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Chapter 4: Nightly Unison

Ruby leaned further back into the tree behind her, allowing her entire body to be consumed underneath the shade. The wind gently blew as the sun started to shine brighter around the grass and trees near the small pond. Ruby turned to Ren, after adjusting her position, and waited for his response. There were no words to be heard from his voice until after he gave her a small smile along with a quick nod.

"I do remember that. It was a few days ago inside the elevator of Remnant's Finest Literature."

Ruby nodded in conformation.

"My apologies if that made you feel uncomfortable." Ren continued with yet another smile, this one more apologetic. "It is the way we apologize where I come from. I am sorry for any disrespect." His tone was full of sincerity.

Ruby continued to stare at Ren. She can hear how sincere his tone was.

"You did nothing wrong." She said, turning to view the gentle waves of the pond. "And it wasn't uncomfortable for me. In fact, after your departure I… actually had a theory as to why you did that. And I was right." Ruby felt slightly embarrassed to admitting her curiosity. Ren didn't seem to boast about it either so she continued on. "Most women would have thought that to be a sign of flirtation. But I do not believe you to be the type of man who freely flirts with any girl."

She squinted her eyes a little to adjust to the sun's light reflecting off the water. Ren nodded to everything the red hooded girl said and actually sighed before letting out a soft chuckle to which Ruby turned with a raised eyebrow.

'Why is he amused by it?' Ruby thought. 'Is he teasing me?'

"It would not be the first time one would accuse me of negative deeds." Ren quietly said with a very small frown. He gently laid his hand on the grass and felt the rough bristles brush against his palm and fingers. "My culture isn't well known and I have yet to fully understand the social behaviors of urban living. However, I do appreciate how rational your thinking was before assuming anything." Ren smiled to Ruby to which she responded with a quick smile before looking away.

'We aren't so different after all.' Ruby thought with a frown. Neither of them were any good in the normalcy of urban socialization.

"Also if I may ask," Ren said, earning Ruby's attention again. "Do you always observe people?"

Ruby resisted the urge to curl up in a ball as the blush on her face was very noticeable.

"I just… have a way with noticing." She muttered. "I'm not a creepy watcher like most people assume." The last part was barely auditable but Ren was still able to read her lips that were barely exposed. He frowned and nodded to her, acting as he did not hear her last part. 'It seems we are not so different.'

The topic soon dropped after that.

After a short time had passed, both Ruby and Ren sat in comfortable silence, enjoying the peace and quiet their environment brought them. Ruby, currently, had her eyes closed as she felt the wind gently swaying her hair back and forth. She felt at peace with her surroundings and imagined herself flying across the night sky underneath full moon.

Ren, sitting cross legged, was in deep meditation, with his breathing slow and deep. His mind was clear of all things as his senses heightened with his focus. He could sense the flowing water of the pond, the various birds flying overhead, and most noticeably, Ruby who was leaning back on the tree with her eyes closed. Neither felt uncomfortable nor awkward from the silence. In an odd way, both naturally shared the space and enjoyed it together.

However, the comfortable silence of peace had come to an end as Ruby slowly opened her eyes and checked the time on her scroll to see that it was now 9:20. Orientation was almost upon them.

Sighing she turned to Ren, who was just opening his eyes as well, and nodded to him as their eyes met. Knowing what was to come, he nodded back and rose while gazing at the pond. Ruby raised her hood back over her head as Ren turned and offered her his hand. She glanced at the hand for a second before taking it and being immediately pulled up.

"Do you wish to attend the orientation together?" Ren asked when Ruby was on her feet. She stood still and pondered the thought.

'I've never been to an orientation with someone before. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad since there isn't much to do in one.'

"Our companionship hasn't been negative so far." Said Ruby. "I see no reason why we couldn't."

Ren nodded and stepped aside for Ruby to take the lead, to which she did, and walked with her side by side.

The two moved at a steady pace, both not exactly looking forward to being surrounded by people, and enjoyed their comfortable silence. Both individually admired certain areas around them with the architecture being one of the most beautiful things either one had ever scene.

With Ruby leading them back, she retraced her steps easily and had successfully led them back into the courtyard where she grimaced as it reminded her of Weiss. Ignoring the recent memories, Ruby turned to the direction where she saw Weiss heading towards and moved with Ren still at her side. As the duo could see the entrance hall a little distance ahead of them, they could see a few hunters in training already running inside.

