovered were far too interesting and useful ammunition for right now.

"The same company that is infamous for its questionable business partners?" Ruby asked with some internal enjoyment.

"As well as the controversial labor forces." The black haired girl added.

"And the shady illegal Dust mining grounds that are created in secrecy." Said the Faunus boy as he waved a bottle of dust that presumably escaped the case.

Weiss was stunned at the accusations that all three made before her face twisted into a grimace. "How dare…The nerve of… I'll have... UGH!"

With that articulate saying, Weiss grabbed the bottle from the boy's hand and stormed off, stomping towards the school as two butlers started packing the cases and took them away. Ruby realized that with the whole conundrum she was in, a lot of students were now gone. She checked the time as it read 9:05. She still had twenty-five minutes till orientation so she didn't need to worry. Ruby then stopped thinking about the time and turned towards the two arrivals, and gave them a small bow.

"Thank you both for your aid. Although I could have handled it, I am very grateful."

Both the boy and girl nodded to Ruby as she rose up.

"Believe me I saw." The Faunus boy said smirking. "You can definitely hold your own."

The girl nodded in agreement. "Those who can stand up to those of higher power certainly have my respect."

Ruby nodded with a small smile. "I find it surreal to see you two again. Especially here at Beacon."

"The same could be said for you, especially with you being younger than us. You must have incredible talent to be able to skip ahead of your grade." The Faunus boy said.

Ruby looked away. She was still not used to people complimenting her. "I wouldn't say… I have talent… just determination."

The girl nodded at the response. "What is your name?"

Ruby turned back, feeling a bit insecure about revealing her name. It was something she barely mentioned to strangers but the fact that she already met these two before seemed to be a good exception. "My name is Ruby Rose and… it is a pleasure to formally meet you." She bowed again. "What are your names?" she asked slightly hesitant.

"Blake Belladonna." The girl said as she bowed.

"I'm Adam Taurus." The Faunus boy nodded his head to Ruby. "Unfortunately, we cannot stay long as we have to get going now." The black head girl nodded in agreement. "Until next time, we will be seeing you."

Ruby mentally said their names over in her heads so she wouldn't forget it and nodded to the two.

Blake and Adam nodded back and began to walk away. Ruby noticed Blake pulling a book out of her back pocket and reading it as she walked.

'I wonder what kind of book she picked up from the book store.' Ruby mentally said as her curiosity rose. Giving a slight shrug, she let the thought drop and started to walk the other way with Blake and Adam to her back and Weiss's distance image to her right.

With some free time on her hands, Ruby began to explore her new school grounds before she had to report to the entrance hall for the opening ceremony. She walked along the small stone path, passing a small pond on her right with a few trees to her left. Slowing her steps, she turned towards the trees, and continued to walk at a leisurely pace through the small woodland path. When she spotted a location facing the pond, she walked over and was about to sit down and read her book until she stopped midway.

By the tree she spotted, Ruby noticed someone already sitting there while gazing at the pond. Before she turned away, her curiosity perked up as she had a faint familiarity with the person's hair. She went behind the tree carefully and quietly stopped when she saw his face. It was the long haired boy that she met at the book store, and had briefly seen on the airship. He was sitting with his legs crossed and looked to be in deep thought with a noticeable small frown. Ruby looked into the boy's magenta eyes and could see pain and emptiness.

'I wonder what caused him this pain I see.' Ruby studied him for a few seconds and decided it would be rude to disrupt his tranquility and proceeded to walk away until she saw his head turning in her direction.

Both their eyes immediately met and as the two stared at each other in silence for a few seconds before the boy gave Ruby a small genuine smile.

"Greetings." He said in the familiar deep, smooth voice.

Ruby stood still for a second then bowed her head. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm sorry for bothering you. I thought this area was empty and… wanted to enjoy the peace it offered."

The boy bowed as well with the smile never leaving his face. "It's alright, you did not cause me any discomfort."

Ruby nodded and returned a very small smile as well. "And you are correct," The boy continued. "This place is quite calming. I discovered it by luck when trying to find a quiet place for myself. I'm sorry; introductions have not been made yet. My name is Lie Ren and would you care to join me?"

Ruby stayed silent for a moment as she thought about it. She had already seen him twice and only spoke to him once. She didn't know how to reply as she had never been asked to any activity with others, other than her family, before. However, after deeply thinking about it, she nodded and proceeded to sit down next to him.

"This area is indeed too good to pass up. My name is Ruby Rose." She said with her faintest of smiles and turned to him with a curious look on her face. "And… aren't you the one who kissed my hand in the book store?"

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