When they got closer, Ruby could now hear the loud chattering and witnessed the large amount of students inside. More than five hundred people all individually stood wherever they pleased and it caused Ruby to mentally groan. It wasn't sitting well with Ren either as he was currently examining the large mass of hunters in training in awe and with slight discomfort.

He had never once been in a room with so many of his own age before, nor did he choose to, so it was a new experience for him and he was not liking it. All around were hundreds of people, all aspiring to be the same thing he wanted to be and it reminded him of what the honorable elder, who raised him, mentioned before his departure to Vale.

'There were roughly five hundred students in my parent's class when they attended Beacon. And by the end, only fifty had graduated. I hope to the goddess that I do my best.'

While Ren was still in awe, Ruby looked around in hopes of finding Ren and herself a good place to stand. So far her search proved rather difficult. Many areas she preferred were already taken by several groups of people. However, even among the hordes of excited teens, Ruby was able to spot Blake and Adam entering through the other side of the hall where they found a spot near the corner. It would have been a smart idea to stand next to them in order to avoid others strangers, but the two were already being surrounded by other students who entered behind them.

Ruby sighed and kept looking around. She would talk to them another time and perhaps introduce Ren. Her uncle always said introductions were important.

While searching, Ruby gazed into the sea of teens all forming several different groups interacting with one another. It was still hard to believe that she returned to a school, even earlier than she expected. She would be lying is she said she wasn't a little nervous. She had gone years without showing too much emotion and she did not want change that anytime soon. She could only guess how she would do in a school where everyone was older than her, taller than her, and already formed relationships before her.

There was faint scream to Ruby's left that made her turn in curiosity. The source of the scream was none other than Weiss standing at the front of the gathering, near the stage, which didn't surprise Ruby at all. Seeing as how formal and strict her posture and personality was. She also noticed two other people with her: the blonde boy that she vaguely recognized from his intensive vomiting off the plane, and a girl with red hair in bronze armor, standing next to Weiss. The redhead looked vaguely familiar to Ruby, almost as if she had seen her somewhere before but it was hard to tell with her back turned.

She could see the white haired heiress boiling red, with her arms crossed tightly and her entire body facing to the blonde boy, shouting something Ruby couldn't hear too well from the loud chatter around her. It was obvious that the boy was intimidated by Weiss' forceful attitude. He was shaking and sweating a bit with his hands in front of him defensively. The redhead seemed to play the mediator as she got in between the blonde boy and Weiss while gently holding the heiress' shoulder.

'I wish you the best of luck in trying to calm that woman down.' Ruby thought as she rolled her eyes.

Wanting nothing more to do with Weiss, she then looked to the right to see a group of guys roughhousing with each other and another group swarming around two identically twin girls. One wearing all red while the other wore all white.

Ruby took a moment to admire both of their Romantic and Victorian style fashion as it held a beautiful combination towards the gothic. However, she paid them no mind as both had very noticeable displeasing looks on their faces and were quick to shove all the drooling men away from them. Ruby would have felt the same way if she was ever swarmed with people.

Getting off topic, Ruby continued her search feeling slightly frustrated with how difficult finding a place was until she felt Ren tap her shoulder. She turned back and saw that he was pointing to a good spot on the far right hand side of the corner. Ruby felt relieved but also a bit annoyed with how blind she was to a noticeable positon. Nodding, Ruby took the lead and the two started walking past the groups of students in their way.

As they walked, some students moved without looking at them, other glanced and stepped aside with a few hesitations. There were also a few who evem jumped out of the way from seeing a girl in all black with a hood over her eyes, and a boy wearing all black with an emotionless expression.

It was nothing new to Ruby but she had hoped she did not make Ren feel uncomfortable by all the rude attention they were receiving. As they walked, Ruby noticed Ren was ignoring the stares just as she was and felt relieved that she did not cause him trouble. Ruby also noticed some girls in a group, they were passing, giggling and waving to Ren where he paid them no mind. She shook her head with amusement as the girls looked glum from rejection. Some even looked angered by being ignored. She glanced back to Ren to see that he was actually in deep thought now and completely oblivious to everything around him.

'What is he thinking?' She wondered.

'There are far too many people around me. This is getting uncomfortable. Alright Lie, remember what that book on social behavior taught you. Eyes front, look at no one, move without a word, and mind your own business.'

'It's probably nothing serious.' Ruby thought and left the topic at that.

When the duo arrived to their spot, both, internally, let out a sigh of relief. A few people near their spot already moved away from them out of fear which gave more room for Ruby and Ren. Regaining their solitude, both loitered on the wall internally please with their own personal space. But before either one could get comfortable, their ears were suddenly ringing from a wave of massive excitement coming from the students, mostly from the girls, which erupted throughout the auditorium.








Ruby gazed in shock. All around her were jumping and screaming girls, with even a few boys, flailing excitedly. Ren could only spring up a look of confusion from all the insanity.

'Why are these girls freaking out over Ozpin? Is it because of his legendary reputation? Or is this what my uncle described to me as 'fangirling'? Well whatever it is it's very annoying. Damn it my ears!' Ruby rubbed her ears softly in hopes of soothing the ringing.

Just as Ruby and Ren were soothing their ears, a magnified voice began to speak through the auditorium as the cheering shortly stopped with girls shushing each other or staring at the stage with bright smiles.

"Ahem… I'll keep this brief."

Ruby, along with Ren and everyone else in the auditorium, turned their attention to the front to see Professor Ozpin standing in front of a microphone in the middle of the stage. It had been a while since Ruby had seen the headmaster and not much has changed. To his right, Ruby spotted Ozpin's right hand woman Professor Glynda Goodwitch. The professor had actually been standing at attention with the highest of focus as her eyes glanced over the masses of students.

This caused Ruby to sigh as it seemed the professor hasn't changed much as well. Still as stiff as a bored even in a simple orientation. She noticed that Goodwitch had a hard look on her face; eyebrows narrowed, eyes glaring, and what appeared to be a frown on her face. She was staring at all the students as if they were fresh meat.

'This woman is something else.' Ruby thought and noticed Ozpin fix his spectacles and moved a little closer into the microphone.

"You have all traveled here today in search of knowledge. To hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people who cannot protect themselves. However, I look amongst you now and, except for a very select few, all I see is wasted potential and energy in need of purpose and direction."

Ruby raised an eyebrow, as did Ren. A few students looked offended, other confused, and the rest still gazing at the headmaster with longing eyes.

"You assume that the knowledge we provide shall free you of this. But your time at this school will prove to you that knowledge can only do so much and carry you so far. The knowledge you will receive will not pave your paths, it will only open several to follow. Choose your path wisely, for there is no restarting. Take note of this as it is up to you to take the first step. Welcome to Beacon Academy."

With his short speech now over, Ozpin stepped to the side, allowing Professor Goodwitch to take his place in front of the microphone. She cleared her throat and briefly gazed around the room with eagle like eyes.

"Tonight", she began, "You shall gather and bed in the ballroom by 9:00 pm. Dinner will be available by 7:00 p.m. in the dining hall. Tomorrow, your initiation will truly begin at 9:00 am. This is the moment where we truly decide if you are worthy. Be ready and good luck. You are dismissed."

With that said and done, the students all started to disperse in multiple directions towards all available exits.

Goodwitch stayed in front of the mic a little longer as she watched the students move. Then without a sound she turned and walked towards Ozpin where she was now at his side once more. The two moved towards the back of the stage where they began to open the double doors from which they entered from.

Before actually going through however, Ozpin stopped and slowly turned and looked directly where Ruby was standing. This caught Ruby off guard for a second as the headmaster did not even turn his head when he was talking. She raised an eyebrow at him and locked onto his eyes. For some reason, they looked so distance that it confused Ruby.

The headmaster then nodded to her to which she returned with a brief bow. After that Ruby noticed the headmaster lean closer to Professor Goodwitch and whispered something in her ear. Ruby couldn't read his lips as they were blocked off but she could see Goodwitch nodding as they stepped through the doors letting them close slowly behind them.

Before Ruby could make anything sense of what that was about, Ren got her attention. "Ruby, I have to prepare my things for tonight."

Ruby nodded. "I understand. Take care then Ren." She said and bowed.

Ren bowed back and then quickly, along with the masses of students, exited the auditorium leaving Ruby alone.

Several minutes past and almost all of the students had left the auditorium. When she felt it was time to leave, Ruby quietly left the way she came as she pondered what Ozpin had said. She walked outside with no general direction in mind all the while thoughts of Ozpin's speech still roamed within her head.

'What did he mean by, 'all but a select few'? And why did his voice sound so… hollow? Almost as if he wasn't even there. More importantly what did he whisper into Professor Goodwitch's ear? The man is indeed mysterious and I feel thinking about this would only lead to nowhere.'

Ruby stopped her deep thinking for a moment to see where she was. In surprise, she found herself, once again, back at the same spot by the small pond where she had met Ren before the orientation.

'What are the odds.' Ruby thought and after a moment's decision, she was already sitting down and continued to enjoy the peace that this spot had. However, it wasn't the same. She could hear a few people a short distance down the pathway. There were some cheering and noises, probably students excited about tomorrow. Despite the slight loudness her spot was still mostly secluded.

Settling in for the next few hours, Ruby decided to pull out the book she kept to pick up where she left off in the airship. She also rummaged around in her belts pocket to find her mp3 player. Carefully, she untangled the headphones and placed them on before raising her hood back over her head. Now that she was completely blocked off from her surroundings, she was at peace.

There were far too many distractions that prevented her from reading over the past few days. But for now there will be none. With nothing in between her and her book, Ruby calmly searched for a song she preferred with some steady melody and read to her hearts content as the hours flew by with the sun rising and setting.

(Music Start: Katethegreat19: Come Little Children)

Come little Children,

I'll take you away.

Into a land of enchantment,

Come little children,

The time's come to play,

Here in my garden of shadows.

She was already lost within her book as each page shifted and flowed perfectly well. She was already midway into her book series and believed that she would finish it within a day if undisturbed.

Ruby was both relieved and glad to have brought her books with her. Not only did they bring her entertainment but comfort away from reality. To her, books were a gateway to escape in the imagination that hasn't been tarnished by the growing media that enforces itself into the lives of many.

Not only that, but Ruby owed a great deal of debt to literature. Many times has it saved her life in the past. It gave her various opportunities to expand her knowledge in life where she grew more from what she was before. Even now, literature has allowed her to enter her dream school earlier than expected. All because she was in the right place at the right time when she journeyed into the city for her books.

There was no way of telling how things may have changed if she hadn't remained in Vale; to the store owner, to the thugs, and to herself especially.

Ruby slowly shut her book and gently traced her fingers over the words on the cover. Although she still had much of the story left, the area had now darkened. Judging by the angle of the sun, it was nearing dinner time and Ruby felt slightly famished. Silently she rose up, and was hit with a pleasant wave of cool air. Patting her buttocks to wipe off any grass, she cuddled her book to her chest and slowly started to move.

'If only they allowed me to sleep outside. It would certainly make things feels more at home.' Ruby thought as she reached the stone path back to the campus.

It was at that moment that Ruby came to an abrupt halt. A very bad thought crossed her mind.

'I hate sleepovers… and strangers.'

She thought and uttered a loud and heavy sigh as she continued walking, shutting off her mp3.

(Music End)

It had been an hour and a half since Ruby dined. The dining room was ridiculously large with multiple, dazzling chandeliers hanging above each row of long wooden tables. The stone like walls and gothic aesthetics reminded Ruby of the dining hall from "Harry Potterer and the Dust Crystal.'

She arrived a little later than the rest of the students and was pleased with how much space she had away from those who were still eating or chatting about. With most of the freshmen now gone, Ruby enjoyed her peaceful thinking. The meals Beacon offered varied from all different kinds for all types of people.

Being a simple eater, Ruby had grabbed a plate of chicken curry with hot chocolate and enjoyed it to her hearts content while reading a few more chapters of her book. The food was certainly five stars with everything looking to belong exclusively for the rich and famous.

'Only the finest for Beacon Academy' Ruby thought as she walked through one of the several hallways in search of her assigned locker.

After her meal, Ruby had retrieved her black backpack and was on her way to leave her things and to prepare for slumber. Every architecture in Beacon was very eye catching to Ruby with every design and detail revealed to their fullest. Even the hallways were pleasant with a few sets of large, square windows revealing the clear night sky. Another satisfaction was the hallway being long and wide with plenty of room making Ruby feel much more at ease. Although she knew things would change when the day comes and hundreds of students would be walking through for classes.

She ignored the topic for tomorrow and pulled out the small notepaper that her assigned locker number was written down, number 1225. She scanned the locker numbers one by one and realized that she was near and moved a little further up before finally reaching it.

It wasn't all that special at first glance, in fact the gray coffin shaped locker looked just as mundane as the others.

'I'll have to find some spray paint later.'

Ruby entered the combination and when she heard the small click she popped it open, revealing nothing but a long empty space.

'I wonder if they would get mad at me, like Signal did, if I spray painted the inside black too?'

With a shrug, Ruby started opening her bag up and pulled out her pajamas and sleeping bag. Everything else was fit insider her locker and all that was left was her beloved Crescent Rose. As much as it displeased her in having to leave her weapon behind, she had to abide by the rules. She would survive one night without her weapon but she didn't have to like it.

'Do not cry my sweetheart. I shall return.'

Crescent Rose was always like a nonexistent child to Ruby. It was the first thing she had ever had that she could call her own and as her Uncle Qrow had always said, 'A weapon is a warrior's partner for life.'

With everything put away, Ruby slowly closed the locker and walked to the nearest restrooms she passed. Upon closer inspection. she quickly realized that the restrooms were unisex. It was clear that unisex played a huge role in Beacon. From both genders sleeping together in the ballroom, to unisex bathrooms, it was clear there was reason behind it. A reason that Ruby had a creative theory on.

'Hunters don't always live a full life. I guess it isn't wrong for them to encourage hunters in training to experiment with 'sexual content' before spending the rest of our lives in battle. Not that it matters to me.'

Dropping the thought, Ruby entered the restroom and quickly changed into a set of black pants and black tank top that had a design of a red rose near her belly. She then folded her combat attire, including her cape, neatly into a small stack.

She nodded to herself and then moved to the sink where she began brushing her teeth and washing her face. With everything now clean, Ruby returned to her locker, opened it, placed her combat attire inside, closed it, and set off to the ballroom.

When she entered, she was met by a large numbers of students either standing, laying, or talking to one another in all areas of the room. With a deep breath, Ruby slowly started to move in search of a place to set down her sleeping bag while trying to keep a low profile. Being two years younger than everyone in her class would indeed cause some commotion so it was for the best.

Her situation was almost a cliché from multiple books that she read on protagonists in her position and there were always two possible outcomes. Either being hammered with idolizing attention or given harsh bullying. And she wanted neither. She hated attention overall no matter if it was good or bad; and instead she followed her Uncle's advice in the matter.

'Attention comes in all shapes and sizes. Both good and bad. You will never become a deadly hunter if you are always in the light. The shadows are what prevents the publicity from holding you back. Know this Ruby, by holding kin to the night and to the shadows, your skills will truly show, not to the eyes of public, but to yourself and to your enemies. That's who you want attention from.'

Ruby appreciated how wise her uncle was. His guidance had made her stronger that she ever could alone when she was younger. She could recount, before her uncle's teachings, Signal being a hellhole where most had bullied her senseless. Even though her first taste of power consumed her enough to sin, her uncle was never mad.

When her expulsion caused her to bring shame to her family name, her uncle was still never mad. When she had runaway in the past, her uncle had found her and was still never mad. All that her uncle ever said when she used to cause trouble was 'now that that's out of your system, take note of it and learn how to not let it happen again.'

Inspecting her surroundings for a moment, Ruby really took in the rest of the ballroom with the crystal chandeliers, well designed pillars, expensive Victorian furniture, and marbled staircases. The room was a definitive example of elegance and she wondered how it would look in an actual formal event. Despite the beauty of the room, Ruby couldn't help but gaze upon the sea of sleeping bags the students evenly spaced throughout the ground. In the very moment there more than 500 freshmen all gathered for one night before the worse hopefuls were weeded out tomorrow.

Even with the ballroom having two floors, many areas were already too crowded or taken. What annoyed Ruby the most were areas that were being misused by ignorant students that wouldn't move. She rolled her eyes and shifted her sight towards a good position right by the corner wall next to the window. It was a stroke of luck and she hurried to claim it.

With a sigh of relief, Ruby made it and kneeled down unfolding her sleeping bag next to the window. With her sleeping bag set, she made herself comfortable and leaned on the glass as she settled in. She pulled out her book and proceeded to enjoy a good few chapters of reading before turning in for the night.

Within a few minutes she was almost finished reading through a chapter when a voice suddenly spoke.

"What is it about?"

Off guard, Ruby quickly looked up and saw Ren standing before her while cradling a black sleeping bag under one arm and holding a book in the other. She noticed that he wasn't wearing the attire she saw him in this morning; but instead wearing a long sleeved black shirt and dark green pajama pants.

Ruby closed her book and gave him a brief nod. "I'm sorry Ren. I did not see you." she said.

Ren simply shrugged. "It alright but you did not answer my previous question."

Ruby was confused until she noted Ren staring at her book.

"You were asking about my book?"

He nodded.

Ruby looked down at the cover and then back at him.

"It's… about a group of people chosen by the grim reaper to serve and aid him. They scour the globe on a quest to destroy the black hearted creatures that plague their world."

Ren said nothing as he nodded, taking everything he heard to memory. "You enjoy reading?" he finally asked.

Ruby looked back down at her book and nodded. "More than you know. It is my favorite past time."

"As is mine." Ren said and slowly leaned down. "May I?" he asked.

Ruby nodded and watched as Ren quietly unfolded his sleeping bag and straightened it out next to Ruby's. The corner had a good amount of space that wasn't occupied and Ruby did not mind having Ren near her. This was already proven back in the spot where they met.

"You asked about mine, can I ask about yours." Ruby said and pointed to Ren's book.

Ren nodded and turned his book so Ruby could see the front cover.

"The Cryptic Adventures of Faunus Detective Sherlock Wolfenburg." Ruby muttered.

Ren nodded with a small smile and handed her the book to which Ruby took without hesitation. "Yes, it is one of my favorite gothic detective series. Gothic literature is right up my alley."

Ruby admired the cover and how strong the spine was. She respected Ren even further for taking such great care of the thick black book.

"I am a fan of Sherlock Wolfenburg as well. This is the rare collector's addition signed by the author, Sir Arthur Conan Doy, am I right?"

Ren nodded.

"Only a thousand copies have been printed of this famous book. And the price is extremely expensive. How did you get this?" she asked.

Ren smiled a little once more. "I acquired it as a birthday gift." Ruby raised an eyebrow as Ren further explained. "It was from an honorable elder of my village. She had a close companion who knew the author and was able to receive the book at a good price.

Ruby nodded in understanding. "Amazing. She must have known how strong your passion for reading was.

Ren nodded. "She did. I owe her so much and I only hope I can repay her someday."

Ruby noticed from the corner of her eye that Ren had a barely visible sad smile. Knowing it wasn't any of her business to ask she quickly changed the topic.

"Isn't it a shame." Ruby said earning Ren's attention. "This book series was greatly famous before the writer announced himself to the world. Now it is looked down upon because the author happens to be a Faunus."

Ren sighed and nodded. "It is indeed unfortunate. They idolized the work of literature but soon turn against it because of racism towards the author."

Ruby frowned and agreed. "In that sense, they were not even true fans to begin with. One should not be hated upon appearance. It simply isn't right."

Before Ren could reply, another voice interrupted.

"You two seem to be having a nice conversation."

Ruby and Ren both turned in the direction where the voice came from and were met with two faces that Ruby instantly recognized. Standing before them were Blake and Adam each holding their sleeping bags and other items in their arms while dressed in their sleep attire.

Adam wore a long sleeved red shirt with a pair of black pajama shorts and ankle socks. Ruby realized that she was able to see Adam's crimson colored eyes without the blockage of his sunglasses for the first time since they had met.

Blake was wearing a formal purple nightgown and a traditional black kimono that went down to her thighs. She still wore the bow on her head and Ruby noticed a simple brown book cradled in Blake's arms.

"Adam, Blake." Ruby acknowledged the two with a nod. The two nodded back and Ruby raised an eyebrow. "I'm surprised that you found us among… all of them." Ruby nodded over to the students away from them all talking and laughing loudly.

Adam shrugged and nodded over to Blake. "Well… Blake here just happened to notice you once we arrived. She also couldn't help her curiosity when she saw those books you two had."

Blake said nothing to retort and simply looked away while rolling her eyes.

Ruby found Adam's teasing to be amusing. As did Ren.

"You enjoy books as well?" Ren asked.

Blake turned back and nodded. "Greatly." She said gently.

"Blake happens to be a very big bookworm. As am I. However, I equally enjoy manga as well."

He raised his arm slightly to reveal a little thin manga book in his hand. Ruby inspected the manga and was intrigued by it.

"I suppose… you two would like to join us?"

Adam and Blake looked at each other and then back to Ruby.

"If you insist." Said Adam.

Ruby rolled her eyes as the two newcomers laid out their sleeping bags. Blake placed hers below Ren's as Adam did the same under Ruby's. Once things were all settled, the four arranged themselves in a small circle sitting next to each other.

"I believe introductions are in order." Ren said and turned to Blake and Adam. "My name is Lie Ren. But please, call me Ren." He bowed respectfully and gave a small smile.

Blake smiled a little and bowed as well. "Blake Belladonna. Pleasure to meet you."

Adam nodded and extended his hand out. "I am Adam Taurus. Nice to meet you."

Ren nodded and shook Adams hand firmly.

He then turned to Ruby. "I suppose you all know each other?"

Ruby shrugged as she glanced at Adam and Blake.

"I suppose in some regard, yes. I met Adam and Blake in Vale a few days ago in Remnant's Finest Literature." Ren raised an eyebrow to which Ruby noted and continued. "In actuality Ren, I met them a few minutes after I bumped into you. I was on my way out when I accidentally bumped into Blake.

Ren nodded in understanding. "Ironic. What are the chances of you meeting all of us under the same method?"

Ruby shook her head as Adam and Blake both looked amused.

"It did have its drawback when Little Red bumped into Weiss Schnee." Adam said as he smirked a little.

Ren glanced at Adam with a corked eyebrow. "Weiss Schnee?'

"Do not trouble yourself with knowing her Ren." Ruby said as she looked at him. "That woman is indeed… something not to be reminded of."

Ren did not fully understand what she meant. But still he nodded. "I will take your word for it."

"So what is your book about?" Ruby asked turning towards Blake and Adam.

Blake looked down at her book and turned it around for the others to see.

"It is called 'The Journey of Crimson'. It is about a man with two souls, each fighting over control of his body."

"Sounds paranormal." Ren commented.

"It is." Blake replied. "This is the first book of the series and I picked it up at the book store after I met you Ruby. It was also after we met you that Adam picked up his Manga."

"Remnant's Finest Literature always had the best selection of books and Manga." Said Adam.

Ren nodded and looked at the little book with curious eyes. "What is your Manga about Adam?"

Adam smirked a bit and held his little book up. "It's called Lolita Coffin. Basically it's a little girl who is a vampire and carries a large coffin on her back. Inside has all the weapons she needs to destroy crazed vampires that threaten to expose her kinds existence."

"Interesting." Ruby muttered.

Ren nodded. "Very interesting."

"It has an actual book form as well." Blake commented. "Both the Manga and the book series are great. I recommend one or the other."

For almost an hour, the four were heavily involved with their nightly discussions. Various topics were mentioned and covered, not just of books. Many answers were given. A great number of likes and dislikes were shared all of which were either similar or different. They had been talking for a while until the time came for all the students to slumber.

Each wished the others a pleasant slumber as the lights went dark and for the first time in Ruby's life, she did not feel too unease by others sleeping next to her.

As Ruby laid in her sleeping bag, she gave one last look into the night sky and stared at the full moon that emerged behind some clouds. Many thoughts raced through her mind. Destiny and fate had always played with her events. Some good and others bad. For now, they seemed to be on her side. They had allowed her to enter her dream school, the school where her own mother enrolled.

There was no doubt about it. Like her mother, there would be a great deal of trials that she will face. Many obstacles that will make her question herself and her life. No more were the days of wandering the forest alone. Now, in its place, academics and steps to take for her future would be her every day event. Things certainly changed dramatically now and she couldn't help but think that the moon seemed to be shining a bit brighter than the previous night.

As Ruby's eyes started to fall heavy and her drift into slumber was inevitable, she only had one thought in her mind.

'Watch me Mother.'

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